I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-8)

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how are my lovelies? hope everyone is doing well!
before starting first of all let me thanks to all those peeps who have been commenting on my ff nd to all those too who are silent readers atleast they read..
thanku so much for appreciating my work!
so lets begin!

(note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i’ll introduce twinkle’s pov later)

kunj’s pov

time flew away just in blink of a second and i didn’t even came to know when our conversation ended!
the feelings in my mind were so strong to tell me that the twinkle taneja is the girl meant for you kunj!
while my heart still believes the girl from the party was the one you have first fallen for!
there was a continous battle of bickering between the devil mind nd angel heart until nd unless it was broken by a ping from the same number i saved as twinkle( my shining star) in my cell phone!

twinkle: hey you there?

me: hey! hi! yes, how are you?

twinkle: m good! and you?

me: i’m good too! thanku!

twinkle: i just wanna ask is how do we get to know each other when we meet?

me: oh! this thing just skipped my mind! do you have any idea?

twinkle: umm! why don’t we keep a dress code?

me: nice idea! i will be wearing a white t-shirt with rugged jeans nd shirt over jacket! if thats fine with you?
( http://wardrobelooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/casual-mens-clothing-for-spring-summer-2014-9.jpg )

hope it works! ?

twinkle: it’s perfect! i would be wearing navy blue jeans with stripped black and white shirt!
( https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/29/57/89/295789e7642906ce4198b1dfd95b761a.jpg )

hope it works too ??

me: that would be perfect!

twinkle: okay then see you on 30th at airport! bye! have a nice day! ☺

me: bye! have a nice day you too! ☺

ok clothes also done! half of the stress is over kunj, now what you have to do is manaofying your parents about twinkle!
i know they would easily accept her but the point is neither do i have any photo of hers and i’m directly seeing her!
they will think me so stupid nd childish for my such acts! but i guess i’ m behaving like a stupid from the day i met that girl!
not again kunj! get over her! you are going to meet twinkle now! lag ja kaam pe! ??

my mom was sitting in the verandah chopping the vegges to death! i feel sorry for them but they are necessary to satisfy our hungers in any way or the other!
focus kunj you need to talk about twinkle with them!

my dad was sitting there sipping his evening tea nd reading the newspaper!
(manohar is really kind to kunj in my ff, not the same like in the serial)
if he sips the tea without keeping the cup down means his mood is all set, if he keeps the cup of tea down means today is not the time to talk about twinkle!
and i think today god is in my favour my dad really have a good mood!
good going kunj, a little bit of buttering, a little bit of sweet talks and your work would be done!

i was actually in my whole life time stammering for the first time! i couldn’t find words and they didn’t even tried to come out!

i decided i should start the talk with mom and so did i started!

me: hey mom, hey dad! how are you?

usha: omg! the only son of manohar sarna, the kunj sarna is talking about how we are? there is somthing fishy! isn’t it ji?

me:(in mind) i couldn’t keep myself from rolling my eyes! common mom you should understand that your son wants to talk to you something

me: mom it’s nothing like that! can’t i ask my dear parents how they are?

manohar: kunj come to the point why are you trying to be so sweet and formal! there is no way you are gonna come to the verandah, sit by your mom and dad nd ask them about how they are and vice-versa?

me: dad! um.. um.. woh… um! han woh will you not go for a walk today? let me company you!
(kunj what kind of a question was this? is this the way you gonna tell them about there future daughter-in-law! common buck up kunj)

manohar/usha: kunj come to the point!

and like there this line gave me thousands of guts that i spoke in the speed of a bullet train!

me: mom, dad actually i have created a profile on matrimony site shaadi.com and there i found a girl whose name is twinkle taneja! she lives in hyderabad and she is a sikh! she works in jacobs there and is paid a very good salary! i don’t know how she looks beacuse she didnt posted her photograph beacuse she wanted to meet her life partner in real! so i’m going to delhi n 30th to receive her and from there we will directly go to city park hotel and have a talk! directly we are going on a date! phew ?

manohar/ usha: what?

all for today!

precap: kya hoga manohar or usha ka jawab?
what is going to be there answer?

stay tuned to
i too had a girlfriend
for the updates!

next chapter to be posted after diwali!

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