I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-7)

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First of all I’m really sorry for posting this episode so late!
I’m so busy with college life and studies uppar se it is festive season you guys know na!
So without any delay first of all thanku so so so much Purnima, Anam, Sidhanshi, Adya, Sanu, Payal, Ramya, Riya, Monica, Arundhati,Sidvee, Anayaali, Sidmin for your lovely comments!
I’m just trying to give some light hearted episodes in the beginning coz this ff is gonna be highly emotional later on!
Happy Reading Guys!

(NOTE: The enitre ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


Me: So you live in Hyderabad, how did you ended up there?

Twinkle: Umm actually When i was 15 my father got transfered from punjab to hyderabad coz of placements, so our family have to shift here!

Me: Oh nice! Would you mind if I Ask you a question! ☺

Twinkle: Sure, we are on a matrimony site to find a life partner nd we can get a genuine one only if we know them better! ?

How cute! This girl is talking to me in a very good nd bright tune! This is surely atracting me towards her!
I don’t know why but this girl somewhere reminds me of the girl i met at Aman’s marriage!
She have twinkling eyes, the one that wan’t to say many things but can’t put them in words!
Oh Ho, which track m going on!
I need to move on!
Kunj you are chatting with some girl, continue with that!

Me: Why haven’t you uploaded your profile picture? Sorry if you don’t wanna answer it’s ok!

Twinkle: No don’t be sorry! Actually I wanted to meet my life partner face to face nd have a talk about our future! I don’t want my would be to decide that he wants to marry me coz i look good or i look ugly!

And i couldn’t form a reply for that answer! This girl! I don’t know which word could be used! Lives on a very good philosophy of life! If she becomes my better no no best half! I’m sure my life would be settled! All the jigsaw pieces of the puzzle would fit perfectly!

Me: That was a nice reply! Don’t you want to ask some questions!☺

Twinkle: I would rather ask only one question and that would be repetition of yours! Why haven’t you uploaded your profile picture!

Me: I don’t why i haven’t but i didn’t wanted to! And maybe similar replied like yours!

(In mind: how silly of me! Kunj os this the answer you are gonna give)

Me: Any other questions!

Twinkle: I would prefer asking questions when we talk to each other face to face!

And I was on cloud nine no no ten no no infinity!
She directly said she wanna meet me!
This means we are going on a kind of that!

Me: Now that we wan’t to meet each other can we exchange our numbers!

Twinkle: Sure!

And we exchanged our numbers!

Me: Ok so I’ll ping you with a message on your number!

Twinkle: Ya sure!
I pinged her
Me: Hi! Kunj this side!
 And as if she was waitimg for my message she replied intantly
Twinkle: Hey! How are you?

Me: I’m good thanku! How are you?

Twinkle: I’m good too!

Me: So!

Twinkle: So!?

Me: Will your parents mind a love marriage!

Twinkle: No, they wan’t me to get settle with a good life partner! What about you?

Kunj: My parents want me to get married soon! I’ve already rejected many proposals earlier so they want me to be married as soon as possible ?

Twinkle: Aha that’s good!

Me: So now how can we meet and where!?

Twinkle: Today is 24th October! And I’M coming to Delhi on 30th! We can meet in City Park hotel coz m staying there! If you don’t mind?

Me: No it’s fine I don’t mind! Are you coming by air or by train?

Twinkle: By Air! I’ve a flight of 2 in the afternoon and will reach there till 5 in the evening!

Me: Would you mind if I come to pick you up?

Twinkle: No, not at all!

Me: Ok then see you on 30th and I cant wait to meet you!

Twinkle: Yes, Same here ??! Ok will ttyl! Need to go! Bie! Have a good day!

Me: Bubbie, have a good day you too! See you soon

And this was all we chatted! I didn’t knew we have been chatting for a whole 3 nd a half hours! So long!

Thats all for today!

Precap: Kunj ke parents Manao mission!

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