I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-6)

Hello my people!
How are you all?
I’m fine thank you ??
Thanku my lovelies for these wonderful comments and i m not ending my ff so soon!
Tara apka hukam sir ankhon pe! ??
A long update for you dear!
So lets start!

(Note:the entire ff will be in Kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


I searched for my Match and shaadi.com showed me 15 perfect matches!
I started opening every girls profile!

I opened first one,
It’s Sana malhotra from mumbai working in wadiss! She had a good profile but i didn’t liked her for me!
Don’t know why?

I opened second and it showed Afia Mitra!
Ugh i didn’t liked the name!
How silly of me! Do names decide your life partners!

I opened third profile and it showed the name Sonia Agnihotri!
Agnihotri’s huh! Are you here to burn me? What kind of names and surnames do girls have now-a-days!
I know i sound silly here! Do names decide who your life partner has to be?
In my case yes! It has to be because the name of the girl meant for KUNJ SARNA has to be unique!

I opened the next profile!
It showed Shanaya!
Only Shanaya no surname? Why? This sounds interesting!!
I send her a message
Me: Hey!

She replied after say 10 minutes
Shanaya: Hi!

Me: How are you?
Shanaya: I’m good!

She didn’t asked How M I? This is So arrogant of her?

Me: where do you live? You didn’t mentioned that in your profile!

Shanaya:Why Do you care? You are finding life partner or a place to marry with?

Me: Miss. Shanaya! Why are you behaving so arrogantly?

Shanaya: why does that matter to you?

Me: listen Miss keep your arrogance in your pocket! You are here to find life partner! And m sure you are not getting one with the kind of attitude you have
(In my mind: what type of a girl is she! She replied me and that was the ultimate shock for me)

Shanaya: you don’t have to care about that I’m already married!

Me:What the hell! Then why did you created a profile on Shaadi.com?

Shanaya: It’s just for fun!

Me: You girls are quite impossible! It was not nice talking to you! Sorry but no sorry!

What type of girl was she? God why do you always have to do this to me?

Leave it! I moved to the next profile!
And it showed Ramya Kanala!
Huh south indian! Bhai If your father is sikh that doesn’t mean you are sikh too!
Shaadi.com bhaisaab I need Sikh girl!

Like this i opened all 14 profiles and didn’t get even a singlest of hint for my life partner!

Only the last profile was left!
I opened it and there was No profile Pic!
Why is that?
It was named Twinkle Taneja!
Punjabi Sikh
Lives In Hyderabad
Working in Jacobs!
Monthly salary $15,000
Interest in: Singing and Dance!
Age: 24

Her profile matches exactly to what i wan’t but why doesn’t she have any profile picture!?
Is she fake like that other girl?
Or is she real?
By The Way, even i didn’t uploaded my profile pic!
I don’t know but something told me to send her a Hi!
And i did!

Me: Hi!

5 minutes no reply!
10 minutes no reply!
15 minutes and still no reply!
Like this I waited for 25 minutes and there was no reply!
Oh God! Even Shaadi.com can’t find me a life partner!

I was about to close the site when my profile pinged with a mail!
I opened it and it was a reply from her!

Twinkle: Hey! Sorry for replying late! I was offline! ?

Wow! This girl! This girl twinkle! There is some charm in her! Her reply had me smiling! I replied her smilingly!

Me: how are you?

And she replied instantly

Twinkle: M good! What about you? ☺

Me: I’m good too! Thank you!?


Me: So you live in Hyderabad? How did you ended up there?


Sabhi isi episode mein thodi milega!
Agle episode ke liye bhi kuch rakho!?

Stay tuned to I Too Had A Girlfriend!

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….that married women part was soo funny….

  2. Anam_sidhant

    Hi komli!? this epi was blast… at least gotta see twinj chatting it was so cute?
    And that epic line “It was not nice talking wid u”??? eagerly waiting for the next one post asap❤

    Love uh loads?

  3. Awesome… Superb… Waiting for the next epi…

  4. Adya

    Wooooww komal…. what an episode…..it was so nice…..I loved it yrr….keep posting

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  6. Mindblowing amazing post next asap

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    Komal awesome loved it bechara kunj ko koi bhi pasand nhi aaya lekhin sirf twinkle amazing loved it dear

  8. Ria

    Hey di,
    The episode was just up to the mark! I expected Twinkle to be the last person he’d chat with.. and, here it is. Damn excited for the next episode. Please, try posting the next one soon.

    Loads of love.?

  9. Kritika14

    I loved this! It was so good! Post the next one soon! Loves xx

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    Komal very mean of u…. Itne mai khatam kiya… No just kidding dear. ?
    Loved it

    1. Komal123

      Thoda suspense to banta hai boss! ??

  11. Awesome epi.. that shanaya part was hilarious ?? “it was not nice talking to you”???.. loved twinjs chat as well.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  12. Sorry for late comm
    ent but nice epi

  13. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 13 matches rejected coz of name and one coz she was married so funny Post soon 🙂
    sorry for the late comment 🙂 I had my exams today had a break so decided to read and comment 🙂 Love you 🙂

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