I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-4)

I am back!
I am so sorry guys for posting this episode so late!
College life is hectic!
And the semester system is more hectic!
While not wasting enough of your time lets start
Nd thank you all for those lovely lovely comments!!
They make my day…
So lets start

(Note: the entire ff will be in Kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


Why god, why did you do this to me?
Were you not happy that i was getting myself the love of my life!
Or she was not meant for me!
This is unfair god, how can you do this to me? HOW?
I started fake crying…

I was in my room and had changed my clothes to pj’s and a tee..
I was roaming here and there when an idea struck my mind!!
She was Aman’s wife Sanaya’s friend!
I should ask Aman to find out her name!
But wait how will he ask her that! No guy wants to beaten up on the first day of his marriage instead he would want to enjoy his SUHAGRAAT!?
But it’s ok one phone call, i would ask him to do this really simple favour for me!
But if I does ask him, he will bombard me with so many questions!
No No No Kunj Beta this can’t be happening

You can’t ask Aman! If you did they will throw on you so many questions which you are not in a state to answer!

With so many thoughts and her image in my mind, i tried sleeping but it was like sleep ceased to exist!
I can’t stop thinking about who she was, where she live, what she do?
I am behaving like a STALKER here! KNOW?
I again tried sleeping and this time finally fatigue took a toll nd i was fast sleep with the dreams of that beautiful girl! That twinkling star of my life!

She look ethreal in her blue gown with that little makeup kissing her face and a curly hairdo!
I can’t help myself from staring at her and i can notice she is blushing!
Obviously beacuse i am awestruck with how she looks nd my face is like that of a staring predater!

I came back to senses and moved towards her, it had started drizzling aa little ago!
I asked for her hand and she placed her delicate one’s into my hard and muscular one’s
I don’t know from where but suddenly the song started while we moved in rythm
(Note: its still drizzling or you can say raining while they are dancing)

The song is Mujhko Barsat Banalo by armaan malik!
Do hear it guys if you have not heard it before!

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek lambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana.

Mujhko alfaaz bana lo,
Dil ki aawaaz bana lo,
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana.

Nasha hoon main behakne do,
Mere qaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek lambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana…

Mujhe apne sirhaane pe,
Thodi si jagah de do.
Mujhe neend na aane ki,
Koi toh wajah de do. (x2)

Hawa hoon main lipatne do,
Mere kaatil, mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.

Mujhko barsat banalo,
Ek lambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana…

Tere sang guzar jaaye,
Yeh umar jo baaki hai.
Hans do na zara khul ke,
Kaahe ki udaasi hai. (x2)

Subah hoon main aane do.
Mere kaatil, mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo.
Ek lambi raat bana lo.
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana. (x2)

We ended with her in my arms nd we were in a hugging position it felt like i am in heaven with she in my emrace!
We slowly parted and i strted moving towards her lips!
I can’t wait to claim that soft pulpy pink lips with mine hard one’s!
We were just few inches apart when


i fell down on floor from my bed!

It was a dream, it was a bl**dy DREAM!

That girl is driving me INSANE!
I have to do something or else i will die being a romeo of a juleit whose Name i don’t know!

Ta- Da
Chapter-4 finishes here

Kaisa laga fir?
Do comment and let me know guys!

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  1. SidMin23

    Too good Kunj dreaming about twinkle and fall down from bed imagine about kiss ? was awesome. Post soon next update.

  2. Adya

    Just a dream but it was awesome……….soooooo sweet

  3. its nice
    Kunj really fell for her very hardly having dreams about her and then he fell off the bed hehehee
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    And kunj dreming for twinkle and after that fell from bed hahhaaaa it was too good

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Komal… Again it was a blast.. That dream part was 2 gud… ? luv u

  7. Chiku

    Komu my darling. It’s awesome
    Kunj ko samajh dream na kare ladki dhoondr??????
    Loved it
    Love uu❤️❤️

  8. Amazing epi.. n romantic too, even if romance was a dream??.. the dream part was too good.. n how he fell from the bed imagining abt the kiss??.. bichara.. do cont soon ?

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute

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    Loved the dream! It was hilarious ? Anyway, continue soon! Lovess xx

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    U naild it ……
    It is my first comment on ur ff before that i was a silent reader of ur ff plzzzz post nxt asap plzzzz?

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