I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-25) ~Silver Jublee Special

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(Note: The entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, I had introduced Twinkles pov earlier and now Kunj’s pov is reintroduced, if need be Twinkle’s pov will be reintrouduced)

Enough time wasted in crying, time to set back to action, time to be OLD KUNJ, time to make plans!

I made a call and explained the person on the other side of the line all the plans about tomorrow!

I am not going to be sad anymore! Its time for surprises! Lets finish all the work!
Tomorrow is going to be greater!

I finished all the pending works and stood at the terrace,the blue moonsane shining, reminscing all the beautiful moments spent with a beauty by my side!

The air touched every fibre of my body as if it wanted to embrace me in itself, I can still smell the same old odour of my love, the frangrance of my love is still present in the air of Delhi!


Same is the case with mine! Without wasting enough time I went towards the bed to have a sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a day of happiness I thought while in no more time sleep took over me!



The sunrays hit directly on my face indicating me its the time to wake! Its time for action!

I jumped over from the bed and moved to the washroom!After about 20 minutes I was out all ready in my casuals!

Today I am going to Hyderabad to meet, you all know whom! Yesterday night I made a plan with Yuvi and I decided that I would be going to Hyderabad to surprise Twinkle and also I will be meeting her parents!
Her parents actually know that I am coming over to meet them, Vivian( Imagine Ravi Dubey) Twinkle’s brother is coming over to pick me up from the airport while for Twinkle its all a surprise!


It was time for the flight to take off and boarding had already started! I sat down at my seat while beside me sat Yuvi and Mahi Bhabhi! They were accompyning me because mom and dad told them its necesassary for someone to go from the boys side as well!
Parents I know!

The flight already departed and in less then 40 minutes we arrived at the Hyderabad airport!

I smelled in the air of the city! It reminded me of Twinkle! This city had provided me with the most beautiful emotion of life: LOVE!

The thing I was always scared of, but now I am the only one deeply, madly, crazily, stupidy more and more into love!

And I came across this feeling only because of MY TWINKLE! It feels so good when you have someone to be called only yours! I do have one in my life!


We were out of the airport and were waiting for Vivian! I actually have not seen him! While we waited someone patted me from behind!

Me: Yes?

Person: Kunj Sarna?

Me: Yes!

Person: Hello I am Vivian Taneja, Twinkle’s brother!

Me: Oh nice to meet you!
I said while we shaked hands and had a brotherly hug!

On the journey to Taneja house I bonded with Vivian very well! He was a developed business man and was of a really kind nature!

The distance to Taneja house was of about one hour so we decided to enjoy the journey listening music, talking and knowing about each other!

In another 10 minutes we were in front of the Taneja Mansion!

It was such a beautiful and big house just like ours back in Chandigarh!

We entered inside the house and I greeted Leela Aunty and Rt Uncle!

Leela Aunty: How was the journey dear? I hope you guys didn’t faced any problem!

Me: It was wonderful aunty and we were comfortable enough throughout the journey!Thanks for asking!

I said with a smile!

Leela Aunty: Stop calling me aunty son! I am like your mother you can call me Leela Maa!

Me: Ji Leela Maa!

I smiled! It was so nice of them!


It have been 10 minutes we have reached here but my eyes were searching for someone special!

Vivian caught me looking around and told that Twinkle is in the office due to some work! I blushed in being caught! Why cant your control yourself kunj?

Vivian said he will call her and ask her to come, while a plan struck in my mind!

I explained the plan to everyone and they all agreed! This would be so much fun!


Vivian called Twinkle and asked her to come home immediately as Leela Maa’s health is deteriorating!

Everyone decided to switch off the lights of the house and hide till Twinkle come’s!
I would be the only one present in the drawing area to surprise her!

Precap: Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

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