I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-23)

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(Note: The entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, I had introduced Twinkles pov earlier and now Kunj’s pov is reintroduced, if need be Twinkle’s pov will be reintrouduced)


We were done with our days work and now it was time for us to return back to the hotel but before that we were really hungry so we decided to eat something out here!

Usha: Kunj why dont we eat from here see it is an Indian restaurant!

Me: Mom we always eat Indian why dont we eat chinese today!

Manohar: But beta!? We dont eat chinese then how!

Me: Mom dad for me atleast please!

Usha: But why all of a sudden do you want to eat chinese?

Me: Wo actually mom Twinkle’s favourtie is chinese so I wanted that we eat her favourite!

And I bit my tongue for saying this! I looked over to Twinkle who was blushing!
Suddenly Maa and Papa bursted into fits of laughter!
Seeing them laugh I also passed a cheesy smile as I know this situation is really embarassing and out of hand at the moment!

Kunj why do you have to always land in such silly and embarassing situations! You are really stupid Kunj! Now they want stop laughing until they fill their stomaches teasing me!


We returned back to the hotel at 10 in the night and headed towards our rooms as we have to get up early tomorrow!
Early, huh, yes Twinkle have to return back to Hyderabad because her Grandma is not doing well from few days!


I have to act like everything is Fine but inside I know I’m shattered to the depth where my heart is bleeding!

I have to act like I’m all Ok but its killing me from inside!

But I meant to be strong for my heart which now belongs to her, MY TWINKLE!

If I wont do this she will feel weak and I dont want to be the reason for her weakness!

I have to be strong, I HAVE TO BE!

I went out to my parents room to see if they wanted something!

When I returned back to our room I saw dark!
The light was not on and I heard sounds of weeping!

When I switched on the light I saw Twinkle sitting on the bed her knees bended to her chest and her head down!

Me: Twinkle? What happened why have you switched off the lights?

She raised her head and her face was gloomy!
It seemed like she had been crying since hours!
I hurriedly went towards her!

Me: Twinkle! Twinkle look at me, what happened? Did someone said something to you? Tell me Twinkle? You are scaring me!

Twinkle nodded her head in a no: No Kunj its not like that!

Me: Then Twinkle what happened? I’m scared Twinkle! Please tell me love?

(NOTE: where I use (…..) between sentences it means that Twinkle is saying all this while crying)

Twinkle: Kunj… I cant Live without you… What if I left and you stop loving me!

I cursed the one who made serials! Its coz of the serials Twinkle is having such thoughts!

Me: Twinkle how can you think like this! My heart beats only for you! You heard it! ONLY FOR YOU! I love you more then myself which means I cant love anyone besides you! Even if I die

And I felt something on my lips!
It was Twinkle who was kissing me!
I surrendered and kissed her back!
First the kiss went smooth but later it turned into a passionate one which describes our love for each other, our emotions of living without each other!
The kiss lasted for other 15 minutes!

Twinkle: Kunj please dont talk about death! I wont be able to live without you!

Me: Ok but you have to promise me that you will not cry from now onwards! You know naa I hate tears Pushpa!

Twinkle smiled: You always know how to make me smile! You know you are the best Kunj!

Me: That I know!

Twinkle: Ok Ok dont praise yourself much!
Umm Kunj can we stand there in the balcony together please!

Me:Ofcourse baby you dont have to say please!

(NOTE:before reading ahead plug in your earphones and listen to the song tu jo hain from movie Mr. X)

Teri saanson ki saans mein
Jo hoon toh main hoon
Tere khwabon ki aanch mein
Jo hoon toh main hoon

{The moon shining bright is the witness of our love! We stood their deeply in love while the night shines bright witnessing us together! I was standing with Twinkle back hugging her! Utter silence, no words exchanged! But our heart knows this silence speaks volumes}

Tere hone se hi mera hona hai
Tujhko khona jaise khudko khona
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon
Tu jo hai toh main hoon
Yun jo hai toh main hoon

{We both standing together is enough for me to be sure that you and I exist in this moment let us proceed under the assumption that FAIRY TALES do exist! As beautiful as ours}

Its time for both of us to sleep and we went to the bed saying good night to each other
The night changes everything!

We stopped in front of the airport!
It was time to bid goodbye’s!
First time goodbye was the reason for sorrow in my life!

The scariest thing about distance is you don’t know if they’ll miss you or forget about you!
But I believe that Twinkle loves me similar to what I love her!

Twinkle hugged mom and dad and took their blessings biding them her goddbye!
It was time for us to say ours which seems to be the most difficults of all!


Kaisi Yeh Judaai Hai,
Aankh Bhar Meri Aayi Hai,
Mera Dil Doob Raha Isse Bas Ab Doobne Do Yeh Pehli Baar Hua,
Yeh Kyun Ehsaas Hua,
Mera Dil Toot Raha Isse Bas Ab Tootne Do

{Twinkle: I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) 
said Twinkle while few drops of tears traced her cheeks!}

Mujhe Ab Bas Rone Do,
Iss Gham Ko Behne Do,
Ye Saath Jo Chooth Raha,
Issey Aaj Choothne Do

{Me: How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?
And even though I knew I have to be strong for Twinkle but I couldnt take it any more! I have lots of feelings burried in side me which I went out now crying!}

Kaisi Ye Judai Hai,
 Aankh Bhar Meri Aayi Hai,
Mera Dil Doob Raha,
 Isse Bas Ab Doobne Do

{Twinkle: Kunj..Love knows…no distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for…the stars!}

Khush Rahe Bas Tu Mere,
 Dil Ki Yeh Dua Hai,
 Khudse Puchle Tu Tere,
 Dil Ki Kya Raza Hai,

{Me: It’s not the distance that’s the enemy, but the endless time I have to wait to hold you in my arms!
I know Absence sharpens love. Presence strengthens it and our love will strengthen and sharpen with each others absence in life!
But when all that separation and longing is worth it — it’s WORTH IT.
Our Love is worth this absence Twinkle!}

Jaan Lena Meri Tere,
 Dil Mein Jo Daba Hai,
 Yeh Toh Bata Mujhse,
 Judaa Kyun Hai!

{We hugged each other while crying our heart out!
After few seconds we broke the hug and I wiped her tears}

Me: I hate tears PUSHPA!
And we smiled through tears!
We joined our forehead conveying our love!

Soon the announcement for Twinkle’s flight was made and she headed in saying final goodbye’s!

Precap:  Main jahan rahoon,
Main kahun bhi hoon!
Teri yaad saath hai!

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