I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-19)


Hello folks!
Back after so long!
Yeah finally exams finished!
Now I can give you regural updates or I can say updates without dealy of 4 to 5 days!
So without further delay lets start the chapter

(Note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be I’ll introduce twinkle’s pov later)


A bright beautiful day!
The shining sun rays hit my face and I welcomed this bright beautiful day with a smile!
Someone truely said that love is serene!
And one can get to know about this fact only after falling in love!
I just wanted to Yell at the top of my voice that I’M IN LOVE!
Finally I can say proudly that I’ve someone in life!
Leaving these thoughts aside I got up from the bed and left to the washroom to freshen up myself!

I just came back after having a bath and I was just only in my towel!

I was drying my hairs suddenly my phone started beeping!
It was a call from home!
In these days I totally forget that I had to tell Mom and Dad about how is everything going on!
I know I’m gone today!
I picked up the call and they both bombarded me with questions!

Usha&Manohar: Kunj now that you met Twinkle you totally forget that you have parents!

Me: Its nothing like that mom and dad! I was just going to call you!

Usha&Manohar: Oh yes we know how much you wanted to call us!
Usha: Leave kunj we have something to tell you!

Mahonar: Yes kunj we have decided that we are coming to Delhi to meet twinkle!

Me: Are you serious Maa Papa! Wow I mean its cool! Ok when are you guys coming?

Usha& Manohar: We are coming tomorrow!

Me: Ok mum dad we’ll be waiting!

Usha&Manohar: Ok kunj we need to hang up! See you guys tomorrow!

Me: ok bie!

Wow so tomorrow finally mom and dad will be seeing my choice!

In all this phone call fiasco I totally forget that I havent weared my clothes yet!
I was taking out clothes from the cupboard when I heard my room lock opening!
I thought it was yuvi so without turning back I asked about how he is!
But when I turned I found Twinkle was in the room! She was staring at me and when she came to know about the situation she screamed!

Twinkle: Ahhhhhh!

I pinned her to the door and closed her mouth with my hands so that a scene is not created!

Me: Shhhh! Shhh !Shhh twinkle someone will come!
 She turned around nd I quickly wore something! I asked her to turn around as I have changed!
 She turned and said
Twinkle: You should have locked the room if you were changing!

Me: Woh I totally forgot about it and by the way you should have knocked the door before coming in!

Twinkle: Why would I knock? I’m your girlfriend and I’ve right to come in without knocking!

Me: Really? So I also have the right to stand in a towel in front of my girlfriend!

Twinkle: You have turned so naughty kunj and she hitted my chest!

Me: So what is my girlfriend doing here?
I said caging her between my arms!

She blushed to the shade of deep red!

Twinkle: Woh..I…Woh.I haan! Woh I just came to call you for breakfast as Yuvi was busy with Mahi!

Me: Ohhh! Ok! So actually mom dad called me and told that they are coming tomorrow to meet you!

Twinkle: Meet me! What? Seriously kunj! Kunj  I feel nervous! What will they think about me? What if they didn’t get impressed with me!

Me: Shhh Twinkle nothing will happen infact they are happy that I found someone! Everything would be alright! Relax!

She gave a nervous smile and I hugged her!
We stood their feeling the warmth of each other!
Sooner we left to have our breakfast and we decided to go out for shopping or some nearest places to have a day out!

Thats all for today!
I’m sorry for a short update
I am short of ideas right now!
But I promise I’ll update the next chapter sooner!

Precap: Finally twinkle meeting kunj’s parents!

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