I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-14)


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(Note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i’ll introduce twinkle’s pov later)


After A very hulla-bulla and a bizaro night! We decided to move back to the Hotel as we decided to roam the city the next day!

We were seated in the car and I was driving it, while twinkle was looking out at the stars and the surroundings!
It was as she was enjoying this for the first time!
A foregone look on her face as if she was thinking about something!
I decided to ask her out and so I did!

Me: What happened Twinkle? Why do it looks like you are confused?

Twinkle: I’m not confused! It’s just that I never felt so lucky!

Me: So lucky!? Why is it?

Twinkle: It’s that I never thought I will get someone who would fight his life just to save me and that too in the first meet! I am so lucky to have you in my life! Nobody else would have fought them and would have left me alone there besides if it was not you!

And she had slight tears in her eyes, I can make it that they were due to happiness but it pierced my heart into pieces to see her in tears!

I very lighlty held her chin and wiped the tear that tried escaping her eyes! I started rubbing my thumb on her cheeks to make her comfortable! I just suddenly started liking our proximity!
I held her hands in mine and assured her that no matter what, till she is with me she is my responsibility and I would even fight death to save her and i very lightly pecked her hand as a gesture of love from my side!

Yes I admit it I LOVE HER!
I had fallen for her hard on the very first site!
It was Love for me at first site!
And I didn’t wanted to be late!
I confessed this to her!

Me: Twinkle, I wanna say something!

Twinkle: Yes kunj say it!

Me: Twinkle I had fallen for you at your very first site! Remember Aman and Sanaya’s marriage! I had fallen for you hard that day, It’s just that I realised it just today! Yes I LOVE YOU TWINKLE! MEIN TUMSE BEINTEHA MOHOBBAT KARTA HUN TWINKLE! PATA NAHI KAB AUR KAISE! BUT I JUST FELL FOR YOU!

Twinkle: Umm I don’t know what to say! But Umm

Me: I know that it was all sudden for you! But trust me I won’t force you for your decision! I will accept whatever it is!

Twinkle: That is so sweet of you Kunj! But I don’t know if I love you or not! I do have some feelings for you maybe it is Love but I need some time to realise it!

Me: You can take as much as you want! I just wish that my feelings are reciprocated!

And i smiled slightly while twinkle does the same!

Lets change the mood and the topic! Would you like listening songs!

Twinkle: Offcourse I love songs!

I turned on the radio and the song ISHQ MUBARAK from Tum Bin 2 started playing!

Teri baarishein bhigaaye mujhe
Teri hawayein bahaye mujhe
Paaon tale mere
Zameene chal padi
Aisa toh kabhi hua hi nahi
( I suddenly saw Twinkle didn’t had her seat belt on, I stopped the car on the roadside and moved towards twinkle to fasten her seat belt)

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai (x2)
(She had her eyes closed and she started biting her lips in nervousness, I smiled at her gesture)

Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak (x2)

Aisa lagta hai kyun
Teri aankhein jaise
Aankhon mein meri reh gayi
(I fastened her seat belt and placed my hands on both her cheeks! She opened her eyes and my eyes asked her permission to proceed)

Kabhi pehle maine na suni
Aisi baatein keh gayi
Tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere
Toh tujhse pare main jaun kahaan
(She fluttered her eyelids giving me the permission and closed her eyes! I very slowly proceded towards her lips! They looked tempting, plumpy and s*xy at the same time)

Mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai
( No soon did I claimed her lips and it felt like heaven! They tasted Amazingly good,they were soft, tempting,  and deliciously sweet! I felt like kissing her forever! I started chewing her lips)

Jahan pehle pehal tu aa mila tha
Tehra hoon wahi main bhi
Tera dil woh shehar hai
Jis shehar se jaake laute na main kabhi
Lapata sa mil jaun kahi toh
Mujhse bhi mujhe mila de zara
(I bited her lips and she moaned so that my tongue finds an entry to her mouth, to taste her mouth and oh my she tasted even more sweet and sugary)

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai (x2)

Ishq mubarak dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak dard mubarak (x2)

Ishq mubarak!
(We were having our moment till the uncle in the car behing us decided to break it,  I left her lips our eyes still locked)

I was smiling at my handiwork and was proud of it!
Her lips smudged and swollen, hairs messy, cheeks turned red due to blushing and I felt like the most happiest person alive on earth!
She was smiling endlessly and was trying to hide her gaze while I had my eyes stuck on her
The words couldn’t stop but escape my mouth

Me: You look even more cute and beautiful while blushing and with the chaos I’ve created on you!

Twinkle in respond blushed harder while I replied

Me: Haye this blush drives me more crazy over you, do you want to try a second session of our kiss?

Twinkle smacked my arm and replied: I didn’t knew you were naughty but I like it!

Phew thats all for today!

Precap: Kiss abhi baki hai mere dosto! ?

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