I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-13)


Hey guys!
I know its pretty late I’m updating my ff, but I’m busy with my Exam preparations!
Exam sucks! U guys know that!
It was really overwhelming conversing with you guys and I camw to know about many of you, but, still some are left! Its ok we will get to know each other soonish!
So without any further delay lets start the chapter!

(Note: the enitre ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)


When Twinkle stopped the conversation at BUT, it was like my heartbeat ceased to exist!
Suddenly I can’t breathe, it was like a very heavy stone have been placed on my heart!
My eyes started tearing, the world stopped for me!
It felt like a very bad nightmare!
Words not formed, words not spoken, still eyes doing all the talking!
My eyes bore into her’s to find the answer of her BUT?
At the moment the pain of losing her was so much, that even her eyes cease to give me my answers!
With a very heavy heart and managed to ask her!

Me: But what Twinkle?
And the answer she gave me played like a soothing creame to my broken heart, bringing back that million dollar smile on my face, I couldn’t helps but smile through my tears!

Twinkle: It is that Kunj before strating this relationship I want both of us to spend some time together and know each other better! I wan’t this relationship to work off! I don’t want any problems later on!

Me: Is it what you want to say?

Twinkle: Yes!

Me: For a munite I got scared that you are going to say a NO! I can’t afford to loose ypu!
I don’t know but I have found some connection with you!
I remarked this and we stared in each other’s eyes!

Twinkle: I didn’t knew that my opinion matters this much to you Kunj!
Besides Dad and Mom no one had ever cared for opinion this much! I’m lucky to be dating you!

And I smiled, I smiled till my cheeks hurt! She felt lucky and I can’t be more happy to be the reason for that!

Me: Well as I’m staying here in Delhi for 5 more days what say we hang out each day to know each other better!

Twinkle: Yes it would be cool then!

And we both smiled at each other!
Soon we finished our dinner and I asked her out for a walk till the nearby park!

We were walking on the sudden empty roads of Delhi, and I was scared, I was scared beacuse Delhi is not a safe place for girls and I have Twinkle with me! I just wan’t her safe and Intact with me!
It had been almost 15 minutes we were walking when suddenly from no where I saw some goons staring at my Twinkle and passing some cheap comments!
I can’t stop and control myself from loosing my temper!
How dare they? How dare they pass cheap comments on twinkle!
And what they said next was limit!
They said to twinkle to have a one night stand with those morons!
This was enough for me to give them a punch!
I glared them all furiously, and gave a tight punch to the one who looked like a leader of them! This was enough for them to get scared and run away from there!
But my knuckles hurt and started bleading from the punch I gave! They didnt know I’m a boxer! They wont dare now to pass cheap comments!

Soon we were in the garden and twinkle saw my knuckles bleeding!
She started panicking while I tried calming her saying its nothing serious and I’m fine!
Soon she removed a handkerchief from her clutch and tied around my knuckles from preventing them from bleeding further!
She asked me a very shaky and broken voice!
Twinkle: What was the need to fight them kunj?

Me: Twinkle see stop crying its nothing serious!

Twinkle: Why kunj? Why was the need to fight them? We could have stay silent and just passed from there! Why do you tried turning a hero!

Me: See you said that I tried truning a hero and A hero always saves the heroine! And don’t worry I’m a boxer! ?
Is said triying to lighten up the mood and There she smiled her Twinkling smile which had turned to be my most favourite thing!

Bas thats all for today!

Precap: A surprise for you guys!

Do comment and let me know how you like it!?

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  1. Hey komal I’m commenting on your ff for the first time…ur ff is amazingly amazing…love it to the core…komal I have read this novel I too had a love story…in the novel heroine died so I have a question will twinkle die in ur ff or it will be ending on a happy note?

    1. Komal123

      This will depend on circumstances! To know you have to keep reading!
      Thanku for the love ?

  2. Sohi

    Yaar komal the episode was soo good waiting for the surprise do continue

  3. Adya

    Sry sry sry…di very sry.. actually I was too busy to comment so couldn’t on the previous episode…I was really excited for dis one nd really sry again …..I really almost wanted Bt had no time..

    Well the episode..was superrrrrrrrrrr cool…I mean I’m in love with it….each nd every scene was awesome nd the precap seems quite interesting…

    Acha di u didn’t tell me about giving tuitions ..I asked u ri8…for tuitions???? May b u don’t real want to give me…I respect ur decision..huh..nd yeah u don’t need to know me neither u can..coz I myself don’t know me…hehehe…

    Plzz post soon..quite excited for the surprise nd yeah ….sry for such a long comment nd thnkuu for ur precious time to read it…

    Love u

    1. Komal123

      Ahahahah about tutions I’ll be giving them once I finish writing exams porbably after 16 dec

  4. Paavu

    Hey komal really it was a very nic epi means kunj’s feelings his unknown love means his favorite thng her ile everything and I roo had dis novel and I hope twi did not die in end

  5. Kritika14

    Hiii Komal,
    I am so glad to see you back after so long! Well, coming to the chapter, it was amazing! I am loving the way the story is shaping up! But a surprise? I am already so eager to know it now! Hope you’ll post the next chapter soon and don’t keep me waiting!
    Lovess! xx ?

  6. Ramya

    Hey komal glad to seee I back dear Awesome episode loved it
    N ha profile was also tooo cute loved it n love u plss plsss asap dear can’t wait

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Heyyyyy…di..this was fab!?..thanks a lot di for sending my wait…you know…I am heating up right now!!…
    104° fever!!…family members feel me heating up and I am shivering under double quilt… Commenting on this superrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb post!!??????????????

    Amn’t I insane??.??????????

    I loved this…but Twinkle is hiding something… Right!!??…

    Hayeee..ulte phulte guesses k lite…sorry?…
    (Sorry..sorry.. Mummy patti karne lagi…u know naa..these mothers get tensed very soon!?…I wanted to say sth…bhool gyi…baad main kahungi..?)

    No no..wait a sec..yaad aa gya…would u like to read my Twinj ffs?????

    1. Komal123

      Lovey I’m reading all ff’s ovee here and beleive me you all are exceprional writers so more good then me! But the point is i manage writing my own ff with great difficult so i comment on all yr guys ff’s but they are amazing and fabulous

  8. Chiku

    It’s awesome ?????woahhhhhhhhlovely
    I am waiting for next one
    Post jaldi karna
    Love u?

  9. Anam_sidhant

    Abey vidwa? yeh chamatkr kaise hogaya??
    I think someone was hell busy due to exams?
    BTW its gud that u posted..was waiting from sooooooo loooonnngg!❤
    It was amazing? loved twinj scensdd to the core!❤
    Eagerly waiting for the next one (ik u will post late)

    Love u ghost!?

  10. dreamer...arundhati


  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous wonderful……

  12. Awesome.. kunj saving twinkle was amazing.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤

  13. Ria

    Hey di,
    See, I am commenting late today because of your punishment. Since you posted late so, bear this punishment. Although idk whether my comment matter or not!?

    Anyway, the update was amazing. Kunj ?? the way he fears to lose Twinkle and addresses her as My Twinkle.? Twinkle’s blossoming concern..everything was just amazing.

    Try posting the next one sooner. I’ll be waiting.

    Loads of love.❤

    1. Komal123

      Offcoure my darling, everyone’s comments matters alot to me
      Loads of love tq!
      I will try posting soon

  14. Awesome…..lovely….try to post nxt asap

  15. SidMin

    Loved it too good and Twinkle ke but ne tho mere halat he tight kardi Loved it yar Twinkle’s reply was so sweet Jalde post karo na jane hu you are busy but still try posting soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  16. Hey Komal! It was amazing awesome superb epi…. loved twinj’s care for each other n the way kunj scared that he’ll lose twinkle n addresses her “my twinkle” was just mindblowing…. eagerly waiting for surprise….. pls post next asap….

    Well for the first time I’m cmnting on ur ff actually busy sedule u know n also I’m new here but I’m big fan of ur ff n ofcourse ur also….. n if u wanna know about me then u have to read my ff….. hehehe just kidding yarrr I’m not forcing u…

    Well leave it… would u like to be my friend??
    Waise my name is Shalini…. n u can call me Neha….

    bye n keep smiling
    ♥Lots of love♥

    1. Komal123

      Awww thanks a lot for this long and lovely comment!
      Sure we are friends and thanku for beingy fan! M so happy to have one
      Loads of love to you too ?

  17. Baby

    komal di i was sooooooooo excited for dis episode sch mein i was scared to death..
    n wen i saw d cover pic of d episode i was hell scared…
    but aftr reading d episode thousands o emotions r rushing through me which cant be explained or described in words loved it…..
    awesome amazing fabulous speechless marvalleous wwowowowww…
    loved it n d surprse i cant wait and thnk god finally u didnt lft us in suspense today heehe
    😀 beautiful episode osm…….♥♥♥☻♥♥♥

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