That girl in a Veil (KB) (os)

That girl in a veil

I still remember that day when I came back to India after completing my international project and I saw her first time I saw those sparkling eyes for the first time. They were sparkling like having various shining dreams in them and it seems those dreams were buried out somewhere. Those eyes were still having a unknown attraction I didn’t know who was she and how does she looks because the only things which were visible were her eyes only because her face was covered with a veil her scarf edge was on her head and she was having her face covered with holding her one side of scarf in her teeth her hair flicks were knocking out of that scarf she slightly pinned them inside her scarf and she moved a bit from there I was looking her in a hope that at least now I will be able to see her face but in vain she was waiting for the taxi and then when she got that she left from there and I was thinking that “don’t know why I was feeling so much restless to see her” I just shook my head that time to remove all those thoughts from my mind that were roaming around. It was not the end that day removed those thoughts but again I saw her this time I was near a shop waiting for one of my friend who was entered again in shop as he forgot his mobile phone there and I was waiting for him when I saw her at nearby park she was standing there where the trees were shedding almost all the area she was standing there I recognised her first I was doubtful then as Purab was taking time I decided to go and check whether she is the same girl or I am just increasing my thoughts so I went ahead and to my surprise she was the same girl I recognised her through those eyes with which she was glancing towards me again and again but one thing was bothering me that she was again in a veil I was totally confused when I saw that she left from there and I followed her but suddenly she vanished off from my eyes even her shadow wasn’t visible for me and I was looking here and there with a surprise that “where did she gone suddenly ? just now she was here and now she is not even visible to me” and with those thoughts and with a failure I went back near my car and my friend was waiting for me and we headed towards our home and all the time I was in thoughts that how she got disappeared from in front of my eyes and why every time she is in veil why all these things don’t know why but they were attracting me towards her I know many girls use to hide themselves behind veil some are because of tradition some because of rituals some because of religion and some just for protecting themselves from heat so what was new in her I don’t know but yes this was true that our second meeting made me this much curious about her. I again started to do something that could help me in distracting my mind from that but all was waste as I was again and again getting that girl in front of my eyes I was thinking about her all the time. It wasn’t normal for me to believe that I was getting this much attraction towards that girl which was totally stranger for me and I didn’t wanted to do that because I had only one girl in my life whom I was going to marry she was a girl that my parents and rest of the family selected for me I was unknown to her but then I started getting familiar with her and her company was making me most enjoyable person when I realised that I love her we were engaged now and time was for getting married just then I got an international consignment it was a bound contract according to which I have to spend five years in abroad working with that company and I was not ready but she forced me to do so will you believe that she said that “you must go there as it is related to your carrier and I don’t want to stop you” so I left for Canada and she lived here only thing which was with me was her ring that engagement ring which she made me to wear..
Meeting with that girl was every time a surprise for me not because she was in veil because every time she was getting disappear when I was trying to getting close to her just to look her face whenever I use to step forward to talk to her she moves from there and after some distance she gets disappears I still remember that day I was wandering here and there as Purab (my friend) said that he is coming to discuss something important with me and what the destination he has chosen a park wow what a place he has chosen for meeting a park and that also a public place I was waiting and I was totally frustrated when I started wandering here and there and I saw her again this time she was there in the park near the play area of children she was looking those children playing folding her hands but full aware that her face shouldn’t get unveiled and when I saw her again I don’t know why again I started moving towards her without any attention to move towards her as she wasn’t related to me but I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find myself relief thinking like that about her so I again looked at her she was again glancing at me and I moved towards her in hope that this time I will get successful in talking to her and I started to move when I was just about to reach at her she again started moving I decided that this time I will surely inquire about her so I started walking fast and she was also walking as fast as she can and while doing so she looked at me for once and her eyes told as she has smiled for a while looking at my eagerness to talk with her she walked and so did I. I was following her she then suddenly I bumped into a child he was running without noticing anyone and so I was my full concentration was on following her and we both composed ourselves the child continued his playing and I looked forward towards her and again she was disappeared from my eyes and I again faced a failure to talk to her and I decided to move from there with a feeling of a loser as I again failed to talk to her and when I turned to move I saw that where was I stood. It was a cool and calm place full of flowers and greenery children were playing leaves on the trees were moving with the air it seems they were dancing in happiness and I stood there for some time as the place was extremely cool and peaceful I just closed my eyes to feel that peaceful environment and I did so then when I was standing closing my eyes I felt someone was near me and whispered in my ear “DON’T TRY TO FIND ME YOU KNOW ME” and hearing that I opened my eyes but to my surprise no one was there I was again left in thought firstly I was totally confused with that girl don’t know why unnecessary I was following her then again this voice started troubling me I was lost in deeply thoughts when my thoughts were disturbed by someone it was Purab he was calling me then I realised that I was here for some important talks but forgot that so leaving her thoughts there itself I went to him and he started to talking which was not exactly so much important he called me there actually to talk about his girl friend and I was totally annoyed. This was the end of our third meeting just like this and after that I was in thoughts with those words which were whispered in my ear and that were “DON’T TRY TO FIND ME YOU KNOW ME” and I was thinking all the time that “did she know me am I familiar to her why she said like this and was she the same who said this to me or it was just an illusion because I just heard one voiceover and when I opened my eyes no one was there! Who is she and why is she troubling me like this? Don’t know but one thing is sure that I am eagerly waiting to see her face but why is it so I am bothering this much about a girl whom I don’t know god her eyes I am unable to forget those eyes what to do?” with these thoughts my day ended and I dozed off. The days were spending now almost two weeks were spend and with much difficulty I was successful in vanishing off her thoughts from my mind now I was missing someone badly it was my fiancé I am badly missing her I love her but she don’t know why she left me yes she left me when I was back to India for a break given by the company then she left me but it was hard time for us I think I wasn’t able to stop her and she wasn’t having time so she left me don’t know where is she now hope she would be happy” I was missing her badly when I got a call and this was one of the investors who were going to invest in my next project and they called me to one hotel for a meeting and I went there in a rush as I don’t wanted to be late and in about half an hour I was there on the destination and in my excitement I was about one hour earlier there and again started getting bored so just plugged my earphones and started listening music when I saw her again she was in yellow suit and her face was again veiled which was irritating me she was again disturbing my thoughts and I wasn’t able to listen music now because she has disturbed me with her eyes she was glancing me all the time and this time I was sure that I am not going to leave her wherever she will go I will ask for sure that why always she use to glance at me every time and whenever I use to step forward to talk with her why she use to escape today I will surely get my all answers from her and I was about to go to talk with her but my time got over no! no this time she wasn’t escaped this time she was there in front of me but the person with whom I was having meeting was there he was arrived and our meeting was successful and I looked at the direction and again that happened she wasn’t there and I again missed the chance of talking with her I was going with a sad face that I am not able to find about a girl and my situation was that I can’t tell about her to anybody also because everyone will think that I am wasting my time over a nonsense and this girl was driving me crazy day by day I was walking from way when I looked a note kept over there on the table on which she was seated it was written there DON’T FIND ME YOU KNOW ME AND I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS and this again troubled me a lot this was intolerable for me because these things were troubling me a lot who was she why is she coming in front of me every time why she always hiding herself in a veil why she is always escaping from me why she is doing so and why she said that I know her who is she and why she said that she is with me always” and thinking all this I dozed off as it was a tired day for me and that night I saw a dream which was all black out I just heard a voice YOU KNOW ME VERY WELL THEN WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO FINDING ME I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU NEAR YOU BUT YOU ARE UNABLE TO FEEL ME BECAUSE I AM NOT LETTING YOU DO SO DON’T TRY TO SEARCH ABOUT ME YOU WONT GET ANYTHING BUT JUST PAIN NOTHING ELSE” and hearing that I got up with a shock because that voice over haunted me to the core and now I was extremely restless to know about her and I decided to search everything about her this time it is too much so from next day morning itself I started my mission first thing I did was I joined all the links from where all this was started so the first point was that airport where I was after my plane was landed in Mumbai then the second place where I saw her was near that shop in that shopping mall and the third place was that park where I saw her and the last place of encounter with her was that hotel so I decided to go on these places one by one to enquire about her when I went to airport to ask about her then I was just got off my car when I looked in the direction where she was stood so I remember something from that place and then without asking anyone I drove off my car to next destination which was that shopping mall and as soon as I reached there I looked in that direction where she was stood when I saw her and I was right my assumption was right I soon got off from there and I went to that park where I saw her in our third encounter and went in the direction where she was and again my assumption was right now I was getting strong feeling that I know her so I drove off to that hotel and found it the same hotel I was familiar with that table and a lone tear escaped from my eyes then without wasting my time I drove my car towards the area which was famous for the food stalls it was extremely famous area for fast food and road side food and as I parked my car I got off from it and rushed to the place where last time we did dinner together and now this place was isolated as some incident took place here from that moment itself no one use to stand their stall at that place and my eyes were fully moist now I was looking here and there and all things started reminding in front of me that why did it happened and why this happened and why want to know so read this flash back
I was returned on my break given by company that day and she was waiting for me on the airport she was there to receive me I came out and she came to me and said “Oh Abhishek I am extremely happy that I am going to spend some days finally with you as it has been one year we haven’t met I really missed you a lot” and I smiled at her and giving her a light hug replied “I missed you too Pragya you can’t even think that how much I was missing you” she smiled and we headed towards our home and while going she just rested her head on my shoulder and said “now you are here and I want to live these days with full of happiness only” I replied “Of course yr because I think after our marriage you won’t get time you will get busy with dadi and she will not leave her granddaughter in law so easily” and she asked “Abhishek why do you have this much problem with your dadi” I replied “because she always use to snatch my happiness from me by stopping from meeting you when you use to come to my home and then I have to find you here and there as she always makes you busy in work and I have wait for the time when you will get free and talk with me” she smiled a while and said “DON’T TRY TO FIND ME HERE AND THERE I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS” and I also smiled at that. Then next day we decided to hang out together as I was on leave only for four days so next day itself we went out to spend time together and our first destination was that mall she went to her favourite section which was dresses section as she was very much crazy about new dresses so she purchased one suit for her and then we went to a park and sat there for sometime as the environment there was so pleasant and then to that hotel for having dinner together and after that we headed towards home and while going she said “YOU KNOW ABHISHEK THESE ARE MY FAVOURITE PLACES” and I asked why so she said “BECAUSE I ALWAYS USE TO SPEND MEMORABLE TIME HERE WITH YOU AND IF YOU FEEL RESTLESS EVER MISS ME EVER IF I AM NOT WITH YOU SO PLEASE VISIT HERE YOU WILL FEEL MY PRESENCE HERE” and I just smiled in reply to her and she said “BY the way today you make me have dinner with you here in this hotel tomorrow I will give you a dinner party at my favourite place” I agreed and then after dropping her to home I went to my home and I was extremely excited about her favourite place I knew it was a road side stall but still I want to go with her because I love when she use to give me surprise treats. Next day I was ready to spend more time with her as it was last day of my leave next day itself I have to leave from there so I went to her we spent a lot time at that park and then we went to get her dinner treat and I said after reaching there “I knew it you will bring me here only to have dinner” she smiled at me and said “YOU KNOW ME” and we went for dinner we took one corner to have our dinner and we did so but my bad time was started from that moment itself I felt somehow thirsty and as her believe was that while having food you should not move so I didn’t did that and she went to take water from car she opened the door of car and brought water for me then she went again to the car as while brining water she forgot her phone there so she went and I was drinking water when I heard a sound of blast and I got up and went to see what happened then I saw that a car was fuming in fire and it was my car which faced this much bad blast and that was just an accident and as everything was end there I was thinking about her like a lifeless body I started shouting her name and crying vigorously then suddenly I saw her lying in the pool of blood with a burn scars on the side of the road and I screamed for help we were rushed to hospital and after examining the car we got to know that my petrol tank was having leakage so it was leaking there and someone was going with the hot coal and a piece fell on it that’s why without wasting a moment the car got blast and this whole statement was given by some eye witnesses who were there I was cursing my self for this much carelessness I am going to lose someone and fear come true she left me forever and before leaving her last words were DON’T CRY EVER AFTER ME I WANT TO SEE YOU HAPPY THEN ONLY I WILL STAY HAPPY PLEASE ITS MY LAST WISH PROMISE ME YOU WILL GO TOMRROW YOU WONT WASTE THIS TIME PROMISE ME I DON’T HAVE TIME ABHISHEK PROMISE ME YOU WILL COMPLETE YOUR GOAL and I did so with heavy heart and after that she just passed that killing smile and closed her eyes for forever.
Flashback ends
I opened my eyes and murmured her name with full of emotions in voice PRAGYA and again she came that girl which was in veil she just unveiled herself and then I got confirmed that it were the same favourite places of her where I saw her and those eyes which were driving me crazy they were having my dreams only dream of my returning so after looking her with moist eyes I went forward to her she said I SAID IT RIGHT! THAT DON’T LOOK HERE AND THERE I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU I got tears in my eyes and she said I SAID THIS ALSO THAT DON’T CRY AFTER ME BUT YOU DINT OBEYBED ME RIGHT NOW I WILL LEAVE and I said “Please no don’t go stay with me here only and why you were hiding yourself behind veil all the time when it was you” and she smiled and said “I CANT STAY EVERYTIME WITH YOU BUT YES WHENEVER YOU WILL FEEL ALONE I WILL BE WITH YOU JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL FIND ME NEAR YOU AND I AM IN YOUR HEART SO IT IS NOT EASY TO FORGET ME ALSO UNDERSTAND MR” I just smiled at her and she again vanished from my eyes and I did as she said I closed my eyes and sat there at the same accident spot for the moment and felt that she was with me holding my hand and resting her head on my shoulder.
–The End–
here you was reading summary of my first ever created book i wrote it when i wasnt familiar with this page but never tried to make read anyone and today i am doing so i am presenting it to you but this in not the full story it is summary of that story i dont know is it because this is not the real one i have chanced the sequences and names of the characters in it just to make it relavant nothing else i am disclosing this story infront of your people very firstly THE GIRL IN THE VEIL.
SO finally you liked my os and accepted them with open heart i loved it very much now i have decided to reveal myself but not fully you have to find me i am giving few hints to you so here we go
HINT NO.1= I am not new i have written one and half fan fiction story on based on characters abhigya
HINT NO.2= One of them is your beloved story you were regular readers for that
HINT No.3= Some of you are in contact with me..
lolz few of you understood who am i already but those who doesn’t wait for the next os till then keep guessing and yup it is not the joke

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  1. Maya

    I think I know who u are from ur hints but I will wait for ur revelation as a narrator should better narrate your identity too! Its beautiful in that way! Thats what i feel… And what u have written today is so amazing and as usual it makes me feel how bad is my narration lol…Lots to learn and brush up in my narration of my ff. Hopefully I can do that someday…..With the expectation of ur next OS and ur revelation, Sayonara from Suga!

  2. I am also guess but definitely i not sure but u r my favorite writter thank u for one more superrrrrduperr story frnd it awesome like u….

  3. Nice yaar not only nice it’s really amazing OS yaar actually ur way of writing s sema n really to say I’m in confusion yaar tat the r 3-4 mem names strikes in my mind so I vl wait 4 ur next OS…

  4. Amazing os…..nd by the hints u have given I think I know u but not sure that my guess is right….so I will wait for ur next os….

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  6. i not gonna guess you Narrator better you guess yourself ?????? but this narration ??????? I loved the way you narrate everything so perfectly! You know you hav not got the Perfection, perfection has got you! this much perfect! You know i hardly say one thing to any person, and this thing which today i m gonna say you i have just said it to my only one friend and I call her somu! Yeah Somu! So she is the only one whom I call Person Beyond The Comparison! PBTC! And today you seriously deserve this title Person Beyond the Comparison! I loved this is Os so much so that i just wanna read it again and again! this was your first creation right? The first creation itself is so fantasticly fantastic! The Girl ! I loved it truly! And yeah this is Abhi’s narration so I loved it much much much much much! ???????????????? you are perfect ,you are the person beyond comparison! you are my fav ???????

    1. Riyashri

      Crazymia !! PTBC is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool and Amazing !! U r UNIMAGINABLE in Everything that u do !! And I would say U R the first PBTC for thinking like this !!!
      Narrator Surely Deserve this !!

      1. haha ? shun you are always making me smile! yeah narrator is PBTC! She is my fav one ???

  7. Riyashri

    Narrator Di !! U r giving hints which is not needed for me !! As I already found who this Fantastic Narrator is !! So to make u sure that I know u already I would give u the answer ……..Not full as I want u yourself to tell…Your name contains 6 letters…..I would not tell your name but give your full form …Stunning ! Unique ! Rocking ! Brilliant ! Hilarious ! Incredible! Mera Forever Fav Writer and My Precious Di !!…….So Di tell whether I am right ???
    All your Writing are OUTSTANDING TO THE CORE !!! Love u Forever and Ever !!

    Coming to today’s writing sorry your First Writing !! This was PERFECTLY PERFECT !!!!!!!!!Love u Loads !! And Please do Update your GOD ! Hope u found the full form of your FF !!

  8. Awesome yaar i think i knw u frm ur hints but wil wait fr ur nxt one but pls dnt make a long wait☺

  9. Nita D

    Wow awesome story…..i just loved it… was emotional n heart touching…..this is the first os i have read on KKB page…..plz let me know when u post another one….

  10. omg omg………………….no words …………………………it’s ……………………i am not getting aah word to describe my feelings

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  13. Vaishali

    hahaha already i guessed u narrator jii but dont want to reveal it s i want u to reveal it as the fan following behind u is not that much small so for the story i would say one thing awesome awesome awesome amazing no words to say hats off to u and note down i will always be ur crazy fan and sissy….. love u loadzzz

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  16. Ooh god…. Superb superb superb…???
    Just loved it..❤❤❤

    I hv got tears in my eyes…
    Its really amazing story..
    &the way of ur narration is simply amazing?

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