My Girl Is A Texi Driver (SwaSan OS)

Ok so here I’m with another try I hope you a will like this one….!!!

*******My Girl Is A Texi Driver*******

A Man in his mid twenties comes out from airport He was wearing a pair of jeans with yellow t-shirt and pink blazer he was looking breath taking handsome

As soon as he comes out from airport all texi drivers ran towards him a,s all were insisting him to come with them but he ignore the and scan whole texi stand and sees a thin boy was standing leaning with his texi his face was covered with his hat

He takes his laugage and started to move towards the that texi driver

Man : will you go at this adress(he shows him a chit)

The not just nodes and sits in driving seat
Sanskaar becomes amaz that he didn’t put his laguage in texi Sanskaar sighs and put himself his laugage in the text and was about to sit beside him but the boy shows his hand and signs him to sit at back

Sanskaar feels very wierd but he push his all thoughts and sits at the back of texi

After some time texi stops at a place Sanskaar notice that it’s not his place he see driver coming down from texi and checking engine Sanskaar also goes behind him and saw him struggling with the egine Sanskaar take a note of 500 and gives it to that boy

Sanskaar(giving him money) : here take this I’ll go by myself from here….

The Boy just nodes and when he was about to take note from Sanskaar’s hand by mistake there both hands touch and the boy shockingly jerk his hand and was about to move but Sanskaar holds his hand and turns him towards his side and due to sudden jerk the cap on boy’s head fall revaling long black silky hair than sankaar realize that she is a girl

Sanskaar with shocked face as that girl her pink chubby check pink rosy lips and black doe eyes he was totally shocked and was just stairing at her while that girl frees her hand and pushed Sanskaar and takes her texi and drive away

While Sanskaar was still lost in that girl he was standing there just than a car came and stops in front of her and a man comes out

Man(suprised) : Sanskaar is it really you???

Listening to his name he comes to senses and sees the person he becomes happy and hugged her

Sanskaar(break the hug) : Laksh how are you???

Laksh(happily) : I’m fine dude what about you and what are you doing in the middle of road

Sanskaar(explains his situation) : well I just came today from Australia and was going home to surprise Mon but unfortunately that texi which I hired broke down in mid way so here I’m walking

Laksh(smiles) : oh it’s ok dude come I’ll drop you

Laksh drop Sanskaar at his home and left for office but also invite Sanskaar to his home

It has been a week to that incident but Sanskaar was unable to forget that texi driver girl he always smiles thinking about her

Sanskaar’s Mother many times said him to marry but he always escapes from that topic on the other hand he also tried to find that girl he goes to texi stand and asks about her but nobody knows who was she….Being clueless and sad he thought to pay a visit at Laksh house

***Next Day***

He goes to Laksh hose and sees a girl sitting in garden on swing her face was covered with her long shiny silky heir

Sanskaar feels a attraction towards her HIS feet unwinglly started to moved towards her direction after reaching there when that girl truns her head toward him he was shocked totally shocked

And same was with girl she was worried and shocked before Sanskaar could say something she immdiately ran inside making her more shocked

He was standing there registering what had happened but just than he heard a voice he truns around and sees Laksh there

Laksh(smiles) : Sanky so finally you came I called you so many times and you have got time now to come and visit me…

Sanskaar(imyrested to know about his dream girl) : sorry yar I was little busy but leave all that who was she….???

Laksh(smiling) : She is my sister Swara you she is very stubborn and naughty come let’s go inside

Both SanLak goes inside they saw Swara was sitting with her father and was saying something but seeing Sanskaar she imidiately stops talking

Laksh(happily) : Papa see who had Sanky you know he came from Australia one week ago

Shekar(greets him) : oh nice to meet you son how are you???

Sanskaar(seeing Swara) ; I’m fine uncle

They talk for sometime and in all the while talking Sanskaar was just stairing Swara which was not go unnoticed by Shekar and Laksh

Days pass like this Sanskaar started to visit GM daily and when ever SwaSan came in front of each other they just do one thing and that was fighting

Swara was having a fear that Sanskaar might tell her family about her texi driver job but Sanskaar didn’t tell any one about her

Sanskaar was totally fallen in love and he said his feeling to Laksh
Laksh also becomes happy that his best friend will marry Swara and he talks with Shekar everyone get agree with Sanskaar’s proposal but Swara refused she said

Swara(angrily) : Dad how can you fix my marriage with that sanky I don’t wanna marry with that irresponsible person and you know he always fight with me how can I marry a person who always tease me and fight with me I’ll not marry him

Saying so she left from there Sanskaar who came to meet Laksh heard all that and becomes sad he left from there without anyone’s notice

Days pass like this one more alliance came for Swara and she said yes for that

All elders decide to do there engagement and during egagememnt also Swara was wearing a veil that’s why she didn’t see groom and nobody also show her groom’s picture

As the days of marriage were coming close Swara started to miss Sanskaar she realised that she also loves him but now nothing can be happened

One day Sanskaar came to meet Swara she was standing on the roof and was seeing starts Sanskaar came and stand behind her Swara also feels her presence
Both didn’t talk just stand there silently and enjoy each other’s silence

Sanskaar(with love) : Swara

Listening to her name she turns around and hide him imdiately and started to cry loudly….

Swara ; I LOVE YOU Sanky I love you please stop this marriage I can’t marry with that Sanskaar (got shocked ok wait I’ll tell guys Swara doesn’t know that sanky is Sanskaar’s Nick name she thinks they both are two persons ???)

Sanskaar(controlling her laugh) : I’m sorry Swara now nothing can happen tomorrow is you marriage I’m sorry

Saying so he departures herself from her and leaves from there

***Marriage Day***

It was Swara’s marriage but she was looking full and pale she had not think that Destiny will play such a cruel game with her it was her fault that she didn’t accept sanky when he gave his proposal she loves him but due to EGO she rejected his proposal and now she was suffering herself

The marriage got done and both Swasan left for MM Swara was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t see groom’s face

***IN SwaSan Room***

Now Swara was sitting on bed waiting for her so cold husband she decide to tell him that she loves some one else and she needs time to accept this relation

Just than door opens and Sanskaar came in Swara’s heart started to beat fast she feels sanky presence but she pushed her all thought aside and gaining courage she said

Swara(looking down) : look I love someone else and I need time I hope you can understand my situation

Sanskaar didn’t said anything

Swara(scared nervous and still looking down) ; I know you would have many dreams but I’m sorry I can’t fullfill them now please I…

Sanskaar(smiles) ; just see me once Swara….you will get all your answers…

Swara was shocked listening to the voice she lifts her head and sees sanky standing she was shocked totally shocked

Sanskaar comes towards the bed and sits beside her while she was still looking at him with wide eyes she slowly touches her face to believe that he is real

After sometime she realised that he is real and hugged him she started to cry while he just pacify her but than reality hits her she started to beat her with her tiny hands

Swara(beating him) : you donkey monkey how dare you to this much drama with me you I’ll not leave you

Sanskaar started to run in the room while Swara throw everything which comes in her hands vase pillows shoes everything just than she sees a stick at a corner Sanskaar also sees towards that direction and becomes horrified while Swara smirks

She hurridly runs towards that stick and holds it in her tiny hands and started to see Sanskaar with a smirk Sanskaar who was already tired due to her anger said

Sanskaar(Swara moves forward but Sanskaar moves backwards) : Swara shona baby my texi driver please forgive me(folds his hands) look I’m you husband and it’s not good to beat husband don’t you know husbands are God(with proud) you should worship me….and here….

Before he could complete Swara started to beat him with stick

Swara(beating him with stick) : what you said Husbands are God and I should worship you wait I’ll show you how to worship

Saying so she beats him till she becomes tired and say on bed firefly while Sanskaar was making sounds like “ahhhh” “aww”

Sanskaar(pleads with a pouts face) : Swara I’m sorry please forgive me yar but what I have done??? I really love you and I don’t wanna loose you so that’s why I did all this please sorry

Swara(angrily) : ok I get it you did all this to get me(started to cry) but….but when I told you that I love you….than….than why didn’t you tell me that you are Sanskaar….you know how much I was crying thinking that I’m going to marry someone else but you…you never cared about me….you always make me cry I’ll not live here I’m going…

Sanskaar who was sad with her talks and was feeling guilty seeing tears in her eyes becomes shocked listening to her demand he I’m.diately goes towards the room door and lock it and takes key with him Swara who was going out from room becomes more angry

Swara(emotional) : what’s this Mr Maheswari give me key I don’t wanna live with a lier

Sanskaar was now had enough of her tantrums picks her in his arms and move towards the bed and place her carefully on bed she was about to move again but he holds her firmally and said

Sanskaar(lovable tone and tries to make her understand his situation) : look Swara I now I did wrong but I really love you I’m sorry Swara please forgive I promise from now on I’ll not hurt please

Swara(smirks) ; ok I’ll forgive you but on one condition

Sanskaar(happily) : what

Swara(smirks) : I want ice cream that too now….bring ice cream for me and I will forgive you…..

Sanskaar(shocked) : what… where will I find ice cream this time oh God

Swara(smirks) : I don’t know if you want forgiveness than being ice cream or I’m leaving

Being no choice Sanskaar goes out and after about searching one hour he comes back with ice cream and gives it to Swara she started to eat like a child while eating ice cream it spread all over her face and Sanskaar’s desires were also reaching to its peak due to her pouts

Without any further delay he pulled her towards him and started to kiss her Swara who was shocked with his suden act also repond to him and that lovely kiss turns into there lovely and passionate love making soon whole room was echoing with there mourns…

After One year they blessed with two girls twin and they keep there names Kakli and Rabia

The End……

Wait how can it be end without my tribute ok I’ll tell read below…..

After 5 years

In a lounge two girls are fighting for television remote

1 girl(angrily shouting and pulling remote towards her) : give me remote I wanna watch my CID you know how much I love that serial I said give me

2 girl(shouting back and pulling remote too) : oh please Rabi you always watch these muders and suspence serials I wanna watch my Kasuti Zindagi Ki you know last night I cried so much that Anurag died I wanna watch that give me remote

Both were fighting and pulling remote towards them just than Swasan came there

Sanskaar goes towards nail I and Swara toward Rabi

Sanskaar(asks them) : why my two cute pricess are fighting tell me

Rabi(with angry pout) : dad I wanna watch CID but this kaku is not letting me watch she wanted to watch that crying serial where everyone it cries

Kakli(argues) : no my serial is good your CID is bad you always see that thriller serials I hate them…

Both again started to fight…

Swara(makes both stop there fighting) : ok ok you both stop but tell me one thing who you both watch these serials

Kakli(smiles proudly) : because I wanna becomes a writer and I will write painful love stories on TU

Rabi(giggling) : and I will write entertaining and suspencive where everyone will becomes suspeciouse….

Both Swasan slap there head

Swasan(sighs) : uffffff……

Screen fads on Swasan amused face and Rabi kaku giggling faces……!!!

The End

I first time tries something new I hope you all will like it please give you valuable comments wow now it’s boring but still I tried to add some funny flavour I hope you all will like my this funny recipie…and main ingridents of this fun are my two besties Kaku and Rabi….??????

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  1. Samaira

    Nice n kakli n rabia fight is awosome wali funny… Ha ha ha this something diffrent

    1. Rosey

      Thanks Samaira

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    Swasan were superb
    Lol kalu n rabia di
    Kya jhagad rahe ho yaar

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    Omg.. Kakali n Rabia??

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  4. Rabia

    Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa ????? roseyy rofl seriousslyyyy and i really watched cid few yrs back i think its there effect onlyy ???? i didnt get sleep from yesterday due to tnsn for tomorrow and u really make me laugh ???? awesome os and specially fight scene i think kaku is a big fan of ekta kapoor ??? thankuu soo much ???

    1. Rosey

      thank u so much Rabi

  5. Amazingggg

  6. Deeksha

    Kaku and rabia….!!!!!! Hilarious….!!!!! Awesome dear….!!!!

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  7. Awesome nd sweet storyyy…

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  8. Roseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! *push Rabia Di n sit beside u..!!
    waaaa loved it sooo much..!! Rabia Di is seriously fan of CID.. she n her twins n turns..!! Inspired by Abhijit n Daya..!! huh u made me SwaSan daughter..!! I’m blessed..!!! God bless my parents..!! I love them a lot..!! Thnk u sooo much for writing this..!! *crocodile hug..

    1. Rosey

      thank u so much kaku

  9. Mica

    what the reason she become taxi driver ????? uughhh.. i need it as investigation *kakli twin

    1. Rosey

      sorry i forgot to mention that swara wants to go on college trip but shomi refused and didn’t give her money so inorder to obtain money she thought to do job as a texi driver

    2. Arshaanya

      Hi fi…
      We mostly ask same thing

      1. Mica

        waaaa… my another twin 😀

  10. Arshaanya

    Liked it…
    Bt wat was d reason for swara yo b ataxi driver??

    1. Rosey

      i explian te reason check in comments

  11. Vyshu10

    OMG??? ROFL…..u made kaku n rabi swasan’s kids??? Rabi doesn’t deserve this but kaku ??? my revenge is completed

    1. Vyshu10

      Like d os rosey….thanks for making kaku sanky’s child.

      Kaku…..sending u to pluto on d taxi

    2. Rosey

      thanks Vyshu

  12. Rosey

    sorry i forgot to mention that swara wants to go on cllege trip but shomi refused and didn’t give her mooney so inorder to obtain money she thought to do job as a texi driver

  13. Scooby

    Superb… kakali instead of eating first time she is doing sumthng different..

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    2. Kakali

      Thalllaaaaaaaa…!! Haturire mathaat marim..!! Yeii.!! *pinch

  14. Nagamanasa

    Awesome Rosey..seriously Rabi so suits for CID only… and this kaku toh I think she really watched all the emotional serials when she was a kid..loved it dear…

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      Thank u so much Manu

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    wowwww it was awesome rosey… i just loved it ….. swara’s worshiping sanskar… hahaha lol

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    Amazing rosey??????????rabia di and kaku fighting lol??????????cute one….

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  19. Awesome… ? loved it.

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  21. hehee…!! detective stories by rabia and painful stories by kakuu…!!! LOL!!! It’s awesome…!!!

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    haha it’s different totally loving…

  23. Haha it waa just wowwww

  24. Shifa96

    Awesome..kaku and rabia di??..
    I wanted to know why she became a taxi driver but I got to know it and sry I wasn’t able to read it earlier..

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