My Girl-Swara (Episode 1)

Hi friends… I’m vaishnavi… I’m new to this website.. I wanted to write a fiction about a girl.. this is real story.

A girl…
She don’t know to say no …
Helps everyone without thinking..

She loves to be loved…to be cared but no one care for her..
She was in love no no just a attraction at teenage..with her best friend.. but he left her… her life started to be miserable but she was trying to make it like before … but her so called friend made her suffer more..

she stopped talking smiling… she was just kept crying…but she didn’t show it others bcz she wanted to be strong for outside world.. her close one’s started to backoff she was trying to be okay but she cried… at last her parents found her a match…how her life started to change after it… story is all about her..

Let me know whether I should write or not…

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  1. Ishanvi

    Continue soon dear!! Seems intresting!!

  2. Interesting

  3. Sus


  4. Kakali

    Welcome to SwaSan family Vaishnavi.! I’m so happy reading the 1st episode.! I would love to read more.! Continue soon dear.! Thnk u.. ;-*

  5. nice dear…continue soon

  6. Nice continue plzz

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