A GIRL STORY (OS) [every girl should read]


hello guys i’m back with another os

guys i’m having exams so plz pray for me i will post my 2 ffs after my exams may be next year i will post ?

before starting the os i wanna tell u all one thing this story is on my mind from many many years and this thought was disturbing be very much
and this story depends up on girls

let’s start os
a coffee shop is shown there a girl is waiting for someone from few minutes
soon a boy enters into the shop he smiles and came near the girl
boy: hello miss swara gadodia no soon u will become necessary right
girl: (strictly) sanskar i wanna talk with u
sanskar: smiles and say swara from when u started asking permission
swara: (fake smile) sanky take me to a place where no one can listen our talks
sanskar: (confusingly) but y swara we can talk here na
swara: no sanky plz take me outside where no one can listen us
sanskar: okie come saying this he took her in car and stop in a place where no one are passing it’s a road he stopped the car
so tell me what u wanna share with me

swara: smiles and took his and her mobile and switch off both the mobiles
i wanna say a story about my frnd
sanskar: about frnd and who’s is she now and u wanna share with me
swara: listen na sanky i wanna share plzzz
sanskar: acha okie tell me
swara: smiles and flashback starts

a small girl is shown playing with toys in garden happily with no tension may be she was 7yrs old
soon a man enters and smiles seeing the girl playing and went near her
girl smiles seeing him and says hello mamu
mamu: smiles and says hello doll
doll don’t u wanna eat chocolates
doll: happily yeah yeah ? give me
mamu: he gave ? to the girl and did something with her which she don’t know wt he was doing she stood silently eating chocolate
while leaving many said doll u should not say to anyone wt i did with u bcoz its and secret game no shouldn’t know okie
for this i will give u more chocolates okie na
doll: smiles and says okie mamu saying she again runned inside home to play as usual
like this again mamu came near showing ? to her same like before
now she turned to 14yrs by now she was already matured she came from school to home
her dadi asked her to come near her
dadi: shona came here
shona: smiles and went near her and ask say dadi do u need anything
dadi: no i don’t want anything i want to say something to u
come sit here saying this she make her sit beside her
dadi: shona keep this words in ur mind okie
shona don’t let anyone to touch u here and there if anyone try to do that u just come and say to me u r a girl shona only ur husband has right to touch it body okie now go to study

shona: smiles and says okie
when se was having holidays to her home her mamu family came to home to meet them
again mamu got few ? for her came to her room where only she was present
mamu: shona take ? giving this he was trying to harass her
shona: she remembered her dadi word and tries to protest her from him and ran from there crying
she was crying soon a women kept hand on her shoulder
mom: y r u crying shona
shona: she wanna tell to her mom that wt his brother tried to do with her but she can’t say to her mother bcoz she don’t wanna break relation btw them
she simply hugged her cried aloud but she was not saying the reason to anyone

(she cried loud and got to know that when she was in small also he did with me she thinking how can he do with me when i was small i even didn’t know wt is that but he can do with me like that thinking this she cried more)

mamu saw this he was a bit relief that she didn’t said anything to her mother he went inside the home has if nothing had happen
mean time a boy came and placed hand on both shona and on her mother
boy: wt happen bua y shona is crying
bua: smiles seeing him i don’t know
boy: don’t worry bua i will make her smiles
saying this he tried and alot to make her normal and finally he done
both smiling whole heartedly
soon both became frnds soon both friend ship turned into love and one few days they will marry
flashback end

sanskar: so sad of her that to how can that man do with small girl
but who is the girl swara
swara: smiles it’s me sanky
sanky : he was shocked to listen her reply
swara: it was me sanky and that man was ur father and that boy was u who made me smile and now it’s ur decision to marry me or not i just wana tell u this before marriage
sanky: was still in shock not even getting a word to say
swara: shake him ( he came to. senses) it u r wish to marry me or not now but one thing sanky plz be my frnd bcoz i can’t imagine my life without u i will die
before her complete her he hugged her very tightly he was having tears in his eyes
sanky: i’m sry shona i’m sry from my father side plz don’t say die word bcoz even i can’t live without u plz don’t. say like that

swara: (breaks the hug) that means u will marry me even after knowing the truth
sanky: shona in this wts ur fault it was my father who tried to misbehave with u i have to feel ashamed of him
but now we will start a new life where will be only u and me and our children
swara: thank u very much mr maheswari saying this she hugged him tightly
soon both went to home they got married and now sanky was staying separate from her parents bcoz he don’t to get effect her by his dad presence

_______ end______

guys i dont know how the story is but it was true every girl in india will be harassed but the thing is no one know that even i feel i was harassed bcoz i used to a dream of ? sceen but i dont know wheather it was real or its just a dream
but i wanna say one thing plz keep children safe
i want u all to take care of ur family

guys i dont know y boys no no uncles cant even think that they where harassing a small girl that to she dont know anything tey just know how to play and smiles and make other to smile

kahanni 2 movie made me to write this story

plz comment on this story hope u like it but plz don’t scold me if u ppl don’t like it just my view
okie okie bye ?

keep smiling as always

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  1. Simin

    Baccha ur thinking is amazing

  2. not everyone has the guts to write it.. but u did it.. hats off !! it is a good message to every girl.. thank u for the awareness..

  3. Rabia

    awesome dear and its not about India only it is every where boys harrass u physically mentally both when ever they got a chancee

  4. Very true

  5. Mica

    angel dear..it’s happened almost all around the world… many s*x predators lives among us ready to make children as their prey..the worst thing is more than 70 % cases happened among family or someone that close and known by the victims.
    it’s parent duty to protect their children, wish God saves us and our family.
    thank you soo much dear to bring this story, all the best for your exam.

  6. I totaaly agree to ur thinking. its a very heart touching story and its also has a msg. thanks for sharing this

  7. Deeksha

    Nice dear….

  8. Hi, ur story is not a story,but true and horrible nightmares in so many girls lives.This is a nice attempt of yours.It made me cry so many times after listening few girls harrasement stories.even one of my friend was a victim at her childhood.after listening that,i always fears being a girl,if I gave birth to a girl how can I protect her from such psychos.thanks for ur dis os

  9. Zeestum2

    It was amazing and a good lesson for everyone… ??

  10. Priyashini

    Great yaar..really a good step you forwarded to the society. This message is very much needed in the present society now..hats off!!!! Even I too felt bad many times hearing small girls harassments., but you are just bold enough to make os on this …I think it is very useful to all the girls.I hope good sun rays should arise in this issues. Take care keep smiling…

  11. Savanshi27

    Hey dear this is amongst the most dangerous or rather say most fearful topic… d little girls who merely know anything are harassed by their own relatives… this is really a curse… U have touched d most Fragile topic…
    Thanks for this update!!!!
    This was appreciable….

  12. Astra

    It is really eye opener dear. Yes, every girl has to read this..!! Some idiots take advantage of girl’s innocence. Thanks for this os

  13. Hats off…….
    Don’t know wht to say
    U know wht u r Fantastic…..
    U r storng….
    It’s nt only story it’s a Real
    view of todays world….

  14. Scooby

    I have written a sensitive issue correctly.. it was amazing idea.. and yea i dont knw y ppl bcm so mad idiot and harras girls.. realy whn i hear these stories i feel like stabbing thm and give thm worst torture like isis ppl.. my blood boils… thnkd for writing this..

    1. Scooby

      *u have written – typo in first line..

  15. I totally agree with u u give a msg to society u made this os for this some one should have guts but no one came forward but u came really hat’s off to u
    It’s appreciable

  16. Loved it…!!! Concept was good..!!! and what you said is true…!! There are cases where children got harassed by family members…and you potrayed it…!!

  17. Arshaanya

    Dis is very sensitive or dangerous issue..
    N u did full justice to it… n its d reality dis happens evrywhere..m glad u took dis topic n shared wid us… parents needs to teach children from vry small age n trust dem… tc

  18. Vyshu10

    nice msg

  19. Chinna

    Nice story A true msg to everyone

  20. SRSL

    This is much informative and valuble than all other stories….from the age of four…my mom explains everything to me…. So I had always been careful… I appreciate you sincearly for giving such a nice message..there are many kids here who are still studying in school..its very useful for them…we should always be careful because we don’t know who is our friend or foe….

  21. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Well,I am spellbound..Not only India dear,it happened almost around all the world.. Boys harass the girls both physically and mentally..It became bad nightmares for some girls..It’s parents duty to protect their children and trust them..You gave us a precious massage.. Every girl should read it.. Thank you so much for this..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  22. Sherin

    awesome…..a great concept….

  23. Mavo

    Dear this is so true it happened alot ? and the most shameful thing is that they never thought what it can do to the girl how it affects the victim ?

  24. wow dr!
    hats off 2 u! thank u soo much 4 bringing dis topic!

    rly poor small grls dnt evn knw wt hpnng with them!
    dnt knw hw cn dat blo*dy devils do 2 them!
    my blood boils when i here abt them! i rly wonna kill them after punishing them alot.

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    all the best 4 ur exam!

  25. Hats off to you…… nice

  26. Shinchan1205

    The biggest truth of life… They think that the girl is small n will never remember all this but when she grow up n gets to know all these stuffs, nightmares haunts her which she can’t even say anyone… The same chocolates which she loved the most now hate the most… The feeling that if she had known about s*x from birth then might be she could have saved herself… The feeling that its all her mistake. The chocolate’s took away her happy life pushing her to depression….

  27. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear

  28. it is so true..

  29. Mirna

    Wow dear u carried the issue very well. The way you presented loved it dear 🙂

  30. Tamil

    Hats off

  31. Simi

    Really nice

  32. a good concept
    thank u for this awareness

  33. Nice msg..all the best for your exams.

  34. JenniferAndrews

    Loved it girl

  35. Awesome dear

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