The girl he never noticed (Chapter-3)

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Naira’s Pov
It was afternoon and we all were hanging out in the canteen …Gayu Di and Vivaan were as usual fighting over a small issue while I just enjoyed my novel and coffee in the corner
“Naira hum yahaan pe tujhe cheer karne ke liye ladhe jaa rhe hain and tu hai ki yeh novel padhne mein busy hai ” Gayu Di said making a cute pout

“Di I am fine …And waise bhi Aryan ne kuch galat kahaan kaha …Sach hi toh kaha usne mein aapki tarah dress up nhi hoti na hi mujhe styling ka kuch pata hai …And aap dikhti bhi mujhse better ho and hum sabko yeh baat pata hai ” I said calmly
“Shut up Naira! … Dare u say anything about my sister…Woh bahut Sundar hai and jaisi bhi hai perfect hai and jahaan tak baat Aryan ki hai he deserved it ” Gayu Di said while I just passed her a small smile

” Di aap Aryan se friendship kyu nhi kar lete? …I know mein usse jaanti nhi hoon and pata nhi woh kaisa hai still itna toh mein jaan gyi hoon ki woh aapse dosti karna chahta hai ” I said
“Naira tu pagal ho gyi hai kya mein Aryan se dosti karoon?….Woh bhi Jo usne tujhe kaha uske baad …No way Naira! ” Gayu said sternly

“Gayu I think Naira is right …Dekho hum dono jaante hain shuru se hi Aryan ne bahut try kiya hai tumse dosti karne ke liye but har time kuch na kuch ho jata hai …I know uske tarike galat hain but iska matlab yeh toh nhi ki woh bhi galat hi ho ” Vivaan interrupted

“Exactly Di! And yaad hai Na mumma kya kehti hain …Har insaan ek jaisa ho aisa zaroori nhi …Ho sakta hai Aryan bhi aisa hi ho ” I said
Gayu Di kept thinking for a moment
“Itna kya sooch rhi ho …dosti karne ke liye keh rhe hain shaadi nhi ” Vivaan said breaking the silence
Gayu just smacked him a little and finally nodded
“Mujhe nhi pata tha ki meri behen itni badi ho gyi hai ” she said and then we three shared a trio hug
“Chalo phir chalte hain ” I said as I and Vivaan dragged Gayu Di from there

Kartik’s Pov
“Bhai yeh tere face pe kya hua hai …yeh nishaan kaise …kisi ne kuch kaha tujhse” I said as I noticed some marks on Aryan’s face

” Kuch nhi Bhai yeh toh bas aise hi chalta rehta hai ” He said trying to cover up but I knew what the reason was

“Gayatri?” I asked him while he just looked away trying to avoid me
“Hmm” he just nodded
“Why Aryan …Tujhe pata hai na she does not want to be your friend toh phir kyun ” I asked him
“Bhai you will never understand and mein toh bas dosti karna chahta hoon that’s it ” Aryan defended himself

“All girls are the same bro” I said
“Nhi saari ladkiyaan ek jaisi nhi hoti” a voice came from behind and I realised that my heartbeat for the second time in the day was back to normal after that morning incident and I turned around to find the same girl standing in front of me

Naira’s Pov
As soon as I said that Kartik turned around with Aryan coming to his side with a stern look
“I am sorry to interrupt u guys but kuch important baat karni thi toh karna padha” I said

“Aryan tumne subah Jo kuch bhi mujhe kaha usmein kuch galat nhi hai …. I know Gayu Di is much better than me and I look ugly in front of her but thodi over protective hain mere liye so ” I said while Aryan just nodded and Kartik was in shock ..He whispered something to him but I couldn’t listen it properly

“Anyways Gayu Di tumhe kuch kehna chahti hain” I said and noticed Aryan’s face brightening up….With that I moved aside and Gayu Di came there

“Hey Aryan” she said softly
“Hi” he responded back
“Umm I just want to say that I know I overreacted today but jab baat Naira ki ho toh mein bardaash nhi karti and agar tum aage bhi aisa kuch karoge toh mein phir wohi karoongi jo meine aaj kiya but abhi ussi ne mujhe yeh realise karaya hai ki tumne Jo kuch bhi kia sirf meri dosti ke liye kia and maybe tum dil ke ache ho so will u be my friend? ” She said while Aryan was in a state of shock “Forever! ” he replied and both of them shaked hands
Kartik and Vivaan clapped for them as they smiled at each other
I was happy for them and was about to leave when Aryan called from behind

“Hey Naira wait ” he said as I turned around to face him
” Thank u so much …It really means alot to me …Mein Jo itne tym se karne koshish kar rha hoon woh tumne ek din mein kar dia and I am really sorry for whatever I said ” he finished off
” It’s okay Aryan …It was my duty ….Mein tumhari dosti na hone ka reason nhi ban na chahti thi that’s it isliye yeh sab Kia and plus don’t feel bad tumne Jo kaha sach kaha ” I said giving him a small smile and went away

Kartik’s Pov
“U srsly said that to a girl! ” I whispered angrily as I got to know about the morning incident
” I am sorry Bhai ” Aryan said full of guilt as I gave him a stern look
And then finally Gayatri and Aryan became friends
What came to me as a shock was when Gayatri told that it was Naira who made her realise this despite of whatever Aryan did
Girls at her place would have killed Aryan for saying such rubbish but she did something unexpected

For the first time I actually thought about a girl and that too whom I barely knew
After knowing this I was sure that she was different from others … Though I hadn’t ever noticed her but for the first time I was doing so
Yes for the first tym I was curious to this extent and that too about a girl as they were never my cup of tea
I hope u guys enjoyed it
Plz plz support me and shower ur comments
Will update soon!
Sorry for the late
Love ya!

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