The girl he never noticed (Chapter-2)

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“All I could is say that these arms were made for holding you” ❤

Naira’s Pov
It was almost noon and I was still loitering around the college trying to discover every bit of it. As I was walking in the ground Gayu Di called from behind
“Naira!” She said as I turned around to see her
“Kahaan chali gyi thi …Mein kabse dhoondh rhi hoon tujhe” she said huffing
“Kuch nhi Di mein toh bas aise hi ” I said
” Ohh toh yeh hai tumhari behen ” someone said from behind. We both turned around to find a group of students standing there with a boy in front of them
“Not again” Gayu Di said disgustingly as she crossed her arms
That came towards us and stood in front of me
” Just go away Aryan! ” Gayu Di said looking sternly at him
“Waise I must say yeh tumhari behen lagti nhi hai …I mean just have look at her she’s so ugly ..No dressing sense at all” he said eyeing me from top to bottom
Gayu Di looked at me and saw tears forming in my eyes. We both knew the reason behind it . I tried hard to control my tears, and the next moment I heard a harsh sound and just looked up to find that Gayu Di had slapped that guy hard and he was there lying on the ground as a consequence
“Naira …Are u okay? ” Gayu Di said turning towards me, by that time the whole crowd had disappeared along with that brat Aryan

“Hmm” was the only thing that came out of my mouth at that time
“Forget it …He’s just a brat ..Iski baaton pe mat jaa” she said trying to console me
“Di …I just want to be alone ” I said in a low voice
“Arrey par….” Gayu Di tried to speak but I turned around and walked as fast as I could. I kept running , I didn’t care about the crowd out there starting at me as if I had murdered a chick. I was about to hit the ground when a pair of strong muscular arms caught hold of me . I opened my eyes to find a handsome pair of brown eyes starring down at me. He swung me up within seconds, his face was something worth watching, it had the most perfect features and had a ruthless and stern look plastered on his face. I broke our eye contact to have a glance at the crowd around us …Every girl out there had her eyes on the guy holding me
“Kartik!” someone called from behind, I turned a little to find Aryan standing there
‘Ohh so his name is Kartik’ I thought
I tried to say a thank you but he didn’t care and immediately released me and hugged Aryan
“Bro!” Aryan said as he hugged him back
Kartik turned for a second to look at me, that rude and ruthless expression still there on his face but then turned and walked away with Aryan

Kartik’s Pov
I was finally here at St. Marks, honestly I never wanted to continue my studies here in India but then I had to due to Mom’s worsening condition, nothing was important for me other than her, my second reason of being here was Aryan my childhood best friend. I stepped inside the college and looked around …a lot of students were moving here and there and every girl had her eyes on me stealing glances but they were never my cup of tea, I was here for my Mom and my best friend. I walked towards the college discovering it and then suddenly my phone buzzed. I opened it to find a msg from Mom …I glanced at the screen

” Kartik have your medicines on time …Take care ..I love you ” I finished reading it
I was diagnosed with uneven heartbeats long time back and the doctors proclaimed that there was no cure to it but Mom had a faith that I will be fine one day and I had faith in her. I took my medicine within seconds and started walking again looking for Aryan everywhere and then suddenly someone actually a girl bugged into me, I immediately caught hold of her, she had an innocent face and her eyes had pain filled in as if they were crying . I swung her up but she was so fragile that she again collided with me, I could feel her breathing hard and for the first time in so many years I felt my heart beating normally, it had never happened before , Maybe it was due to my mother’s faith …Soon I was brought out of my thoughts when Aryan called me out
“Bro!” he said . I immediately let go off the girl standing in front and ran towards him and hugged him
I realised that my heartbeats were irregular again …I broke the hug and kept my hand on my heart to feel it and immediately turned to see that girl again for a second only to find her looking at me already
‘Was it due to her ? ‘ I thought
I immediately brushed away the thought and walked away with Aryan

So here’s chapter 2 guys
I hope that it’s different from the other stories so far
So mumma’s boy Kartik is finally introduced with a lot of mysteries buried inside him
Plz do comment and tell me your thoughts
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