The girl he never noticed (Chapter-13)

Hello everyone!
Here I am with the 13th part
Kartik’s Pov

I was fast asleep when my phone rang hinting that a msg was there
I turned a little but realised that I was in Naira’s room and she was in my arms sleeping peacefully like a baby
I was mesmerised seeing her sleep in my arms peacefully
I somehow grabbed my phone and found a message from Gayu. I checked the time it was 5 in the morning
‘Why is she messaging me at 5 in the morning?’ I thought
I read the message

“Kartik I know you are with Naira right now …But please come out for a second it’s urgent”
I was a little embarrassed upon knowing the fact that Gayu knew that I was with her sister in her room
I gently laid Naira down on the bed
“Kartik don’t go” She murmured in her sleep
I smiled at her innocent sleeping face and how much she wanted me to be with her was just like a cherry on the top!
I left the room silently and came to the hall only to find all of them awake
“What’s up people?” I asked a little bit shocked on seeing them
“What’s up with you Kartik?” Vivaan and Aryan said in a teasing tone

I got them as to what they were trying to say
“Shut up” I said as they chuckled
“Guys please stop this nonsense” Gayu said as she gave me a smile
“So what’s up?” I said as I took a seat beside Aryan
“You don’t know?” Aryan and Vivaan said in unison
“How in the world would I know?” I said a bit confused

“It’s Naira’s birthday Kartik! ” Gayu finally spilled the beans

“What??..Her birthday? And that too today?” I said in utter shock
“She never told me!” I continued
“Typical Naira!” Gayu said
“She never celebrated her birthday after that incident” She continued
‘Well this girl had hell of a problems in her life!’ I thought
But if she was stubborn enough then I was no less!
I was determined to make her birthday the bestest ever …Like she had never thought before!
“Don’t worry Gayu ….She will celebrate it this year and that too with a bash …It’s gonna be the bestest ever birthday of her like she had never thought off in her wildest dreams!” I said assuring her

“Whoa! Lover boy is in full form” Aryan said while I gave him a look
“I know Kartik that you will not leave even a single chance to bring a smile on her face” Gayu said smiling
“Why wouldn’t I?..Well that’s the most precious thing for me” I said
“We all are in bro …Let’s do this!” Vivaan said as we shared a group hug
“So guys you all handle it for the day in the mean time I will do all the required preparations” I said to which they nodded
I immediately grabbed the keys of my car and headed out
“Kartik where?” All of them asked confused
“Off to make her birthday the bestest!” I said smiling widely as I waved them

Naira’s Pov

Sunlight kissed my face all over disturbing my peaceful sleep and finally waking me up
As soon as I opened my eyes I saw all of them surrounding me
Their eyes lit up with excitement seeing me awake
‘What’s so special today?’ I thought
I scrunched up a little to see all of them
“Happy birthday Naira!” They all said rather shouted and hugged me tightly
Okay I tried to remember the date today
Hell yeah it was 18th May and yes it was my birthday!
I never had celebrated my birthday in the past few years
“Thank you so much guys” I said smiling for them
“So Naira what’s the plan today?” Aryan asked
“No plans…Just a normal day for me” I said shrugging
“It was a normal day not anymore” Gayu Di said
“Di you know that I don’t celebrate it and it will just be a normal day ” I said
“Time will tell” She said
And then we cut or I should say murdered the cake with balloons and birthday songs
All of them were here including his gf but where was he?
“Di where is Kartik?” I asked out of curiosity

“Yeah he’s out for some work…He told me he would be back by the evening” She said casually
“Evening?” I said a little loud than usual grasping everyone’s attention
“Yeah” Gayu Di said
How could he?
He must not be knowing that it’s my birthday
Yeah I never told him but still. I know it’s weird but my heart only searched for his presence
It feels so incomplete when he’s not around

Naira what’s wrong with you?
I seriously don’t know I just know that I want him right here beside me now

The whole day went like this taking wishes from all the family members and relatives.
Still there was no sign of Kartik
Yeah I admit that I was missing him
Okay I was missing him alot more than usual. But why? Screw it.
It was 4 in the evening when only me and Gayu Di were alone at home and Vivaan and Aryan were out with Mishti pampering her to the fullest!

I was busy with my novel stuff when Gayu Di entered with a huge carry bag
“What’s this Di?” I asked
“Your birthday gift from my side” She said smiling
How can someone be so sweet at times well then she was my Gayu Di!
“Di it was not needed” I said as I smiled at her
“Ohh shut up Naira. Stop this formality crap and have a look, I brought this for you yesterday when we were out with Mishti” She said as she handed me the bag
It was an amazing white coloured gown beautifully studded with crystals and embroidery all over
It was like the one I used to watch in my Disney movies in childhood
Elegant, beautiful, masterpiece and what not
Hats off to Gayu Di’s choice!
“Wow Di it’s just so alluring” I said
“I know..Now go and get changed… Today I will get you ready myself from your makeup to your hairdo everything and dare you say a word” She said
“But Di..” I said
“No Naira not today please” She said as she held me by my shoulder​
“But where are we going?” I asked letting out a sigh
“You will get to know soon …..Now go and get changed fast I am waiting outside” She said as she moved outside closing the door behind
I looked at the white gown in my hands as Kartik’s words played in my mind
‘Naira promise me that you will never change yourself for any damn reason!’

‘He was always there for me in good or bad times supporting and even fighting for me
He did so much for me. No matter what the situation was I always had his shoulder to cry my heart out and his arms which consoled and secured me to the fullest
And now it’s my turn to do something for him
He had not asked for so much, but only wanted me to just be myself
And why can’t I just be myself for the sake of him?
I was ready to do anything for him even if it meant meeting my old self’ I thought as I smiled looking at the white gown in my hands
I immediately got changed into
It looked pretty on me for a change
I twirled around as I saw my reflection in the mirror
I opened the door to find Gayu Di standing there with her arms crossed
She was shocked seeing me in this attire
“Di what happened? Is it not looking that good?” I asked
“Naira you are slaying!” She said as she twirled me around in excitement

It took almost an hour for both of us to get ready
Gayu Di too wore a pretty white dress and as usual was looking gorgeous
When she was done with her styling and makeup stuff I got up to have a look
“Gayu Di is it me?” I asked as I looked at the mirror
I couldn’t believe that I could also look this pretty
“Off course it’s you beautiful!” She said as she chuckled at me
And then we left the house to I don’t know where

After exactly 15 to 20 mins of drive the car came to a stop to a weird place
There was nothing there just barren ground and not a single soul around
“Di where are we?” I said as we got out of the car
She didn’t reply rather she blind folded me and took me I don’t know where
After 10 mins of walk I was standing somewhere dumbfounded
“Gayu Di?” I shouted
No answer and that froze my blood
Where was she?
I immediately took off the blind fold only to be blinded by the horrifying darkness of some room in which I was standing
“Gayu Di where are are you?” I came again
But still no answer to my dismay
And then suddenly a pair of lights were switched on and it irritated my eyes
‘Meine jisse abhi abhi dekha hai kaun hai woh anjaani’ I saw a figure singing
Now things made sense to me!
He was none other than Vivaan
“Usse jitna dekhoon, utna soochun kya usse mein yeh keh doon” I saw another figure at my side in the dark singing

It was Aryan
And then the loud music followed in with all the lights on to my view and both of them dancing
I was so so happy seeing the the sight in front of me
It was beautifully decorated all in white with fancy lights curtains and what not
Balloons were spread across the room
It was a beautiful combination of white and pink
Extremely beautiful or may be beyond!
What catched my eyesight was the gas balloons above that too matching the theme
All of them had my pictures good or bad at the ends of their hanging string
My pictures were all there spread across the room on the walls

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAIRA’ written with party lights and a projector at the side with the floor with both of them dancing and I too joined them as they danced around me
“Meine jisse abhi abhi dekha hai kaun hai woh anjaani …Woh hai koyi kali yaan koyi kiran…Yaan hai koyi kahaani” A figure immerged from behind dancing and singing both
I turned around to find Bhai standing there
“Bhai!” I shouted as I ran in his arms
“Usse jitna dekhoon,utna soochon
Kya usse mein yeh keh doon
Pretty woman,hey pretty woman
Pretty woman dekho dekho na pretty woman
Pretty woman tum bhi kaho na pretty woman” All of them sang in unison and danced and this time Gayu Di and Mishti too joined them
Even I couldn’t even resist my feet as I danced a little with them
“Sone ka rang hai
Sheeshe ka ang hai
Jo dekhe dang hai
Hairan mein bhi hoon
Yeh kya andaaz hai
Itna kyu naaz hai
Ismein kya raaz hai mein kya kahoon” I saw none other than Kartik coming from the front door
His kept looking at me the whole time as butterflies found their home in my stomach
“Woh toh pal mein khush hai, pal mein khaffa
Badle wo rang kar gadi

Par jab bhi dekhoon roop uska
Lagti hai pyaari badi
Usne jitna dekhoon, utna soochon kya usse yeh mein keh doon
Pretty woman….” We all sang with Kartik too joining us at my side as we danced to the fullest
I have never ever thought of such a birthday even in my dreams!
It was like wishful thinking for me
These guys today made my day and trust me I was the happiest girl alive on earth at that moment
So how was the chapter?
Longest till date I know
Okay people how many of you understood the singing part?
I did my best to make you guys understand and enjoy

And how many of you dances while reading like I did
So the next two chapters will be dedicated to Naira’s birthday
Lots of kaira romance coming up
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I want more of you guys to come up and comment doesn’t matter even if it is just a single word

The more u guys will comment and share your views the more confident and motivated I will be and the better I will write
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