The girl he never noticed (Chapter-11)

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Naira’s Pov
We were all chilling out in the lawn having snacks and coffee while Mishti and her newly found bf were lost in their own world
“Trust me guys even I was not aware that Kartik has this side also” Aryan spoke looking at the duo happily playing and running around
“What do you mean?” I asked a bit confused
“He was never this good before, the Kartik I knew was rude ruthless more of like a stone” He said giving me a shock

How can this be possible??
He is such a sweet person
He is kind hearted and whenever he’s around I feel safe and secure as if nothing bad can happen
Whenever he’s close to me I get the best feeling in the world
His touch send tingles down my spine
So how can this guy be stone hearted?
Maybe he had also gone through something in the past?
Maybe he too had a story?

Whatever it was I just knew that I trusted him with all my life and it is becoming more strong day by day
The way he treats me, makes me feel special, nobody else ever did this for me and yes I do like him alot for being so real and genuine
“I am bored bf!” Mishti said making a pout and bringing me out of my thoughts
“Let’s go outside” she said after a while

“Pretty lady not right now it’s evening, we will surely go tomorrow” Kartik said calmly
“Hey wait let’s go …Don’t be sad” Aryan said as he saw her huffing around
“Come on guys! We were here to enjoy not to sit back at home” Aryan said to all of us
We all agreed and got up to get ready
I was in my room ready to leave and just then Kartik came inside
“Naira are you sure you want to go?” He asked for the tenth time
“Ohh for God’s sake Kartik please stop it …I am going!” I said irritated from him
And just then I felt a stringent pain across my head as my surroundings became blurry
“Naira!” I heard Kartik speaking as finally darkness hit my eyes

Kartik’s Pov
I saw her falling in front of my eyes holding her head
I immediately went to grab her in my arms
“Naira!” I almost yelled trying to wake her up but it was useless
I picked her up and laid her down on the bed while the others entered in the meantime
“What’s wrong? …Naira!” Gayu said after seeing her sister unconscious
I sat beside her rubbing her hands in order to wake her up
“I’ll call the doctor” Vivaan said and went to the window side

“Naira wake up!” I said continuously
And just then Vivaan came back with some news of relief

“Calm down guys it’s just an after effect of the medicine
The doctor just told me that she’ll be fine in an hour or two and there is nothing to worry about” He said as I laid my head back and relaxed a bit

Even the thought of loosing her scared the shit out of me and a few minutes ago when I saw her falling I felt as if somebody was snatching away my life from me!

“You love her so much?” Gayu said as she examined my face

“Even I also have no idea about how much I have fallen for her …Right now I just know that she makes me fall for her everyday” I said as I gave her a smile while caressing Naira’s forehead
“My sister is the luckiest to have a guy like you in her life” she said smiling wiping away her tears
“Me too” I said as I smiled looking at the eternal beauty laying down
We all left the room as we saw Mishti approaching here
We didn’t want her to know anything about Naira’s condition

“Let’s go bf” She said full of excitement as I picked her up on one of my arms
“Mishti your bf has some work to do so he’ll not be coming with us …Not a big deal we’ll all go and party” Gayu said winking at me as I took her gesture of leaving me and Naira alone
I saw Mishti’s face saddened a bit
“Pretty lady! Please don’t spoil your mood …See if you will not go now how will I plan a surprise for you?” I said as her face brightened up
“Bf your the best!” She said as she kissed me on the cheek
“And you are the bestest gf!” I said giving her a big wide smile
I made her stand as we left towards the door

“Thank you” I whispered to Gayu
“I trust you! …Take care of my sister” She whispered back as I nodded waving them off and closed the door behind
I came back to Naira’s room and sat beside her staring at her continuously
I gently ran my fingers in her wavy hair as she was sleeping peacefully
And then I just felt an urge of having a cup of coffee and so I headed towards the kitchen to make one for me
I was just stirring the liquid in the pan when I heard the doorbell ring
It rang continuously annoying me
“Coming” I said a bit loud but there was no change as the person kept on ringing it and this more faster

I opened the door annoyed with the sound only to find a stranger standing there
“I think the doorbell can be heard once easily” I said showing my annoyance but it didn’t matter to him
“I have no time for that …Tell me where is Kartik Goenka” He said clearly showing off his anger
‘But who the hell was he?’ I thought

“I am Kartik Goenka” I said sternly
“Oh so you are the one” He said fuming leaving me confused
I saw him clenching his fists and then he grabbed me by my shirt
“Who the hell are you? …And how dare you entered my house” I shouted as I pushed him
But he again came back and this time tried to punch me but I tackled him
“Speak and don’t test my patience!” I yelled at him
“Because of you my brother is in jail today!” He too yelled back and now things made sense to me

“Ohh now I get it” I said as I punched him
“You should be thankful that I did not kill him for what he did” I fumed at him
“How dare you!…You did this for a f**king girl” He fired back
His words boiled my blood
“STOP …JUST STOP AND DARE YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HER” I said as I punched him recklessly
“Your brother misbehaved with her …Tortured her and you still have the courage to come here and say shit about her” I yelled again holding him by his collar
“What’s going on here” a voice came from behind…I turned around to find Naira standing there all confused
“Naira you go inside!” I said
“Ohh so she is the reason” that man came in front of her and she looked at him confused
I immediately came in between them
“Just get the hell out of here!” I said as anger dripped from voice
“Security!!” I yelled
“You know what girl ..I have many girls like you who are willing to spread their legs for me each night” He spatted out …I saw tears brimming out of Naira’s eyes and that was it

Now I had no control on my anger
“You f**king bastard!!” I yelled as I punched the shit out of him and just then the security took him away
I turned around and found tears flowing down her eyes
“Naira” I said softly but she just ran away from there and locked herself inside her room
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