The girl he never noticed (Chapter-10)

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Naira’s Pov
The winds were blowing past me…It looked like the clouds are going to rain soon
Gayu Di, Vivaan and Aryan went to pick up Mishti so only me and Kartik were alone here
I was engrossed in a novel sitting in the balcony enjoying the weather in my way and just then Kartik came there with two cups of coffee
“Coffee?” He offered me a mug which I gladly took and gave him a smile
“So what’s up?” He asked breaking the silence
“Nothing …Just reading a novel with this amazing coffee of yours” I replied back taking a sip of coffee
It tasted really good…Just the way I like

“By the way Madam don’t tell me that you have not taken your medicines till now” He said looking at me in oblivion
I choked a little as he said those words making him sure that I have not eaten them yet

“I knew this baby girl and so I bought them here along with me. Now if you don’t want to eat them my way then be good enough and have them” He instructed me
“No please Kartik they are extremely bitter…I don’t want to have them and see I am perfectly fine” I said trying to convince but all in vain
“It’s okay then you have them my way!” He said as he got up from the chair and came towards me
“No Kartik!…..” I said as I got up and ran from there
“Naira! wait” He said as he followed me all the way
We had this Tom and Jerry game for good 10 mins
I was literally enjoying it making him run after me

It was so much fun. We ran across the table and chairs when finally I ran towards the terrace with him behind me

Kartik’s Pov
Her laughter echoed in the whole house as she ran away from me towards the terrace
I had never thought that a medicine could turn out to be so amazing!!
She laughed and laughed as she ran and I too forgot about the medicine and just ran after her laughing just living this moment with her
I kept chasing her and ended up at the terrace
She turned around in surprise “No no Kartik no …I don’t want to have them” She said in between her laughter as she took her steps back and I moved towards her
Soon she got hit by the wall behind

I was still some distance away from her when there was a loud thunder in the sky
I looked above and then the next thing I knew was that Naira came running towards me scared and hugged me tightly
I was left in utter shock but soon realised that she was scared by the thundering sounds and wrapped my arms around her
I didn’t realise when did it start to rain drenching both of us completely
I was living this moment with her …She was right there where she belonged …in my arms!
She soon broke the hug and looked up into my eyes
I still had my arms around her as she looked at me
I realised the situation as I half heartedly released her
“I am sorry” She muttered looking down
“You don’t have to be” I said to which she smiled a little

and was about to go when I held her hand
“Where do you think your going?” I asked and she gave me a confusing look
“Kartik it’s raining and we should go inside” She replied in oblivion
“Other people may go inside but Naira never goes am I right?” I asked her with a smile
“No Kartik I don’t like them!” She fired back and released her hand
I again held hand and this time pulled her back such that her back collided with me

Naira’s Pov
“No Kartik I don’t like them!” I said and released my hand from his grip
And then I was pulled hard and collided with him
He held me by my waist
My heartbeat rushed as soon as his cologne filled my nostrils
“I know that you don’t like them!” He said in between my hair
I could feel his heartbeat …I could feel his breath so close to me that I almost melted in his arms
“You love them!” He said in low voice close to my ears
A shiver ran down my spine as he said those words
Each and every cell of my body was electrified
I had closed my eyes feeling him close to me and allowed the rain to drench me completely
“Just stay here” He said again in a low voice
‘Ohh God this could be the death of me’ I thought
Just then he held both of my hands and spread my arms wide sideways
Raindrops kept falling all over me and I had shut my eyes enjoying every bit of it
For me rains were never this good before …But whenever Kartik is around everything is just perfect …The way he takes care of me …pampers me no one else ever did
I just be myself whenever I am around him
He just brings out the best version of me

And it’s only because of him that I have a hope to get my true self back again
We were back to reality when I heard a familiar sound
“Naira Di!” It came from downstairs
I just turned around to find Kartik smiling at me and then went to the edge of the terrace to see none other than Mishti standing there

“Mishti!” I said excitedly
I ran down along with Kartik and saw her standing at the door
I just ran towards her and scooped her in a hug
“It’s okay Di now please don’t kiss me” She said cutely
‘Ohh God this drama queen’ I thought as I chuckled and kissed her cheeks
“Di!” She said irritatedly while all of us laughed at her cuteness

Kartik’s Pov
We came down and saw a little girl with a small bag at her back on the door
“Naira Di ” she said
Ohh so she’s Mishti!
For a while both the sisters were busy in their own world
And then the little one gave me a glance
“Di who’s he?” She asked Naira
Naira gave me a glance
“Ohh…Mishti I told you na that we all also have a Mendak so he is that Mendak” She replied back chuckling at me

” What Di!….Mendaks are never so handsome and cute …He’s rather a prince just like I have in my TV serials” Mishti replied back
I chuckled at her as Naira made a kiddish pout
And then she came towards and gestured me cutely to come down

I bent down on my knees to match her height
“Hello …I am Mishti” She said cutely
“Hi …I am Kartik” I replied with a big wide smile pulling her cheeks
“You are very cute and handsome” she said
“Thank you pretty lady” I said
“You must be having a gf right?” She said giving me a shock
‘She’s just a kid in height’ I thought
I laughed a little as I shook my head
“So what from today onwards I will be your gf and you my bf.. Okay?” She asked
‘Ohh God she’s just like Naira’ I thought
I was so happy seeing this cute little creature standing in front of me and proposing me to be her boyfriend
“Why not gf” I said and she happily hugged me as I picked her up in my arms

I never thought that my first girlfriend will be so cute and amazing!
Both of us gave a glance to Naira who had crossed her hands and had narrowed her eyes at us
“Not fair Mishti” she said
“Gf I think your Didi is not happy” I said as I looked at my newly found cute little girlfriend

“Bf let it be …She’s jealous that I got a handsome bf like you” Mishti replied back and I laughed at both the sisters
And then she gave me a small kiss on the cheeks and smiled which I too returned back
“Let’s go bf” she said and I followed her orders as I took her inside with her sitting on one of my arms
So Kartik’s got a new gf ….And it’s none other than our own Mishtu
So it was fun writing this chapter

My favourite part was when Kartik was lost in his own world and thought ‘she was right there she belonged …in my arms!’
So guys also share your favourite parts or line with me
Things are going to be fun now
And plzz plzz plzz do comment
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