The girl he never noticed (Chapter-1)


Hello everyone…I am Ekta …I new here and a die heart kaira fan …Here’s my first write up plz do tell me how’s it ☺

Naira’s pov
A fresh new day or I should say a new start for me an opportunity for me to forget my past and all those incidents which were haunting me from past one month
It was my first day in college …Yeah my new college St. Marks …It was known for its excellent education in Mumbai and I had came all the way long from Udaipur to just be here

“Naira!!” Someone called from behind …I turned to find my Gayu Di standing there with tears of happiness in her eyes. She was already pursuing her studies here from the past one year
“Gayu Di!!” I shouted to the top of my voice being careless about the crowd there and just ran towards her to scoop her up in a bone crashing hug afterall we were meeting after a long time

“Kaisi hai tu ….I missed u alot” she said cupping my face and then again hugged me ..Yeah this was our bond we could do anything for each other and loved each other beyond infinity

“Mein theek hoon Di .. hum log apko bahut miss karte hain .. Especially mumma” I said

“Tum dono ka ho gya ho toh mein bhi mil loon ab Naira se ki nhi ” someone said from behind
I broke the hug to find Vivaan standing there ..He was Gayu Di’s best friend …Mine too but more off hers
“Vivaan!” I exclaimed as I hugged him too ….For me he was lyk a brother …

“Chalein ab …Waise bhi ab toh yeh yhi hai so Gayu tum aaram se baad mein ro Lena ..Abhi ke liye chalte hain registration karwate hain and hostel room ki keys bhi toh leni hai”

“Shut up Vivaan I was not crying woh toh bas …Tum chodho u’ll not understand…Let’s go Naira” Gayu Di said as Vivaan chuckled and then we three walked inside

This college was a place worth being …I was excited to start chapter of my lyf here

Registrations were done in an hour and soon we got the room keys as well and luckily I got a adjacent to that off Gayu Di’s
I checked inside my room …It was big enough for a single person .. beautifully set upped
I immediately kept my bags down and walked outside to discover some places out here

It was a huge campus with lots of students scattered here and there chit-chatting with each other. It felt amazing being here among them …I was somewhat sure that this new beginning in my lyf would be special enough and would be worth remembering and that too forever

So guys here’s chapter 1 …Plz do tell me hows it … Suggestions and criticism all are welcomed
Plz let me it will mean alot

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  1. Vrushy

    Nice 🙂

  2. Tvfan1

    i dont want to be rude, but why is every kaira ff now in their povs..anyway nice episode keep posting..! love it

  3. Lasyashree.10

    Hope so it’s different than the other stories… l loved it…
    my excitement level increased ya!!
    all the best…

  4. It is very nice..hope it will be different from others ff..but I loved the chapter

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