A Girl named Naina….OS

Hey guys this is my one shot story ff…I am writing a small os plzzz like it….

A young girl of 20 comes to a middled aged woman and tells that she is not getting sleep.The Woman smiles and makes her sleep on her lap.She tells her that today she will tell about a story of 2 beautiful angels.

Woman:There were two girls namely Mehgna and Naina.They both were ideal daughters.One day,Megna fell in love with a boy named Kunal.


Fb shows the moment.Meghna meets Kunal’s mum.Kunal’s mum says that if she wants to marry Kunal then he must get her younger sister married to Karan.Meghna is shocked and agrees.One week later it is shown that Meghna is getting ready in a bridal dress.Naina also comes there as a bride and smiles at Meghna.She hugs meghna and tells that she is happy to marry her love Samar.Meghna feels sorry for hiding the truth and thinks that I am doing this for ur good only as Samar is poor and will never keep u happy.

Sharda brings her daughters to the mandap.The groom have worn sehra.Their faces are not shown.They take round and Kunal and Karan puts sindoor and mangalsutra to their wives.Bidaai happens and they leave in car.They arrive at Chauhan house.Nirmala smiles and thinks she succeeded in her plan to make Naina her bahu even though by cheating.Naina arrives and asks Meghna why she brought here, says she was supposed to go to Samar’s house.Meghna tells that the weather is bad thats why.Naina and Meghna grah pravesh take place.Nirmala asks her to consider it her house and asks her to leave her hand impressions on  the wall.Naina and Meghna do so.then disperse to their rooms.Fb ends.

Girl is sad:Then what happened to Naina?.

Woman looks on and wipes her tears.

Fb starts again.Meghna is crying in her room.Kunal comes and hugs her.He asks what happened.She tells him everything how his mum blackmailed her to makr Naina marry Karan.He is shocked and angry and goes to confront Nirmala.

Nirmala:I did that so that Karan’s split personality disorder ends and I knoe that only Naina can do so.

Kunal:But doctor confirmed that nobody…

Nirmala shushes him and goes.He looks on.

Kunal comes and apologizes to Meghma for ruining Naina’s life.She gets shocked knowing about Karan’s illness and goes to inform Naina but Kunal stops her and tells that he will make them sign divorce papers soon.Meghna hugs him and they consummate their marriage…..Piya re…..plays….He removes her jewelleries and make her lie on bed.They smile and lights get switched off……

Naina smiles in her room thinking about her marriage.Karan comes out of bathroom.She turns and gets shocked seeing him in wedding kurta.She cries and asks who r u? Karan says I am ur husband(he is bad right now).She says no and runs out of the room.She collides with meghna and hugs her.Naina tells her about Karan.Meghna cries and tells her everything about her marriage.Naina is shocked and falls on her knees.

Naina:U could have asked me to marry him for ur sake I would have agreed but…without knowing him..U….

Meghna:I did not tell anyone but..Nirmala aunty told that his goons were behind u and would kill u…

Naina shouts at her to go from there and says she will return to mamma.She runs.Nirmala stops her at the door.Naina looks on and asks such a big betrayal? Nirmala smirks and shows her a video in which there is a bomb in her mum’s house.Naina is stunned.Nirmala laughs and asks her to perform her duty well in her in laws well now and goes.Naina sits and cries badly.She runs to the temple and shouts at Lord why He did such thing with her.Karan becomes normal and goes to her.He apoligizes to her for the mistake that he did.He cares for her and puts bandage on her injured feet.He asks her not to worry tomorrow he will sign the divorce papers.She smiles a bit and thanks him.They both go to room.He becomes evil again(due to his illness) and shuts the door smirking.He comes to Naina and hugs her from behind.Naina gets a bit shy and asks him to leave her.He pulls her closer.She gets shocked and remembers his illness.She says Karan.He says no not karan.I am saiyyam.She cries as he clutches her waist.He pushes her onto the bed.She looks on scared.He faints and falls on the floor.She gets afraid and continues to cry.Fb ends.

Girl:That Nirmala!! How dare she!! Then what happened Grandma.

Grandma:Well, she signed the divorce papers but when his illness came on his head he used to burnt the papers and used to torture her.Fb shows that Karan throwing things and scaring.her.She cries and pleads him to stop it.He laughs.Fb ends.

Grandma:For many months she didnt talk to her sister.Finally one day she got tired of all the tortures and made a doctor treat him.He got fine but Naina left the house and never returned back.But with time Karan continued to repent and realizing that he was not at fault, Naina returned to him and they got away from the house to live happily with each other.One day Naina got to know she was pregnant with Karan’s baby.She gave birth to a baby girl and named her Gitanjali.

The girl is shocked and says that its my name.

Grandma”‘s face is revealed and she is none other than Sharda.

Sharda says that once u were born she gave u to Meghna as she was dying…Fb shows the moment.Naina gives her baby to Meghna and breathes her last.Meghna shouts Chiku and cries.She sees Nirmala and getz angry.She takes a knife and stabs Nirmal with it.She runs away with the baby.Fb ends.Gitanjali cries and looks on.Meghna returns and calls Gitu.Gitanjali comes and cries hugging Meghna.She asks her to wait.She bring a portfolio of Naina and lights a candle near the photo.Meghna cries and smiles hugging Gitanjali.Sharda and the two pray near the photo.Naina’s smiling face is seen.Karan and Kunal come there and hug them.Swabhimaan….plays….

Hey guys this was my small OS…I just hope u all liked it….Plzz comment how it was..I preferred to make it quite a tragic one….Plzz comment guys…Love u all…plzz comment so that I can write more OS like this either about Nairan or Meghna and Kunal……

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  1. Richa19

    Wow!! So emotional…. Loved it!!! ?

  2. I want a romantic nairan os.

  3. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    So emotional…..feeling sad for naina…
    Nice os and pls Di write more os on nairan…?

  4. Pratha

    That was too good
    Keep writing
    U were fab

  5. Threemaimai

    DID is a quiet interesting personality disorder 🙂 and your OS also have an unique structure. i love it. it will be wonderful if you add more emotions and bit detailed. last paras you ran quickly like bolt 🙂
    good job

  6. I loved it. Plz keep writing. I like the story

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