A Girl named Naina….OS (Episode 3)

Hey guys I am really really happy that u r liking and appreciating my ff…I love u guys so much and yes thank u for calling me di…u have honoured me by saying that…My episode 3 I would like to dedicate it to a close friend of mine, Shayneez….even she is a silent reader of my ff just like many of u….This episode is for her only and ofc for all of u also….

A baby girl of 2 months is seen crying in the middle of the night.Karan comes and takes care of the baby and she continues to cry.He looks at a pic with garland on it and says I miss U in this tough time Ahana….

Its morning,Karan takes the baby and goes to the market to buy something.He leaves the baby in the car and locks it and goes.The baby suddenly starts crying.Naina passes by there in her bike smiling.She hears the baby crying and looks on.She tries to open the door of the car but in vain.She gets worried and sees a hammer there.She breaks the glass and takes the baby out.She plays with it and makes her calm down.Karan comes and looks on.Naina keeps the baby and goes to him.

Naina:R u the father of this child?

Karan:Yes why?

Naina:U locked the baby in the car! If she would have suffocated then? She was crying bitterly and there was no one to take care of her! If u cant handle a baby then why do u make them come into this world?

She goes.He looks on stunned and thinks even Ahana didnt scold me ever like this and thinks why I kept quiet?A man tells Naina about Karan’s wife dead.She comes to him and apologizes profusely and tells that she didnt know.He says its ok.They smile.

Its night,The baby again starts to cry.Karan brings it outside the house.Naina passes by there again and hears the baby crying.She comes to him.He is surprised seeing her.She signs can I? He gives her the child.She takes care of it and it stops crying.Karan is surprised and looks on.She gives it back to him and smiles.She turns to go and he holds her hand to stop her.She feels something and wonders why she is feeling so. She looks at him.He leaves her hand and says sorry. He asks her to come inside.She goes inside and meets his family.Nirmala sees her playing with the baby and asks her to become her babysitter just for few days as only she wil be able to make her quiet.She looks at Karan who nods.She smiles and says ok.Karan brings her to a room and says u can stay here.She thanks him.He goes.

In the middle of the night,Naina wakes bu the child’s crying and rushes to Karan’s room.She breakopen thr door and takes care of the little child.Karan wakes up and is surprised seeing her love and care for his child.

Naina:Maybe u would be thinking why I am feeling attached to her.But I myself dont know why but….she seems to be a loved one of mine.I am sorry if I disturbed ur sleep.

She takes the baby and goes.Karan is emotional and looks on.Nirmala watches everything.Naina sleeps with the baby.Suddenly one thief come and tries to take the baby.She shouts and asks him to leave the baby.Karan and family come there and try to open the door but it is locked.Naina keeps the baby and angrily looks at the thief.She says how dare u to touch my child.She beats the man.The man pushes her and tries to run but she holds his leg and beats him agaim.He finally escapes.She opens the door and Karan and Nirmala come.Karan asks her if she is fine and gets worried seeing her forehead bleeding.Nirmala thanks her for saving the baby’s life.She says it

After 1 month, Naina is seen taking care of the baby.Nirmala starts to like her and wants to make her the wife of Karan.One day,They decide to keep its Naamkaran.Nirmala gives Naina a dress and asks her to wear it in the party tonight.Naina wears dress and its a red saree which is backless.She puts her hair on one side and looks gorgeous.She comes out and Karan is mesmerized bye her.She stands near him and smiles.The naming ceremony starts.Nirmala suggests some names but the Priest says its not good enough for this girl.Karan also mentions some but the priest discards them all.Naina asks what about Naira.Priest says its the most aupicious name for this child.Everyone smile and name her Naira.Karan look at Naina and smiles.She smiles back.The party starts and Nirmala takes the baby from her and asks her to go and dance.She dances with Karan hesitantly.

Naina:If u dont mind can I ask u sonething?

Karan nods.

Naina:How Ahana died?

Karan:She gave birth to Naira and died.

Naina looks at him.

Karan:What happened?

Naina:I felt good hearing u saying Naira.

They smiles.They continue to dance and she turns and her sleeve gets torn She gets tensed.He pulls her pallu and covers her shoulder with it.She looks at him and they have an eyelock.Music plays….She cries being emotional and goes.Nirmala looks on and gets happy.She thanks Lord for sending someone in Karan’s life.Karan goes to Naina after the party.

Naina:Karan today u proved that u r not like others.Thank u for saving my respect today.

Karan:I would have done it for any girl…so its ok.

They smile and disperse.

Its morning,Naina gets ready in a white salwar kameez.She comes out and Karan throws holi on her.She gets surprised and looks on.He shouts happu holi.She laughs and runs behind him.Nirmala looks on and blesses them.The holi party starts.Naina dances on balam pichkari…Alongwith Karan.They fall in the coloured water and are closed to each other.They have another eyelock.

Naina thinks:Why am I getting attached to him?

Karan thinks:Why is she looking more and more beautiful day by day?

Naina excuses herself and drinks bhaang by mistake.She gets drunk and sees Karan going inside the house.She goes to him and sees him talking to Nirmala.She throws holi on him and shouts Happy holi Karan!! Nirmala and looks on.She acts childish and talk to Karan sweetly.



Naina:Shall I tell u a secret? Shhh dont tell anyone.

Karan:He asks what?

She holds him and gets close to him.She gets near to his ears and shouts I love u Karan!!! She then laughs and says I am sooo stupid…She cries and says I loved u even when I know u cant be mine…She then laughs again and faints.Nirmala looks at Karan.Karan is super shocked.Tu hi pyaar tu hi tabahi plays…..

Later Naina wakes up and realizes what she said to Karan.She thinks to apologize to him.She gets up from bed and Nirmala comes there.

Nirmala:R u going to apologize to Karan?

Naina nods 

Nirmala:For what? For saying the truth?

Nirmala:Aunty I am sorry…

Nirmala smiles and cups her face.

Nirmala gives her a bangle and asks her to accept it if wants to become her daughter in law.Naina tries to talk but she goes.Naina tensedly looks at the bangle.

Karan comes to Naina.He sees her taking care of the baby.She sees him and gives him the child.

Naina:Take ur amanat(treasure) karan.And I am sorry for all the trouble that I caused u…The baby is fine now and she doesnt need me.So I am returning back to my house today itself.She gives him thebracelet which Nirmala gave her and asks her to tell Nirmala that she will miss him.She goes but his bracelet gets stuck in her duppatta.She turns and frees it.She turns and cries.He also gets sad.She goes.

Naina comes downstairs with her bag.She takes Blessings from Nirmala and dadaji.Nirmala cries and hugs her.She asks her not to go.Naina smiles and says she had to go someday naa and that day has come.She takes her bag and turns to go.She hears Naira crying and stops at the door.She runs to karan who was holding Naira and takes her in her lap.She takes care of her and makes her quiet.She sings a lori.Everyone get emotional.Naina cries and kisses the baby on the forehead.

Naina:I will miss u Naira.

She turns.Naira holds her dupatta by her small fingers.She gets surprised.She takes it off her hand and continues to cry.She takes her bag and again begins to go.Karan recalls all their moments and then Ahana comes to him and makes him realize that he loves Naina.Ahana then disappears.He sees Ahana in Naina.He stops her by holding her hand.She turns and looks at him.He cries and asks her not to go 

Naina:By what right shall I stay Karan? My duty is over now.

Karan:Stay here all ur life as my wife!

Naina is stunned and asks what did u day.He bends on his knees and proposes to her.She cries happily and hugs him.They all get happy and smile.She says u r late in taking good decison.They laugh.

After one week…Naina and Karan are getting married.They exchange garland and take pheras.Karan and Naina repeat the vows themselves.He then makes her wear mangalsutra.He fills her forehead with sindoor.She closes her eyes and smiles with tears in her eyes.They take Nirmala’s blessings.She takes Naira in her lap and smile looking at each other.

Happy ending….

Hey guys I hope u like this one also…Plzzz comment how it was so that I can continue to write….thank u..love u all…

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