A Girl named Naina….OS (Episode 2)

Heyyy I am back with another os….I thought to write about Nairan only as I just adore them!!???…They are too cute together….Anyways lets not talk about this right now…My name is Heera…And thank u for ur comments..I am really happy that u r liking it..lets start!!

A girl dressed in a blue blouse and black pants enters a college.Some boys tease her.She gets angry.Karan passes by and gets mesmerized by her beauty.She slaps the boys and scolds them for teasing a girl like this.She tries to beat them but her friends take her away.They goon(A boy) looks on angrily and says she doesnt know who I am…then says I must make her realize that.Karan hears that and thinks to protect Naina(he secretly loves her).Its evening, the college is about to get shut.Naina comes out of thw college and forgets her umbrella inside.Zhe goes to bring it and meanwhile The boy named Sahil smirks seeing her getting in.He comes to Naina who was in the library and shuts the door.She turns and doesnt see anyone.Lights start flickering and she gets scared.Sahil comes infront of her and laughs.She gets shocked seeing him and tries to go but he grabs her hand and pulls her closer to him.

Sahil:U r more beautiful when angry.

She struggles to free her hands.Karan comes to the college and thinks why Sahil went inside at this hour.He goes inside and hears a noise in the library.He gets shocked seeing Sahil trying to force Naina.He tries to break the door.Naina cries and shouts.He finally breaks the door and goes to beat Sahil but gets stunned seeing Naina beating him.She fights in a karate style.He smiles and is mesmerized again by her beauty.Sahil faints.She sees Karan and runs to him.She hugs him.Music plays….Karan is shocked.Naina composes herself.

Karan:I heard some noise and thought u were in trouble but..


Karan:but looks like Kung Fu master’s soul came in u.

She laughs and says we have to learn to defeat these monsters.He offers to drop her home.They travel in his car and upon arriving..

Naina:Whats ur name?

Karan:Karan and urs?


She goes.karan smiles and says Naina.She turns and asks did u say something.He nods in a no.She smiles and goes.

One week later they start hanging out and become best friends.On farewell party.Naina comes there dressed in a beautiful black gown which was gifted by Karan.He smiles seeing her.They all wear mask and dance.Naina dances with Karan.He complinents her.She asks if it is a complinent or flirting.He smiles and says both.They dance with others but keep looking at each other.Love starts to blossom between them.They then dance on a paper and come close.Music plays….They win the round and claps.After the party Naina thinks to confess her love to Karan.Her friend asks her to go ahead.She says but dont know if he loves her or not.He also thinks same.She comes to him.

Naina:I have to say something to u…

Karan:I have to say sonething to u..

They both smile as they say it at the same time.She asks him to say it first.He says I love…She smiles.A girl Samara comes and hugs Karan.Naina looks on.She pulls him aside and tells him something.He is shocked and looks at Naina teary eyed.He comes to her and proposes to Samara infront of her.Naina cries and looks on.She gets shocked and runs from there.

Rain starts.Baarish song…plays…She bumps into Sahil and looks on.He pulls her in his car and brings her to a stable.He pushes her into the grass.She shouts whats this misbehaviour and asks did he forget what she did to him last time.He smiles and says he likes this attitude of hers.He comes to her and says today she wont be able to do anything but to marry him.She laughs it off.He tells her that he kidnapped her sister Meghna and makes her hear Meghna’s shouting.Naina is shocked and shouts Di,!She asks him not to do anything and says she will marry him.He smirks.

After one week, Naina is getting ready as a bride.She sees Samara there and is shocked(a venue).She goes to her and asks how is she here.Samara tells that Sahil and Karan’s mum booked this hall for sahil and Karan to marry together as their mums are best friends.She asks Naina to make her get ready.Naina makes her ready and cries thinking why Destiny made her saw this day.Samara smiles and goes from there.Naina cries badly and tries to escape but Sahil pulls her downstairs and asks her to wait as after one 1 hour the marriage will start.She sits there and cries silently.Karan comes and gets sad seeing her.He feels sorry for her and rememebers Samara saying that Karan’s mum said if Karam doesnt marry Samara then she will commit suicide and fb shows the moment where he refused to marry and she attempted suicide.Fb ends.Karan cries and goes to Naina.She looks at him.Main phir bhi tumko chahounga…plays….She turns and asks him not to make her weak..then says to go from there.He forwards her hand and gives her payal.She sees it and remembers she had lost it when she first met Karan.She cries and hugs it.Karan leaves.

Sahil comes and smiles at Naina.Samara and Karan also sit in the mandap.Naina gets a message from Meghna that she is fine and was not kidnapped says The goons made her say all that on gunpoint.She gets angry and looks at Sahil.He grabs her hand and whispers even if she leaves him..she wont get Karan as he is going to get married and even if he leaves Samara then Samara’s life will be ruined.Naina sadly looks at Karan and hopes he does not takes any step.Karan looks on and thinks why Sahil held Naina’s hand this way and thinks why she agreed to marry him at first.He thinks and realizes is it because of me or Samara?…

Karan:She would be thinking that Samara’s life would be ruined…

The marriage starts and Karan thinks about his mother and is in dilemma.Samara holds his hand and smirks thinking how she fooled him into marrying him.The two couple take pheras.Pandit asks them to make their wives wear mangalsutra and sindoor.Sahil takes it.Karan is hesitant.He is about to put sindoor in Samara’s forehead but stops.He gets up and stops Sahil’s hand who was about to put sindoor on Naina’s forehead.While holding the hand..Karan’s sindoor in his hand gets on Naina’s forehead.Mangalam plays…Naina is still crying and looks on cluless.Karan pushes Sahil and he bumps into a wall and gets injured and faints Samara Shouts at Karan and asks him to come back.He looks at Naina.He turns and slaps Samara and asks her to stop this nonsense.Samara is shocked.Naina is also shocked.

Naina:R u mad!! She is ur would be wife and u….

Karan:Not she, u r going to be my wife now.

Naina:Never! U have no right to do this..u have hit my would be husband.

She turns to go to Sahil but he holds ger hand pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.He takes her in his arms.Naina and everyone is shocked.Naina shouts leave me and asks Nirmala to explain her son.She smiles and says first time her son did the right thing by choosing u as his life partner and asks Karan to go ahead and she will handle Samara and Sahil.She pushes Sahil and his family and holds Samara’s hand to stop her.Naina is shocked while Karan smiles.He starts taking pheras with her and pandits recite the mantras.She asks him to stop.He puts her down and makes her wear mangalsutra.She stops him from putting sindoor but he holds her hand and puts it.She shouts what u did.He says u still love me still….Naina sadly looks at Samara and leaves angrily from there.Nirmala gives him farmhouse keys and asks him to enjoy.He hugs her and goes.Nirmala looks at Samara and says I will fix u right.

Karan brings Naina to the farmhouse.Naina says she will not come inside.He asks why because I ruined Samara’s life? She looks on.He lifts her and takes her inside the house.He brings her to bedroom and puts on the bed.She gets up and asks him not to come near her as she doesnr want to talk to him.He pins her to the wall and asks why.

Naina:U did not do right by leaving Samara in the mandap and marrying me.

Karan:Samara is the real culprit and she isnt that innocent ok.

Naina shushes him and goes.He holds her and kisses her neck.He removes her jewellery.She closes her eyes.She pushes him and tries to go but he again pulls her closer and they fall on the bed together.They have an eyelock.Musi plays….

Karan:U sure u dont love me?


He asks her not to avoid eye contact.She gets teary eyed and looks at him.She scolds him a lot and then cries badly.He smiles and hugs her.She also hugs him and smiles.He asks happy now.She nods and laughs as he tickles her.He gets closer to her and they get close….Music plays…She pulls her ghungat and laughs.She gets out of bed.He runs after her to catch her.She laughs and asks him not to come near.She goes to the kitchen and throws water on him.He smiles and takes a bottle She says on.She stops by the wall.He slowly pours water on her and kisses her hand.She gets shy and runs to the room.She opens the shower and pushes him under it.He pulls her closer and they both get drenched while the song baarish…plays…She smiles and hugs him.He lifts her and takes her to bed.They get close…..

Happy ending!! Hey guys hope u liked it…plzz comment how it was dear…If u like it I will continue to write it…Plzz All Nairan fans plzz comment….

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