The Girl Named Feriha (Episode 5)

a thousand pardons as i was unable to post the episodes regularly. here is the next part of my ff.

episode 5:
feriha’s aparment:
they return from the hospital. feriha rushes to her room and closes the door from inside. zehra looks at her wierdly and at last decided to knock the door. as she knocks the door she finds it open and feriha sitting on her bed and writing something in her notebook.
zehra: wht r u doing feriha??? it is too late plzz go off to sleep…..
feriha without looking up from her notebook: i have an assignment mom… i will go off to sleep as soon as i finish it… u plzzz don’t worry and go to sleep…. btw is dad home????
zehra peeps out of the room and sees her room’s lights on: yes seems to… y u need his help???
feriha: yes actually i need to leave tomorrow a little early… so if he could drop me….
zehra: ok i will talk to him… ok u continue…. gud night….
feriha: gud night mom….
zehra leaves the room and shut the door from behind. just then feriha’s phone rings. feriha gets distracted and cuts the call. the phone rings again. she again cuts the call. but when it rings the third time, she gets irritated and picks it. it is sanem.
sanem: wht is wrong with u feriha???? y were u not taking my call???
feriha: aaa…. actually i was a little busy….. tell me wht it is????
sanem: tomorrow’s assignment is cancelled…. u can report at the usual time….
feriha: ok…. thanks gud night….
sanem: gud night….

sanem’s apartment:
sanem keeps the call and turns. there hande was standing there behing her.
sanem: ur work is done….
hande: gud… very gud….
sanem: now u do ur work… give me those pictures….
hande looks a number of pics and returns them back to sanem. the pictures were of her and feriha’s brother mehmet. sanem and metmet were colse friends a long time back and they took those pics then and hande got a hand on them and blackmailed sanem to tell about these to her parents if she does not tell feriha that the assignment is cancelled.
sanem looks at hande with anger: u r so cheap hande i can’t even imagine… for u my friend is going to miss the most important assignment for tomorrow….
hande: don’t try to act smart and tell her all the truth as soon as i leave ur house as i have taken the photographs of all the pics while u were talking…. a single mistake u make and it is all lost for u… ok… bye… hande leaves from there while sanem keeps looking at her.
sanem: i am really sorry feriha… plzz forgive me…

nexty morning:
feriha’s apartment:
feriha gets up early and gets ready for her college. zehra sees her getting ready and goes to her room.
zehra starts putting the blankets properly: u told the assignment is cancelled today… then….
feriha: i need to go to the library to collect a few books….
zehra: ok… i see… have breakfast and then go….
feriha: no need mom…i will have it in the canteen….
zehra: r u sure….????
feriha goes out from hre room: yes mom… ok mom bye….
zehra kisses her forehead; bys feriha… take care….
feriha kisses zehra’s cheek and leaves. zehra sees her going and turns and locks the door from inside.

riza was cleaning the frot of the apartment as it was a part of his job. he sees feriha coming out of the main gate.
riza: wht r doing here????
feriha: need to go to the college early for the library…
riza: ok… come i will drop u…
feriha: no need i will go by the bus…. ok dad bye….
riza: bye…. feriha leaves and goes towards the bus-stop.

hope u guyz liked this part. plzzz do comment.

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  1. it’s nice ……………… but it’s too short ……….. and nxt time pls give some emir and feriha ‘s scenes ………….. keep doing good work ………. luv ya ………….tc

  2. Sweetie

    Nice one dear.. 🙂 What’s gonna happen next??Waiting for the next.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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