The Girl Named Feriha (Episode 3)


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Episode 3
Cansu’s house:

Cansu’s teacher arrives in her house and gets inside her room. Zehra finishes her work in the house and is about to leave when she hears a loud sound coming from Cansu’s room.
Zehra goes and knocks the door: Cansu… r u alright… the door opens and she gets inside. She is shocked at what she finds inside. She finds Cansu lying unconscious on the floor and her teacher standing beside her startled. Zehra rushes to Cansu and takes in her lap. Her teacher sits beside her.
Teacher: she collapsed after a certain… she was all well a few moments back… I think we need rush her to the hospital….
Zehra tensedly: yes… I will call the ambulance.. she rushes to call the ambulance.

Feriha’s college:

The class ends and the students start leaving. Feriha gets up from her seat at the last while Emir follows her. Feriha turns and finds Emir just behind her.
Feriha: look Emir… I am not telling that I will not be ur friend but… u see I don’t like people roaming around the time trying to persuade me…. I hope I am clear…
Emir: but Feriha u r not listening to me… I just want to make a proper friendship with u… that’s all…
Feriha fine then… her phone rings. It is Zehra…… hlo mom… wht??? But how…
Zehra: plzzz Feriha come fast… I am very scared…
Feriha: yes mom I am coming. She leaves immediate while Emir sees her leaving. Suddenly a girl comes and hugs Emir from behind. Emir turns.
Emir: wht r u doing Hande…??? This is a college.
Hande: Emir… u hardly talk to me these days wht’s the matter…
Emir: the college started just today and u r saying that I have not talked to u for a long time…
Hande: ok leave all these… come to my house today…
Emir: no I need to go home… Aysun (Emir’s step brother) is all alone…
Hande: ok… bye…
Emir: byee.. he leaves from there.
Hande: Emir… i will not allow u to be with some one else. She leaves.

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