The Girl Named Feriha (Episode 2)

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Episode 2
Zehra goes to a door and rings the doorbell. A lady opens the door.
Lady: hlo Zehra… Zehra smiles and enters the house.
Zehra: hlo Mrs. Lara… how r u this morning…
Lara: I am fine… thanks for coming early… I am going to leave early today… can I plzzz look after Cansu…
Zehra: of course Mrs. Lara.. that is a part os my job… Lara smiles and puts her hand on Zehra’s shoulder.
Lara: thanks Zehra…. Zehra smiles and goes to the kitchen.
A girl of about 18 yrs come to kitchen and goes towards the freeze.
Girl: good morning Zehra aunty… Zehra turns and smiles.
Zehra: good morning Cansu… Cansu drinks water and puts the bottle back into the freeze…. Cansu… it is very cold outside… u should not drink cold water in this season darling…
Cansu: ok aunty…btw how is Feriha and how her college days are going…
Zehra: today is her first day… hope it will pass smoothly…
Cansu: of course… ask her to come and meet me in the evening. Lara comes to kitchen and picks her tiffin.
Lara: Cansu… ur tutor is going to come in half and hour so go and make preparations.
Cansu: is she some sort of a guest that I need to make preparations… Lara looks at the girl sternly and walks away.
Zehra: Cansu… u shud not talk to ur mom like that…
Cansu: she is not my mom…. She is just my father’s second wife… that’s all. She leaves angrily and locks the door from inside.
Zehra lets out a sigh: this girl I have to talk to her and make her understand…

Feriha’s college:
Feriha enters through the college gate. Her heart was beating faster than ever. A hand comes from behind and lands on her shoulder. Feriha turns and smiles.
Feriha: Sanem… hii how r u???
Sanem is Feriha’s childhood friend and they r going to read in the same college.
Sanem: I’m fine… congrats for such a big chance in the college. She hugs Feriha and Feriha hugs her back.
Feriha: thank u…
Sanem: let’s go in. Feriha nods and they go inside the college premises.
The scene inside the college is extremely new for Feriha. She holds Sanem’s hand firmly who smiles looking at her friend’s nervousness.
Sanem: relax Feriha… it is a college… not any haunted house that u need to panic so much. Feriha nods and loosens her grip. They then move to a big class filled with students gossiping among themselves. Sanem leaves Feriha’s hand and goes to chat with her friends. Feriha starts to panic at that very moment.
R u new here???? came a question from behind. Feriha turns and finds a boy just behind her. She nods. The boy forwards his hand for a hand shake.
Boy: hii I am Emir… Feriha thinking for a while and then forward her hand to accept the offer for the handshake.
Feriha: hlo I am Feriha… they both shake hands and part out.
Emir: nice to meet u Feriha… plzzz u need not have to get nervous at all… this is a normal college but u might some abnormal students as well. Feriha smiles a little at the small joke that Emir had crack to lighten the situation for Feriha.
Emir: oh…wow…
Feriha looks at him straight into his eyes: wht??? Is anything wrong???
Emir: no… I was talking about ur smile… u hav such a beautiful smile… u look good with it. Feriha smiles and looks down.
Feriha: thank u Emir…
Sanem comes there just then. Emir shakes hand with her. Feriha look at them talking to each other.
Sanem turns to Feriha: Feriha this is Emir, the richest man of the college. Feriha was taken back. She was not allowed to make friendship with any rich guy. She smiles weakly and sits on the first seat. Sanem sits next to her while Emir sits just behind her.
Emir: is my being a rich guy bothering u Feriha??? Feriha turns.
Feriha: I belong from a poor family Emir…I am not allowed to make rich friends so it is better that our friendship remain limited within the four walls of this classroom… and thanks for considering me ur friend. Before Emir could reply to Feriha the teacher enters the class and the class begins.

Cansu’s house:
Zehra is still working in the house when the doorbell rings and she goes and opens it. It is Cansu’s tutor. She enters the house and goes straight towards Cansu’s room and locks the door from inside.
Zehra: she is late… why can’t these people be punctual… I have to leave for anther work. She shakes her head and goes to continue with her work.

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