You girl your mine (RAGLAK)


The shine brightly in sky and we see Gadodiya house in baadi.
Suddenly we hear a big shout – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Everyone came out of their room
Shomi – ab kya Hua use
A girl wearing wrong side of jeans come down stairs running – her hairs are tangled
She came running and falls at last stairs – ouch she said but stand up – Maa Mei late hu 1st year of college MA
Shomi – magar abhi 7 base Hai
Ragini – 8:30 ho Rhe Hai aap kaha ho
Shomi – ghar Mei magar tu toh ud Rhi Hai
She sees the time – oh mughe thoda……. Hehe……. Anyway baal kaad do na
Shomi angry – pehle apna aap ko dekh aur yeh ulti jeans kyu daal Hai esse Jane ki soch Rhi Hai kya pagal ladki ja pehle change Kar phir KUCCH karenge
Ragini bites her rounded – abhi aai she goes away saying that

She came down in yellow top and black jeans with eyeliner and pink lipbam and a little power
Shomi sees her – chali ab saj to-go magar baal in ka kya once dhona padega phir sulghenge

Ragini – I have solution
She takes and comb and do a little hairing and then take a rubber band and take he hair at one side of shoulder and make a lose ponytail
Shomi – yeh kya Hai
Ragini – aaj Kal ke batcho ka style
Both smiles

Ragini eats t he food and goes to college while Shomi smiles at her from the back
Ragini checks the time and it’s 8:15 – oh no nahane Mei jaeda time lag gya lagta Hai damn it

She enters the bus and come to college – pehla din pehli shuruwat
She take a deep breath and enter the school. She sees some senior ragging a girl – she goes to them – kya jo rha Hai yaha
The girl was scared while senior also make fun of her and then go away
Lady – thanks
Ragini – not to mention
Girl – hii I am swara
Ragini – great I am ragini

Suddenly the bell rang swara ran off
Ragini – now I have no one to help me ho to the class so stupid of me to think I will make friends god

She start to walk when the she saw water board sign she was so tensed that she didn’t notice and was about to slip when a hand cake from her back and she got saved

Ragini turned – thanks alot
Laksh.ragini – hii r u new?
Ragini – yeah
Laksh.ragini – I am senior 2 year
Ragini – pls don’t rag with me
Laksh.ragini – I hate ragging
Ragini – how do u know my name
Laksh.ragini – well what is that I’d is for
Ragini cut her tounge – yeah kk bye


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