My girl is a liar (IKRS) Intro

Hi friends this is sri (kaviya), you all want to me to write another fan fiction so I’m come back with bang. Yes I decide to write another fan fiction. I’m back with another new love story of viplav and dhaani, title is my girl is a liar. As usual this is different concept, no widow concept. So let’s see viplav and dhaani in new track. Guys I think, again I start to troubling you please endure it.

Viplav ; grandson of dhasharath tripathi finished his studies and enjoying his bachelor with his friends raj and punkaj in Mumbai. He is naughty, caring, loving. But you can feel the different viplav when you reading.

Dhaani ; a native of Mumbai, dhaani lives with her father ( ashok kumar) you can see their lovely dad and daughter relationship here. She loves her dad very much. Dhaani has become particularly skilled at lying, every time her lying is discover by viplav but sometimes he also tricked by her lies. She is typical spunky, financial struggling heroine, she and her father leads a below average life but she is happy as long as with her dad. You can see the different dhaani also.
Piya ; dhaani’s biological sister, ashok kumar’s elder daughter. You can think real IKRS piya or someone better than her, like well dhaani face cut.
Raj lakshmi; she is friend of dhaani she don’t have much role in my girl is a liar, but her younger brother ( tharun) has do a beautiful role with our dhaani.
Viplav family ; dada ji, dadi, kanak, shambu, shalu were like a real ikrs but all are good people. They live in banaras. They come to one or two episodes only.

New characters:
Keerthi; from childhood grown up with our viplav, calm and loving girl, well understanding a viplav more than him, she loves him from their childhood but our viplav think her as a good friend and one of his family member. Now she is studying in aboard on the way to Mumbai.
Tharun ; rajlakshmi younger brother, fully grown up with dhaani, caring loving, younger brother figure to our dhaani. he knows all scary side of dhaani.
Maya ; doing doctor role, well known about dhaani’s health. Good doctor and person who love her job very much and never give up on her patient. Try hard to protect her patient.
Villan ; very good news no villans, fate is the big villans in their life.
I have to say some intro about my story, dhaani is a dying patient after read this line you guys are mad at me and ask me what? with angry face na. But don’t shock, it’s just imagination story na so please take easily just like that. She give up on her life but she want to live her remaining life happy as much she can.

Dhaani and her father try hard to live their life because of lacking of money. Some problems are take place… middle her life is shaking…. But our dhaani has a skilled liar, (frankly says her character “lying”, were I just steal from my favorite drama so guys don’t call me a copy cat, but story is totally different) so she used her talent and tries to overcome her struggle. For her dad happiness hiding some truth and show smiles in her face. She carries out this character till the end.

In middle she meets viplav, who enjoying his life as a bachelor man, after that some changes are happening and both were falls for each other but fate play big role in their life….at last viplav find out about dhaani health or not? He able saves her or not? This is a story. Over all I tell about full story. I try to cover in all aspect, love, comedy, pain, sisters’ relationship, brother and sister relationship, dad and daughter relationship. I hope you guys are like it. If you like it please leaves your lovely comments here. Don’t be silent readers, silent readers also have rights to do comment. (LOL) Please give your full support guys Thank you!
episode 1 will be publish day after tomorrow (10.3.2016), if it’s ready as much fast it will be publish tomorrow evening (9.3.2016).

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  1. Oh wow kaviya the awesome Nd innovative writer is back, I m excited for this off storyline seems to be super interesting can’t wait for a new aspect of IKRS

  2. wow! so interesting plz published ASAP 🙂

  3. Nice… new and innovative…… all the best

  4. you’re back with a bang yarr…amazing

  5. are wah …kaviya di is back with an another innovative and different concept …title is eye catching …cover photo awesome …

    I know that I am praising a lot but you deserve …last time “my princess” totally awesome it was …now this …keep it up 🙂

    1. Thank u AM keep reading. God bless you my dear.??

  6. Oh thank u very much joyee, nima, ahana,sujie. I thought tellyupdates reject my ff because I posted yesterday i wait long time for my ff at latst night but i don’t know when they posted thank u tellyupdates. I will post soon as possible friends keep reading and support me.??

  7. Hey Kaavya…nice to see you again…just love it… Continue….Waiting for the next episode..All the best….

  8. And moreover,How are you…? kaavya

    1. I am fine jonah what about you. I am really miss your comments and waiting for your comment I saw your last comment at my princess but that page gone back so I didn’t reply here if you see or not. I don’t think I will create twitter account, let’s friend in fb? what do you say. I searched your account by your full name. your profile picture two small girl sat in bike correct or not if it is correct I will sent you friend request .?

      1. Yeah..that’s my account…And by the way,i am fine….And I really missed your posts…And now,I am waiting….

    2. Then I will sent you friend request Jonah. I am also waiting for your lovely comment. today evening I update epi-1 so wait for little bit more. Catch u evening…..?

  9. oh WOW our Writer Kaviya is back 🙂 I know you again came up with up a awesome story just like previous one.

    All the best Dear 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinny keep reading and keep comment. ?

  10. Wow kaviya u r back not just with a bang but with a big bang..but the story is scary!!!! Dhani is going to die???? I hope for the best..u carry on & unveil the suspense… Thank u!!

    1. Thank you rajee. For knowing that you have to read till the end. Keep reading.?

  11. Kaviya the intro is so interesting!!! I just cant wait for the first episode. Very nice. By the way how many episodes will this ff include??

    1. Thank u Louella I will try to finish around 20 episodes but may it be increase or decrease depend upon story length and comments. But definitely less then 25 episode only. Because too much of dragging is not good na. It will be short sweet, so keep reading.??

  12. Where is my dear saran I desperately waiting for your comment did you forgot me? Lol I am thousands times open this page and looks for your comment don’ make me wait did you read it or not??

  13. Nice concept …. Wow new innovation ….. Ur awsome after my princess this one stry seems interesting ..

    1. Thank u meghs keep reading and keep commenting. God bless you.?

  14. Sorry Sri,for late comment and how can u say that i forgot u.u are always in my heart and i was just testing that u remember me or about ur ff i have nothing to say bcz if u r writing a ff,its sure that it is going to be rocking and innovative.u are brilliant yaar.go on.we all are fans of ur fan fiction.we are excited to read dhani’s new lier version.ALL THE BEST.

    1. How are you saran? How was your studies? I hope its all going well.Come on saran without your comment my ff never full filled really I am open this page more than 100 times then u can imagine how much I’m waiting for your comment. Any way you finally give your comment if you not I will post my feelings for 1 full page comment in IKRS page. That will be stopped by your comment.? I posted today epi-1 read it and give your lovely comment.

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