My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-9


Viplav goes his room and lies on his bed to sleep. Later viplav hears some noise…. And thinks about dhaani words (viplaji let’s go with scary voice) and gets scared….. Then he sees the fan and he has an illusion that someone is ganging on fan…..he turns side and refuses to see fan. Viplav gets sweat and he hides under bedsit and closed his eyes, he taunts dhaani! And says hey bahavan pls save me. On sofa dhaani thinks about him and smiles mirthless, she says viplav you’re dead today….full night viplav lost her sleep because scared of dhaani lies.
Nest morning viplav come out from his room…. Dhaani looks his eyes; viplav eyes gets swallow and full of tiredness because he doesn’t sleep well. She teases him and says oh god! Don’t you sleep at last night? Are you that much scared of ghosts? Really? And laughed …..viplav glares her…..she says with scary voice “viplav good morning” and laughed loudly…he smiles mirthless and says bath room, living room, kitchen all clean by the time when I m back. dhaani stops laughing and looks on……then viplav smiles and says gleaming ok? Then he goes to jogging…
Dhaani works fast and clean the full house with mop and prepare breakfast for him….. And she gets tired and says viplav is a true jerk…viplav back to the house, when dhaani doing dishes, both are glaring each other…..

Later viplav go to get a bath but dhaani comes in middle and says she need to go out so she ask him to let her go first….viplav refuse to let her first. Dhaani tells you don’t have any work then why you wouldn’t allow me first? Viplav says who said I have no work, and today totally I’m busy, no time to breath; you know that? She smiles and says I know you’re totally jobless person (in tamil vetti payan da nee) so she asks him to don’t put show to her. viplav gets mad and asks what? Both are fighting each other to get in….. but dhaani bush him out and get in to the wash room. Viplav looks on and gets irked because he always lost against her….
Dhaani feels good by winning against him, she looks the bath room self and found some new brand shampoo in the self, she holds the shamboo in her hand and says he ( viplav) use high brand shampoo only uhmm and wonders. Then she smiles and says today I gonna use this shampoo and she wants to smell that…so she press a shampoo bottle hardly shampoo fully flow downs her hand and some shampoo falls in floor…..she looks that and says she need to clean first and go out to get broom or cleaning brush….

viplav looks that dhaani is come out from the bath room and he rushes to wash room to get bath first…..dhaani sees that and warns him to don’t go inside, but he doesn’t listen her and goes in and tripped by shampoo and falls down…..he gets hurt on his hand (el bow) and head. Dhaani comes and gets shocked, she asks him are you okay? He says ah ahha and get unconscious. Dhaani tries to wake up but he doesn’t, she says herself what should I do? and takes him to hospital……
In hospital dhaani drive him over inside by wheel chair….dhaani asks hospital nurse to do first aid to him. But hospital management tells to her to take him to another hospital. They don’t have enough bed to admit him. Dhaani asks what? What a irresponsible answers yours… but they refuse to hear out. Dhaani looks viplav and thinks ( inner voice) he need treatment, so she starts to put a show…. Dear did you hear that they said they won’t treat you? What should we do? I can’t let him die just like that? viplav hears some noise and gets conscious….he sees dhaani acting and he don’t know what to do, he calls her slowly dhaani looks him and asks are you okay?….. He asks what are you doing? She tells if you want treatment na?

then pretends like unconscious okay I will take care of them okay. He asks what? Then he pretends…. She again starts dear! Dear! wake up and cry loudly to attract all patient and people, everyone gathers and look dhaani’s free show… she says if you dead just like that then what should I do with our children; viplav hears that and says (inner voice) how embarrassing….she says I don’t want to live without you so I gonna kill myself before you die and she looks for something; she gets syringe from plate and about to hurt herself (pretends)…. But some people stopped her and they ask hospital people to do something for her and they say you guys ( hospital management) are too much. dhaani look on….

Then they accept to give a treatment, doctor give a injection to viplav….he scared of syringes he can’t do anything, because he feigns like faint, so he endures pain. Doctor put ban-aid in his hand and leaves the room…dhaani leans close to him and tells in his ears its okay you can wake up now. He hears that and wake up….he breath heavily; he looks dhaani and says you’re amazing… she starts to eat apple and says you don’t need to thank me, it’s my duty. Viplav looks her hopeless….suddenly one nurse came inside and asks him you wake up already and says you are really blessed you got a lovely wife. He looks dhaani she blinks her eyes…he sees that and smiles hopelessly.

Later at bill counter section viplav and dhaani come to pay bill, they gives a bill to viplav…..he sees the bill and looks dhaani. Both were stare each other smilingly….he gives back that to the counter section and says my wife will pay the bill. Dhaani gets shocked and asks what are you saying? and says slowly I don’t have that much money. viplav looks her and tells “wife then pay the bill”, he says then I will go first and come home early na? dhaani looks on….viplav leans close to her and whispered into her ears, that we know each other personality very well na. Then he about to leave, dhaani remains shocked and stares his leaving…. He turns back and winks at her….she smiles hopeless and says he really king of jerk….
She don’t know what to do and calls tharun from hospital phone…. He comes and pays the bill. Later he gets shocked that dhaani is stay with viplav. She asks him to find place quickly for she live. Tharun agrees and asks her to don’t worry, and be safe. She signs “yes”.

Later dhaani comes to house….viplav comes from his room and he calls “wife” when did you come? I miss you dear. Dhaani glares him…. And she asks him to stop calling wife it’s embarrassing me to death. He asks is it? then how would I call you honey! Dear! Sweet heart! Which one is best tell me, hurry and he tease her. Dhaani doesn’t hear anything and starts to set sofa to sleep… viplav see that oh my god my wife going sleep in the sofa it’s not fair. dhaani looks on… he says you can sleep on this floor too and smiles, then he about to go bed. Dhaani smiles hopeless…. and says how does a person become so rotten… viplav gets mad and ask what? what did you just say? Dhaani says If you don’t hear then okay…viplav take a deep breath and start to tease her; he says ok if you don’t want to sleep there, then come over and signs inside (bed room). Dhaani looks on…. he goes inside and half lies on his bed and says bed is wide, we can sleep together. Come here! Dhaani smiles hopeless…. He says in my friends circle we are already set as a couple, today we are married couple, then what’s the big matter? Dhaani glares him….and goes to sleep on sofa. Viplav smiles and says if you don’t want it then I can’t do anything about it? Honey watch out for the mosquitoes then sleep well okay…he lies on his bed and thinks about dhaani reaction and smiles continuously; he says this is great, don’t try to mess with me again dhanni and closed his eyes to sleep happily …… dhaani lies on sofa and gets irked by viplav behavior
Precap: viplav go out with his friend and he doesn’t come back to house full night, dhaani get worried and wait for him full night….

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Ha ha ha ha….
    Sooooooo funny!?
    Drama queen dhani & naughty Viplav’ s jodi is a super hit jodi…thoroughly enjoying their pair & cute chemistry…
    It was really cute & funny when Viplav called dhani as wife & gave various options like honey,dear,swt grt .. Lol..I wish Viplav calls her by all these names to dhani. I absolutely loved the way Viplav teased dhani…too good yaar kaviya.. Dil khush kar diya.. Thank u 4 the treat…God bless u!

    1. Thank u rajee i thourghly enjoy today episode I love it when they fight each other, we can see their love too. Keep reading?

  2. Very good kaviya, eagerly waiting for the next one , pls update soon and pls make it longer

    1. Thank u maria yes definitely next part will be long, today I finished shortly . keep reading yar?

  3. Hahahahaha.Sri,i can’t control my laugh,it was too much yaar.dhani,what a girl she is,superb and Viplav,he started his pranks,wow.throughout the epi i was laughing scene and vipu calling her in diff names made me laugh uncontrollably and my mother was beside me,she woke up from sleeping and asked me what happened?but epi was too short,i hope u will compensate it in tmrw epi and also don’ t forget to update as soon as possible and one more thing,that tamil dailogue,i just imagined it as dhani is saying it and again started total what u did today was a full treat to IKRS fans.

    1. Thank you saran and today episode made you laugh means it’s touble hit today. And me also imagined how dhaani say in Tamil that vetti payan da nee its really funny na. And you disturbed your Amma sleeping while reading my ff oh say sorry to Amma from my side for causing trouble? and I will update soon sara keep smiling?

  4. areh …it was superb di ….very. funny ….Dhani’s drama …OMG …really ..superb drama queen …hahaha ….really awesome …kaviya di ..keep it up …post the next part soon

    1. Sure avijit I will update soon and thank u bro keep reading?

  5. Awesome…….I’m lovin it

    1. Thank u riya. Keep reading yar.?

  6. laughed so hard…….
    a song for Dhaani….
    yeh chhori badi drama queen hai…
    badi badi aankhon mein aasuon ki tanky …yeh chhori badi drama queen hai………
    🙂 keep going dear

    1. Thank you sujie your song is awesome….and love it. thank u my dear….

  7. Kaviya it superb. I was giggling and laughing while reading it. And viplav teasing dhaani was very funny. But plz try to make it longer

    1. sure louella future episodes are quite long so don’t worry and thank you very much. keep reading.

  8. hahaha….so funny they r…tq kaviya you delivered a lovely ff..l was enjoying a lot
    sorry for late comment

    1. thank you nima

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