My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-8


Recap: dhaani goes to party with viplav, were they have some fun moments, and dhaani come to know keerthi loves viplav, later she have a huge argument with viplav about that, so he gets mad and kick out from the car…on the way she get caught by her debtors….viplav saves her and asks who she is really? and what her intention? They have a huge argument and dhaani finally tells she is an orphan and no one to care. And leaves angrily….
After sometime night in bed viplav thinks about dhaani words, (she said “dhaani is an orphan” no one to care and talk and “no one to loves her”) those words make him peace less… At his farm house dhaani thinks about viplav words and lost her sleep….

Later someone knocks the door dhaani hears that and goes to open the door; she opens the door ande seems, viplav stands with his luggage…. Both of them stare each other for a movement…. Viplav asks her to move aside .dhaani asks why? What’s with your luggage? Viplav make her move and go inside….
Dhaani asks at late night why did you come here? Viplav why I would not? This is my house I will come whenever I want. She asks then what about your luggage? He says I decided to live here for some days. Dhaani smiles hopeless and asks what? Don’t you agreed to put me in your house for some days? But now what? Viplav tells that I don’t ask you to go out. She hears that and looks on….she says wait! Wait! I can’t get it clear, if you are not going to kick me out at the same you gonna stay here for some day na, viplav looks on… she thinks and says then living together in same house and seems him shockingly…… viplav hears that and signs yes and says if you don’t like it, then get out. He said that because he well knows she have no place to go. She hears that and says yes I don’t like it, I will leave the house right now and goes to room and packs her luggage to leave. viplav little bit tensed were she really leaves but she remember tharun words (he said didi don’t come to your house that thugs were waiting outside to catch babuji and you and he said your house landlord saw that and threw your all stuff outside …) and realized she has no place to go and sits hopelessly in floor tears are filled with her eyes… .

viplav comes and seems her and asks what are you doing? He says if you gonna leave then hurry and leave. dhaani seems him and says but I have no place to go. viplav hears that and understand her pain and seems her…..he says I never force you to leave, if you don’t want to leave then don’t go, its upon to you. dhaani hears that and asks what? and looks him surprisingly…. Viplav looks that and change the subject….

He sees the house with full of messy….. And says omg what is this? This is not like my house and looks dhaani….. She asks what? And says I am little bit busy, so I can’t clean. Viplav seems her and smells some bad smell…. He asks but what’s the smell. Dhaani looks on…. he looks for where that smell came from….he opens the fridge and sees rotten foods and eggs with bad smell, he can’t endure the smell and feels like to throw up…. And he runs to bath room. Dhaani looks that and says what’s with him? What he put a show to me? I can’t smell anything. Viplav came out from bath room and shouts to her and asks are you an alien? How could you live like this? No one can stand in this house for single minute. Dhaani looks on….. and he asks her to clean it immediately. Dhaani hears that and asks who are you? Ordering me around; viplav hears that and asks what? Both of them glare each other…..viplav smiles and asks her softly, dhaani I am asking this because I’m really curious. She looks him surprisingly what he is going to ask? He asks when are you going to pay me back? dhaani looks on and she lost her answer….viplav lean close to her and smiles, he says since you have no money no work then how would you pay your debt. dhaani looks him hopeless…..
Viplav says I won’t money, dhaani asks then what? You’ll have to work and pay your debt….he says it’s just house work, it won’t be too complicated. dhaani looks on and asks what? House work? He asks her to prepare breakfast daily at 8 pm. she asks you eat breakfast that early? Viplav signs “yes”. She says then I have to wake up at 6 am, I don’t wake up that early. He looks her and asks so….she bent her head, he smiles and says then I’m anal about neatness, so make sure you everything is tidy. Dhaani hears all and looks on sadly…. Viplav tells then don’t come to private life, so let’s stay out from each other private life. Dhaani hears that and says yes…..he smiles and says then tomorrow when I wake up, living room, kitchen, and bath room must be clean…. And asks her did you got it. dhaani looks on and signs yes.

Then viplav goes to bed room, dhaani looks that and asks would you sleep in room? He signs “yes”. She asks then where I get sleep, viplav stares her strangely…she looks that and saya” no”. she tells another room is use as a store room then where should I fall asleep? Viplav smiles and signs her to sleep on sofa; dhaani understand that and gets irked….he throws her luggage out and close the door. Dhaani smiles hopeless and says what a inhumane jerk….
Viplav falls asleep in his room. dhaani lies on sofa she feels uncomfortable to sleep in sofa, then she taunts him for his rude behavior…..

Next morning alarm running, dhaani hears that and get annoyed, but she remembers viplav words and wake up early heartless….. she clean the full house with mop and prepare breakfast….viplav come out from his room and sees everything was cleaning and smiles, then he goes to eat breakfast. Dhaani serves food for him…. He stares her and says I am quite impressed with your work; dhaani glares him for torturing her.? He starts to eat, he doesn’t eat four teaspoon full but he taste the food and feels strange; he asks what you added with food. Dhaani says vegitable , garlic, ginger paste and some seasoning. Viplav hears that and asks seasoning? What seasoning? She replies its seafood seasoning; he gets shocked and asks what? Seafood? dhaani signs “yes”. Viplav tells tensely yah seafood were allergy to me…..dhaani asks what? Allergy? He starts to cough continuously and he breaths to hard…. ?Dhaani gets scared and asks are you okay? What’s wrong? And asks him to don’t scares her….viplav feels dizzy and cough loudly….she rub his back and asks what should I do? viplav signs her to get medicine from his room… she gets the medicine and make him to eat……

Later in viplav room he lies on bed and feels better. Dhaani comes and gives some water for him…. he starts to yell her and asks just now are you tried to kill me na? dhaani asks what? and says how could I know that sea food is allergy to you? You have to say that first? Viplav looks her hopeless…. He says if I could not have medicine with me, then what would you do? dhaani looks him and says now everything will be fine na and asks him to leave it….. and says always argue with me, then she leaves a room….viplav asks what? And looks on and wonder why she is like that….
At night dhaani gives dinner for him, both were about to start to eat…..viplav smells the foods whether she spread something in food…..dhaani looks that and smiles mirth less…she asks now are you doubting me? He looks her and says “yes” how could I trust a liar?

She stares him….and says viplav ji you will be regret for what you said. Viplav smiles mirthless and is it? and starts to eat…. dhaani asks viplav did you rent this house someone before? He said” no”. Then she asks then if someone did a suicide in this house or hanged by fan like that. viplav hears that and asks what nonsense are you talking; dhaani tells, from when I starts to stay here, at every night I could hear someone voice, that was lady voice, and she asks him did you heard anything yesterday? viplav looks on….she tells I think this house is haunted by ghost. Viplav asks what? ghost? Don’t talk nonsense…..dhaani says don’t you trust me, today you can find out yourself. May be that ghost appear like me and ask you to come with her (ghost) like this “viplav ji let’s go”.(dhaani says that with scary voice) and dhaani says she must like you because her (ghost) voice seems young girl. ?viplav gets scared inside but he doesn’t show that and asks her stop it and about to leave. dhaani says with scary voice viplav ji sweet dreams and laughed….viplav hears that and moves on….

Viplav goes his room and lies on his bed to sleep. Later viplav hears some noise…. And thinks about dhaani words (viplaji let’s go with scary voice) and gets scared?….. Then he sees the fan and he has a illusion that someone is ganging on fan?…..he turns that side and refuses to see fan. Viplav gets sweat and he hides under bedsit and closed his eyes, he taunts dhaani! And says hey bahavan pls save me. On sofa dhaani thinks about him and smiles mirthless, she says viplav you’re dead today….☺?

Viplav tripped and falls down in bath room? and later he teases dhaani…she gets irked…?

If you want read previous episode of my girl is a liar please go and visit this link this page you can see telly updates ping back of 1-4 and 6-7 episodes) leave your comments and I decide to end around 20 episodes. So I won’t trouble you lot, so please leave your lovely comments.☺

Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Kaviya it’s simply awesome but next time pls make it longer as I want to keep reading it.

    1. Yes my dear definitely I will make it longer next time. episode 8-10 only full of fun. Viplav tease dhaani and dhaani tease viplav they fight each other, it’s full of fun only so friends enjoy different version of vidhaani and thank u maria.?

      1. Very excited for it!!

  2. vidhani’s fight like a Tom n Jerry :-D… superb nice episode loved it. 🙂

    1. Thank you nima yes thier fight is nice na I love that too. Today episode also tom and jerry only so more fun…..?enjoy vidhaani new avatar and thank you very much. Keep reading.

  3. again logo changed jst dcz 1letter :@
    1letter ki kimat tum kya jano moderator babu,nima ki shaan uski logo hoti hai aur tum usiko change kardete ho..hmmm v bad…sorry..just kidding 😛

    1. And nima U r two logo also suberb nima.? but dark green is better than light green.

  4. Ha ha ha…very funny & cute Vidhani fight..both r troubling each
    Now let’s enjoy their tom & jerry fight .Then it will b more interesting when they will fall 4 each other.. Thank u..

    1. Yes rajee they start to troubling each other and they fall each other unknowingly you can see the changes not in usual manner eye lock nothing like that, it will be shown in different ways and they take too time to understand…..? so it will be more interesting so keep reading rajee and thank u very much.

  5. amazing yarr…..keep going

    1. Thank u sujie.keep reading.?

  6. kaviya di ..roj roj bolke thak gaya hu …I am tired by calling episode awesome ….something new should happen ….
    this episode was stupendovellous ….new word by me …there is no meaning about it in any dictionary 😛 😛 ….. and ff in 20 episode is good ….but abhi time hae end honae mae …so enjoy

  7. Thank u my dear bro,and your new word is awesome yes, I am really happy you it like na that’s make me happy thank u avijit have a great day…..?

  8. Kaviya it’s very nice. It’s like they r Tom and Jerry fighting and teasing each other

    1. Thank u Louella. Keep reading yar and keep commenting.more fun waiting for u?

  9. Kaviya,happy to know that its going to be full fun for next two parts.u know something,i feel like keep reading and reading ur ff,but when epi comes to and end,i am like,oh so soon,a very short episode.pls update longer and longer and longer epi.u don’t know how much i am enjoying this vidhani.and update as soon as possible.pls.

    1. Yeah sure saran i will update soon. Me too like this cute fighting vidhaani, it’s really fun na. I am glad that you like it saran and keep smiling…?

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