My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-7

The episode start with keerthi plays a piano…. she finished her playing everyone claps for her. Raj and punkaj are comes and joined the party. Raj sees viplav with dhaani and asks what’s going on? She is that girl na? who fainted at hotel….viplav hears that and explain everything to him. But punkaj unknown about these he comes and asks viplav who’s that girl? keerthi comes and hears that and gets shocked….she asks you guys don’t know about her? Raj and viplav looks on… punkaj says I don’t know and asks who is she? Keerthi seems viplav….he says to punkaj with low voice that she is my girl friend. Bunkaj is it? It’s awesome news why don’t you tell us before and he calls everyone and says that news. Viplav and dhaani gets shocked and looks on…..

Everyone close to them and looks them surprisingly….. One of viplav female friend asks dhaani, viplav was ideal boy for every girls at college how did you get his heart. Dhaani asks what? And looks on… they don’t know what to tell and stunned. And someone asks how did you two people meet? Dhaani thinks and says it’s a big accident we can’t explain in short time. Viplav looks her and signs what? They remember that first time dhaani about hit by his car and both of them smiles each other comically…then they asks dhaani what you think about viplav? dhaani thinks and says well he is very sweet and caring and always want to protect me….viplav hears that and remembers that he raise his hand towards her at frozen room and threw her out from his house and laugh himself…. after they asks viplav what did you think about dhaani. Both are looks each other….and gives hilarious expression in their face. Dhaani smiles and says what he thinks about me? I wouldn’t know about that either.

Viplav smiles and says “yes” its probable, she don’t know about herself, how lovable she is…dhaani and viplav looks each other and remembers that day she bite his hand and run away and smiles each other…… They says how lovely couples you are and take selfie with them…they asks them feed food each other. Viplav and dhaani get quite shocked….and asks what? Keerthi sees everything what happened earlier and she doesn’t feels well. She looks them hopeless.
Dhaani and viplav feed cake each other….every one things how cute they are and they feed each other with full of love. But actually its not true they feed each other to choked to death. Everyone happy, but keerthi has in pain she hide her feelings and goes out. Viplav seems her miserably….dhaani looks them and understands something was wrong. Party comes to end everyone take their leaves…..

Later viplav rides dhaani to farm house, while she says to him keerthi it’s strange na? viplav asks what strange? Dhaani says I think she like you lot. Viplav gets cough and tensed…. And he asks what? She tells today don’t you see her face, it was not well when we are together; yesterday also she wants to know about our bond deeply. Viplav says don’t think too much and shut your mouth for some time. She looks him and asks by chance did you aware of her feelings before? Viplav looks on…..dhaani finds everything his eyes, and he can’t answer straightly. She smiles hopelessly and says don’t tell me, you used me as your girlfriend, to avoid her relationship. Viplav remains silent and looks on….dhaani smiles and says you’re hopeless. He asks what? She says how you could treat women after you know that she like you lot. Are you a fool? Viplav gets mad and says don’t talk too much without knowing anything. But dhaani were doesn’t listen him and says you can’t do this to keerthi? If you do, you will be regret later? Viplav can’t control his anger….he stops the car and asks her to get out from the car? She asks what? He again shouts get lost? She gets mad and looks him hopeless then she gets off from the car. viplav left dhaani in the high way and leaves…..

Dhaani walks on the road angrily how could he do this me? and taunts viplav in full way. She gets the bus and sits on seat…. the loan sharks (debtors) were following her way from when she get off from the car but dhaani doesn’t aware of that, they get on the bus, one man sit next to her, dhaani looks on ….he says I miss you. She gets shocked…..
At the same time viplav feels guilty and no heart to leave her in road at night time. So he turns car back and goes to pick her again…..but in that place dhaani is not there. Viplav gets worried…..
In bus, thugs asks driver to stop the bus, they hold dhaani hands and get off from the bus….dhaani shouts them to let her go, but they doesn’t listen her, she struggles to let her hand free from them but she can’t, so she bite his hand and run away…. thugs were try to chase her. They keep following her…..

Dhaani finally runs in to the one old building and hide behind the one small wall, she get tensed…and tries to call tharun but mistakenly call goes to viplav. He sees her call and shows relief sign, then he attends the call and asks what now? In tension she doesn’t listen his voice, she thinks that is tharun and says loan sharks are tries to snatch me, I am scared. viplav hears that and gets shocked….she gives address and asks him to come and take her from that place, mean time thugs come and catches her she gets scared and shouts aahh, and drop the mobile in that place….. viplav hears her sound and shouts dhaani! dhaani! on phone. He gets worried and rushes the car to save her….
Head of the thugs hold her hands tightly….and ties with rope. She says to them I will definitely repay the debt and ask them to let her go. He hears that and says if you say this when we come to your place first time, we will trust on you but you’ve been hopping around like a mudskipper. Dhaani looks on….then they ask about her father where did he hide? She doesn’t say anything. viplav comes to the place where dhaani tied up….he comes inside and screams her name dhaani! dhaani! Everyone looks on….

Finally he comes to dhaani, she seems him surprisingly….and says viplav ji why you are here? Viplav sees her….and asks who are they? The head of the loan shark comes in front and asks who you are? Viplav looks on….and asks what you need? did you kidnap her? I think you got a wrong person; you can’t get anything from her side…. He smirks and says what? Kidnap? It’s really funny and says yah she sewed ours money and run away. Who will pay that? ask you will? Viplav hears that and remembers dhaani said that day (I chased being by the hooligans; if I’m ever caught by them I may be sold off to some islands) He come to know that was true he looks dhaani, both of them stares each other….he says I will pay for her. Head of the hooligans asks you will pay for her? But who are you to her? viplav seems him….. and says you want money na then shut the mouth and get your money. They release dhaani, she gets her mobile and goes to viplav and stars him astonishingly…..he gives money to the hooligans. The head of the thugs close to them and says to viplav, that her (dhaani) beauty can suffocate a person and about to grasp her cheeks. Viplav sees that and stopped him and twist his hand……he shouts, viplav says don’t bother her anymore did you got it? He screams yes! Yes!. Then Viplav leaves his hand…. he grabs dhaani hand and get out from the building.

They come out, viplav fully angry at her…. he walks front, dhaani follows behind him; she tells to him really thank you I will never forget your help, that money na definitely I will pay you back and asks him to don’t worry. Viplav turns back and shouts, do you think I’m a fool….why you make others worry? Dhaani gets shocks and asks what she did? He says what you did? you don’t know what you did? You called me and say those nonsense things… and you shouted in the phone and end the call. Do you know how much I am worried? Dhaani thinks ( inner voice) oh I called you instead of tharun that’s why you are here? She says to him I am sorry when I speak to you, they cached me; then I will slipped my phone there, so I can’t reply; then she looks her phone and sees its broken oh god what should I do? it is broken, I need to fix this first. Viplav looks that and gets mad…..she jerks her mobile and breaks into two half. dhaani seems that and gets shocked…. Tears were filled with her eyes and she collects her phone piece and asks why could you do this? I have this only one. Then she asks him “why you mad at me now”. Viplav looks on…

Viplav says to dhaani I thought You often cheat ( lies)others without thinking of the consequence whenever you necessary. But it seems different exactly who you are? What exactly is your intension? What kind of person are you really? A person, were who live for money? Dhaani gets mad and shouts stop it…viplav seems her…she asks what you want to know? Are you that curious about dhaani? viplav looks on…..she says “dhaani is an orphan”; she has “no one to lean or talk”, “No one to loves her” “no one to have fun and laugh” no money to live and no place to go, and she again says dhaani is an orphan! Tears were falls from her eyes; she asks him did you hear it? Now you happy na? Both of them stares each other….. viplav hears that and stunned ,then she about to leave….
Viplav holds her hand and asks where are you going? Dhaani asks Why you care about me? viplav looks her hopelessly…. dhaani tells with teary eyes I am swindler, don’t come closer to me, may I will sew you and makes her hand free and move forward….viplav again grabs her hand and says I will ride you, Let’s go… She again makes her hand free and says do your business viplav ji, I will take care of myself and moves on….. viplav shouted fine go! go! Let’s don’t meet again and hit his car by his foot and looks on….

After sometime, in bed viplav thinks about dhaani words, (“dhaani is an orphan” no one to care and talk and “no one to loves her”) those words make him peace less… At the same time, in his farm house dhaani thinks about viplav words and lost her sleep……
Later someone knocks the door dhaani hears that and goes to open the door; she opens the door …. And she sees, viplav stands with his luggage. Both of them stares each other….

Viplav tells that he will be stay for here some days and get in with his luggage dhaani gets shocked……

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  1. Wow,now it will be more fun.viplav and dhani in same house.superb.this is becoming more interesting now.perfect cinema style.and why are u making our Viplav quite serious type yaar.i love naughty Vipu.but no problem,naughty dhani is enough.pls update next part soon yaar,can’t wait till tmrw.pls.

  2. Kaviya it’s beyond words, speechless. I love your ff very much. Pls update it as soon as possible. Pls I can’t wait till tomorrow night.

    1. Thank u maria keep reading yar.?

  3. Sorry for yesterday.i didn’t commented bcz i was a little busy.really sorry yaar.

    1. No need to sorry you always welcome. And thank u saran. Keep smiling…..?

  4. areh wah kaviya di …awesome episode …in last there was a really a big shock ..viplav also came ..
    nice ha …loved it ..keep going di 😀

    1. Thank u avijit. you like it na. I am really happy about that. Keep reading….?

  5. Wow kaviya wow! While reading I was feeling very emotional. I got almost teary eyed.But big surprise was the last part. Suddenly my face lit up with a broad smile. Ab ayega asli maza. Super super precap..arrey yaar when the next part will b updated?? Waiting ….waiting… Waiting..

    1. Thank u rajee. Yes real masa start and story also going to start. Keep reading….?i will update next part soon rajee.?

  6. kavi dear……simply wow!!!!! Viplav and Dhaani in the same house ……. keep going and maza toh ab aayega……… precap is superb and please update soon…..
    feeling ISHQ ISHQ 🙂

    1. Thank u sujie. Yes viplav and dhaani under same roof its really fun na. Real IKRS couple stay with same house means its look romatic but two naughty leads stay means what happened it will fun na so stay tune for next update my dear.?

  7. Sri I m out of words now really awesome 🙂

    1. Thank u joyee.?

  8. awesome!awesome!!awesome!!!
    tq Kaviya 4 your lovely ff:-)

    1. Thank u nima. Keep reading and keep supporting like this. God bless you my dear.☺

  9. Wow…Di…it is superb..It will be more fun seeing ViDhaani in same house..All the best..Eagerly waiting for the next episode….

    1. Thank u my dear Jonah. Keep reading☺

  10. U nailed it, always waiting for it. I really love viplav and dhani staying together, it’s gonna be fun

    1. Thank you aish, yes its gonna fun so let’s wait and watch. Keep reading Yarr.☺

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