My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-6


Recap : dhaani collapses when she get ready to meet keerthi, and flash back shown that maya confirmed that dhaani is, in earlier stage of her cancer…later dhaani fresh herself and go to meet keerthi and viplav, with her little strength.

Dhaani shows a big smile to them…..she comes closer to them, she looks keerthi and says I’m dhaani and introduce as a viplav’s girl. keerthi looks on…..dhaani looks viplav he signs everything is going good, Dhaani smiles…..keerthi smiles and welcomes her…..dhaani smiles to her and sits among them. Viplav says he will buy something to them and sings dhaani to take care. Dhaani seemss him she leaves….

Keerthi and dhaani look each other and smiles….. keerthi asks I’m sorry, what’s your name again? She replied “dhaani”. keerthi looks surprisingly and asks about her father’s name. Suddenly keerthi asks about dhaani’s father name make dhaani feels strange…she thinks her papa owned money from keerthi also….so she says ( lies) other different name. keerthi looks on and says oh I see….dhaani change the subject and says you looks so beautiful, keerthi smiles and says you too. Both of them smile each other….. keerthi asks how did you meet viplav? I mean how long you guys love each other? Dhaani says thinks what should she say and says that I’m not sure myself. Keerthi asks what? Dhaani says I mean its long story, we need more time to speak about that; let’s talk another time and smiles….keerthi says oh is it? He never shown that much interest in anyone, so I was so surprised that’s why I asked, His behavior was little strange when he speak about you, dhaani hears that and says yes I’ve noticed that he is really weird na? Really I don’t know what’s with him? keerthi looks on surprisingly about her strange behavior…..dhaani seems that and understands that she is over doing; she smiles and says I mean he really crazy about me I guess you can call this a crazy love. Keerthi hears that and smiles hopeless…..

Viplav brought some cool drinks for them and asks them what they talked. keerthi says we just chat about some things. Dhaani hears that and looks her surprisingly….. He says oh it’s all done then let’s go. keerthi takes one party invitation from her bag and gives to dhaani and says I organize a party on tomorrow evening so you should come tomorrow; dhaani accept the invitation and says yes happily but the same time viplav says “no”. keerthi looks on….viplav seems dhaani and says you can’t na, tomorrow you have some work na? Dhaani looks him astonishingly and asks what work? He glares and signs her to say “no”. But dhaani can’t understand that and says I don’t have any work. Viplav looks her hopeless…..keerthi says then let’s meet tomorrow. Dhaani smiles and says “yes”. Viplav asks keerthi all of sudden what party? Keerthi says just get together party only I returned back india , so my friends wants a small party so I arranged a party. Viplav asks then would you invite all our friends to the party. She signs yes and says my abroad friends also come. Viplav says oh its good and smiles hopeless. Then keerthi take her leave…..

Viplav starts to yells dhaani and says I sign to say “no” then why you said “yes”. She asks dhaani sign? When did you do that? He looks her tells yah you really made fun of me…dhaani says you have to say that? viplav hold his head and says I’m going like a crazy…..dhaani hears and asks what problem with that? he smiles hopeless and says what problem? My plan is introduce you as my girl to keerthi only, but in party my whole friends group is there, then how should I introduce you as my girl. dhaani gets shocked and says oh I didn’t think about that? What should we do? Both are looking each other…..viplav glare her, dhaani turns back and he should say that with his mouth.
Later dhaani comes to house and feels tired, she take his dad photo from her luggage in that photo she and her father with their sand dream house at seashore background…..she recalls that day F.B shown dhaani builds a house by beach sand …..

She says papa it’s our dream house how it’s looks? He says it’s awesome but why its looks small make it bigger one, she says yes its looks small na? Her father signs “yes”. They start to builds a bigger one…… after finished that, dhaani says papa our house is really bigger now, he signs “yes”. Dhaani says I will earn money and build our dream house for you papa. Ashok hears that and says really my dear daughter love her father that much, she says “yes”. He hugs her and smiles…. after that they take photo with their dream house. (flash back end) dhaani recalls that and says I’m sorry papa! I can’t build our dream house; tears were fallout from her eyes.. …. She says papa it’s hard and I feel too much of pain and tired what should I do? Can I endure it? Your dhaani can hold on? And cries….at the same time ashok lies on some place where all coworkers were sleeping but he think about dhaani and lost his sleep. They look miserable…..

Next day viplav take dhaani to the party hesitantly.….. He says to dhaani “let’s pretends like we don’t know each other” uhmm. she says yes. keerthi invites them….viplav go to see his friends but his heart and eyes fully focus only dhaani because he well know she is uncontrollable. Dhaani sees lots of food in the table, she looks happily and serves herself to eat….. Viplav looks that and goes to her and asks what are you doing? She replies you can’t see that…… He gets mad and asks what? dhaani doesn’t listen him and starts to eat. Viplav starts to stares her eating……she eats like child and fast, while eating food strain left on her lips…. Viplav looks that and asks how embracing you are? Dhaani asks what? He looks on…..she says why you mind me? You said to pretend like we don’t each other, then mind your own business k? viplav asks what? And glares her….

One male abroad friend of keerthi comes close them to have a dinner. viplav and dhaani looks on…..he comes and looks dhaani and sees food strain on her face…he says to dhaani in English that “in your lips food strains are left”. Dhaani can’t understand that and asks viplav what he said? Viplav smiles and says he said you can’t eat these foods, it’s specially arranged for them. Dhaani says really we can’t eat these. Viplav signs “yes”. Dhaani looks that foreigner and says in English that “I’m sorry” and I don’t know about that in hindi. Foreigner hears that and says pardon? She smiles and asks viplav now what he said? Viplav tells what he said was, were you speaking too much. Then she asks viplav then how I would say in English that I will be quite. Viplav smiles and asks her to say “shut the mouth” Dhaani feels strange and asks what? He again says “shut the mouth”.

Then she says “shut the mouth” its correct na?. viplav smiles and says yes correct I think you’re quick learner. (they speak themeself) That foreigner looks on…..dhaani sees him and put her finger on her mouth and says shut the mouth in engish…..foreigner asks what? Shut the mouth? Dhaani smiles and says “yes” shut the mouth. Viplav hears that and starts laughing silently…. Foreigner can’t understand what’s going on but he can sure that she don’t know English, he smiles towards her and about to clean the food strain in her lips…..viplav looks that and shouts dhaani! she looks on shockingly …..viplav asks are you a fool? There is food on your face. Dhaani asks what? Viplav seems her and gives tissue paper to clean that strain on her lips. She cleans it and looks on….. Foreigner also looks viplav at strange manner. keerthi comes and sees everything from the distance; she found that viplav jealous for dhaani and smiles hopeless; she goes to them and asks them to come to listen her music….

Later everyone gather in one place keerthi plays a piano….she finished her playing everyone claps for her. Raj and punkaj are comes and joined the party. Raj sees viplav with dhaani and asks what’s going on? She is that girl na? who fainted at hotel….viplav hears that and explain everything to him. But punkaj unknown about these he comes and asks viplav who’s that girl? keerthi comes and hears that and gets shocked….she asks you guys don’t know about her? Raj and viplav looks on… punkaj says I don’t know and asks who is she? Keerthi seems viplav….he says to punkaj with low voice that she is my girl friend. Bunkaj is it? It’s awesome news why don’t you tell us before and he calls everyone and says that news. Viplav and dhaani gets shocked and looks on…..

Viplav gets mad at dhaani and kick out her from his car in middle of high way…dhaani taunts him for his doing….on the way she get caught by her debtors.

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Credit to: Pethu sri

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  1. Wow, it’s simply awesome. Pls update the next on soon

    1. Thank u maria keep reading.?

  2. areh wah ..kaviya di …nice episode and thoda funny bhi tha …like it …keep going …. 🙂 🙂

  3. .last time in ” my princess ” I said that kisiko itna jaldi pyaar nahi hota so this time …..thoda late kar rahi ho …this time it is perfect ….good 😛 😛

    1. Yes avijit your correct that time you ased how love will come in short time. Yes I’m also thinking like that but my princess story needed that at time. But my girl is a liar take long. So it will be more interesting na? And you definitely like it.?

  4. awesome yarr….. keep going

    1. Thank u sujie.?

  5. wow! vidhani’s cute sa nokjhok superb..I like the most. next episode plz 🙂

    1. Thank u nima. Keep reading and I will updade next episode soon. Keep boosting me k?

  6. Hi kaviya! Story is moving good. All r liking it but sorry guys don’t get angry on me.. I find Dhani very embarrassing.. She is poor.OK no issue with that.she has a lot of debts,she doesn’t have a place to stay,a dying patient,she is a liar,she is uneducated, mannerless,a bhukkad,no class.. I don’t like this dhani. She is really embarrassing.. Plz kaviya ask our hero Viplav to teach her some etiquette..
    I know my words r hurting but this is what I feel..I can’t c dhani so embarrassing.. Plz take my view +vely.. Have a grt day! Keep entertaining!

    1. Yah sure rajee I will make her better. And thank you for your open comment I love it. And you well observed her yes she is like that uncontrollable, clumsy but future episodes u can see the changes of both leads its my promise. Thank you very much my dear…..??

      1. Thank u dear 4 taking my feedback +vely. & surely make Dhani better so that she can match our hero Viplav.Thank u…?

      2. RajeeYou always welcome. I love your comment. Thank you.?

  7. Kaviya I have no words to admire ur ff. I can only say that it is the best. Plz post the next part soon

    1. Louella I am really happy you like it. Thank you very much my dear. Keep reading I will update next part soon.?

  8. Awesome di…. Going superb..When will be the next update….?Waiting eagerly……!

  9. Thank you jonah. I posted, it will be publish soon after get reviewed. Wait little bit.?

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