My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-5


viplav asks dhaani to help him out. She asks what? What help? Viplav asks her to “be my girl for one day”. Dhanni gets shocked and seems him…..she asks are you kidding me na? viplav tells “no” I really need your help, please help me with your talent. She hears and asks talent? What talent? Viplav replies lying! dhaani hears that and she smiles mirthless…. And says yah you are really funny and she about to leave but viplav grabs her hand and says I will pay you. dhaani seems him and says no need for that. Then she about to leave again…. But viplav says I’ll let you stay in my house. She stopped and looks astonishingly…she turns back and says do you think my decision is shaking because of your offers? Viplav says it is already shaking na? dhaani reply with loud voice yes to be honest it is, happy? but I can’t do it; do you want me to pretend to be a your lover, that’ll be against my conscience. Viplav smiles and says don’t you always go against your conscience and you love to lie na. dhaani glares him and asks what? He asks her to don’t take more time to think, and give answer tomorrow. Then he about to leave….. dhaani smiles mirthless and says yah you’re hopeless. Viplav hears that and doesn’t say anything and moves on… he knows he already put enough flame ha ha…

Later dhaani meet up with tharun, he asks where were you have been last night? And he says he worried about her lot. She explains everything to him…. later they sat inside the truck and talked about viplav offer…. they speechless for a movement….tharun says you hit a jackpot didi? dhaani asks what? He says if you do that you’ll get some money it will be use for your debt, and you get a place to live too, it’s awesome na. She asks what? and says yes I admit, I will be lied before; when I have no choice, I’m helpless so I’ll lie, but I feel this is wrong. Tharun says that’s what I am trying to say we have no choice, situation is call for it, we are helpless; you need to do this didi Just for one day na? dhaani seems him….. he says didi just do for you sake, first you need home to stay safe until I found place for you. dhaani gets confused and looks on. tharun says think about it and get off from the truck…. she thinks lot about it through full night and made a decision……
Next day dhaani meets viplav and says her that she will do it. viplav hears that and tells I already knew you’ll be. Dhaani stares him and ask why he want to be her as his girl friend for one day? Viplav says “you no need know that” you need to pretend as my girl for maximum half an hour and further more you don’t need know….. Just come introduce yourself as my girl that’s all. Dhaani want to know the reason and she about to ask something, but viplav asks is any dough, dhaani looks on…. then he tease her ahh I don’t need to ask this, you are gold medalist in your acting and lying na? and smiles. dhaani looks that and gets irked.

Then viplav looks her from bottom to top that she wearing one old casual wear and he asks but do you come with this outfit. Dhaani looks on…..

Later viplav take her to shopping to a big shop….she saws that shop and feels happy to see all things and fees too exited….dhaani took some dresses viplav totally refuse to take that and he select some dress asks her to try it….she says me only going to wear those dress why I can’t select? viplav glares him, she seems that and gets irked….then she silently goes to trial room and taunts viplav….she glance those dresses and says what a dressing sense? Totally pineapple colour and I hate pineapple too. But actually that dress is superb…but our dhaani has no heart to accept because that viplav selection…. She wearing that dress and come out…..viplav looks her and stunned for a movement…. She looks that and asks him strange? its strange na? He actually falls for her beauty that time but he pretends he is not, and says it’s like a disguise. Dhaani glares him and says because it’s your selection na?…. But a sales girl says she is good and give complements her beauty. Dhaani thanks her and smiles…viplav looks on and says let’s go. He left her in his farm house and says come tomorrow on time then he leaves. Where he used to live before with his friend….

Next day evening viplav and keerthi wait for dhaani at hotel. Keerthi how much pain she got through in her heart because of viplav, but still she want to meet his girl and curious to know about her. They wait for long time, but dhaani doesn’t show up…..

Dhaani getting ready to go but she suddenly starts to collapses….her breathing is abnormal, she gets sweating too much and feels dizzy; she fully collapsed, she can’t take another step…..she recalls her past( F.B shown that dhaani and tharun goes to hospital because she falls sick frequently…so her father asks her to go to hospital with tharun. At hospital doctor maya checks dhaani, and do some test….dhaani waiting for her report outside, tharun make a excuse and leave the place for sometime….doctor maya calls dhaani inside….she goes inside and sit opposite to maya. Doctor asks how long you have been sick frequently. Dhaani says from few months…..maya hesitantly says dhaani prepare your mind for this, what I have to say to you it’s all depend on your mind and heart so be strong. Dhaani gets tensed and asks is anything serious…..maya says yes it is. Dhaani seems her tensely and hold her dress tightly….maya slowly says you are in primary stage of blood cancer (leukemia) (guys don’t scold me, it’s just imagination story na this word make all us scared na but take it lightly) ….dhaani gets shocked, tears are stagnant in her eyes like a well….her words were choked…..dhaani asks what? Doctor maya again confirms you having blood cancer. Dhaani remains silent tears were roll around her cheeks….. Maya tries to prepare dhaani by mentally, she says yes blood cancer is a serious issue but nowadays lot of treatment for there, so she asks dhaani don’t lost her hope. Dhaani condition is not enough to hear anything, she was totally collapsed, maya words doesn’t compromise her….dhaani doesn’t have any strength in her word; and she says it’s all lying and leave out with tears….maya looks on and she understands dhaani state…

Dhaani comes out…..she sees tharun in front of her with teary eyes. He hears everything what maya said to her earlier. He is speechless and looks on; dhaani runs out, tharun also follows her…. she starts cries loudly…..tharun is a teenage boy and he doesn’t have maturity to make her strong he sees her and cries with her….dhaani cries lot and says with teary, what should I do? Why it’s happening to me? and she think about her dad and says papa! If papa comes to know about these he can’t take this pain, what should I do and says I’m sorry papa! And she is weeping loudly…..later she cover up her all pain and decides at that time, that she don’t want to leave her papa behind in a pain. She doesn’t want to let know about her health to her papa. Dhaani wipes tharun tears and says don’t cry tharun, don’t cry for me; if you do I can’t go further, so smile at me every time that make me more strong. Then she take promise from tharun and says don’t say about my condition to my dad and your sister. He refuses to give a promise, but dhaani convinced him. They cried enough…dhaani made her mind strong enough to face her fate. (Flash back end)

In farm house Dhaani fully collapsed and her each steps break; at last she falls down and kneels in the floor….. at the same time (in delhi) her father works hard in construction site to make money to pay to debtors; that time he tripped the bricks from hand and break his legs arms, his coworkers see that and do first aid to him… ashock heart worries about dhaani …. he feels something that she is not okay! And he asks himself (inner voice) dhaani are you okay? Tears were fallout from his eyes In farm house dhaani saws god statue near to her and says I thought I have some time but it seems its very short….her breathing is not normal. She smiles hopeless and asks do you like me that much, why this much of Rush?

Dhaani phone rings……she attends the phone with her little strength, on phone viplav where are you? When will you get here? Dhaani asks with tired voice you can’t make it another time….viplav asks what? And says no; he says she should be there in 20 minutes and ends the call. Dhaani seems on; she endures her pain and refreshes her face with water. She gets some medicine and feels little better…..

At hotel viplav and keerthi look each other he says she will be in 5 minutes. Keerthi says it’s okay. viplav sees dhaani is come behind the keerthi side he show smiles on his face, keerthi sees that and turns back…..she saws dhaani comes near to them. Dhaani hiding her pain shows a big smile to them; she comes closer to them, she looks keerthi and says I’m dhaani and introduce as a viplav’s girl. Viplav and keerthi seems her…..dhaani looks viplav, he signs everything is going good, dhaani smiles…….

Keerthi gives party invitation card to dhaani and asks her to come to the party, dhaani looks on….viplav signs to dhaani don’t accept it.

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Awesome. talent you are ! Leaving us in suprise point…All the best..

    1. Oh jonah first comment is yours I am really happy and thank you my dear?

      1. And please don’t make Viplav cry and Dhaani die..Please make her to live…I can’t see viplav cry… 😉 😉 and please make the ff long..Don’t end the story fast…I am eager to read the next update..

      2. Yes Jonah I never apart vidhaani. first I thought about it but I really hate sad ending so I concluded it must be good ending….so don’t, worry Jonah next episode update soon.

  2. Episode was good but emotional one?…I wanted to scold ?u for making dhani a patient of deadly cancer but I have hope on u that u will not separate dhani & Viplav?. Am I right??? Waiting 4 next?

    1. You have all rights to scold me rajee, I expect more from you. Lol?yes I never apart our vidhaani and you know I am good at happy ending…..?

  3. It’s awesome.. Pls update as early as possible… Just eagerly waiting

    1. Sure maria thank u very much.?

  4. awesome episode …emotional but best …kaviya di ..your ff is best … 🙂

    1. Thank u bro. I am glad that you like your di ff and I am really love it that you call me didi. Its really feels good….???

  5. Kaviya today’s episode was very emotional but very awesome. I was shocked to know that dhaani is suffering from cancer but it’s imaginary story na so I don’t mind

    1. Yes Louella cancer is most scariest one in my thought but when this concept arise in my mind I’ m little bit scared that you guys are like it. But i relief now that you like it. And I searched about cancer in Google and read lot of real patient stories I was scared. But in medical filed they said blood cancer is curable in earlier stage so I take that concept without fear. And really thank you Louella keep reading and share your views.?

  6. Good job! Keep it up

  7. Kaviya u nailed it buh felt bad to know our heroine has cancer buh I know our hero will surely get her out of it.

    1. Thank you very much aish keep reading and keep commenting you all comments are more valuable to me.?

  8. kaviya, episode was superb, Dr. maya n dhani’s conversation was so scary..I read that with teary emotional na. next episode plz 🙂

    1. Sure nima I will update soon and thank you very much. Keep reading yar.?

  9. Amazing and u must try in films so that ur talents become popular.i think u r really inspired by films.such a mix of emotions.and both of ur stories,dhani is bold and awesome.i love ur dhani a lot than real dhani.while reading we can imagine each and every bit of the scene,and it brings a 1000w smiles to our face.thank u so much for this treat.and a sorry for late comment.i was very busy in studies,that’s why,and pls update next part soon.

    1. Yes saran I will update soon and studies is first so carry on your studies too. Yes your correct I inspired by lot of movies, that’s why I make my drama in that way its really cool na. IKRS is a first show I watched in Indian series first few episodes they rocks and they show different style of drama. I love that. ? its like a movie.

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