My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-4


Recap: dhaani and her father lost her sister piya at Mumbai railway station. 14 years later dhaani and her father(ashok) try hard to live their normal life but ashok debts make them peace less and run away from their place. In core dhanni health also miserable, in middle dhaani has chance to encounter viplav, she some what lies to him and try to make some money, but viplav found out her lies. keerthi came back to India from states and she try to propose to viplav but he lies that he has a girl friend and he turn out the situation horrific like that at hotel. Dhaani afraid of her debtors and runs in to the hotel, she hides in frozen room where meat were stored place, viplav also follows her and they have a huge argument there…later they get locked in that room.
The episode starts with viplav and dhaani parts away and determines never to see each other again. Viplav come near to the door, he try to open but he can’t and says what’s wrong with this? Why it’s not opening? (someone lock the door from outside and set a room temperature very low If they stay inside full night they will be die ) dhaani hear the noise and comes and looks on, and ask what’s wrong? Viplav seems her and they realized door was locked and, they look each other shockingly….

At the same time tharun bought dinner for dhaani and comes to the place where he stopped the truck…. he looks dhaani inside the truck and realized she is not there, and wonders where she is? And he search around for her but he can’t find her and he looks tensely….

In frozen room viplav gets lovely mad at dhaani and says because of you I’m stuck into the room. dhaani looks on….. She tries to opens the door and shouts to save her. viplav asks her shut her mouth let him think. Dhaani seems him…. he calls raj and say everything and asks him to save them. Raj asks endure some time he will be there soon. (Actually hotel was locked how raj would save them).

Keerthi reaches her residence and goes to her room…she lies on bed and cries about what viplav told earlier (I met someone who close to my heart, I am in love with her) and she feels heartbroken. She remember their childhood that viplav always stay with her side and used to fell asleep on her lap. And she thinks about those beautiful memories and cries lot…later she made her mind strong and get ready to face the pain of love. She wash up her face and make herself better.
Viplav and dhaani glare each other and sits on the floor….. Later dhaani stomach starts to sound because of hungry. Viplav seems her……she hugs her stomach and says why you always hungry? Don’t you see the didi condition? And she asks her stomach to Stop it. viplav seems that…..he smiles hopeless and says really you’re something. She look fiercely him, time is running they starts to feels chillness……dhaani says why I feels so cold? Viplav sees her shivering… our viplav warm hearted person na so he offer his jacket to her….dhaani looks him surprisingly and says I don’t need this. Viplav glares her and make her to wear. Dhaani stares him…… viplav asks her why you’re staring me like that. She “no” I just see you. He tells her “don’t do that it’s embarrassing me”. She hears that and asks what? What did you say? Viplav turns back …. Dhaani looks him murmurs herself. Another one hour is passes….. viplav tries to call raj but his phone not worked. They start shaking….

Viplav nose starts to running; dhaani sees that and smiles….. viplav seems her…she says your nose is running…. He starts to coughing and feels like catching cold. Dhaani sees that and return his jacket to him and you only need the coat, not me. he refuse to take back but dhaani make him wear, both were staring each other……she hold his hand and rub his hand and blows air in his hand to make his hand warm…..viplav sees her another side of dhaani, he stares her unknowingly….. dhaani sees that and tells why you staring me like that? It’s embarrassing me, what he told earlier. Viplav looks on….

Viplav asks her are you okay? dhaani says (lies) yes I’m okay, and I’m stronger girl and tells I am not like you (but she really not okay); they glaring each other….time is running they were freezing to death….finally raj makes hotel owner to open a hotel. They tensely open the room….. viplav and dhaani come out from the room shivering stage…raj asks viplav are you okay? He signs “yes”. They walked forward dhaani walks behind them she feels dizzy, suddenly she faints and falls down…..viplav hears the sound; he turns back and looks her, he calls her liar! He gets shocked and runs towards her…… viplav holds her in his arms and says what’s wrong? Did you hear me? And he checks her breath…viplav and raj take her to his farm house.
Tharun gets worries about dhaani and tries to call her but he can’t get the call. He asks himself where are you didi? And looks on.

In farm house, Viplav asks raj to go home and says he will take care of her. Later dhaani lies on sofa….. she has high fever, viplav put wet cloth in her forehead and tries to reduce her fever….. he seems her and recalls dhaani said at frozen room(Viplav asks her are you okay? dhaani says (lies) yes I’m okay, and I’m stronger girl and I am not like you) and he stares her and says liar! viplav take care of her throughout full night then he falls asleep little next to her…. Morning suddenly he wakes up and checks her fever; she still burning; viplav gets nervous…. Dhaani slightly get conscious….viplav looks that and asks did you hear me? She does not say anything. He says this won’t work? Let’s go to hospital. Dhaani says tired voice I’m not going to hospital. I will just stay here little more I will be okay. viplav forced her to go to hospital but she totally refused to go viplav looks on…..

Viplav rushes to get some medicine for her…. later he makes her take medicine. Then he asks her don’t you have place to contacts? Is there no one to come to and get you? she closed her eyes and doesn’t say anything, viplav looks on…. and again he put wet towel on her fore head and take care of her….

She falls asleep, tears where fallout from her eyes, viplav seems her tears….. While sleeping she calls her dad and says Papa! Its hurts too much….. Viplav hears that and says what’s point of calling for your papa? When you don’t have anyone. He wipes her tears and covers her with a blanket….

Later evening dhaani feels all better and wakes up. She looks for viplav, but he is not around here….dhaani touches her forehead and realized fever was gone. And she don’t have place to go, if viplav knows her condition is better, then he will be throw her out, so our cute dhaani pretends like she is not okay….she hears viplav noise and she falls again in sofa and pretends like sleeping…. Viplav comes and wake up her…. he asks her to eat something and give some porridge; she slightly opens her eyes and put a show…she says with tired voice “later” I’ll be eat later. Viplav looks on….

All of sudden keerthi calls viplav, his phones rings…. he attends the call hesitantly; she says she won’t to meet him. Viplav agrees… and end the call. He says to dhaani that he needs to go somewhere. She asks what? He asks her, think you will be okay with yourself? Dhaani signs “yes” and ask him to go. Viplav says I will be back and take his leave…..

On the other second dhaani open her eyes and she eat porridge in table and smiles. She hungry to death, so she eats happily….later she lies on sofa and thinks about her next plan….
In park viplav and keerthi meets together. She looks him and asks sorry for yesterday that she leaved suddenly. Viplav smiles and says it’s okay I forgive you. keerthi smiles…..she slowly says I want to meet her. viplav casually looks on….and asks who? She says she want to meets his girl friend. Viplav asks what? and looks shocked …..She asks is anything problem to meet her. viplav hesitantly says “no” but he want to say something but his words are choked in his tongue. Keerthi then let’s arrange for meeting with her girl friend. viplav signs “yes”. Then she leaves….viplav beats his head and feels tensed.

In viplav farm house again dhaani hungry….she starts to eat what seen in sight, apple, banana, chocolate and everything from the fridge she gets hiccups in the middle of eating. She looks for water…..mean time our viplav cars arrives the house…. she hears the car sound and put all ingredients in the fridge…. but she doesn’t properly done, then she back sofa and starts her acting…. Viplav comes in and looks her that she lies in sofa and about to go his room…our dhaani gets hiccups, Viplav looks on….she try to control and hold her breath, but she can’t and continuously hiccups .viplav sees messy at kitchen, and fridge….and smiles hopeless. Our dhaani again get caught by viplav ( he hee)

Viplav come close to her and hit sofa by his foot…dhaani opens her eyes slowly and says when did you get here? I am still feels dizzy I need more rest and put a show. viplav hears that and asks her to get up…she says “yes” and pretends like she can’t get up because she still ill. And coughs loudly…viplav leans close to her face, she is stunned…..viplav take some food from her mouth side and shows to her. dhaani looks on…. he glare her and asks her to put off the show. Dhaani wake up and looks on….viplav says better you clean up the kitchen now….

Dhaani starts to clean with half hearted, viplav sits in chair and orders her to bring water for him. dhaani asks what? Viplav glares her….then she give water for him and she call him viplav ji I am really in hard situation, if you forgive me, can you allow me to stay here for few more days? I will clean the house daily freely what do you say? Viplav seems her, she smiles innocently….
Viplav forcefully throws her out and close the door? Dhaani gets mad and shouts will the house rot if I stay few more days and she taunts viplav…..he suddenly opens the door….dhaani looks him and shows fake smile towards him; .he throws her luggage what she left that day, and close the door again…..she looks on and says what a inhumane person.

Viplav feels free after make her leave…..and sits peacefully in his room. Keerthi calls him and ask when they meet his girlfriend .viplav gets tensed and says he will tell later and hang up the call. He gets annoyed and calls raj; he says to him thanks to you because of your idea I am in trouble. Raj asks what happened? Viplav say everything and he don’t know how to solve it? Again our raj bhai give another master plan that he asks viplav to introduces someone as his girl friend? And that someone is most talent in lying to handle every situation. Then raj says find strong girl like that and end the call…. Viplav asks what? And taunts raj…..viplav gets irked and walks around the whole house….he thinks dhaani and remember her all lying ( that dhaani said I am se send by party organizer and my husband is hospitalizes and my children’s were starving and recalls earlier incident) and he conclude she will be perfect for the role then he rushes to search her…..

Our dhaani sadly walks on the street….she feels tired so get some water from the shop and fresh up her face; then she sits out of the shop and thinks where should she go? Viplav search everywhere …. Finally he sees her, dhaani looks surprisingly. Both wher looks each other…..viplav asks her to help him. Dhaani asks what? What help? Viplav asks her to “be my girl for one day”. Dhanni hears that and gets shocked, both were staring each other….

dhaani starts to collapse and flash back shown what doctor said to dhaani…

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Hey Sri your ff is just awesome, today’s episode was blockbuster as usual really there is a mix of everthing comedy, romance and also emotional too. I m quite inspired by your writing 🙂

    1. Thank you joyee, I am really happy that’s you like it. Keep reading my dear.

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  4. Sri,i hope i am the first one to commenting today.and as usual it was awesome yaar and one more thing,pls update ur ff as soon as possible as u updated My Princess around 7pm,i think tu is moderating too much.anyways i always wait for ur ff so continue it with longer episodes as My Girl is a Liar is already a superhit among IKRS fans and even among other fans.

    1. Oh,so i am not the first one.what happened was i typed the comment and slept but forgot to post the problem,will try next time.

      1. Yes saran my princess got posted without traffic around 7 pm but my girl is liar getting posted at night only. I think lot of ff posted at same time that’ s why review take too much of time any way I try to post soon. K and your comment always make me happy saran, keep smiling.?

  5. awesome yarr…… keep going

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  6. awesome tha ajka episode kaviya di ….nothing to say more …loved it ….

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  7. Lol..dhani is such a messy girl…naughty dhani…precap is sad…but story is going good.

    1. Thank u rajee. In upcoming episodes U can see viplav and dhaani naughtiness more. So keep reading and keep comment I always waiting for your lovely comment.?

  8. Fantabulous episode ….. Just loved it…Don’t end this story..Make it long as much as u can..I want to read your story daily … Alll the best …

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  10. sorry kaviya,for late comment. I was quite bg today 🙁
    bt yessssss! your ff was superb, fantastic. l love to read. like it. plz don’t say that u will soon end. I was quite hurt 🙁 keep writing as much as u can

    1. No need to sorry nima and thank u for your support nima and I never hurt you again I will continue my work as much I can and keep entertain you so don’t be hurt my dear.? keep smiling….?

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