My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-3


The episode start with Viplav farm house, he comes inside the bedroom and remove his jacket. And get ready to sleep….he switched off lights and lies down on bed. Under the cot our naughty dhaani frightened about to death, after some time dhaani comes out slowly…. she close to him and sees his sleeping and shows relief sign in her face. Dhaani about to leave…. But viplav suddenly holds her hand. Dhaani is stunned and looks on….

Dhaani tries to leave but viplav holds her hand tightly and asks who are you? She doesn’t say anything, viplav switched on light…..dhaani turns back and looks him, viplav gets shocked …….and asks you? What are you doing here? Dhaani smiles and tells hello viplav ji, I think I have been forgot my things here so I came here to search for that, but it seems it’s not here; viplav looks on… she asks sorry to him for causing trouble at late night then she tells take rest well and I take my leave and about to leave but viplav smiles and says do you think I’m a fool? She turns back and asks what? Viplav signs her to look luggage in his room, Dhaani looks on….. He says when I entered the house I found out something was messy I have been waited to catch you. dhaani hears that seems him hesitantly. Both were staring each other….

Dhaani folds her hand and starts to say with high speed, that I am sorry; I was wrong so please forgive me this time. I never do this again I am explain everything to you I am doing this because I have lot of debt, so I chased being by the hooligans; I’ve no money and nowhere to go, this is the only place I can think of, so I’ve used to stay here for only one night. Viplav hears everything and seems her…he take his foot forward to her, dhaani walks backward….. Finally she stopped by wall. Viplav leans to her and says again do you think I’m a fool? Dhaani says “no” I’m really saying truth only; if I’m ever caught by them I may be sold off to some islands and she pretends like crying. Viplav looks on… and says then police station should be very safe, the hooligans can’t do anything in anyway, then he about to call police station…. Dhaani gets shocked and looks on….she gives money to him what he gave yesterday and asks him to leave her this time, viplav looks on…..

She about to leave….. Suddenly dhaani mobile rings. Dhaani stopped walking and looks on…. and thinks (inner voice) I have only one mobile I really need that. viplav see the mobile and remember dhaani said yesterday (that she says with fake tears we don’t have money to have a next meal how could we have that type of accessories (phone), we don’t have any communication facility) viplav smiles hopeless and he found out everything was lies. Then he takes her phone, dhaaani asks him to give that, he refuse to give …..she try hard to get her phone from him, but he holds the phone above highly, dhaani can’t get that, both are fighting each other; they lose their balance and falls down in the bed, they stares each other…. but dhaani bite his hand and gets her phone; she about to leave…. viplav shouted aahh….she turns back and says Oops I’m sorry “I am really really sorry”, then she runs away out, viplav control his pain and try to chases her….but she really fast and she hides some place. Viplav stops running and looks for her but he can’t see her around and says too little but ran fast, and he looks on. Then he leaves….. dhaani sees his leaving and show relief signs in her face.

Viplav back to his house and sees dhaani luggage…. He gets annoyed and hit them by his foot. And he says next time when I caught you, you’re dead.

Dhaani walks slowly on the street and says herself where should I go? Then she calls tharun, she said everything to him and asks him to come, he agrees to come. She stands at the street and wait for him, dogs were barking, she gets scared and calls her papa! And says it’s really hard to lead a peaceful life. She thinks how her father doing? And get worry about him….

Tharun comes to the place they ride on his old truck….. dhaani sit next to him and says” no money” “nowhere to go” dhaani life is so pathetic. Tharun looks on…and says didi don’t lose your hope be strong. Dhaani sees him and smiles…. She stayed full night out and slept at his truck….
Next morning viplav go to his house, in his house his friends raj and punkaj just wakes up. Viplav knocks the door, raj opens the door….. viplav beats his head and says do you remember? What happened last night? Raj remembers and says sorry to him and says we are fully dazed. Viplav glare him…and goes inside. Raj checks his mobile and saw so many calls from keerthi, he wonders why she calls me and about to call her but viplav stopped him and says don’t call her. Raj asks why? He tells everything that keerthi has love with him and he says I can’t imagine her as my love. Raj asks him, then why you couldn’t say that directly to her.

viplav says since from childhood I’m grown up with her I never hurt her, I am afraid if I reject her, she will be hurt, and I don’t think she take it easily. Raj says then how long you avoid her. viplav looks on….and asks him to give a idea. Raj says you don’t want reject her na? viplav signs “yes” . Raj seems him and tells, then say to her “that you have already girl friend” before she propose to you. viplav gets mad….and asks him what nonsense you are talking. Raj says yes this is a only way, if you say like that keerthi not think as she was dumped by you, but think as she was late. Viplav looks on….. and says I don’t think I can do it, then he goes upstairs. Raj looks on…..

Later keerthi calls viplav and asks him to meet her at hotel at 9 p.m. viplav agrees and looks on…..

Night while driving, dhaani and tharun think about debt collectors and how to make money to settle them. They decide to get some job, tharun says later we think about that now let’s go and eat something and he stop the truck in front of one shop; he asks her to wait and says he will buy something for her to eat, she signs “yes”. Tharun leaves…..

At the same time in hotel keerthi wait for viplav; finally he arrives. She smiles towards him….viplav hesitantly comes and sits near to her, they speechless for a movement. Keerthi blushes and try to propose him but her words are choked….finally she gets some strength and about to propose him, but viplav tells I want speak something important to you. She looks surprisingly and asks what? Viplav don’t want to say this but remember raj words at the movement and take wrong resolution ( raj said was if you say like that keerthi not think as she was dumped but think as she was late) keerthi again asks what? He says hesitantly that I have been meet someone who close to my heart, I am in love with her. she gets shocked and about to cry her hands were shaking…. Then she smiles and asks whom? I just meet her few days before she is very cute. ( our viplav unknowingly play with her feelings oh god) she hears that and stunned…she shows fake smiles….her heart aches so much she can’t any take anymore. Viplav was more scared….. her tears were filled in her eyes like a well. She tells to him let’s meet tomorrow I have some important work, and leaves tensely….viplav seems her hopeless, and feels he did a big mistake…. He sits and thinks about that…

Keerthi go out and thinks about his words and cries loudly….. Everyone from outside seems her; she looks that and leaves the place….
Dhaani gets off from the truck and seems outside, she saws hooligans who chased her before, she gets shocked, and runs in to the hotel inside were viplav being ….. Viplav upset and thinks about keerthi….he sees dhaani that she tensely running inside, he saw that and calls her oh that liar!and says today you’re dead and starts to follows her….. dhaani enters to the one frozen room where meat are preserved. Viplav also enter to that room but they don’t see each other inside. Dhaani hears some noise and thinks that thugs were following her….she holds metal rod and ready to beat them. Viplav looking for her, dhaani stands behind him and about to beat him; but he turns back and sees her. she gets shocked and asks you? viplav says yes its “me”. Both are looking each other………

In frozen room, viplav asks yah are you trying to fun of me? Dhaani asks what? And says slowly if you calm down I’ll explain everything to you. he asks what? What explanation you have? Oh that your husband was hospitalized and you’re children’s were starving to death na. dhaani looks on….. ”yes” I had to made a story because my situation likes that, but I already pay back for you? It couldn’t that solve everything? Viplav asks solve? What solve? You fooled me, and you’re shameless liar …dhaani hears that and asks what? Watch what you’re saying. Viplav says you’re the one who lied and ripped people off and just you telling me to watch what I’m saying; you really make fun of me…. Dhaani gets mad and looks on…. she asks why you are talking like (impolite manner) this to me? , she asks him to don’t speak like that? He says “yes” I am talking like that, what if I do? What can you to do me? She says then I am going to do the same to you too viplav. She calls his name viplav. He gets mad and looks on…

and he raise his hand to beat her head but not a serious way just he want show his strength but our dhaani found out, she says oh I’m scared, you’re so shallow. They looking each other…. dhanni close to him and says fine hit me! hit me! viplav looks on and moves backward….and he says If I’m talking to you like these , I’m the one who shameless person. dhaani seems him angryly, viplav rushes to leave….they parts away and determines never to see each other again.
Viplav come near to the door, he try to open but he can’t and says what’s wrong? Why it’s not opening? (someone lock the door from outside and set a room temperature very low If they stay inside full they will be die ) dhaani hear the noise and comes and looks on, and ask what’s wrong? Viplav seems her and they realized door was locked and, they look each other shockingly….losing mind song plays…

Viplav calls raj and ask him to get them out…. tharun search for dhaani, later keerthi calls viplav and says she want to see him.

If you want read intro and priveous episode of my girl is a liar, visits this link

My comment:
Viplav only intention is not hurt keerthi feeling by rejecting but he hurt her in other way….he realized or not but he feels bad inside. Dhaani and viplav start their lovely fight. They part away and thinks never see each again but MR. Fate thinks differently that’s why they locked together. Over all episode was not bad. so please leave your lovely comments friends.
Next episode will be update on Monday (tomorrow)

Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Well done kaviya, this is awesome buh pls make it longer as I ever wanted it to end. Keep it up

    1. Thank you aish and sure i will make it long next time. Keep reading.?

  2. awesome re kaviya di …..keep it up …. kaviya di a new ff also come by maria is also a different from real ikrs …so two ff with new concept ….kaviya di make your ff win 😛 …

    hahahaha …..just kidding …..kaviya di great episode ….keep going ….

    1. Yes avijit all ikrs ff is roking so i have to work hard for my best so i will try my best. New ff i didn’t read after read that i share my comments there you like it means sounds interesting. Any way thank you my little bro.?

  3. KAVIYA, awesome episode….superb….fir se kahani mein dub gaye… 🙂
    1st scene Vidhani k cute fight bahoooot enjoy kiya 🙂

    1. Thank u nima. Me too love first and last scene ?Keep reading and keep supporting.?

  4. Hit e hit super hit. Full of excitement. Loving this new version of vidhani immensely. Keep entertaining!

    1. Thank you rajee for your nice words. I really love your comments.and sure I try my best to entertaining all. Keep reading?

  5. Friends next episode will be update tomorrow (Tuesday). thank you!

  6. Sri,sorry for the late reply,actually i read it ystdy itself but was tired and only i realized that i didn’t i became a little late.

  7. It was awesome kaviya,whenever i types to comment i feel like what to comment everyday,as usual today is also awesome,then what to comment.still i decides to comment as i want to share my level of enjoyment with u.yes sri,our dhani is rocking as a lier and viplav as usual awesome and smart and only despair,next part will get read only after this night.i am ready to wait for it as that waiting is also an enjoyment.

  8. no need sorry saran you always welcome, lovey comment. next episode update tomorrow. today i am too lazy i don’t know why? my health also not feeling well, too much of sweating may because of chennai heat, so i decided to update tomorrow. and i saw your picture also you have a beautiful and innocent smile so keep smiling…..god bless you my dear.

  9. Awesome yaar..Going on superbly…All the best

    1. Thank you Jonah.?

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