My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-21 last epi

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Final episode starts with, Two sisters are wheeled to operating theater, viplav ashok and tharun follows them…..while keerthi aka piya holding dhaani hands tightly…… childhood F.B shown that piya holds dhaani hands tightly at railway station….. They stopped in front of operation theater at the same time viplav holds dhaani hands and leans closer to her….. he asks with teary eyes did you hear me dhaani? and says I know you hear me, then he tells slowly dhaani you promised me, that you come back to me, don’t forget that hmmm. Then he looks piya (keerthi), she signs everything will be fine soon, viplav seems that and nodes…..ashok wraps his two daughters hands with teary eyes and says everything will be fine and give strength to piya, she nodes to her papa……then piya looks dhaani and says (inner voice) this time I never leave your hands, so hold on dhaani, your sister piya came to save you, hold on dhaani! Tears were fallout from piya eyes….then again they wheeled to surgery, piya aka keerthi holding dhaani hands until they’re take to different operating rooms…..

Later in separate operating room, piya’s bone marrow successfully removed from her hip side by some other doctors……That is going to transplant to dhaani by Dr. arjun and maya, they starts to remove dhaani unhealthy bone marrow and finally its removed, in the middle of surgery, dhaani pulse was starts to reducing because of bleeding…… Dr. maya seems that and recalls two years back incident and her hands starts to shake, that makes her tensed……Dr. arjun seems that and holds her hand slowly…….he signs to don’t panic, and asks her to focus…..maya seems that and releases her pressure, and take a deep breath ….then they try very hard to make dhaani pulse stable by stop bleeding…..after they clear bone marrow space through ablative therapy (chemotherapy) and finally they transplant piya’s bone marrow……then piya’s bone marrow successfully transferred to dhaani…… In operating theater everyone shows sign relief, Dr. maya and arjun looks each other…….
Later dhaani and piya changed to rooms….. piya opens eyes first and seems everyone, viplav and ashok signs surgery was successful…. .Piya seems that and gets relieved……but still dhaani doesn’t wake up, doctors were monitoring her continuously and they discover dhaani isn’t breathing and rush over to her…..viplav, ashok and tharun seems that and gets tensed and scared….. maya seems that and asks arjun why she can’t breathe…..arjun says dhaani may suffer by internal bleeding and her blood isn’t able to clot normally….maya seems on shockingly….some other doctor advices let’s operate again and stop internal bleeding, but maya says “no” if we operate again, she might die and her strength is not enough for one more surgery….arjun hears that and says “yes” doctor maya said correctly, we can’t operate again so let’s wait for natural clotting……
Time is running but dhaani won’t wake up…..viplav and ashok everyone under shock, piya doesn’t aware of this, she thinks everything is going good…..

Next morning viplav shouts outside of dhaani’s room and he want to see dhaani once and pleads everyone to allow him inside, that he can’t control himself, time is running na so he scared and he want to see her and fight with everyone like a crazy man……Dr. arjun seems that and asks them to allow him in…..Dr. maya hears that what? are you out of your mind? She still in dangerous condition, you allow him in, if she get infection means situation worse than before…. Arjun seems her and smiles…..maya seems that and gets irritated and says this is why I hate you and leaves the place….

Later viplav enters the room with mask because of infection alert and holds dhaani’s hand and stares her with teary eyes…..that time he says something to her by inner voice (that will be shown later) that moment Dr. arjun seeing them from outside and narrates, my dear maya! in world lot of things beyond than man’s power, in that way viplav eternal love for dhaani, is the only way dhaani come back to her life….if dhaani find out the reason why she have to back, then all things were come back to normal, in our medical slang we call as “miracle”, that miracles only happen by love, we tried our best to her now I were trust their love……and now I am waiting for that miracle…… like that arjun narrates and looks on……

Viplav continuously stares her with teary eyes…….that time dhaani starts to dreaming, in dream dhaani and abi (small girl who dead earlier) playing together in the meadow ( that place is very beautiful like a heaven), they wears white gown, its look two angels playing together… middle of playing some voice calling dhaani! dhaani! she turns back and looks on who’s calling her… the fraction of second abi disappear from field, dhaani seems that and looking for abi….. but she is not there, then dhaani looks miserable…..all of sudden abi calls dhaani from behind, dhaani turns back and smiles……abi also smiles towards her and says slowly didi this is a time to go back, and asks her to go. dhaani hears that and looks on…..abi smiles and bids goodbye to dhaani and slowly disappear from her sight, dhaani looks on…..

Next morning dhaani fingers shows slightest movement of life, then she slowly opens her eyes….. when she opens her eyes and seen first person is our viplav, he lay his head on her bead and sleeping, dhaani seems that and smiles with her little strength …..viplav wakes up slowly and seems dhaani (that she opens her eyes) and gets happy, tears were fallout from their eyes and staring each other smilingly.……no words to express their felling, viplav wraps her hand slowly and tells I missed you dhaani! She hears that and nodes…. All doctors are seems that from next room and everyone is astounded by dhaani’s miraculous return…..Dr. maya seems that and smiles with teary eyes……arjun seems that and get happy and looks maya, she turns back and seems him with teary eyes……then maya hugs him tightly and says I’m sorry arjun, “I was wrong”, arjun smiles and hugs her tightly and says it’s okay…… while maya tells I know that day, why I lost that patient, it’s not because of you, it’s because of me, that day I am scared and lost my hope, that’s why I lost that child…..arjun hears that and says I know that too and smiles, then maya hears that and smiles…..she tells thank you for “being my side arjun”, their two years gap break down by our cute vidhaani….

Ashok and tharun seems dhaani with teary eyes through glass surrounding…..she turns slowly and seems them with teary eyes….ashok feels relived and goes to piya’s room and says dhaani regained her conscious….she hears that and smiles with teary eyes…..
After dhaani get some recovery, she wears’ monkey cap, because of her treatment (chemotherapy) she got removed her hair don’t be shock guys and just take it easy everything will be fine soon…..dhaani lies on her bed. (She still in hospital, she must hospitalize for 3 months to full recovery) Viplav and ashok comes inside her room…..viplav asks her don’t you want see you donor, dhaani signs “yes” I want to see, viplav hears that and smiles and shouts come in! keerthi opens the door and comes inside, dhaani seems her and smiles……And says keerthi! Viplav smiles and says keerthi nagi piya! Dhaani hears that and stunned and asks what? and looks her papa, he signs “yes” and said everything…….. then dhaani looks piya and smiles with teary eyes…..and calls di! After heard that words piya recalls their childhood (that dhaani calls her didi) and smiles towards her and breaks down her tears……everyone leaves their alone, and goes out, two sisters share their tearful hugs…..

Later they sits together and starts two share their life memories, what they lost past 14 years, dhaani holds piya hands and says sorry di, if I could not cried that day, we couldn’t separate that day…..piya smiles and tells why you think like that? if you couldn’t cried for balloon….. . may I would lost one beautiful family, if you couldn’t, then I wouldn’t see viplav, and I can’t get his friendship and some affection…..dhaani hears that and understands her love for viplav……then she smiles with teary eyes and says I’m sorry di, I always owned your happiness. piya hears that and smiles.….and tells I really happy to give my happiness to my dhaani, now we dividing our happiness ( bone marrow) into two halves, you know if it’s divided into two, its gets bigger right? Dhaani hears that and smiles and nodes, then she hugs piya with teary eyes……and rubs her back and says thank you di for everything. keerthi hears that and smiles……two sisters share their precious moments like that.
6 months later……
Now dhaani completely alright, now she is not a cancer patient, she is viplav’s girl (lovely liar), at this moment viplav and dhaani in airport to send off piya aka keerthi, let’s see what happening…….

Dhaani asks keerthi why you can’t stay with us? Keerthi smiles and says I want to forget something, that mean time I want to be alone then she looks viplav……he stands just few meter distance from them and asks something about keerthi travelling, dhaani seems that and understands that she talked about viplav, then she looks keerthi miserable….. keerthi seems dhaani and holds her hand and tells stay healthy uhmm. Dhaani nodes with teary eyes….. keerthi shows smiles in her face and says take care of papa too. dhaani again nodes, they looks each other smiling with teary eyes……

Then viplav goes to them, and give some papers to keerthi and says “safe journey keerthi”. She smiles innocently and gets the papers from him……viplav seems that and hugs her and says I am going to miss my best friend, keerthi hears that and smiles…..then viplav says take care and come back soon, keerthi nodes with teary eyes….. dhaani seems them and smiles, then viplav let her free….. keerthi wraps his hands and says still it’s warm, viplav hears that and smiles towards her….. Then keerthi place their engagement ring in his hand. Viplav seems that and looks on, they staring each other smilingly……at last keerthi hugs dhaani with teary eyes and tells live well, take care, dhaani nodes yes, after that keerthi about to go inside to boarding section, then she turns back with smiling face and bids good bye to vidhaani, they too say good bye to her with smile….then she goes inside….dhaani staring keerthi leaving with tearful eyes….
Viplav looks that and tries to make dhaani cheerful, so he start to tease her…..he calls dhaani! she seems on….he asks keerthi is really your sister? Dhaani hears that and asks what? viplav says” no” you two looks too different I mean you always lying, keerthi always speak truth only and she is calm and nice girl, that’s why I am asking this, it’s really make me restless and asks her to clear his doubt….dhaani smiles hopeless and says now you call me again liar! Viplav signs “yes” is anything wrong you’re my liar na? and smiles towards her……dhaani again asks what? viplav smiles and says you’re my lovely liar! na? She hears that smiles, viplav smiles towards her and hugs her, they forget about everything and hugs together in the middle of the airport…. Everyone looks them, vidhaani give a broad smiles in their face…..

Overall story was end but it’s not correct end na you guys want to see how they are doing na, let’s go and check out….
Let’s go overseas without travelling friends, yes let’s shift our eyes to America I think you guys already shifted na? ok let’s search for keerthi okay……hey! hey! I found keerthi she is now in restaurant and have coffee but someone eyes fully focus on her…..who is that person? I can’t find him, who is that? any guess oh keerthi moves on what she had coffee very fast? omo that person also follows her…..let’s directly ask to that person who are you pa ok….hello Boss! Boss! Wow he responds our calling and turns back to us……let’s ask him directly ok
Hello bro what’s your name?
My name is Kevin
Oh good name but why you following keerthi?

I am in love with her, so I am going to propose today
Oh that’s great which things make you fall for her?
She is simple and calm girl that one thing made me crazy for her
Nalla soninga boss but its looks very tough, you can do that?
Yes I can, I definitely make her fall for me
Oh bro that’s too great all the best! ok
Thank u guys and bye meet u soon in India
Yes boss, we are waiting for you and keerthi, take care and have fun
Guys let’s hope Kevin give some happiness in keerthi life, I hope u enjoy foreign location na
Okay now let’s shift our eyes again to our incredible India, now let’s check out how Dr. arjun and maya doing…… wow its seems now they are married couple wow that’s a great and sweet news, they comes work together and get off together, it’s really nice to see and now they are the hospital favorite couple doctors.
All the best sir and mam and thank u for saving our dhaani
Oh so sweet of u guys it’s our duty and thank you!
Guys they really nice couple na and they doing great, me happy annachi, you guys happy na? LoL lets come out from hospital okay….
Ok now we are in out, what next? omo someone is running fast in the middle of the road….. who is that? oh it seems dhaani’s father (ashok) oh god some guys are try to chase him…..who they are? Omg that old loan sharks (thugs) who chased dhaani and ashok earlier, what? Again dhaani’s father owed money from them….. I think owing money is his family diseases…. let’s see where he is going….
Let’s go to the story okay…..

Dhaani’s father runs into the market, now where dhaani is busy in buying vegetables and other things, thugs also follows him…… oh god finally ashok found out dhaani and goes to her tensely, dhaani looks on shockingly……and asks papa what? ashok seems her and asks her to run! Run! Dhaani, she asks why? he replies thugs were chasing me, dhaani asks what papa you again owed money from them? Ashok signs “yes” dhaani hears that and shocked, they she asks really why you’re like this papa? Ashok looks on….hooligans enters to the market and seems dhaani and her father, dhaani seems that and asks her dad to run, they start to run…….
While running dhaani says papa! Really you’re something…..ashok hears that and says “I am sorry dhaani” then he tells papa going to hide somewhere for few days. dhaani asks what? Then what about me? He replies you go to viplav okay ( harray wah what a good dad) dhaani asks what? viplav! ashok says “yes” and he changed the way of running……dhaani looks that and asks papa where are you going? And shouts stop running papa! But ashok keep running and shouts take care! papa will back soon okay, dhaani looks on….at the same time thugs come very close to her, she again starts to run…..
On the way someone stands in front of women’s college with rose and greeting card and dress up like hero with sun glass, who is that? wait a mint… truck is standing beside him, omg I found out its our tharun, oh god he really grown up well……but what he trying to in front of women’s college…..oh I got it! he is waiting for someone really special to him…..but I think in that way dhaani is coming, what he is going to do? Let’s see okay

Dhaani keep running and comes in front of women’s college and seems tharun stands with rose and greeting…..she smiles hopeless and goes near to him and beat his head, tharun shouts ahha and looks on….dhaani asks what are you doing here? how many times I am telling to you, don’t run behind the girls Hhmm. Tharun hears that and says why I can’t, I am not a small boy, now I became a man: then he asks how many times I telling you, don’t treat me like a small boy. Dhaani hears that and ask what? tharun seems her and tells if I can’t then you too stop run behind viplav, dhaani hears that and smiles hopeless…..yah watch what you saying? They looks each other glaringly……that time thugs come to that place too and looks them…..dhaani seems that and asks tharun to start the truck first, we talked about that later…..tharun ask but why? but dhaani force him to start his truck…..thugs about to come closer to them, but our dhaani escaped with tharun by his truck……she looks that thugs from truck window and bids Bye! Bye! With smiling face, they seem that and gets irked and looks on……dhaani shows relief sign in her face.
While driving, dhaani twist tharun’s ear and asks what you said earlier? He shouts ahhh di! di! She imitates the dialogue like him “stop run behind viplav” when I am run behind him, he only always run behind me do you know that? tharun says I am sorry! Sorry! leave me di. dhaani hears that and leaves him…..he asks but what happened earlier why you rushed me before, dhaani explains tharun that what happened earlier (that hooligans matter)…..he hears that why you’re father is like that? I can’t understand him…… dhaani says he always like that, tharun asks then where are you going to stay? She smiles and says my home (viplav house). tharun hears that and he can’t get it clear and asks what? dhaani seems him and again tells my viplav house, he put sudden break and on looks on….. and asks babuji gave permission to that, dhaani signs and smiles ….

At the same time in our viplav residence (where they used live before), he lies on couch and looks his mobile and waiting for dhaani call or message for long time…..then he say himself no use viplav she totally forget about you and you’re one who going to crazy and throw his phone.…..and he goes to kitchen and starts to do dishes half heartily, that time someone rang the calling bell…..he asks tired voice who is that? That someone starts to rings the bell continuously…….viplav hears that and shouts who is that? and goes to opens the door…….he opens the door and sees dhaani with her luggage in front of him, he get surprised and happy too……
viplav calls dhaani! With smiling face, and hugs her, then he says I missed you dhaani, she hears that and smiles and says me too missed you viplav…….then she says I am going to stay here for few days, viplav hear that and get double kushi and hugs her tightly…..dhaani tell the reason too why she came to stay here (that her father debt and hooligans and ashok give permission to stay with him), viplav hears that and says father in law(in tamil mama) you’re too great, and he refuse to leave dhaani and hugs tightly…..but dhaani makes him leave and looks on and says it’s enough……viplav hears that and says okay, next time make it longer, dhaani hears that and smiles……both were staring each other with lots of love.
And yes little time they spend time lovely without fight…..but evening they as usual starts to fight, its obliviously we can’t too anything about that….

Dhaani as usual lies on bed and watching drama, with lots of snacks……while her laughing make all person get irked……viplav comes and looks that and asks what are you doing? She asks don’t you see me I am watching drama and laughed. Viplav hears that cool himself and asks her to cook something for dinner, she says why I should, you’re cooking is better than me so you cook okay? and continues her drama…..viplav get irked and switched of the TV and asks her to do something to eat, dhaani seems that and get mad and says I won’t…… he again tells dhaani slowly better you would cook something or you should clean the house twice, what do you say? Dhaani smiles hopeless and asks what? viplav leans closer to her and says we know each other personality very well na and smiles……like that they starts house war……later dhaani make dinner for him and clean the house doing dishes, like that she starts her routine work…..
At the same time viplav hearing music with head phone and dance around the whole house….. dhaani seems that and smiles hopeless and goes to him….she asks what a inhumane person you are? Viplav can’t get that because he wear head set na, then he asks what? and keep doing dance…..dhaani get irked and removed his head set and shouts you’re bad and true jerk viplav! he hears that and looks on shockingly…..they glare each other for a moment after that they can’t control their laugh so they burst out laughed…..then viplav smiles yes I am you’re “bad lovely boy” and you are “my lovely liar”, let’s have a mutual understanding okay! Dhaani nodes yes and they starts to dance, not romantic dance, just kuchi ka dance with mob stick……

Later night dhaani finished her all work and get ready to go bed, then she goes to her room and get shocked….because viplav lies in her room. Dhaani goes near to him and asks what are you doing in my room? Viplav hears that don’t you see I am sleeping. Dhaani hears that and asks him to go and sleep your room. But viplav were doesn’t listen her and keep lies on bed. Dhaani seems that and try to pull his hand to wake up him, but viplav pull her towards to him….. she falls on his chest and looks on, they staring each other….. Then viplav hugs her and says stop annoying me, let’s sleep together. Dhaani hears that and asks what? and looks tensed…..then she makes her free from him and asks are you crazy? Viplav hears that and asks what? dhaani seems him and says “no” then I will sleep in your room and you can sleep in my room okay? Then she takes her billow and about to go out…..but viplav runs towards her and blocked her way and asks where are you going? dhaani seems that and asks now what? Then viplav thinks and says okay let’s sleep in my room and grabs her hand…. Dhaani hears that and let her hand go and then she asks him to stop his childish act…..viplav smiles hopeless and asks what childish act? And says ok let’s act like an adult and starts to unbuttons his shirt (he just playing with her), dhaani seems that and asks yah what are you doing now? Viplav asks what don’t you see me and move close to her…..dhaani seems that and tells stay away and don’t get closer to me and she walk backwards……viplav asks why we are lovers na is anything wrong? And he moves closer…. Dhaani stops him by billow and warns him and says we are not married yet viplav…..viplav replies we no need that dhaani! and walks forward but dhaani push him out by billow and locked the door…..then she looks tensed and asks what’s wrong with him? What possess him? and wonders…..outside viplav laughed himself, because he made fun of dhaani……inside dhaani tells why hot inside and take some water….

Viplav stands outside and says, you don’t want then I can’t do anything, I am gonna sleep, have a sweet dreams uhhhm and makes sounds like he leaves but he still stands outside. Dhaani hears that and want to confirm that he leaves or not, so she slightly opens the door and looks outside, our viplav pull her out and corner to wall and stares her lovely……viplav seems her and says liar! Dhaani asks what? he smiles and says your lips only say stay away but your eyes says to me come closer viplav! dhaani replies “no” and asks but viplav why you act weirdly? Viplav asks what weird? then he leans closer to her and about to kiss her….. but dhaani kicks his leg hardly…..viplav shouts ahhhha and says its hurting? Dhaani looks him and says omg its hurting that much, I am sorry viplav and laughed….then she says don’t try to mess with me got it? viplav hears that and says I’m just played around with you….dhaani hears that and asks what type of childish playing this? and says stop annoying me and about to go bed. Viplav grabs her hands and says let’s go for walk….. dhaani asks what walk? This time? viplav signs yes and says just two of us, she hears that and remembers that day (she asked the same thing when she is in critical condition) then dhaani smiles and says let’s go, they staring each other and smiles….

Moon brightly show up and streets lights too brighten the road….Vidhaani holding hands together and starts to walk slowly, while they stare each other and smiles…..dhaani seems viplav and says (inner voice) I know that day in my dream, I was heard some voice, that voice is yours, I am still remember that viplav…..F.B shown at hospital she doesn’t wake up after her surgery, when dhaani dreaming, she plays with abi, that time dhaani hears some voice that time viplav holds dhaani hands and asks slowly (inner voice) dhaani are you dreaming? And he tells slowly, it seems you must be in good dreams that’s why you won’t wake up, but this is a time to come back dhaani; so come back to my side uhmm and you promised me you would come back for me, you can’t forget that, tears were fallout from his eyes and he asks her to come back dhaani! come back dhaani! That time dhaani heard his voice and realized, why she have to go back (what arjun said) so she come back to her life for her love (viplav)…..F.B ends
Then dhaani seems viplav and narrates (inner voice) that day I again found out my love is not lie, thank for being my side viplav. at the same time viplav seems dhaani and narrates ( inner voice) now I can understand why dhaani lied under her hard situation….she lied because of she want to protect her loving person from pain, at last I realized lying is not bad thing, that is a one way to used by people to protect someone special……when dhaani under dying condition, she came back for my love, that day I realized my love is not lie, thank you dhaani for come back my side. Then vidhani looks each other and smiles…..

Then vidhaani narrates (inner voice) together after “we saw abi death” after “we saw cancer treatment”, because of those painful days we realized what really life is…. Life is full of uncertainty where no one can predict the outcome. It requires a leap of faith and love to go on…….. so we starts to live today as if it’s precious and our best, we decided to face all our hard time together with lots of love……they narrates like that and smiles at each other
They still walk together by holding hands viplav pull dhaani as close to him but dhaani blushes and let her free and runs forward….but viplav stands under one bright street light and stares her, dhaani turns back and seems him….
Viplav: signs dhaani to come!
Dhaani: nodes “no”
Viplav : stares her with lots of love…..
Dhaani : slowly moves close to him
Viplav again pull her as he and they stares each other smilingly with lots of love
Viplav: love you dhaani!
Dhaani: love you viplav!
Then vidhaani share their kiss under moon light, that brighten the whole place….scene freeze like that
Happy ending!!!

I hope you guys are like it and somewhat I was touched blood cancer patient pain and treatment but in real life they struggle lot and their pain immeasurable. In my drama I was easily saved dhaani but in real life I really don’t know, how it is possible…above Dr. arjun said like “miracle” I wish that miracle would happen in their life too….
And guys please share your views and my two ff “my princess” and “my girl is a liar” which one is better please share that too…. I wish silent readers also do comment. Once again thank you for your all support, I try to come back, until then bye from pethu sri take care! Have fun! Love you all! Keep smiling and spread love…..

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  1. You r amazing…both ff are super…ennaku original ikrs va vida etha ff read panrathu romba pidichu eruku….u r writing skill is too good….keep writing….

  2. Awesome yaar Kaviya you are such a good writer, may god bless you, I will pray that you have a bright future and please give me some writing tips

  3. Akka…what a lovable episode…Both ff are best…but I prefer My girl is a liar…And akka…pleas return with another ff…which will make is even more crazy for our ViDhaani…and make us cry even more…LOL..and I wish you all the very best and a happy life till you return with another ff…because afterwards we can say know…;) and I just loved your narrating especially Keerthi and Kevin , Maya and Arjun and especially our ViDhaani. ..The dialogue…Father in law (mama)you are too great…I felt as though It was created only for him..and I can bring Mishal while reading this dialogue. …Last but not least thank you for saving Dhaani and Abi-Dhaani-Viplav scenes especially the heaven scene and ViDhaani narrating what happened on operating theatre in their mind voice was good….And totally you made us cry, smile with our ViDhaani. ..I wish you happy ajd great days ahead akka…take care well..hope you will not forget me and return with a great ff

    1. @ sola i hope u enjoyed full story and thank u very much for sharing this, remba nantri, god bless you my dear….
      @joyee i already said at episode 19 that was my tips first write in your mind your full plot then you start to write, that’s all my dear, more than no tips in my hand and you’re superb writer, i have no doubt on that, and you need some new ideas to give interesting track so search ideas first and convey your story in different ways….i hope you definitely rock! okay all the best and have a great life….
      @ jonah my dear sisiy i really love you my dear, through your comment i found out how much you love my ff and me…..i am really glad to have a sister like you. and no doubt i never forgot u, how can u say that, no way my dear, in my heart you are always there…..and now you’re in 12th so study well and enjoy your school days too . all the best for your studies…..keep touch in fb okay. nee enna maranthuramatiya….lol. remba nantri

      1. akka…never…we will be in touch fb..ok..and thank you for your wishes akka..and love you so much..take care..

  4. Rocking…… awesome yarr… loved it Kaviya……. You nailed it… one can escape a broad smile after reading this….. let me correct it….. AFTER FEELING IT….. lovebirds shared their kiss in a moon light….awwwwww…….. AND BOTH OF YOUR FF’S ARE GREAT KAVIYA….. they have their own charm….. fantastic….. Love is such a beautiful feeling and I gotta know this because of ViDhaani…… 🙂 🙂
    Loved the sisters’ bond between Piya aka Keerthi and Dhaani…….
    🙂 🙂 God bless you dear….hats off to your creativity

  5. Wow! as usual it’s awesome, no word to explain ur writing skill. Waiting for next ff.
    This is better than princess

  6. This was the first ff i had read “My girl is a liar”
    Looking at the title i was bit amazed and wondered what could be the story
    But the title was really apt for this is truly justified
    I always love it when dhani says my love is not a lie..<3
    I started reading many ff thereafter but the way you describe a story..the emotions..feelings…with an entirely new concept…is the best..:) 🙂
    Just loved all the characters..keerthi..abi..tharun..ashok..
    It was emotional..full of love..desire to live life..fights..caring for each other…eternal love between vidhani..miracles….and what not….!!!!!
    You make the readers experience the actual feelings by your words
    I thoroughly enjoyed it..and was mesmerised by your writing..i really fell in love with ur writing…<3
    While waiting for the next episode..i used to read the previous ones a number of times..:-P

    The ending is superb
    Story was marvellous
    Just loved it to the core
    Thanks a lot for giving such a beautiful story
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