My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-2 Maha Epi


Note; my ff is entirely different from real IKRS. And today episose I introduces keerthi, she is viplav child hood friend, and she was grown up with him from child hood.
Dhaani pretend like faints and falls on viplav arms. He gets shocked and looks on…. loan sharks see that from the wall and they gets irked….. viplav asks dhaani to open her eyes but she doesn’t, she feigns very well. He don’t know what to do, then he takes her to the hospital with his car, thugs also follows them…..
In hospital dhaani laid down on bed, doctor and viplav close to dhaani face, doctor ask what happened to this girl, viplav replies you should find out that; doctor looks on….he checked dhaani and says there is no wound, pulse is pretty normal then why she still unconscious state? Viplav looks on….and thinks what a funny doctor he is? (he heee). Doctor says may she must be shock, then he gives some prescription and asks viplav to buy that what he prescribed. Then doctor take leaves Viplav rushes to buy a medicine…..

Dhaani wake up from her acting and about to leave….she saw the debtors’ were enter to the hospital, she try to leave another side but she saw viplav come from that side. Dhaani is pretty shocked….. (Guys actually this scene is not serious moment so think as a fun moment) She doesn’t know what to do? She goes to the wash room and asks herself what should I do? She saws hospital cleaner dress hanged in the wall she got idea …..She wore that dress over her dress and put mask for her face.

Viplav comes to know about dhaani is not in bed, he get quite shocked….he searches for her, around the whole hospital. Other side dhaani came out from wash room and rushes to leave the hospital. Loan sharks come to her way she crosses them hesitantly….. She gets away from them and suddenly collides by viplav. He looks her but he can’t find her because she wore mask in her face. Viplav says I am sorry and asks her are you all right. But dhaani found him that’s who help her early, she signs she is okay and about to leave but she turns back and says I’m sorry. Viplav hears that, he gets confused and looks on, dhaani leaves…..

Dhaani get out from the hospital and get into the one car back side but she doesn’t aware that car is viplav’s car….. viplav comes out and search for her, debt collector also search for her they can’t find her and says where she hide? and seems wonder. Viplav saw his watch and thinks it’s getting late and take his car about to leave the hospital and viplav car crosses away the thugs…..dhaani slightly see them and shows relived sign in her face…..

Viplav drive the car and he reaches his farm house to see the party arrangement here. He gets off from the car and gets upset….. because party arrangement ( keerthi welcome party) is not get starts, so he call the party organizer and have huge argument……dhaani get off from the car and hide behind the car…..on phone viplav asks them to come and start to do party arrangement now but they said they would be start tomorrow only and finished arrangement before 6 p.m so asks him to don’t worry tomorrow it will be done.

Viplav doesn’t compromise and end the call and what should to do?. Dhaani hears everything what viplav speak in the phone and dhaani mind planned something she says herself party! And smile herself, then she leaves. Viplav doesn’t aware of this.

Later dhaani and her father meet up near to the bus stop. Tharun and raj lakshmi were also being there. Dhaani asks papa are you okay? He says with sad face I am okay. Dhaani give some money to him and says it’s enough for train ticket, she asks him to leave from Mumbai for three months, if you stay in Mumbai you will be caught; you can’t take me along with you, it will be more difficult to you. Ashok looks her and says dhaani! ….she looks him and says papa listen me you just leave now and find some place to we live and we make some money to our own way to pay them. He looks on…..and asks how about you? How could I leave you alone? Dhaani smiles and says you still don’t trust your daughter; and she says papa I am you daughter I am stronger like you, don’t worry I’ll handle it myself. He looks dhaani and says, this father of yours really deserve to die for bothering you like this and starts crying….. Dhaani wipes his tears and says papa, don’t cry if you cry like this my strength is reduce into half.

Dhaani’s father signs “yes” and hugs her….. then he about to leave but she stopped him, he turns back , dhaani eyes were filled with tears and says papa! don’t skip meals, sleep well, don’t work hard, “eat well and live well” uhmm. He looks her and signs “yes”. He says papa will call you soon until then be safe uhmm. She, signs “yes”. Both are tries to control their tears…. Ashok take his leaves. Dhaani stares his leaving with teary eyes….

Later raj lakshmi leaves for her work (she stay where she work). tharun rides dhaani in his old truck van…. (He always used that truck as his home, his routine life is start and end with truck, for other business he use his friend mansion what I am saying mean both siblings have no home) on the way he asks didi why you make babu ji leave? She smiles hopeless….. tharun looks on….and understand something. Dhaani says to him change your number and don’t contact my papa anymore uhmm. He asks why? Dhaani don’t ask anything, I am trust on you. He looks her hopeless they traveled like that for long time….

Tharun asks what we are going to do for money? dhaani says I have to earn and recalls viplav conversation with party organizer.Dhaani asks tharun do you have known some trustable boys. He asks why di, she said everything what he heard from viplav and says I have decided to do that party arrangement and get money from him. Tharun put a sudden break and ask what? Tharun looks on and asks her to don’t to that….. Dhaani smiles

Evening, dhaani goes to viplav farm house, in garden viplav and his friends’ raj and punkaj are chat themselves about party. Dhaani suddenly enters the house… viplav looks her surprisingly and says oh that girl! raj and punkaj looks on…..she come close to them and introduce herself that she is sent by party organizer. Viplav stands up and asks her don’t you remember me? Dhaani first pretends like doesn’t know him, he says morning accident! Hospital! and after she act like remembers him and says you? oh morning accident that person na thum, she feigns like wonder and says wow what a coincident we meet again. Viplav smiles and says “yes”. He asks are you all right now? and he says I am really worried about that morning you suddenly disappear from hospital. Dhaani says yes I am okay now, suddenly some work came, so I leave hospital after got my conscious. And she asks sorry to him for causing trouble to him. Viplav smiles and says its okay, he asks but what’s the matter? Why you are here? Dhaani again says, she is sent by party organizer. viplav thinks and says but they said tomorrow will be he send them. Dhaani smiles and says yes but they suddenly change the decision and ask me to go and make arrangement for you. viplav says is it? Okay then starts your work and he show the pool side where party is going to held up, he asks her to do arrangements is neat and simple okay! Dhaani smiles and signs “yes”.
Then she hesitantly asks him to give some money for buy some decorate things? Viplav looks on….. and says everytime you guys only buy a things and do a arrangement now what? Dhaani says but this time we try like this and we cut it from your final amount and we give a discount offer also. Viplav says is it? She finally gets money from viplav hand. Later she buys all things and start to make arrangement with 5 boys who brought by a tharun. She insists to them finished before tomorrow 11 pm around or we would be caught okay…. they sing “yes”.

Viplav and his friends quietly impressed with her work, and they looks on. dhaani get call from tharun and he says didi don’t come to your house that thugs were waiting outside your house to catch babuji and you and he says your house landlord saw that and threw your all stuff outside . dhaani get shocked….and asks what? Tharun says I think they never leave you alone and he asks her stay safe. Dhaani says yes and asks him to don’t worry, again don’t caught by them if you caught they never leave you alive. He says yes and ends the call. Dhaani gets mad and shouts really these thugs were go to hell. Dhaani doesn’t know where to go. And looks on……

Later night viplav comes to the dhaani , he asks her name; she tells her name dhaani! He hears that and gives his card….. He says if anything needs calls me and asks her to end today work, and says he need to go home. Dhaani quietly surprised and ask this is not your house. viplav say yes it is my house but I rarely uses this house for party and get together events only. Dhaani smiles,is it?and asks then here it has always been vacant? Viplav sings “yes”. Then she asks him do you have anyone to take care of the house? he says “yes”. Dhaani asks they were used to live here? Viplav says they usually come once or twice a month. dhaani hears that and get happy (she decide to stay his house)….viplav asks but why you ask these and he looks her doubtful manner….she looks and smiles….she says I just ask, and says you must be filthy rich and so fortunate na. viplav looks on…. then she asks him to leave, Viplav wonders about her strange behavior and looks on…. dhaani looks him and says “yes” I should leave too na and smiles. Then she leaves….

Viplav, locked the door and leaves by his car with his friend……dhaani hide behind the wall, she comes out and sees viplav’s car leaves and says bye …bye. She enters the house through a window….. she enters to a bedroom and switched on the light, she gets happy to see the big room, she jumped on the bed happily….. she lies on bed and saws card which viplav give earlier; she read his name “viplav tripathi”. Then she saws his photo on the table; she looks his photo and says I am really being force to do, I need this house for few days it’s okay na? she says sorry to viplav photo, and stare his photo…..Then she lies in bed and take a deep breath falls asleep……
Early morning dhaani wake up and come out from the house and call tharun to get her stuff from house. tharun agrees and somewhat he got that from her house ….. Later tharun gives her stuff to her, she thanks him…. he asks her staying stranger house is not wrong? She beat his head and asks you little brat! You asking question against your di, and say “yes” you’re correct what you said were right but what we should do, I don’t have any place to go. Tharun says I’m sorry didi, I can’t help you out. Dhaani says it’s okay I know you have no place to stay, you always sleeping in your truck, your didi raj lakshmi staying where she work, then how can you help you out. Tharun says don’t worry di, quickly I search for place to we live until you stay safe uhmm. she smiles and says you care about your didi very much. Tharun looks on….she asks him to leave and I will get some money after finished my work then we can find place okay. He smiles and sings” yes”, he takes his leave……

Later viplav comes, dhaani wait outside of the house and pretend like just only she arrived. She greetings viplav, he opens house and asks her to finish her rest work. She smiles and says “yes”. She and her gangs start to work……
Later viplav get call from party organizer he said, he will send workers just now they will arrive soon. Viplav gets shocked….. and he asks him to what you mean? Then who are they in my place. Party organizer answers I don’t know. Viplav gets confused….and he sees dhaani she do some flower arrangement in front of him.( Dhaani gets caught ha ha)
Viplav move close to dhaani, and says to her, he needs to speak with her. dhaani looks on and says yes. He takes her to terrace. ….In terrace both of them looks each other….. viplav asks her to show her ID. Dhaani gets shocked…. She smiles and says ID! She thinks what should say…..finally she says I leave my ID at my office. Viplav says is it? Then we call your office and ask them to get it here and he pretends like to call…. she gets shocked….. She stops him and says “no” . Viplave seems her and says so you’re lying to me na? dhaani looks on…. he says your are cheated me ena? she try to says something but viplav stopped her and he lean close to her ears and whispered slowly “before I throw you out, you should leave yourself”. Dhaani sees him hesitantly ….he says get lost.

Then viplav about to leave….. dhaani says yes I am lying, but I have a reason, if you listen me I will explain everything. Viplav doesn’t listen her and look forward his step. She shouts I lied because of my children’s (omg our dhaani put a another show).viplav stopped and starts to listen her….she shows crocodile tears and says my husband is hospitalizes, no money to live, my children’s are starving to death what should I do? I don’t know how to feed them, that’s why I lied to you and try to make some money for give food to them. Viplav looks on….She says I am telling these not to get your trust but I want to share my pain with someone then only my heart feel easy. She thanks him to hearing out her story and she says now I feel better now, and she tells I don’t know how me and my children’s are going to live a and shows a crocodile tears……
Viplav hears that and his heart feels pity for her but his mind raise doubt against her. dhaani about to leave….with tearful tears. He says how could I trust your words asks her to call her husband to get confirm. She gets shocked…. And she says with fake tears we don’t have money to have a next meal how could we have that type of accessories (phone), we don’t have any communication facility. Viplav looks on….dhaani looks him pitifully and tells “you no need to trust me”. Then she about to leave, but viplav stopped, dhaani smiles ( that she successes fully make him falls for her lies) she turns back sorrowfully, viplav give money to her… dhaani looks him…. and says how could I accept this, I can’t. viplav says I give this money for your work only, go and take her of your family with this money. Dhaani get that money and says really oh how mercy you are; she thanks him and says you will be blessed. Viplav looks on and leave the place…..dhaani looks the money and smiles…

Later in airport, viplav wait for keerthi. She is his child hood friend, and she was grown up with him from child hood. Now she finished her studies at abroad and return to india.
Keerthi gets down by escalator…..viplav looks her and shows hand towards her, she smiles… viplav goes to her and hugs her….. keerthi says I miss you viplav. He holds keerthi hands and says I miss you too. Keerthi feels viplav’s hands warm; Keerthi remember their childhood ( F:B shown that viplav take her to school; keerthi scared and stopped walking… viplav asks what wrong, she says I am scared. He asks why you are scared, she looks on…he says no need to scared here you can make lots of friends her and I am with you na ; viplav says if you scared you can hold my hands and he shows his hand… keerthi holds his hand and says its warm they smiles each other….)
Keerthi looks him and says it’s still warm. Viplav smiles and says is it? …. Both are looks each other and smiles….. Viplav asks when you leave to Banaras. Keerthi smiles and says it take sometimes I have some work to do in Mumbai, so it takes month. Viplav says then let’s enjoy and he says evening I arranged welcome party for you, you should attend without failed. She says “yes”. Viplav rides keerthi to her friend house.

Evening party is going on every one enjoying the party…….keerthi tries to speak to viplav but their friends come in the middle and disturbing them…. She gets irked. Party finally comes to end…. Keerthi asks viplav to meet with her tomorrow morning at park, he agrees….. Everyone leaves… viplav locked the door and leaves…. Later our cute dhaani come with her luggage, she climbs the wall….. and goes in through a window. She starts to stay at viplav house.
Next day in park, keerthi rehearsal herself how to propose to viplav(like a crazy girl) viplav comes to park, she doesn’t see him; but viplav sees her rehearsal and gets shocked….. He doesn’t know what to do, so he doesn’t meet her and leaves….. She wait for long time…..later viplav call to her and say I can’t make it today we meet some another time and end the call. Keerthi hears that and looks on sadly.
Viplav think about keerthi while his driving….. he goes to his house and knocks the door….inside the house our viplav friends fully soused ( drunken) and lost their control they are laid down on floor; viplav call raj! punkaj! But they are out of control, fully dazed no one ready to open the door. Viplav search his pocket for spare key but he forgot to take with him; he looks on…..then he decides to go farm house….. so he rushes to farm house….

In farm house, our cute dhaani take a bath and refresh her and say it feels good. In bed room she lies on bed and says today she will sleep well and closed her eyes. she hear some noise, she wakes up and sees out through a window, she sees viplav get off from the car and get shocked……she doesn’t know what to do and run around the house to hide, finally she hide under the cot….. Viplav comes inside the bedroom, he remove his shirt…. And get ready to sleep….he switched off lights and laid down on bed. Under the cot our naughty dhaani frightened about to die….after some time dhaani comes out slowly; she close to viplav and sees his sleeping and shows relief sign in her face. Dhaani about to leave…. But viplav suddenly holds her hand. Dhaani is stunned and looks on… pehli nazar mein kaisa jadoor kar diya plays…..

Dhaani get caught by viplav….viplav tell about keerthi to raj. Raj gives some idea to him. viplav looks on….

If you want read intro and episode one of my girl is a liar, visits this link

My comment:
Viplav constantly falls for dhaani lies, but dhaani had no intention to fooled him she just try to get out from her money struggling so she used her lies to him. and keerthi is so sweet and calm girl but her feelings was not acceptable by viplav because he think her as a good friend and thinks as one of his family member, but he never think her as his love. But he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Friends this is episode -2 actually i combined two episode (2 &3 )so i just titled maha episode. So don’t confused and episode 3 publishing on monday. And leave your lovely comments. Thank you?

  2. Weldone kaviya, Pls post the next episode soonest. It’s really awesome I live it

    1. Thank you aish. Keep reading?

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  4. Kaviya it’s awesome. Just imagining naughty dhaani showing crocodile tears and viplav getting fooled by her. Eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. Thank u Louella . U can see more viplav and dhaani naughty scenes in future episode keep reading my dear.?

  5. Hey pethu Sri too good year your ff have mixture of comedy, romance , suspense just keep it up yaar and I love the cover pic as I m a big fan of Mickey Mouse too

    1. Me too joyee i love micky mouse and that cover picture i edited. And thank u very much joyee.?

  6. good job kaviya….

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  7. Good morning kaviya! I am thoroughly enjoying ur ff…omg !the last part !!! I can’t wait 4 the next…what will happen next???Really excited 4 it..

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  8. Sri i don’t have enough words to praise i am in a hangover of ur vidhani and whenever ur ff cames to an end i feel like,oh now i have to wait for tmrw to enjoy this naughty love story.what to do yaar,u are such a creative pls upload as soon as possible.

    1. Yes saran if you ask something i can’t refuse that, today evening episode 3 will be update soon. So wait for little more.?

      1. U are really sweet Sri,i will wait for our naughty vidhani.

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  9. Smart Dhani uhmmm 😉
    good morning Kaviya,you are a fabulous writer :-*…I enjoyed each n every scene..plz update next episode ASAP 🙂

    1. Very good morning nima sure i will update next part soon. Thanj u very much for your supporting keep reading dear.?

  10. Awesome episode yaar….Character selection for everyone is good..all the best for the future episodes…When will you post the next episode..Eagerly waiting…

    1. Today evening i will update next part Jonah. It almost ready, but some work left i will post soon as much i can. So keep reading dear…?

  11. Why my ff is not get post please post my ff soon. I am waiting for long time.

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