My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-19


Note: today episode I introduces abi, she is 8 year old small girl, who admitted for her cancer treatment at same hospital…..

The episodes starts with ashok come out with teary eyes from dhaani room, tharun and viplav seems him….. ashok asks tharun why all things happened to me and my dhaani? and he taunts god and their fate……Viplav hears that looks on……he emotionally cries and says I lost dhaani maa ,after she gave birth to her, after that I thought my two daughter’s my world but our fate played with that also, we lost her didi piya and we still don’t where she is? She was alive or dead don’t know anything. Now that god want my dhaani also what should I do? and he says without dhaani my life is meaningless and cries. Tharun consoles him and makes him to sit in the chair. Viplav hears that and stunned for a moment and he came to know, that dhaani have sister and recalls maya word (bone marrow will be matched70% with siblings) viplav goes to ashok and kneels down…..he holds his hand and asks babu ji dhaani have sister…..ashok seems him and says yes beta. Viplav hears that and shows smiles to him and hugs him with teary eyes….. viplav face is full of bright that he found some way to save dhaani .ashok doesn’t get that and looks on, tharun seems that…..
Ashok let him free and seems viplav astonishingly….viplav holds his hand and says we can save dhaani, ashok hears that and smiles and asks really beta? Viplav nodes and tells dhaani sister can save her, ashok what piya could save her? and seems on…viplav says yes she can and tells what Dr. maya said about bone marrow transplantation…. Ashok hears that and tells but we don’t where she is now; we lost her when she was young. Viplav says let’s find now where she is, tharun hears that and says it’s not easy, babuji said he lost her when she was young, it seems 14 years ago, and asks how could is possible?

Viplav hears that and says we have some way to get bone marrow I won’t lose any chance….ashok asks then I can’t give that to dhaani? tharun tells no babuji you can’t bone marrow donor should be below 50 so you can’t if you did that is useless too. Ashok looks on….viplav hears that and says let’s find dhaani sister that is only way; and he asks ashok to give piya’s small age photo. Ashok take his from his purse and about to give to viplav, one nurse comes and tells to viplav that doctor maya want to see him. viplav hears that and says “yes” and he get that photo from him and gives to tharun without seeing (in that photo dhaani, piya and ashok are there) ; and asks him to post the photo to full Mumbai and give our all contacts numbers to inform about her, and you can join with my friends raj and punkaj. And he asks to use all social media sites to find her, tharun says yes and leaves…..viplav says to ashok that he go to Dr.maya and inform about dhaani sister. Ashok signs “yes”. Then viplav goes to maya….
In maya cabin viplav goes inside and sits opposite to her….maya asks did you find any donor? He says” no” but dhaani have sister. Maya gets surprised and asks is it? Then viplav says but she was missed when she was young, so now we try to find her….. maya hears that and asks what? She was missed…viplav tells I’m sure, I will find her soon. Maya breaths heavily and says I don’t know how it is possible but one thing we need do operate (bone marrow transplant) as much as fast, now we have 70% percent chance to save her, if we late it would be danger for her. Viplav hears that and says confidently that I will find her soon and save dhaani, maya hears that and says if that happens, its good and hospital management also try to find donor for her let’s hope on. viplav signs yes and goes out…..

Later dhaani wakes up from the sleep and sees viplav sits in front of her….she smiles and asks are you in? He says yes. She asks why you always stay in hospital? And asks him to go home and have some rest… viplav tells I’ll take rest later, but why you don’t you say that you have sister? Dhaani hears that and asks sister? Then she thinks and asks piya didi? Who told about that? viplav seems her…..she thinks and asks oh my papa said that to you? viplav signs “yes” and says, I am going to find her. dhaani asks why ? viplav says for your bone marrow transplant, dhaani hears that and seems him…..she say may my didi run away after know that. viplav asks why you say like that? dhaani recalls their child hood and says F;B (that she asks for piya balloons and that balloons blew away, so they start to find that while piya missed in the crowd) then dhaani tells my didi must be hate me, because of me “we lost her” because of me “she lost her family”. Viplav hears that and asks how pragan can hate her little sister; and he says it seems she loves her lot. dhaani hears that and seems him, both were staring each other…..Dr.maya enters to the room to give treatment to her…..dhaani seems that and asks viplav to go out, he asks why? And says “No” I will be with you. dhaani tells you afraid of syringes na, so go out I can take treatment alone. Maya looks their love and seems on….and tells to viplav be with her, it will hurt more, because I’m gonna inject to her bone marrow, so being with her is much helpful to endure her pain. viplav hears that and asks what bone marrow? And seems dhaani miserable…..dhaani hears that and asks maya I’m really curious, why you always against me? maya smiles and says “dhaani hiding pain is not a smart thing”. Dhaani looks on……

Viplav hears that and tells no dhaani I will be with you and I’m not afraid of anything. They stares each other miserable….. then dhaani turns back and lies on, maya about to inject syringes too her, viplav holds dhaani hand tightly .…. maya put injection to her, dhaani its really pain so she shouts papa! And about to cry but she endure it for viplav. He too about to cry when sees her pain, but he control tears for her…… after that maya asks them to take care and leaves. Then dhaani were breaths heavily. viplav asks its hurt that much? She smiles and tells (lies) frankly not that much hurt. He understands her lies and smiles hopeless….. That night passed.
Next morning dhaani wakes up from the bed and seems viplav sleep next to her, she seems him and smiles….then she gets up from the bed and walks around the room……that time one cute little girl who have a chubby cheeks, beautiful eyes over all looks like a small angel….. She stands outside of dhaani room and seems dhaani…. that girl name is abi and her age is just 8, she also admitted for cancer treatment like dhaani.

Dhaani seems her and smiles, abhi also smiles towards her…. and asks her to come inside but abhi signs “no” dhaani seems that and goes to her but abhi run away, dhaani also follows her…. finally abhi enters the one room, dhaani also enters that room and seems that room…….she is stunned for a moment, lot of children’s in that rooms, that room is children’s cancer ward….. dhaani is speechless for a moment and stands with teary eyes after see them ….all children’s are welcomes her inside, dhaani really happy to see them, she starts to play with them especially abi is very close with her and runs behind her and calls dhaani di! Dhaani di!

At the same time in dhaani room, viplav wakes up and looks dhaani’s bed, he found out she is not there and comes outside ….he can’t see her father and tharun outside, so he thoughts that dhaani again run away from him….he scared and looking for her around the hospital….finally he enters to that children’s room and found dhaani, she sat with that children’s and abi sits on her lap…..dhaani tells story to them…..viplav seems her and calls dhaani! She hears that and looks on….dhaani get off abi from her lap and get up from the place……viplav runs towards her and hugs tightly……all children’s were looks them, viplav says I thought you again ran away from me. dhaani hears that and tears were filled with her eyes, they stay like that for a moment…..

Our cute abi goes to them and pulls dhaani and viplav dress….. Then vidhaani separate themselves and looks down…..our cute abi asks what is happening here? Vidhaani smiles towards her….. dhaani leans towards her and says he mess up with our story telling na, he is like that, little crazy and wink at her; abhi looks viplav and asks but who he is to you? your boy friend? Dhaani says “no” he is someone I know that’s all. Abhi hears that and says is it? and seems viplav….. then abi tells but “he looks handsome” and she asks viplav “will you marry me when I become a women”…..dhaani hears that and gets cough, viplav burst out his laugh…. Then abi asks him to “wait 12 years for me okay”. Viplav hears that and smiles…..then he lifts her up and asks oh my princess want to marry me? abi signs “yes”. viplav tells but first you have to grow up first na? and asks what you want to be in future? Abi tells “I want to be a doctor”, viplav hears that and says hurray wah our little princess want to be a doctor…..then you have to study hard and become doctor first, after that I will marry you what do you say? Abi hears that and signs yes and says after I became a doctor I’m going to treat all my friends and dhaani di also. viplav and dhaani hears that and seems each other and speechless for a moment…. viplav says “yes” but it’s not fair you should treat me also. Abi says yes and kisses on his cheeks, he also kisses on her forehead…..then abi parents enter into the room with her little brother….. They ask viplav and dhaani did abi give any troubles to you? dhaani says “no” she is such a lovely girl, abi parents hears that and smiles…..they get back abi back from viplav and thanks to vidhaani for making her laugh and they tells last two weeks abi fell very sick, today she looks better and smiles. viplav and dhaani hears that and feels miserable….dhaani holds abi hand and asks her to stay healthy uhmm and kisses her, abhi also kisses her….later vidhaani leaves outside.

Dhaani asks viplav why this world is so cruel? Viplav looks on…..dhaani says abi is small girl being sick constantly, taking bitter medicine daily and get treatment too; I know how its hurt when they treat me and she asks even she can’t play like other kids na? viplav hears that and holds her hand and says don’t worry she will be okay soon, uhmm. Dhaani hears that and smiles….then she tells that earlier I told story to the children’s and they like my story very much…..viplav smiles hopeless and asks who would like liar story? Dhaani gets mad and asks what liar story? Viplav smiles and moves on….dhaani follows behind him and keep taunts him….
Like that Abi always used to come to dhaani room and play with her and viplav. Abi is a favorite kid to the whole hospital; all were treats her as a little princess…like that their treatment is going on……

But one day early morning dhaani sleeping on her bed, she hears some noise while sleeping. Dhaani slowly wakes up from the bed…..she can’t see anyone in her room, she slowly moves out….. she can hears some sounds that someone cries loudly….dhaani move on slowly with lot of nervous….. Finally she stopped in front of children’s ward. viplav, her papa and tharun also standing there and they looks miserable….viplav seems dhaani and asks her to go room…..but dhaani doesn’t listen him and she goes inside and seems that abi lies on bed , her parents cries in front of her. dhaani looks them and she can’t get it clear…..

Dhaani seems abi and slowly holds her hand and she feels chilliness ….dhaani called her name slowly abi ! abi! One nurse comes and about to covers abi face with blanket…..but dhaani stopped her and asks what are you doing? That nurse tells abi was dead…..dhaani hears that and stunned and asks what dead? Then she asks nurse to don’t lie. viplav hears that and looks dhaani hopeless…..nurse tells I’m not lying abi passed away at, sudden infection and she couldn’t breathe well and she is too little na, so she can’t endure it. dhaani hears that and tears were fallout from her eyes….and she seems abi and her parents crying…… dhaani can’t control her tears and she can’t see abi in dead stage, so she run away from the room……viplav, tharun, and her father also follows her….

Dhaani runs inside her room and locked the door…viplav comes and asks her to open the road but she doesn’t listen him and inside she sits on the floor and burst out her tears…..dhaani recalls abhi words ( abhi said after I became a doctor I’m going to treat all my friends and dhaani di also) and she cries loudly….viplav knocks the door continuously and gets tired….. dhaani hears his voice and shouts you said, soon she will be okay na? then why it’s happened? Viplav hears that “I’m sorry dhaani I was wrong”…..and he recalls abhi words (she asked him will you marry me, when I become a women and wait for 12 years for me) viplav can’t control his tears; tears were fallout from his eyes….. tharun and ashoks looks him, tharun try to go to him but ashok says let’s leave them for sometimes they will be okay. They stay like this for long times……
They can’t get over from the abi death, that make them more scared…..and still viplav, tharun, ashok and viplav friends waiting for news about piya, but they can’t get anything about her….viplav goes hospital to hospital and search for matching bone marrow donors, but he can’t get anyone. Viplav looks totally miserable and tired but he never gives up and keep trying….dhaani get her treatment continuously…..

One month later….
Dr.maya calls viplav and dhaani father….. and she says hesitantly that dhaani condition is going to worst then before and shows her last month report to them….viplav looks miserable and asks what? maya tells dhaani going to next stage of her cancer…. She says some symptoms are shown in this stage and she explains that; dhaani can’t sleep well at night time and she feels too much of sweating, all joints feels pain and may she get blood vomiting too…. Viplav and ashok looks on with teary eyes……then Dr. maya says still now we can’t get any donor for her and every seconds of delay, we starts to lose dhaani slowly… viplav hears that and asks what? and shouts how irresponsible answers yours? Maya seems that and tells please control your emotional viplav but he doesn’t listen. Viplav says if you want anything to save her, take out everything from me and save dhaani! please save her! and tears were fallout from his eyes….. ashok try to consoles him…..maya seems that and tells your tears no more use to help her, so please cooperate with me, as a doctor we have to tell everything about a patient, so please cooperate with us, viplav seems her……maya says until we get a donor we have to free dhaani from her infection, now she is in dangerous condition, anytime dhaani fall sick by infection, so all doctors decided to change her to a special ward and full time she will be monitor by doctors and dhanni will be sift tomorrow. Maya let’s hope on some miracle should happen…..viplav and ashok looks on….

Later viplav enters into the dhaani room, she lies on bed, viplav seems her painfully….dhaani seems that and asks if something happened? He signs “no” and asks her to fall asleep, it’s already late…..she says I can’t sleep past few days. Viplav hears that and recalls maya words (maya said dhaani can’t sleep well at night time) and seems dhaani miserable…..then he holds her hand and tells I’m with you na, so closed your eyes and fall asleep uhmm? Dhaani signs “yes” they stares each other painfully with smiles…… later dhaani falls asleep, viplav staring her while sleeping and tears were fallout from his eyes…..ashok and tharun see them from the outside and looks miserable……

Morning slowly sun rise on, viplav still holds dhaani hand and sleeping next to her….dhaani wakes up and seems him hopeless….suddenly she feels vomiting and runs into the wash room, viplav wakes up from his sleeping….in wash room dhaani throw up blood, she seems that and gets shocked, tears were fallout from her eyes….. dhaani breathing also not well, she lost her all hope. Viplav hears her vomiting sound and looks miserable, he scared to death, dhaani cries inside….
Dhaani controls her tears and make her fresh up and comes out, viplav looks on…. dhaani seems him and says I think, I got indigestion that’s why I throw up….viplav understands her lies and says I see….dhaani signs “yes”. Both were staring each other painfully….. dhaani thinks and says “today let’s go to our home”, then she tells, I’m getting tired by treatment and hospital atmosphere ,so let’s go home and get some fresh air out uhhm? Viplav hears that, tears were filled with his eyes…..and says “yes” let’s go to our home today, then they smile each other painfully……
Later viplav goes to maya room and asks permission to take dhaani to home…..but maya refuse to give permission and asks you guys are gone crazy? Why you can’t understands the situation; if she get infection, her condition may get worst…. that time all of sudden, dhaani enters that room and says with teary eyes “please today let us allow”, please! just for today I will be in tomorrow. Maya seems her and try to say something but dhaani says please I want to do something what I like, viplav hears that and seems her hopeless…..maya seems that and understands dhaani pain, then she allows them half hearted and asks them to careful. Viplav signs yes.
Vidhaani goes to their house where they used to live, fight, where their fondness grown up…..they enter the house with ashok and tharun. Viplav and dhaani sees around the house and recalls their lovely fights and their happy moments in that house and smiles each other with teary eyes……. dhaani looks very pale and her strength is not enough to walk….

Later vidhaani have dinner with tharun and ashok, while all were remains silent… dhaani seems that and asks why all are silent today? Do you all want to hear something funny and start to cracks some jokes……viplav, ashok and tharun hears that and smiles for her, dhaani also tries to smile with them but she can’t smile peace with her little strength and get cough, everyone looks on…..viplav asks are you okay? Let’s go back to hospital, dhaani signs ” no” and says I want to stay little bit longer here with all. (she thinks this is a last dinner with all) Viplav hears that and control her tears…..her father (ashok) hears that and says with teary eyes enough dhaani , just go inside and take rest…..dhaani seems him and calls papa! Tears were fallout from her eyes…. she smiles and says papa I am very happy because I was born as your daughter, her words are choked and dhaani says “I’m sorry papa” I can’t build our dream house “I’m sorry papa”. Ashok hears that tears were fallout from his eyes….he holds her tiny hand “no” we can build together uhmm. Dhaani signs “yes”…..ashok seems her and tells “dhaani you’re my greatest happiness”. dhaani hears that and smiles and nodes……tharun and viplav control their tears and looks miserable…..dhaani looks tharun and tells “tharun my little bro you grown up well”, he seems her with teary eyes…….she smiles and tells don’t run behind the girls skirt and help out your sister (raj lakshmi) uhmm? Tharun hears that and calls didi! and he break out his tears. Dhaani seems him with teary eyes…then she seems viplav, they looks each other painfully……she says I want to go out, so take me out uhmm……viplav smiles and says “yes”

After viplav stands in wash room and looks mirror miserable…..and tells himself, viplav don’t cry and smile for her…. and looks on with teary eyes……
Later viplav take her to temple, they stand in front of god statue and pray together. They closed their eyes….viplav prays (inner voice) please! “let dhaani live and be my side”. Dhaani prays (inner voice) please! “let viplav forget about me”…..then they opened their eyes and smiles each other…. They come out from the temple, dhaani says let’s go for walk…. Viplav hears that and asks walk? This time? and tells you may get infection…..dhaani says “yes” I want to go with you, Just two of us…..viplav hears that and smiles hopeless and says “yes”, then he make her to wear his court because it’s too cold, then they go for walk. Dhaani can’t walk properly and feels tired…viplav seems that and says let’s go back, but dhaani signs “no” and she hold his hand tightly….viplav seems her and they looks each other painfully…

vidhaani walk together by holding their hands…..they finally stopped in beech and sits together in beech sand. Vidhaani watches sea waves and hears that sounds….dhaani seems him and asks slowly I am curious about, that you really afraid of ghost? Viplav smiles and says slowly “yes” I am really afraid of ghost but now I am most afraid of you. dhaani hears that and asks me? I am that much scary? Viplav says “yes” I am scared of you, if suddenly you were disappear from my side that is most scariest thing in my world…… Dhaani hears that and seems him, both were stare each other their tears were fallout from their eyes…….then viplav says tomorrow you are going to special ward, so promise me that you get your treatment and come back to my side uhmm and show his hand forward……dhaani hears that and about give her promise with teary eyes….viplav says( inner voice) “don’t lie this time dhaani”. She gives her promise and says ( inner voice) “I wish this wouldn’t be lie viplav”..…he says I am going to wait for you, so “be healthier when we meet again”, tears were roll around their cheeks….

Dhaani seems that and asks him are you crying? Viplav smiles and says no I am yawning….dhaani smiles and wipes her tears and says “don’t cry viplav”, “I don’t want to be your tears”, when you think about me I wish you would be happy and smile. They can’t control their tears….dhaani feels pain and she starts to collapses inside but she doesn’t show…..
Dhaani holds his hand and smiles towards viplav and says I want to say to two things to you..….viplav seems her and asks what is that? dhaani says slowly “I am sorry viplav” and her words are choked with tears……… then she tells”I love you viplav”. He hears that and smiles with teary eyes and says “I love you” dhaani ….both were stare each other with teary eyes….viplav slowly kisses on her forehead and hugs her, they stay like that for long……suddenly dhaani drop her hand away from his hand……viplav seems that and he can’t feel her breath, so he let her free from him and seems her….blood dripping from her mouth, viplav seems that and shocked…..he calls her name dhaani! dhaani! no answer from her. Then viplav shouts dhaani! he holds her close as he and breaks out his tears……. Scene freeze like that

Like that sounds of her breath stopped and in that moment our viplav time also stopped……
Next what happened let’s check out next episode…….
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Please leave your lovely comments friends and thank you for your all boosting and lovely comments. Two more episodes are remaining so keep reading……

Credit to: Pethu sri

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      Nd i was literally crying wen she was dead?

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    1. oh saran i have no words to say about cancer patient pain that is too cruel in this world, in my drama i touched something but real life that pain is oh god i can’t think that, if i think i am full of fear and tears in my eyes….and their treatment we can’t imagine that pain……god only know that,,only thing we can to for them mean, that is pray only, let’s hope god give some lighting in their life…..and thank u saran for sharing this. and me too love u all and thank u for ur nice word my dear…… keep smiling…..

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    1. yes its really painful rajee, i hope u like it thank u

  23. Akaka…I know who is that Piya…I guess it is Keerthi….And I am angry with you…Always leaving me with teary eyes…Akaka..don’t separate ViDhaani…And Abhi…Ponga akka…Sentimental. ..and ending always with some suspense. ..I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. …please post it soon…

    1. yes my dear jonah u guess correctly keerthi is piya, i think many of as know that because i gave some hidden hints let’s see today episode who will say that….. but you found out brilliantly my dear…..that’s good and kovichikudiya my dear, kovichuko kovichuko my little sisy lol .oh god i will made u cry sorry for that ma ok and everything will be fine soon ok

  24. kaviya are u in pinterest yaar?

    1. no midarshani i am not in pinterest

  25. Oh! Emotional indeed. Keep writing.

    1. thank u mahira keep reading….

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