My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-18


The episode starts with dhaani sadly comes to home.…viplav stands alone with report and turned back that side, she comes and seems him….dhaani asks don’t you leave? why you are still here? and she asks him to go and says don’t come again. Viplav hides the report back side and control his tears …. He turns back and asks can I ask you something? Dhaani seems him and asks what? He asks what’s your friend name, who get treatment for blood cancer? dhaani hears that and gets shocked and asks what? and she thinks what to say ….viplav smiles hopeless and says what? You can’t remember? He asks can I help you to get her name, dhaani seems him shockingly….. viplav tells slowly that friend name is dhaani na? She hears that and stunned, viplav shows the report to her….. dhaani seems that and tears were fallout from her eyes, vidhaani were looks each other painfully…..

Viplav smiles hopless and asks this is what make you run away from me? This is what you can’t accept me? She hears that and stays silent, where tears only her answer…. viplav asks why dhaani you lied about your health? And he shouts loudly why? Dhaani hears his shouting and frightened, Tears were fallout from his eyes….. viplav asks why you don’t say anything? Are you thinking what next to lie? Dhaani seems him and try to say something but viplav stopped her and says “enough dhaani” if you gonna lie then don’t do that, “I’m really tired of your lying”. Dhaani hears that and says with teary eyes “yes” me to, too tired of my lying its hurting me so much, I want to end my lies and seems viplav…. then she tells slowly “yes” I’m dying cancer patient, vidhaani seems each other painfully….then she says you found out now, there is no need of explain, this is time to come to your sense viplav; if you continuously do love me, that love give pain only to you, so just leave my life forever, viplav hears that and looks her hopeless…..and says then what about you dhaani? are you not hurting? She seems on, viplav says I know dhaani how much pain you have been gone throughout alone, it’s enough dhaani don’t hide your sorrow behind your lies…..she hears that and smiles hopeless…..viplav tells just say that “it hurts” when you hurts, I will be there for you to hear you out , don’t lie anymore dhaani. She hears that and smiles and says with tired voice, if you finished your talking then leave don’t come again. Then she about to go inside….but viplav runs towards her and grabs her hand, he pulls towards him and hugs her tightly…….. and says it’s enough dhaani I am with you na, don’t be hurt anymore, I will protect you from everything and I will never let you die; then he says so don’t say to leave me from your side…..dhaani hears that and cries……

Dhaani control her tears and make her free from him….. and shouts don’t have any sense, viplav looks on…..dhaani folds her hand and says just “get away from life” he hears that and says with teary eyes “no” I won’t, “I never let you go”. dhaani hears that and tears were fallout from her eyes and asks are you a fool? Don’t you understand what I am saying? If you are going like this you are the one, who going to hurt, if I allow you my side, I can give pain only and do you want to be in that pain? And she asks him to come to his sense. Viplav doesn’t say anything and seems her agonizingly….dhaani seems him and she can’t take any more that pain….she shouts I might be die, I can’t give any happiness to you; I could leave you in pain, then why? Why you want be with me? and cries loudly……viplav hears that and break out his all tears and hugs her tightly and says cry out dhaani! Cry out and let your pain out dhaani…..she hears that and hold his collar and shouts “no matter how much I am cry, no matter how much I am beg”, I know is nothing going to change then why I would cry? and she weeping loudly …..viplav hears everything and hugs her, she lies on his warm chest and cries out her pain…they cry out lot, rain slowly showers to them, their heart melted away slowly and feels ease….

Later dhaani and viplav changed their dress because they are wet; dhaani gives tharun dress to viplav. He changes his dress…… still raining outside. Viplav and dhaani sitting inside the house with wet hair….. viplav holds her hand and asks about her treatment and what doctor said about her health. Dhaani tells my treatment is going on and doctors are tried to find a solution to save me, then she smiles. viplav hears that and tells how irresponsible answer is yours, and he says let’s go hospital right now, I want to know about your full health. And he about to get ready…. Dhaani seems that and says okay but let’s go tomorrow, it’s still raining do you want to again get wet? Viplav hears that and agree with her. Again he sits next to her…. dhaani all of sudden asks why our fate is too cruel? Viplav asks what? She tells about something but tharun enters suddenly with nimbu pani for viplav……he seems them together and get quite shocked. Viplav and dhaani got up and looks on….

Later viplav and tharun stands outside…. And viplav asks tharun do you aware of dhaani health. Tharun signs yes and says full story to him and what doctor maya said everything. Then he says that I was trying very hard to convince her to get treatment. And Dr. maya lost time said di should be hospitalize but didi never listen me and go daily out for job and work hard to earn money to helping me out. Viplav hears that and stunned tears were filled with his eyes…..tharun asks viplav to convince her for treatment, if we leave her like that….she might be die soon…. Viplav asks him don’t say those words I will never let her die. I will make her to get full treatment and I’ll get her back. viplav never lose his hope and made his mind, that he definitely get her back, tharun hears that and looks on….

Dhaani come out and asks them to have dinner, they have dinner…. while dhaani asks viplav after dinner you go to home ok, but he said “no” I will stay tonight here and tomorrow morning let’s go together to our house. dhaani looks on and says this place is too uncomfortable to you. He says “no” I like this place, so I would stay night here. Later dhaani give blanket to tharun and viplav and asks them to sleep in truck. They agrees…..viplav lies on truck and think about dhaani and how to make her to get treatment, dhaani lies on floor inside and think about viplav and they look miserable, one night passed ….

Morning viplav wake up and go inside the house to see dhaani…..she still doesn’t wake up and laid down on floor (because she easily get infection and yesterday she fully wet due to rain that leads her this stage)….viplav sees that and get nervous, he close to her and try to wake up but she doesn’t wake up…..viplav scared and he hold her in his arms and shouts dhaani! Wake up oh god what should I do? Tears were fallout from his eyes….. and he screams Tharun! Tharun!…..tharun hears noise and rush inside and seems dhaani….he little bit stronger than viplav because he see her like that so many times at past two months, so he handle it care without panic…. Viplav only knows that she was constantly sick but he don’t know that she will suffer like this; he scared lot and he can’t control his tears…..tharun also tries to wake up dhaani but she doesn’t wake up…..tharun calls ambulance, then they take her to hospital…..

In hospital Dr. maya give treatment to dhaani….outside viplav sits and he can’t get over from the situation, and scared about to die…tharun sits next to him and says this is third time, she won’t wake up from the sleeping. Viplav hears that and looks on, tears were filled with his eyes….and he says she have been this much of pain face alone, but I didn’t aware of anything like a fool. Tharun consoles him and says “don’t cry” if you cry, she have more pain….your tears only give pain to her, so smiles whenever she looks you. viplav hears that and seems him……tharun says this is what she said to me, so don’t cry and don’t scared, if we scared, then we start to losing her….so we need to face her fate with lot of courage…. And tharun says we definitely get her back, this is what daily I am saying…..viplav hears those words from tharun and have courage to face the pain with her and he wipes his tears.

Dr. maya comes out from the room and says dhaani fine now she will wake up in 20 minutes, viplav and tharun hears that and shows relief sign in their face… maya asks them to come her cabin, they go inside ….maya tells hesitantly her cancer starts to spread, any time she fall sick by infection, so dhaani must need to hospitalize. Viplav tells “yes” I will convince her to get hospitalize, and he asks but there is no way to save her? Maya says there is a way but I don’t know how it is possible to dhaani. viplav hears that and says I can’t understand what you’re saying. Maya says blood cancer (leukemia) is completely curable by “bone marrow (stem cell) transplantation”. Viplav hears that and says yes I hear about that….maya says that gives 60% full recovery, in foreign countries they shows unexpected results at last year…..viplav hears that and tells then do it that for my dhaani, and he emotionally plead her to save dhaani…..maya seems that asks viplav to control his emotion….. and she says if we do that we need donor, I mean totally matched bone marrow donor. Viplav and tharun hears that and looks on….she tells 70% bone marrow is fully matched to siblings, I mean “brothers and sisters” “sisters and sisters” like that. 20% matched to parents but parents’ age should be below 50 then only they can donate bone marrow and remaining 10%(MUD) matched unrelated donor, this tree way only we can search bone marrow, but last time I asked dhaani about her family, if any siblings with her to donate bone marrow, but she said she has no one. Viplav hears that and recalls dhaani said that “she is orphan” and he seems hopeless…..

but tharun think about dhaani’s father and try to say something but he thinks (inner voice) but now babuji age is above 50 and realized he can’t donate and remains silent…… then maya tells last 10% we can try but it is .0001% we have chance. Viplav hears that, tears were fallout from his eyes and he wipes his tears and says I won’t lose the .0001% chance so let’s try it, and he tells I will search all over the world and bring donor for her so ready for operation. Maya says that is not easy task but I don’t want disappoint your hope, our hospital give full support to find a donor. Viplav signs “yes” and go out finally he found out one way…..he calls raj an asks him to convey the message to his all friends and looks on….tharun tells I will try my own way, viplav signs yes….. then tharun says I am going to buy medicine for di and asks him take care of her and about to go , viplav gives money to him but tharun refuse to accept…..viplav forcefully give to him then he accepts and goes out….

Later dhaani get conscious and viplav goes inside and holds her hand and asks are you okay now? Dhaani signs yes and asks are you scared? Viplave says “yes” , then she says that’s why I asked you to go away from my life but you don’t listen me, this is not late run away, if you do that, it’s doesn’t hurt at all…. Viplav hears that and says stop annoying me and take rest…..both were staring each other painfully but shows smiles in face….

Dhaani’father still searching her along by road side….suddenly sprained his ankle because of continues walking without rest….so he looks for medical shop to buy plaster…..

At the same time tharun goes out and buy medicine at medical shop….. dhaani father
stands behind him and asks give some plaster to him….tharun hears that voice and found out that is ashock voice and turns back slowly….and calls babuji. Both were looks shockingly….. they speechless for a moment…..ashock asks yah tharun where were you have been? And why I can’t get your call? Tharun have no answer to say and looks him with teary eyes….. ashok sees that and get nervous and found something was wrong, he holds tharun’s collar and asks where is my dhaani? and shouts where is my dhaani? tharun says I’m sorry babuji! I’m sorry! Dhaani father asks what sorry! And looks him emotionally….tharun says I was wrong, I’m sorry babuji and cries…..ashok hears that and hold his cheeks what happened to my dhaani please tell me, tharun says everything that she is dying by blood cancer and now she get treatment for that at hospital. Ashock hears that and gets shocked…and what? cancer? And tears were fallout from his eyes…. Then tharun tells didi came do know about her health, when that day debtors start to chased us, but she don’t want make you worry and give pain to you, so she lied that day that she is alright. Ashok recalls that (dhaani said that I am fully alright that is what doctor said to me) he starts to cries. Tharun tells she won’t to see you in pain that’s why she make you leave from Mumbai and decide to don’t contact you any more……ashok hears everything and cries loudly he can’t get over the shock…. Tharun consoles him and try to make him normal….but he cries loudly and tells dhaani! my beti dhaani what should I do?…

At the same time our dhaani get better and starts to do her naughty things, she lies on bed and watching T.V drama and while she laugh loudly, one nurse comes and gives some snacks pocket to her, dhaani gives some money to her, nurse get that and leaves….dhaani starts to eat that and continues her drama….viplav enters the room and sees that and asks yah what are you eating? She looks on….he jerks that snacks pocket from her and throw into the dustbin, and shouts don’t you listen me, you can’t eat that and asks who bought this to you? dhaani hears his shouting and bent her head sadly…..viplav seems that and control his anger and says slowly dhaani please listen me until your treatment get over uhmm? She sings “yes”. He sits nears to her….she again start to watch drama and laugh loudly…..viplav seems that and stares her painfully…..dhaani seems that asks why this sad looking now? He says “no” I just looking you…..dhaani understand his pain and asks do you want to hear something funny, he says “no”, but she tells I say some joke listen me okay! And she starts to tell joke, dhaani asks a cute rabbit and very fast tortoise going to race then who’ll win? Viplav hears that and asks what? dhaani again asks who would win? He seems her and tells rabbit, dhaani laughed and tells’’ no” tortoise. viplav looks on .… she says I told you ” that tortoise is very fast” na. and she laughed……dhaani starts to tell next joke, she asks another rabbit and a tortoise wearing sun class and going to race then who’ll win? Viplav hears that and again says rabbit! rabbit! she again laughed and says “no” tortoise won, the tortoise with sun class was the same very fast tortoise from before (joke) and laughed ( I know this joke is very bad (marana mokka) but I just add it and its not mine, lol and dhaani just try to cheer viplav)…..dhaani asks viplav its funny na? and laugh continuously…..viplav hears that and looks her hopeless….and recalls tharun (words whenever you seems her smile towards her) then viplav smiles and says yes it’s really funny and laughed with her; then he says next time tell some better jokes like this, then he leave out……. viplav goes outside and burst out his tears…. At the same time inside the room dhaani says with teary eyes, smile viplav! just smile for me. They look miserable…..

Tharun and ashok comes to hospital, viplav stand in front of dhaani room and seems their coming, they close to him viplav looks on….tharun introduce ashok and says he is didi father. Viplav hears that and shocked….he asks what and recalls dhaani word (that she said she is an orphan ) he smiles hopeless and come to know that’s all lies. Tharun say everything what happened from bottom to top. Viplav hears that and stunned….. ashok and viplav looks each other and remembers that they meet before at tea stall…..

Then viplav opens dhaani room slowly, she looks on….. viplav seems dhaani and says you’re strange ladugi , pagal ladugi and mean ladugio thum. Dhaani hears that and smiles hopeless……she asks what? You back to say those things to me? both were staring each other…..viplal suddenly moves asides, dhaani’s father stands behind him……dhaani seems him and gets shocked, tears were filled with her eyes….and calls papa! Ashok close to her with teary eyes…..they get emotional. Ashok calls her name dhaani! she calls papa ! her words are choked and starts to weeping , then her father hugs her and says it’s alright dhaani! She cries and says papa “I was wrong” I’m sorry papa. Ashok consoles her tells says it’s alright dhaani, papa know everything, papa came back ena, everything would be fine soon. They cries lot…..viplav seems that and goes out with teary eyes and stands in front of the door.

After sometime dhaani lies on her father lap and says I’m sorry papa, ashok hears that control his tears, he don’t want to show his tears to her and he well know about dhaani as her father; and he well knows she won’t that, so he says it’s okay and asks her to sleep. ashok slowly strokes her hair….. he slowly asks who is that man standing outside? Dhaani thinks and says oh viplav! and smiles…. Then she tells after we apart, I have been end up with staying his(viplav) house with him….. and he is like you papa! Always caring about me like you did….. when we are under the same roof, we always used to fight each other, but I really happy with him….and I’m constantly forget about my illness and started to live his girl……ashok hears that and asks do you love him? dhaani hears that and looks him astonishingly and asks how did you know that papa! He says I am your papa I know my daughter better than her. She smiles and yes “I like him lot” and “I love him lot”, and dhaani slowly says so I want that happiness little more, tears were fallout from her eyes….she asks her dad papa it is possible? I would able to live long with him? ahsok understands her pain and he wipes her tears “yes” it will happen soon, before that you get your treatment fully and be healthy hmmm? And I know my daughter has stronger girl like me, so you have to fight your fate and you should win for your love okay? Dhaani signs yes with teary eyes… the same time viplav stand outside of the room and hears everything….he come to know about her real heart and he think about their cruel fate and burst out his tears…..later dhaani fell asleep, then ashok come out with teary eyes….

Tharun and viplav seems him….. ashok asks tharun why all things happened to me and my dhaani? and he taunts god and their fate…. Viplav hears that looks on……he emotionally cries and says I lost dhaani maa ,after she gave birth to her, after that I thought my two daughter’s my world but our fate played with that also, we lost her didi piya and we still don’t where she is? She was alive or dead don’t know anything. Now that god want my dhaani also what should I do? and he says without dhaani my life is meaningless and cries. Tharun console him and make him to sit in the chair. Viplav hears that and stunned for a moment and he came to know, that dhaani have sister and recalls maya word (bone marrow will be matched70% with siblings) viplav goes to ashok and kneels down…..he holds his hand and asks babu ji dhaani have sister…..ashok seems him and says yes beta. Viplav hears that and shows smiles to him and hugs him with teary eyes….. viplav face is full of bright that he found some way to save dhaani .ashok doesn’t get that and looks on….. tharun seems that.
Abi ( I introduce her at next episode, she is small girl and get cancer treatment like dhaani at same hospital ) she comes to dhaani room and play with her…..viplav and tharun try hard to find piya and some other donor…..

If you want read previous episode of my girl is a liar please go and visit this link
If you want read previous episode of my girl is a liar please go and visit this link
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Credit to: Pethu sri

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  1. Hmmmm, I can’t just leave without praising u.,u are too much my dear keep it up as no word will explain how I intend praising ur writing skill.

    1. aish thank you very much and don’t need praise me, you already praised me enough…i am really happy to see you comments thank you.

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  4. Just loved it, keep writing dear and come back again with a new story soon pls dear

    1. maria i think you’re too excited today, that’s why you continuously click three comments lol, thank u my dear and yes i will try to come back with another story ok

      1. Thanks dear

      2. Actually first I typed then the net had issues so I typed it again and again problem then third time finally it got posted and I saw all the three comments

  5. emotional one yarr….. could not resist imagining the situation….loved to imagine ViDhaani and their unconditional love depicted in your ff… 🙂 keep going dear

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  6. Very emotional. I liked it very much. I was feeling like crying. Plz update the next part soon yaar

    1. thank you louella, yes i will update soon and tomorrow episode is too long so don’t miss it okay

  7. realllyy heart touching episodeee yaar

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  10. There is some magic in yr words as each word automatically brings the real scene in eyes tóóoooooooooóoooooooooooóooooooooooo gud

    1. all friends saying that renu i am really happy about that, today you too said that, i am really really happy renu, thank you, and keep reading .

  11. Hi sri i dnt know whether if u remember me or nt I am riya…. Who was following ur last ff…… ia ma studing 12 and my board xms were gng on so I dnt check any update today only jst noticed ur icon of ur ff and thought dat it can be u and my guess was right….. I still dnt rd ur ff……. Sry yaar…. Today s my lst board xm…. I am sure I will rd ur 18 epi today eve itself……..

    1. hey riya how can i forget about you, i missed your comments that’s why i mentioned your name one earlier episode and asked you to come back riya and do comment, you can check out previous episodes, after that i thought yes, she already said she studying 12’th that’s why she busy with exams, so i start to wait, finally you commented no problem riya after your exam finished, you can read one by one, studies first so carry on my dear…..sunday is final episode athukula read panidulam okay. thank u my dear for come back

  12. Hey Pethu,

    How are you? From first episode onwards i am reading without fail and today you made me cry a lot.Really very very nice. Eagrly waiting for next episode.

    1. hey vinny i am fine dear, i think you commented at intro ena, i still remember you thank for following story ma three episodes are remaining keep reading and u called my first name, after long time i heard that name i am really happy thank you vinny.

  13. really liked father&daughter emotional scene.and plz add little vidhani romance.eagerly waiting for next epi.update soon..

    1. paviabi i thought to add some romantic scenes but there is no space for that, they struggling for their love, so i didn’t add much….but last episode i will try okay, keep reading yar.

  14. akka..are you a medical student…?given clearly about bone marrow…and akka..this episode I just loved …from comedy,emotional,sentiments…and in the last episode..i just loved machaan…maaapila…and that drunken scene fully..who said that jokes akka…my comment was given by Viplav in the story itself… 😉 😉 chumma…i was laughing reading the jokes…and I can’t see viplav…my pain..please cure Dhaani soon akka…I am just reading that “Viplav cried bitterly”Reading that I am crying bitterly…and just loved the sequence ViDhani hugging each other and crying bitterly…And I am very happy that at last Viplav came to know that Dhaani loves him a lot…Love you so muvh…happy to have you as my didi..I mean..Akka..And can you say what drama was dhaani watching that made her to laugh..?summa therunjakalaam nu….waiting for the next episode akka…please post it soon…

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    1. oh my jonah evalavu periya comment lol. and you asked first question na that are you a medical student? omg i can’t control my laugh and i rolled around and laughed, i don’t know why? ur question is serious but my answer is ha ha ha no, and i am pure science, plant biology and biotechnology student. and that jokes na i seen in one drama that heroin say that joke to cheer up hero but that hero hears that mokka jokes and asked are you an alien? then she gets mad and says if i am alien means you’re monster, hero hears that get irked and have a huge fight, like that they fight everyday in that drama i love their fight and that jokes, i just added that jokes and modified the scene, and today episode too emotional so you need some basket to save your tears, so be prepare for that lol just for fun….and my dear i am too happy to have cute sisiy (thankachi) like you and all the best for your studies okay

      1. Ok… appo neenga pure science aah ? awesome…

      2. yes jonah nan pure science and you asked what drama dhaani used to watch, let’s think as real ikrs sometimes ikrs was funny na lol……

  16. sharanya rajkumar

    maxa emotional yaar… too good… you are really brilliant

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  18. Sri,hatts off to u,no doubt,u are a exceptional writer.the way u presents emotions is brilliant,the way u weaves story is also brilliant.u already said that u did some reasearch on cancer for writing this proves ur hardwork and that’s why this story is unique.we don’ have any other option than enjoying this.ur story is so magical.vidhani’s love is strong,pure and magical and thank u so much for this treat yaar.

    1. yes saran i searched some article for cancer treatment , and i modified some percentage for this drama, then only story have some interesting, so i little bit touched and 20 and 21 episodes slightly looks like a medical drama, and thank you my dear for your boosting comments and keep smiling…. have a wonderful day….

  19. Thankyou so much for the long episode. And you write incredible! Seriously! In love with this fan fiction. And do come soon with another fan fiction. All the best for your future! ?

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    1. rajee rajee i am really happy my dear, your words and comments give lot of energy to me and sometimes i felt my story was not good, but when i see your all comments its says yes i am doing good job, really thank u rajee. keep reading……

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