My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-17


2 months later….
Now viplav stuck in high way traffic….then his car slowly moves on and stands in front of tea stall and he have some tea… our dhaani’s father also drink tea with the same tea stall….In opposite side of the road someone dresses like Mickey mouse costume and sells doll outside of the mall. That person feels tired and suffocates with those costumes so that person takes off the head costume….. Oh god that person is our dhaani. She wipes her sweating.…. Viplav and ashok were having tea at the opposite side of stall. Dhaani’s father finished his sip and about to go but he place his purse in the shop. Viplav seems that and calls him and informs that you missed your wallet…ashok hears that and get back his wallet, then he thanks viplav for saying that….viplav smiles towards him….then ashok leaves and he didn’t see dhaani.
Our viplav done his tea and about to go, dhaani still stands there…… viplav suddenly feels something and lifts his head and looks the other side and sees dhaani , but he can’t sure. He thinks (inner voice) its looks like dhaani and looks on…..

Dhaani from the other side, she lifts her head and sees viplav and stunned for a movement, vidhaani looks each other.…. then dhaani come to sense and put her costume back, and starts to move from that place. Viplav seems that and conforms that is dhaani and cross the road…..he start to follows her. dhaani walks fast, and viplav follows her very fast…… In half way dhaani turns back and looks for him but viplav doesn’t follow her. Then she goes back and checks whether he is gone or not, she can’t see him around ( but viplav stands behinds her)…..dhaani seems that and feels relieved and she turns back to go but she sees viplav stand in front of her……dhaani gets shocked and tensed but she have some confidence because she wore toy costume na, so she pretends like nothing happened and about to go but our vipla pull her costume and stopped her….and says in cool manner I saw you, so stop running. Dhaani hears that and looks on innocently with toy costume, then she take off her costume…. Vidhaani sees each other after 2 months later, both were stares each other…….

Dhaani pretends like wondesr and says oh viplav thum? Long time no see na? how are you? viplav smiles hopeless and says are you kidding me na? She hears that and smiles…… and says why I am kidding around you? I never thought we will see each other again, I am really surprised but I am middle in my work so excuse me okay? and about to go…… but viplav grabs her hand and says let’s go home first, later we talk about rest. dhaani hears that and gets mad….. she make him to leave her hand and asks are you crazy? Why I have to go your house? I think we are not that much close. viplav hears that and calls her name dhaani! and says please stop it, I am tired. She looks him utterly and moves on….viplav seems that and says ok be your way but I won’t let you go, then he follows her, dhaani seems that and gets irked….. she turns back and asks why you are following me? viplav smiles and says who said I’m following you lot of people walks in front of me, then it means I following everyone. Dhaani looks him hopeless and keep walking; viplav continuously follows her ……

One motor bike comes fast in that way and slightly scratches viplav arms and disappears from the road. But our viplav feigns that he injured badly by that bike and falls down…..dhaani seems that and runs towards him and asks what’s wrong? Did you get hurt? Viplav hold his arms and shouts…..he says it’s hurting so much dhaani! and he screams loud…… dhaani can’t see him in pain; she don’t know what to do; tears were fallout from her eyes unknowingly and she asks help from others, no one willing to help. So she decides to take him to hospital and tries to stop cars, finally she stop one taxi and turns back to get viplav, but she can’t sees him, he is not there.….dhaani looks on and search around here, finally she found him at one shop and looks on…..viplav stands at one shop and eating banana and smiles towards her…. dhaani goes near to him and glares him with tears….

Viplav seems her and lay a hand on her tears and asks don’t say dhaani your tears also saying lies, dhaani seems him angrily and says your acting was too good, viplav hears that and smiles…..he says thanks to you, I learned something from you, dhaani asks just now you are testing my patient na? vidhaani stare each other and she looks him hopeless and moves on…. viplav again starts to follows dhaani…..

Dhaani gets the bus; viplav also takes bus with her….. dhaani sits in one seat, he goes and sits next to her. dhaani looks on….. She curious about his marriage, so she asks how was your marriage life? viplav hears that and smiles…dhaani seems that and asks what? Why you are laughing? He tells “nothing” and says if my marriage happened, may I would be happy, but it’s not happened what to do? dhaani hears that and gets shocked….she asks what? You’re lying to me na? and says don’t play with me and tell the truth, you got married na? viplav seems her and tells what should I say, you don’t know I am not good at lying like you. dhaani looks on……viplav asks do you want to know, why my marriage was stopped? And he about to tell, but dhaani close her ears and says I don’t want know anything and its nothing to me; then she gets ready to get off from bus, viplav also stands with her…. but dhaani goes front side of the bus, viplav looks on and stay on back side….he closely watching dhaani and ready to get off bus with her….but our cute dhanni again plan to fooled him. bus has stopped at one stop, dhaani gets off from the bus front side viplav also gets down through back side….

They looks each other, dhaani seems viplav, his eyes only focus on her…. bus again starts to move, dhaani seems that and again get on the bus through back side while moving Viplav seems that and shouts dhaani! dhaani! and runs behind the bus…..finally he gets tired and falls down. Dhaani sees him through window and says (inner voice) don’t come to me viplav, if you do its hard for me, please don’t come. Viplav stands up and looks on….

Later viplav don’t know where he go to search for her, so he sat sadly in the bus stop, where dhaani fooled him….that way our tharun return to home by bike with his friend….viplav see that and found out that is tharun he starts to follows him by auto… finally tharun get stopped at one shop. Viplav sees that and get off from the auto and goes to him. tharun seems him surprisingly …viplav asks did you remember me? tharun says I know, you’re my dhaani di fake boy friend, viplav hears that and smiles and says I am relieved now that you don’t like your di. Then tharun about to leave but viplav stopped him and asks about dhaani’s place. Tharun tells I can’t tell you if I told, I would be dead by didi hands, and about to leave but viplav seems that and hold his arms and asks why this hurry burry my brother in law? (in tamil my mapila) Tharun asks what brother in law? viplav says yes my dear brother in law, I can’t treat you well before, so let’s go somewhere and I will treat you, tharun hears that and asks but where? viplav says come and see. Tharun looks on….

Viplav takes him to the rich bar, tharun sees that place and wonders…. viplav give drinks to him and asks him to have it. Tharun refuse to drink, then viplav asks don’t you drink before? Tharun replies “no” if didi knows this, she would scold me. viplav hears that and asks why you always afraid of your di, I am with you na? Nothing happens and asks him to drink. Tharun looks on….and he hesitantly drinks first after that he well comfortable with viplav.

Both were fully drunk and dance in bar….after that they get out from bar in drunken stage, they are not steady mind and sit in the road side. Tharun says wow how lovely you are but your personality is different from what didi described. Viplav smiles and asks what she said about me? tharun tells the flash back what she said about him( that dhaani said viplav is a horrible person, he looks terrible with lumps face) viplav hears that and asks what horrible? Lump on my face? And he smiles and asks tharun do I look like that? tharun says”no” you look beautiful, smart and very good person too. Viplav smiles and says yes I am smart and cool but dhaani is a true liar! Always lying! My lovely liar! Tharun hears that and says yes my didi is a big liar! But she is not bad and she is lovely and my cute didi! then he about to cry, his eyes were filled with tears and says “my di having a hard time”, she has in pain but she smiles always for other happiness, that’s my di. Viplav hears that and asks hard time? what pain? Tharun tells that is her health.….. and about to tell the truth ( dhaani’s health) but suddenly his phone ring….tharun seems that and signs viplav to be quite and attends the phone, on phone dhaani shouts what time is this? Where are you now? and asks him to come to home. Tharun smiles and says didi my lovable didi ! (He speak like a drunken man) she hears that yah are you drunk? He says “no” I just drink little, but brother in law ( in tamil machan) drinks lot. Dhanni hears that and asks what brother in law? Who is that? and asks where are you now? Tharun says I am with our brother in law, and he tells where they are now. Dhaani says stay there, you’re dead today. Tharun hears that and says yes didi bye di come soon ena and end the call. Dhaani hears that and says what’s with him, but who is that brother in law? And wonders. Then she rushes to him….

Dhaani comes that place and sees viplav with him and gets shocked…..viplav sees her and screams hey my girl friend agayae! And close to her and says liar! My lovely liar! Agayae! Tharun hears that and looks dhaani …and says di my brother in law really cool and asks her look him. dhaani smiles hopeless and asks what brother in law? and she looks them hopeless…. Then she holds tharun hand and about to leave, but she turns back and looks viplav….he lies on the road and lost his control, she seems that and no heart to leave him like that and she goes to viplav and make him wake up. Then dhaani holds them( viplav and tharun) with her two hands, but she can’t take them alone and she gets tired so she leaves them and asks them to walk themselves. They try to walk but they can’t take another step and falls down and roles over on each other. Dhaani looks that and stunned hopeless, then she gets cab and takes them to home where she live now. That house is too small, so she make them lies on tharun’s old truck….dhaani seem viplav in that condition and slowly caress his hair and says with teary eyes for me “don’t be hurt” for me “don’t be in pain” and tells I can’t be with you so try to forget me uhmm tears were fallout from her eyes….
Then she goes inside of the house and sat sadly and thinks about viplav….she calls keerthi and says she needs to meet her, keerthi hears that and agrees to her, then ends the call. Both were looks on miserable at their respective place….

Next morning dhaani come out from the house…tharun and viplav still sleeping in the truck. Dhaani looks them and rushes to meet keerthi…

Later in hotel keerthi and dhaani meets up, they speechless for a movement… dhaani asks her why marriage got call off, if viplav said something? Keerthi tells “no” I am the one who stopped marriage. Dhaani hears that and asks but why? Keerthi smiles and says it’s up to me. dhaani insists her to tell the truth. Keerthi tells I’m planning to go overseas for my higher studies, I thought this is a not time to get marriage, so I called off marriage. Dhaani hears that and says then take viplav with you. keerthi hears that and smiles hopeless and asks what? What did you say? Dhaani says you like him lot na, so take him with you. keerthi gets mad and says slowly but “viplav loving person it’s not me, it’s you na”. dhaani hears that and get shocked…..
dhaani stunned for a movement…..and tells but I’m not deserve for his love, so you should take with you. keerthi gets mad and looks on…..she tells I’m sorry, I don’t know; why you want me to get marry with viplav, but what to do, I can’t do that, then she asks if you have talked everything mean shall I take my leave? and about to go… dhaani seems her and says all of sudden I am going to die soon, keerthi hears that and gets shocked… and asks what? dhaani tells slowly with teary eyes that I’m dying cancer patient and I don’t know when what happen to me, so please take viplav with you. keerthi is stunned and asks what? Tears were filled with her eyes and says that’s why that day you lied and turned out the situation like that and make me engaged with him na. dhaani seems her with teary eyes….and says yes that’s why I am begging you take him with you. keerthi wipes her tears and says “no” I won’t do that to him, and she asks dhaani do you want to live my full life like you, dhaani looks on… and asks what?.keerthi says if I do that, “my life is turn out of lying” like yours. Two girls’ eyes are filled with tears; they lost their words and looks each other with teary eyes….. keerthi gets up and about to go…. but dhaani says with teary eyes but “my love was not lie” keerthi stopped walking and hears that, dhaani says yes I love him! I love him lot! and I don’t want leave any pain in his heart, so please help me out. keerthi takes deep breath and says “I’m sorry dhaani” and leaves with teary eyes. dhaani looks on and tears were fallout from her eyes…..

At the same time our viplav and tharun cuddling each other and sleeping inside the truck they wakes up at the same time and get shocked….they shouts ahhh and looks each other shockingly…. Tharun asks viplav how could this happened….and asks why you are here with me, they looks each other and remembers everything what happened last night, tharun says omo what should I do? today I am going to dead by di hand. Viplav hears that asks why you always afraid of her I am with you na and get nimbu pani for your brother in law. tharun looks on…viplav insist to buy for him, tharun seems him and get off from the truck and leaves to buy a nimbu pani….
Viplav looks that truck and says what type of vehicle these? This type of vehicles still in this world and wonders. He looks around the truck and he see the one cover in front side ( that day dhaani gives her report to tharun and asked him to kept that with him, tharun left that in his truck) and viplav takes and looks on….finally he realized that is hospital report, he thinks that is dhaani’s friend report and wonders why dhaani still kept with her and about to leave in the truck and get off from the truck…..

But all of sudden he recalls the report cover and feels that “on cover dhaani name was written” finally he notice the cover somewhat and he looks tensed and opens the truck and get back the report and he confirms that is correct. Viplav is full of shocks and slowly take out the report and looks on…. he read the report and found out that is dhaani report and she has blood cancer, tears were fills with his eyes…..all things are muted to him and stunned….. viplav says himself “no” it’s not true, and recalls dhaani what said at hospital ( dhaani said my friend get ill so I’m come with her ) and he remembers everything what she said that her friend get treatment for blood cancer…..then he realized that’s all lies. viplav says with teary eyes that was all lie? what again I was fooled by her, he can’t control tears….viplav shed tears and he recalls dhaani’s words (“if I leave suddenly in this world, if I left behind the people who I love in pain” that’s the most scariest thing to me.) he can’t take that pain and cries loudly…..
Later dhaani comes home sadly…viplav stand alone with report and turned back that side, she comes and seems him….dhaani asks don’t you leave? why you are still here? and she asks him to go and says don’t come again. Viplav hides the report back side and control his tears …. He turns back and asks can I ask you something? Dhaani seems him and asks what? He asks what’s your friend name, who get treatment for blood cancer? dhaani hears that and gets shocked and asks what? and she thinks what to say ….viplav smiles hopeless and says what? You can’t remember? He asks can I help you to get her name, dhaani seems him shockingly….. viplav tells slowly that friend name is dhaani na? She hears that and stunned, viplav shows the report to her….. dhaani seems that and tears were fallout from her eyes, vidhaani were looks each other painfully…..

Dhaani doesn’t wake up from her sleeping…viplav and tharun take her to hospital….dhaani’s father sees tharun at medical shop…..

If you want read previous episode of my girl is a liar please go and visit this link
If you want read previous episode of my girl is a liar please go and visit this link
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Credit to: Pethu sri

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  1. Wow this is great, u’re really blessed as it is stupendous. It’s heart touching, the last part was very emotional

  2. superb kaviya. Each and every line is heart touching .
    Finally viplav also know abt dhani’s health.
    Mapilai and machan was too good. I was imaging how it would be when viplav tells. Very Good yaar. u r having some magic in ur writing. I never get bored in ur story. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful story.

  3. Emotional …loving.. Funny(brother in law 😛 )
    Just Loved it
    i was almost crying while reading dhaani and keerthi conversation
    Its really awesome

  4. really its a heart touching story

  5. sharanya rajkumar

    emotional heart touchy good creation really loved it
    waiting for next.. you are rocks

  6. Sri,its fabulous and no more words to express ur creativity and to praise u but the only bad thing is this waiting for next part.this tu guys are really irritating us.why are they updating with so much delay.i hope atleast today they will update earlier.

  7. Wow…really nice that mapila&machan conversation.and i am sad about only four epi are left.plz extend the story,plz..plz..

  8. @aish,porkodi, arshdeep, chery, sharanya, saranya, paviabi, really thank u guys for your support. really really i am happy. keep reading ok.
    @ aish thank u for your nice words dear…
    @porkodi,paviabi,arshdeep, i am glad that you guys like mapila and machan ( brother in law conversation),and two more episodes are too emotional , so let’s see what happen next ok
    @paviabi yes next time i will extend my story ok, but my girl is a liar come to end soon, next ff definitely long ok…
    @ chery and sharanya, thank you guys keep reading and i will update soon.
    @ saran yes telly updates update very late these days but yesterday me too posted very late at night 7.57 pm that’t why its too late. sorry for delay and today i will post soon ok
    thank you friends keep reading….

  9. Sri, it’s just beyond words I am in love with your writing. Seriously telling I have no words to describe it u are just awessssome pls keep writing and come again with a new story. Good luck for your future.

  10. Sri, very emotional episode…finally Viplav known abt dhani’s health. eagerly waiting for next episode

  11. Heart touching episode. It’s really awesome. I am waiting for next episode.

    1. @maria, nima, and midarshani thank you very much my dears, i will post next part soon, and keep reading ok….

  12. awesome ….but these simple words can’t describe this episode and writing skill of yours …. now u r making me cry by this episode much pain she is bearing …very eagerly want for the next …but very very sab about the end of this story …
    ” my girl is a liar ” is better than my princess …I know it was a different love story with diff storyline ..but I like it better …all the best kaviya di for future ….thank u 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thank u avijit yes me too like my girl is a liar better than my princess, in my princess i added some family flavor, but my girl is liar fully focused on both leads only and different concept too, i like viplav unconditional love for dhaani, so same pinch for having same taste and thank u very much.

  13. ?superb kaviya!!! In the 1st part I cud not control my laugh. There r many scenes which I wud like to mention-
    Viplav replying dhani that lot of ppl r in front of me that doesn’t mean that he is following all was good one.Then viplav eating banana was cute. This jeeja-sala jodi was too good.They slept together cuddling each other was hilarious. 1st part was so cute & funny.
    The next part was fully emotional. Can’t bear Vidhani in pain.
    Precap is shocking.
    Once again a masterpiece from talented kaviya!?

    1. thank u rajee, what you mentioned above all scenes what make me smiles, when i wrote those scenes i laugh myself and thought u guys definitely like that, thank u for mentioning dear….keep smiling….

  14. @rejee, y didn’t u comment on telly updates

  15. Emotional episode. ? Loved it. Finally Viplav knows about her health. Eagerly waiting for next. Post it soon.

    1. thank you mahira, i will update soon and keep reading…..

  16. Kaviya it’s awesome. Plz update the next part soon

    1. thank u louella i already updated it will be posted soon, keep reading…..

  17. Dearest kavya have no words i am speechless u r too talented god bkess u

    1. thank u renu and today episode got posted , please read it and share your views…….

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