My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-16


The episode starts with dadaji holds keerthi hand and take her to the viplav and he gives ring to them and asks them to get engage. viplav seems dhaani….. he takes ring and place on keerthi hand, she place ring on his hand, engagement was finished. dhaani looks them with teary eyes…..keerthi stares viplav utterly and hugs him, dhaani stands behind keerthi, viplav seems her with teary eyes….. dhaani seems that and turns back and looks miserable…..

At the same time train comes and stands in Mumbai railway station, our heroin’s father (ashok) get off from the train and looks on….. ashok goes to his house where they used to live before to see dhaani, but that house was locked so he goes to house owner and asks where is dhaani? House owner replies she was left when you ran away from here and she was never shown up after that. Ashok hears that and gets shocked and wonder where she is? He gets worried…. and ask where are you dhaani, papa what should I do? tears were filled with his eyes and looks on….

Later night in Banaras dhaani packs her all things and about to leave dadaji , dadi ,kanak everyone stopped her and asks her to stay there for viplav marriage, and it will be happen after one week, so they asks her o stay there. She says she wants to go, everyone looks on….. keerthi hears that and goes to her…. she holds dhaani hand and asks her to stay, if you think me as your friend then don’t leave and be with me okay. Keerthi compels her to stay, so dhaani can’t refuse, she smiles and accept to stay here with half heart.

dhaani stays on her room and sat sadly on the bed and think about viplav…. he suddenly comes inside her room angrily. Dhaani get shocked….. He shouts her now you happy na, Who are you? Who gave permission to lies in my life? And he shouts who are you? dhaani seems that and gets scared…. She asks why you couldn’t say anything in function to you want engage with me? viplav hears that and asks what? She asks then why don’t you say anything there? Viplav looks on….dhaani seems him and tells before everything went wrong I want to stop it, so I have no choice and I’m sorry for that. Viplav hears that and says telling truth is not enough to stop the engagement, then why you took keerthi in our matter? Dhaani don’t have answer for that, so she turns back and refuses to answer. viplav grabs her hand and corners her to the wall….he lean close to her and shouts why could you do this? dhaani tries to get free from him but he holds her hand tightly, that’s hurting her, both are staring each other painfully, tears were fallout from dhaani eyes….. shalu suddenly enters the room, she looks them shockingly….viplav seems that and leaves dhaani hand and leaves outside angrily. Dhaani wipes her tears and smiles towards her, shalu looks on….

Next day on wards marriage ceremony starts, all north Indian rituals are happening…… In all function viplav eyes only focus on dhaani, both were have feeling for each other, that give lot of pain to them….

Mehandi function going on…. Everyone were doing dance. Shalu wants dhaani to dance with her, for everyone happiness dhaani also dance with them… viplav seems that and goes inside, dhaani looks on…..everyone get happy, but our two love birds were suffering by hiding their love.

Haldi (turmeric) function going on….. dhaani place turmeric on keerthi face… then she about to place viplav face but he refuses and hold her hand and glares her, everyone looks on…. dhanni seems him painfully and she doesn’t feels good, her eyes were filled with tears, she hides the tear and go inside….
Inside the room dhaani starts to cry….she can’t take anymore. She want to leave, so she calls tharun and say everything….and she says I don’t think I would able to see his marriage it’s really hurting me tharun and cries her words are choked. He understands her pain and says di don’t cry I will be there soon, let’s leave from there uhmm. She says “yes” and ends the call. Tharun rushes to Banaras….

Tomorrow marriage means day before evening some function is going on….in function all are dancing, dhaani claps and encourage everyone and keerthi too. dhaani also dance with them, suddenly she starts to collapse…. Her energy was reducing, so she silently goes inside her room and takes medicine….and lies on bed. Outside everyone happy about viplav marrage but our dhaani struggling with her illness…..tharun reaches viplav house, everyone busy with marriage work. Tharun go inside and searching for dhaani ….finally he found dhaani room. She lies on bed without any energy…he wakes up her and asks di are you not feeling well? Can you able to walk?….dhaani says with tired voice “yes” we need to leave, let’s go. Tharun holds her and they move on…. they come out from the house. Viplav enters the house from out and sees them…. They staring each other…

viplav goes close to her and ask, what’s wrong? Why you look pale? Are you again sick? Dhaani seems him…He about to touches her head but dhaani refuses and move on without say anything…. But viplav follows her and asks where are you leaving? She doesn’t say anything and walk with tharun. Viplav forcefully grabs her hand and shouts where are you going? Dhaani seems him and says I think it’s all over viplav, I mean you don’t need me anymore. Viplav looks on…. then dhaani smiles and says it was fun for a while, but it’s a time we go back to who we are…… Then she sees tharun, he gives some money to her….she holds viplav hand and gives money to him and says “my debt” now “we are over viplav”….. Then dhaani says with teary eyes thank you for everything. Viplav hears that and stunned…. his expression is he can’t take that pain anymore both are staring each other painfully….Then dhaani moves forward and says (inner voice) viplav please! don’t say anything let me go this time please! ….but he shouts don’t go dhaani! she hears that her eyes were filled with tears, she doesn’t listen him and keep walking…..viplav runs towards dhaani….he grabs her hand, pull towards him and hugs her tightly….and says don’t go dhaani I can’t let you go! don’t go!. dhaani has dazed condition with teary eyes….she tries to free from viplav but he hugs her forcefully and don’t want to leave her. Dhaani somewhat make him leave her….and give tight slaps to him. tharun seems that and calls di, viplav is stunned…..

Dhaani tells with teary eyes how dare you do this to me? You’re really true jerk and then she asks you’re engaged with someone but you still want me to tag along with you? This is what real you? viplav is stunned stage because of that slap…. he hears those words and suddenly says “I like you”. dhaani hears that and asks with teary eyes, what? (What dhaani don’t want to happen, what she most afraid of, that was happened, finally viplav opens his heart) Both are eventually having pain in their heart and looks each other……viplav seems her straight and again says “I like you”, “I love you dhaani”. She looks him hopeless with teary eyes….

Dhaani smiles hopeless and asks this is all you could do, who came to help you out and she says you can’t treat me like this, I am really shame on you viplav tripathi. (dhaani has in pain because she hurting viplav by her harsh words but she hide everything and put all blame on him and want to go out from his life forever because she don’t want to leave behind him in pain) viplav hears everything and seems her ….and asks did you ever really like me when we under the same roof? Dhaani smiles hopeless and tells “no” and she says “viplav you are, to me my one of debtor that’s all” and “I never forgot that for a second”. Viplav hears that and looks her, both were staring each other painfully……then dhaani about to go, but viplav says but why I feel you were lying? dhaani hears that and control her tears…she turns back and says “no” I am not lying, don’t fool yourself viplav. Then she leaves out with tharun….viplav stares her leaving and tears were filled like as well in his….

Dhaani goes outside with tharun she having too much of pain, in middle of the street she lost her all energy and sits in the road and starts to cries loudly….tharun sees that he says di I’m sorry, if I could’ve come early it’s not happened, and he starts cries with her…. dhaani continuously weeping and says I’m sorry viplav, I like you viplav for that I am really sorry, what should we do? Our fate is not good. The she says this lie hurting me so much…..what should I do and she cries utterly in the street….
At the same time, viplav were stunned and stands outside with full of heart ache. He turns back to go inside, whereas he sees keerthi stands with teary eyes, she heard everything what they talked earlier. viplav sees her shockingly and calls keerthi! She seems him full of pain, and runs inside…..viplav runs behind her. Everyone in the house looks on…they don’t know what’s happening and clueless….

Keerthi goes to her room and locks inside, viplav comes and knocks the door and asks her to opens the door….keerthi sits inside close to the door…she close her mouth and cries emotionally. Viplav stand outside and shouts to opens the door….. and he asks are you crying? Don’t do that keerthi; and he says I’m the one who wrong, Its all my fault, so please don’t hurt yourself and he sits outside of the door with teary eyes….. Everyone seems that, dadaji asks everyone to leave them alone and goes outside.
They sit like that for long time, viplav slowly starts to talk her; he smiles and says when we was young, you had chubby cheeks, running nose, pretty face look like a small angel keerthi hears that and recalls that and smiles…. then he says but you continuously cried and always used to say want to go home. Then he asks when you cried like that how I could leave you alone? Keerth looks on… viplav says when you cried that time I couldn’t felt well, I always upset about that. So I always used to stay with your side and bought ice cream, chocolate for you to make you smile and feel better. viplav smiles and tells when you was child you couldn’t take care of your own so I always used to take care of you and protect you from all hurt….keerthi hears that and recalls everything….. viplav tells that I thought you’re my best friend, no one ever have like you, who understanding me well better than me. I thought you should find my bride and I find your groom for our weeding. And you will be with me forever as a good friend……but that all thought come to end when I saw that, you rehearsal yourself to propose to me at park….keerthi come to know that viplave came that day and recalls that and cries…..
Viplav tells I never say “no” to you when you ask about anything, but that time I came to know that you gonna ask “me” I don’t know how to react you, I am fully confused, if I say “no” you will be hurt and feel heartbroken, I don’t want to see you like that. So I bring dhaani and asked her to pretend like my girl friend, I thought if I could do that, you will be change your heart, but you doesn’t change your heart, you keep loving me, and hurting you. keerthi hears that and cries lot….
Viplav says now I realized how it could hurt you, I bring dhaani as a fake but I really don’t know, why I fall for her; I don’t know why it turn out like this, now it hurting me keerthi, viplav said like that and tears were fallout from his eyes…. viplav words are choked, and he tells, if I know this before, that it will end like this, I never could do that keerthi. Viplav says I was wrong keerthi I am sorry for causing pain and he cries… keerthi hears that and she can’t see him with tears, she don’t want to see him like that….so she opens the door viplav gets up and looks on…….

keerthi hugs him and says I’m sorry viplav for not understanding you. viplav let’s her free and says” no” keerthi I am the one who wronged you and asks her to beat him. keerthi cries and says” no” viplav now I can understand you, if I wouldn’t then who will. She tells I will let you go this time viplav and asks him to go. viplav looks on….keerthi says viplav this time go to dhaani and hold her hand tightly and win her heart. viplav hears that and seems her with tears… and she says I don’t want to see failure viplav, you should win your love too; keerthi smiles and says I will be there as your friend forever.
Viplav hears that and seems her….he calls keerthi! She says don’t worry about me I am strong girl and she says I am okay now “my most best friend viplav”. keerthi hides her pain for him and smiles towards him…..viplav hugs her. Both were comes to stable and their pain melted away….
Later keerthi calls everyone and call off their marriage and she says I want to go overseas for my higher studies, so I don’t want marriage now. Then she tells slowly viplav and me decided to be a good friends forever and she compromise everyone, Finally everyone (viplav family) compromise. Keerthi and viplav smiles each other….
Next day viplav rushes to Mumbai to see dhaani, he goes to the house…..viplav have some hope that she will be there but it’s wrong, she is not there. He search everywhere around the house but he can’t see her and finally he goes to fridge ….dhaani leave some note on the fridge; in that note she said “viplav thank you for everything”, “live well and good bye”. Viplav stares that note with teary eyes…..and he feels the emptiness of house without dhaani.

2 months later….
dhaani still getting her treatment but she is next stage of her cancer, and now she lives in one small house with tharun….
Viplav and dhaani’s father (ashok) still search for dhaani all along the road side…..
Now viplav stuck in high way traffic….then his car slowly moves on and stands in front of tea stall and he have some tea… our dhaani’s father also drink tea with the same tea stall….In opposite side of the road someone dresses like Mickey mouse costume and sells doll outside of the mall. That person feels tired and suffocates with those costumes so that person takes off the head costume….. Oh god that person is our dhaani. She wipes her sweating.…. Viplav and ashok having tea at the opposite side of stall

Who is going to see dhaani first viplav or ashok? and who find out dhaan’s health first? Let’s check out next episode….

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Credit to: Pethu sri

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  1. Awesome episode dear. I must say you are very talented

  2. wonderful epi,i don’t no what to say.. really emotional.interesting,can’t guess what happen next.

  3. kaviya, u r a brilliant writer.superb episode.

  4. Such a long episode
    superb .. Awesome…toooo good
    loved it

  5. Such a long episode
    Superb.. Awesome.. Toooo good
    loved it

  6. Awesome yaar.My Princess was full fun whereas My Girl is a Liar is full emotional.u are a brilliant writer.i think u should continue ur writing and use ur writing skills to other works also like story,novel etc.pls don’t take writing as a time pass.use ur creativity in a more good way then only ur talent can acheive completeness.anyways all the very best yaar Sri.

  7. Wow beautiful episode. Kaviya u r an amazing writer,cant praise u in words. U r having such a talent in writing. Eagerly waiting for ur next post.

  8. Brilliant superb kavya i earlier also asked r u a professional writer u like it

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  13. @ maria, paviabi, nima. arshdeep, saran, renu, jonah, midarshan i,avijit, sujie. thank you very much for your loving and boosting comments. i am really happy and flying in the sky. five more episodes are left so keep reading ok
    @saran,avijit kandipa i continue my writing ok
    @ jonah , midarshani, and porkodi i will update next part soon ok
    thank u everyone.

  14. sharanya rajkumar

    its awesome and suspense too…ur writing style is really brilliant.
    update next part soon

  15. Kaviya! As everyone above said abt u that u r really a very talented writer. Ur imagination & story telling skill is fab.u can make us laugh, u can make us cry with ur story telling…superb yaar! The episode was super emotional making my hrt heavy. But seriously it was funny when dhani came up with Mickey mouse costume. I should not laugh..sorry.. Let’s c who is gonna find her 1st.

    1. @ sharanya thank you very much and yes i will update soon keep reading.
      @ rajee thank you rajee, i missed your comment past three days i am really happy you back now keep reading…
      and friends i think today i can’t post soon, it will be late, i will update around 7 pm only, so it would be get post at night. sorry for delay….

  16. Plz update next part soon.

    1. sure mirdarshani i will update soon

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