My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-15


The episode starts with dhaani smiles and asks viplav do you know lying is not an easy task? Viplav looks on…. then dhaani says difficult part of lying is if you’re hurt, you should say you’re not hurt, that’s what I do every day. viplav hears that and asks what? dhaani smiles and asks do you want to hear good news from me? viplav asks good news? What good news? Dhaani smiles and says slowly tomorrow I’m goona move out from here…. Viplav hears that and gets shocked and asks what? Both were staring each other…….

Dhaani says “yes” I’m gonna leave, its good news for you na? viplav stares her, he has no words to say…..he looks her hopeless. Dhaani says thanks him for give shelter to her and she tells “I’m owned lot from you” I’m sorry for that. Now I need to find a living for myself. Both are staring each other…..dhaani says slowly “viplav thank you for everything”. Viplav can’t bear those words, he gets mad…. so he tells with rough voice if you gonna leave then leave, don’t say anything to me I’m not interest in your personal life. dhaani looks on….Then viplav seems her and says go! go! and don’t dare to come again. Then he goes inside angrily…. Dhaani hears that and says that’s relief to me. Her eyes filled with tears…..

Viplav and dhaani sits in their separate room’s viplav think about dhaani (her naughty behaviors, and their lovely fights and all happiest moment with her) he looks miserable….. dhaani stares her mobile photo with viplav and says “viplav I’m sorry for everything”, tears were fallout from her tears….

Next day someone knocks the door viplav opens the door…tharun stands outside. Viplalv asks him who are you? he replies I’m tharun, dhaani’s brother. Viplav asks what? dhaani comes outside with her luggage and says he is my friend’s brother so he is my brother also….tharun smiles and asks di are you ready? Dhaani smiles and says “yes”. Tharun take her luggage and says then let’s go to our home. Viplav hears that and looks on….. dhaani and viplav stares each other….
Dhaani looks him and says thank you for everything…..viplav doesn’t says anything and stunned like a statue….she crosses him slowly and they leave outside….viplav can’t control himself and he come out and shouts don’t go! dhaani turns back and looks on…..

viplav again says “don’t go dhaani”. She gets shocked and asks what? viplav thinks and says hesitantly if you go like this then who will pay your debt? Did you forget about it? she asks what? Just now what did you say? Viplav again tells if you gonna leave then leave but before you leave pay your debt. dhaani smiles hopeless and says you’re really funny, then she asks that day what did you said to me? viplav asks what I said? Dhaani says you said don’t need money for my debt, but you want me to clean and cook for you, that’s why I cook and clean all day Viplav hears that and smiles and asks it’s have any sense? if you have pay your debt like that mean, you need to do that for your whole life. Did you get that in your mind…. And viplav tells in any way we calculate your work, it doesn’t add much, and he tells so you can’t leave, first pay your debt then think about you’re leaving…..dhaani looks on….viplav get the luggage from tharun and goes inside…..dhaaani says with teary eyes really he is a true jerk, tharun looks on….she asks tharun to arrange some money to pay viplav. tharun agrees and leaves….

Viplav feels happy about that he stopped dhaani from leaving his house, but dhaani gets irked by viplav childish act….

Dhaani start a big war in the house….. she starts to do some things against viplav…she refuse to clean every day if she eats something she leaves that strains just like that…refuse to do dishes. All day watching T.V, eating and sleeping on the sofa……. Viplav sees everything and tries to wake up her, dhaani wakes up and looks on…..he asks her to clean everything, and don’t you know I hate mess, and asks her to clean everything quickly and says I can’t stand even single minute with this mess. Dhaani hears that and says I won’t clean. He asks what? she again says “I won’t clean” if you don’t like it “then kick me out”. Viplav looks on….dhaani were do as much she can to viplav hate her but our viplav not a man who easily give up……

He takes mop and starts clean by his own hand….dhaani look that and gets irked….. She goes inside her room, she don’t know what to do next and thinks how to make him more annoy…. Then she come out and makes mess again the place, after viplav cleaning the place. Viplav looks that and again clean that place…she again continuously do that… one stage viplav can’t tolerate and shouts what’s wrong with you? dhaani looks on and doesn’t say anything. Viplav gets irked and goes inside his room, and thinks (inner voice) what’s posses her? later viplav do dishes while, dhaani come and takes all cleaning vessels and places again in the sink, viplav seems that and asks that’s all already clean na? dhaani asks is it? I thought it is not cleaned, any way I’m sorry, then she leaves….Viplav gets mad and hit his head on wall…. But he never asks her to leave….dhaani looking forward those words from his mouth but she again failed. And she keep thinking about how to make him more mad at her….

In Delhi dhaani’s father (ashok) continuously tries to call dhaani and tharun but he can’t get their numbers, so he sat sadly at working place, one co worker comes to him and asks what happened? Why you look like that? ashok says that I can’t get my daughter’s number and my heart says she is not okay , I feels she has in pain, I don’t know what to do. Then coworker say then go and meet her, but ashok tells I’m work here under contract, it’s under 6 moths then how could I leave? That man says I will talk about this to our manager, and he definitely allows you and he is a good person too. Ashok holds his hand and says thank you! I never forget about this, tears were filled with his eyes….

At vidhaani place, next day dhaani prepare a breakfast and placed in the dining table….viplav comes out and seems that and he gets happy because after long time he will gonna have a breakfast with her. He happily sits to eat breakfast with her; dhaani looks that and give breakfast to him. Viplav looks on….they start to eat. Viplav sees the food and realized that is sea food….he asks her it’s all sea food na? dhaani says “yes” viplav asks slowly I can’t eat sea food its allergenic to me don’t you know that? dhaani says I know but I love sea foods so I gonna make every day. Viplav gets mad and asks what? dhaani looks on…he asks what’s wrong with you dhaani, come to your sense it’s not like you. dhaani seems him and says this is me, viplav don’t you see me, I have a lot of face, liar, swindler, and now this….if you don’t like it, then kick me out or hand over me to the police for sewed your money. Viplav hears that and seems her painfully…..both are staring each other…. He doesn’t speak anything and starts to eat that sea foods…..dhaani seems that tears were fallout from her eyes….she shouts stop it, but viplav doesn’t listen her, he continuously have it…..dhaani gets that food from him and pour in to the sink…..viplav looks on and sat in table with heart broken. Dhaani runs in to her room….viplav starts to cough continuously, he struggle to breathing because of allergy, he goes to his room and take medicine…..viplav lies on the bed, inside dhaani room, she cries loudly….they looks miserable.

Later night dhaani sadly stand near to window side….viplav comes and stand next to her. dhaani sees that and about to leave but viplav ask if something happened? She turns back and seems him….he asks what’s your problem dhaani? if anything like that just tell me, I will help you but don’t behave like this, don’t treat me like a stranger. Dhaani asks you asked me what’s my problem? She smiles and says you’re my problem. viplav hears that and asks what? Both are staring each other painfully…… dhaani about to leave but viplav says “I m sorry” if I did something wrong to you, “I’m really sorry”. dhaani hears that tears were filled with her eyes….she turns back and says if you really feel sorry for me then” let me go”. He looks her hopeless….dhaani says when I’m being your side “it’s hard for me and it’s too tiring”, so I beg you please let me go. viplav hears that, he control his tears and says slowly if you feel that way “I’m sorry” for that, if you want leave then go, I’ll will let you go….. dhaani hears that and seem him…. viplav smiles and says you can go now. Both were staring each other painfully…..
After some time dhaani get ready to go, then she takes her luggage and crosses viplav and opens the door…..she sees raj in front of her and gets shocked….

raj sees dhaani with luggage and asks what? Are you moving somewhere? Viplav comes out and sees them and looks on….dhaani say “yes” I just thought to move somewhere. Raj says is it? But it seems you can’t….dhaani gets shocked and asks why? Raj goes inside and says now we are going to banaras….dhaani and viplav were stand like traumatized…..and asks what? raj asks sorry to them and he tells to viplav that in your house all were know about your relationship with dhaani. They want to see dhaani, viplav hears that and asks what? Who told about us to them…..raj tells “its punkaj”. Viplav asks what punkaj? Raj tells yes he went banaras last week and he told about everything what happened at party. Dadaji and maa are very upset with that, so they want to see both of you immediately and they get mad at keerthi also for not telling about the truth. Keerthi already got leave to banaras and they try to call you but you didn’t answer the phone, so they send me to inform to you guys. Viplav and dhaani were stunned….

Dhaani asks him to do something we can’t stand in front of them like a couple, we are really not couple, that was lie na? Viplav looks on….he suddenly get call from dhasharath tripathi ( dadaji) he gets tensed and attends the call dada ji says with rough voice come home immediately with that girl and end the call. viplav don’t know what to do, dhaani looks viplav hopeless…..viplav sees her and says please endure for two days I will find a way quickly. Dhaani glares him were she about to cry……

Later vidhaani leave to banaras……they reached the house. The house was full of lightings and decorate with flowers, it’s seems like a festival…..they get off from the car and sees the house and gets stunned….they don’t know what is going on. viplav and dhaani looks each other unpredictably, they about to go inside but kanak stopped them and stares angrily. They looks on…..she goes near to them and looks dhaani…..dhaani bend her neck, but kanak make her head straight and smiles….vidhaani were specheless…. Then kanak tells my bahu is very beautiful and hugs her, that is more shakable to them….. kanak and shalu do arthi for them and welcome inside, keerthi sees that from inside and feels heartbroken….

vidhaani go inside….viplav want to say something but kanak asks them to get blessing from elders, then they get blessing from dadi and dadaji. Later kanak asks shalu to make dhaani and viplav to get ready. They don’t have idea about what is happening but they realized something is wrong; they look each other hopelessly…. Shalu take dhaani inside.

Later dhaani gets down from the upstairs she wore beautiful lehanga …viplav seems her and gets freeze…..He stunned by her beauty and he wore kurtha…. Dhaani comes and stand next to him, then viplav come to sense……both were no idea about what happening, dadaji go to center and announces that his grandson get to engage with his loving person. dhaani and viplav hears that and they were full shocked and looks each other….

Kanak show the rings to them, everyone gets happy…. Viplav and dhaani were speechless…..dadaji asks them change the ring. They were looks each other and stand hopeless…..everyone ask viplav to place the ring to dhaani finger…..dhaani stares him killingly and signs to do something…..viplav is hopeless, he takes the ring and about to make her wear….she stares him with teary eyes….viplav holds her hand and put ring on half finger, that time dhaani sees keerthi stands behind him and she (keerthi) looks them with teary eyes……dhaani seems that and take her hand away, everyone gets shocked and confused. viplav and keerthi tensely looks on…..

Dhaani looks them and says I’m sorry, for causing mess but we can’t get engage, it’s because we are not lovers. Viplav looks on…..Everyone shocked and talk them self….dadaji asks what? What are you saying? She says “yes” I am saying truth, dhaani tells that I’m not a girl who viplav likes…..dadaji, kanak and dadi, keerthi everyone shocked, viplav is stunned….he know dhaani is going to say something (lies) dadaji asks then whom? My grandson liking girl who? Dhaani seems viplav and says (inner voice) I’m sorry for this viplav, tears were filled with her eyes, both are staring each other… dhaani shows her hand towards keerthi. Everyone looks that and gets shocked, viplav and keerthi is stunned….

Dhaani says “yes it’s keerthi” she is the girl who viplav loving. And dhaani made a story, she starts to tell story that viplav wants to keerthi open her heart first, he want to keerthi say that first….so he introduced me to her as his girl friend, to make her jealous but we failed. So we planed another one, put a show like a living together in front of her, but we are failed in that mission too; keeethi was zipped her mouth tightly… we are started this first for fun but we don’t know it will be end like this….everyone hears that and shocked…. Viplav hears that and stunned…. Then he shouts enough dhaani, she looks him and asks why you mad at me, oh I break out your secret love for her; I’m sorry for that. Then dhaani looks raj and says raj bhai also know about this and she asks him ena bai? Raj hears that (his expression ayyo mativitutalae) he gets tensed and says “yes” dhaani is right. viplav stares her hopeless, from keerthi eyes tears were fall out…..

Dhaani goes to keerthi and holds her hand, she says to her we did unbearable thing to you…but viplav crazy love for you, it can’t be measurable. As a woman I can understand you, but you should understand him and forgive him. And give another chance to him hmmm? and dhaani asks keerthi do you love him right?….keerthi signs “yes” with teary eyes. Everyone gets happy…..
Dhaani goes to elders and folds her hands and asks them to forgive them….we done wrong, but if you all forget this and forgive us for our wrong doing, then everything will be end well. Elders show smiles towards her they forgive them… dadi asks her but who are you to my grandson, dhaani smiles and says me I’m someone he knows, then she looks viplav, he looks her painfully….
Dhaani says dadaji then your grandson engagement will be happen with keerthi now no problem na? viplav hears that and fully stunned…. dadaji smiles yes “no problem” we are happy my grandson wife is his childhood friend, she have been grown up with him, no one can understand him better than keerthi and she is my lovable granddaughter too. I’m really happy now.

Dadaji hold keerthi hand and take her to the viplav and he gives ring to them and asks them to get engage. viplav seems dhaani….. he takes ring and place on keerthi hand, she place ring on his hand, engagement was finished. dhaani looks them with teary eyes…..keerthi stares viplav utterly and hugs him, dhaani stands behind keerthi, viplav seems her with teary eyes….. dhaani seems that and turns back and looks miserable…..
At the same time train comes and stands in Mumbai railway station, our heroin’s father (ashok) get off from the train and looks on…..

Marriage preparation is going on…….Dhaani about to leave from viplav house (Banaras) but viplav stopped her and asks where she is going….

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Credit to: sri

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  1. Wow! Mind blowing, this is very interesting , I felt it shouldn’t end. Well done. L

  2. Very sad episode, but I love your ff keep writing and don’t end it. Keep writing and post the next one soon.

  3. sad episode yaar kaviya di ….emotional one very much ….you are too good in writing …your writing skill is superb di …awesome 🙂

  4. Kaviya rocking

  5. Shikayti pudiya(Arshdeep)

    Great di…loved it
    Everyday a suspense is left
    Waiting eagerly for next one now

  6. eagerly waiting for next epi.interesting story.

  7. emotionally superb…… waiting for the day when ViDhaani will be together and their feelings don’t remain suppressed …. keep writing dear

  8. Akka. ….What an episode. ..I am mesmerized. …and vidhaani…Just love them…. Really you are such talented. ..and I was crying reading the episode Akka…and post like this ..Longer one…and you are leaving us in the very eager point….All the best…and I am waiting for the next episode. .and I like the mind voice of Raj… (maativitaale…)Awesome write-up…

    1. thank u jonah yes i will make it long like this, raj mind voice nice na? he also one reason to situation turn out like this so i mentioned him…and thank you ma keep reading

      1. Ok akka…sure …..seekarama post pannunga..and why akka…ivalo seekarama mudikireenga…only 6 episodes more…why ka…

      2. yah jonah i want to finish soon, next time i will make it long okay and i will update soon ok

  9. @ aish, maria, Avijit, sanjana, arshdeep, paviabi,and sujie really thank you very much for your comments guys, i am really happy you guys are like it and 6 more episodes only remaining so keep reading, and future episodes are too emotional, so be prepare for that. and i can’t reply every one because my mobile net balance very low, after i get recharge i will reply okay and once again thank you, keep smiling…..

  10. What a ff yaar! I loved it. Today’s episode was emotional and I really felt that in my heart. Heart touching episode yaar

  11. Emotional episode. How viplav is going to handle all?
    U r always keeping suspense in ff. Story is moving fast and interesting. Unite vidhani soon.

    1. @ louella and more heart touching scenes are waiting ma so keep reading yar and than u very much
      @ porkodi thank u very much, yes kandipa i will unite them, keep reading ok

  12. an emotional episode. I like this ff sooooo much. I am waiting for the next part .

    1. thank u midarshani i will update soon ok keep reading

  13. Hi pethu shri afwesome episode how do you manage to write such long n intesting ff are u a professional writer

    1. no renu i am not professional writer i just start to writing ff for my time pass so sometimes i feel my writing was not good but after you asked this question i am flying i don’t know why, thank you for giving this feel renu, and keep reading….

  14. Long Episode! ? Loved it.

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    1. @mahira, and nima thank you very much and i will update soon and soon ok
      @saran my dear kandipa i will erase all pain of vidhaani but remaining episodes too emotional saran, so wait for that but everything will be end soon ok

  17. I got teary eyed when viplav started eating sea food. Very emotional episode. Loved viplav’s unconditional love 4 dhani even though she was troubling him.Last part was really hrtbrking.hope everything will b fine. U r too good kaviya!

    1. thank you rajee i missed your comments badly….

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