My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-14

Viplav looks her and asks then tell me what most you afraid of? dhaani looks on and asks what? he again asks what most thing you get afraid of ? dhaani thinks and says slowly “if I leave suddenly in this world, if I left behind the people who I love in pain” that’s the most scariest thing to me. She says like that and stares him….viplav hears that and looks her, he can’t understand what it does meaning, but he feels strange. Both are staring each other…….

Dhaani asks why you staring me like that? viplav come to his sense and says I am just looking….dhaani says okay then I’m gonna sleep and leaves…viplav looks on and says something is wrong with her but why I am constantly thinking about her? I am going crazy and he beat himself…..

Next day viplav wakes up and looks for dhaani and he can’t see her inside….and he goes to her room and knocks the door but she doesn’t open, so he opens and go inside. Dhaani still doesn’t wake up and lay on her bed…..viplav seems that and says she still in bed really what’s with her and calls her name dhaani! dhaani! but no response from her. he looks on and goes close to her, dhaani is fully sweating out. viplav seems that and gets scared….he touches her head, she is burning……then dhaani get sense….viplav asks are you okay? Dhaani get up and says I’m okay and tries to wake up but she falls down viplav hold her….and says yah you’re burning. dhaani tells its nothing and asks him to go, then she says I will take of myself and forcefully make him out and lock the door…. Viplav shouts to open the door or he will break the door but she refuses to open and says I will be okay just leave me alone. viplav shouts continuously and asks her to open the door. Dhaani again says with tired voice please let me leave just like that. viplav says how I could leave you just like that let’s go to hospital. She says “no” I don’t want to go, if you leave me for some time I will be okay…. Viplav try to say something but dhaani says please viplav…..he can’t refuse that please and stares the door miserable for long time.

Dhaani take medicine what given by maya and lies on bed…..viplav walks outside in front of her room and asks every hour she is okay or not…. she says hmmm with tired voice. One night passed….next morning dhaani wake up and feels better…..she opens the door and seems viplav sleeping in the floor in front of her room….dhaani seems that and stares him while her tears were fall out her eyes and says why he make things difficult to me? and she stares him with teary eyes….

Dhaani wipes her tears and tries to wake up, viplav hears that and wakes up and seems her…..he asks dhaani are you alright now? Why you always get sick? let’s go to hospital and he grabs her hand to go….dhaani stares him and asks are you fool? Viplav asks what? Did you sleep full night outside of my room? He says hesitantly “yes” I’m little worried about you and about to say something….but dhaani asks who are you worrying about me? She asks do you like me? He asks what? and looks on….. Then why you want to take care of me. viplav doesn’t know how to answer her; he says I just try to help you out? dhanni did I ask you to help me? viplav looks on…..she asks then why? Which fool fell asleep full night on the floor for someone like me? We already said na stay out from each other business then why? She about to cry…. Viplav has no answer to say. She goes inside and again locks the door. viplav looks miserable, inside the room dhaani cries….
They spending whole day in their separate room and think about each other. No words to express their feeling….viplav don’t know why she act like that and get upset….

Next morning viplav get up and asks for breakfast, dhaani gives breakfast to him but she doesn’t speak to him….. viplav looks forward her words but dhaani doesn’t say anything….like that she doing continuously and fully locked herself in her room….she avoid him as much she can…..viplav totally feels strange. He can’t bear anything without her…..he decide to ask her directly and knocks her room… she opens and asks what? What’s wrong with you? Why you behave strange? Dhaani asks what strange? Viplav asks why you avoid me?….she looks on and come out…..she says I don’t like to see your face from morning to night, it’s really make me tiring, so I decide to stay like that, then she tells if you want say something write a note and stick into the fridge. Viplav asks what? She again goes inside….viplav again knocks the door; she gets mad and opens the door….she shouts what now? Viplav thinks and asks how we communicate through a fridge it’s any sense? Dhaani says I don’t know about that stop annoying me and go to bed. And again she closes the door….viplav wonders why she act like that…..

Next day dhaani make breakfast and write down note like that to viplav “breakfast is ready” and she sticks on fridge. Viplav comes and looks that and gets mad he takes that and crushes in front of her and throw away…. Viplav goes to her, she doing dishes….. he asks dhaani to look him, she sees him…..viplav take a deep breath and asks dhaani please tell me what happened? Why you don’t want to speak with me? Be frank with me dhaani? dhaani hears that and seems him….and says I will stick the reason for it on the fridge, viplav hears that and shouts don’t talk about the fridge again. dhaani doesn’t listening him, she finished her work and goes to her room. Viplav seems that and shouts ahha that drive him crazy….like that dhaani act like to him continuously, this lovely fight of dhaani make viplav restless….

One early morning viplav wakes up and come out and looks for dhaani but she is not in home… dining table foods were placed with one note. In that note dhaani written that I might be late, so go to sleep early don’t wait for me…viplav read that note and looks on…..

Dhaani meet up with tharun in park…. he says di I found place for us. Dhaani asks what? he says I found place to you to live. Dhaani looks on …. She is not at all happy, and asks is it? he says house is very small because its low rent, it’s okay for you na. Dhaani says its okay for me. Tharun says then tomorrow I will pick up you, wait for me….. dhaani says “yes”. He about to leave ask her to come with him but dhaani says I want to stay here little more and asks him to go…..

Dhaani stay out long and thinks about viplav and finally made a decision to leave from his house…. at the same time in house, viplav waiting outside of the house for dhaani…..but she doesn’t show up. He sits in the outside stairs and falls asleep….later dhaaani comes to house and seems viplav sleeping outside and she smiles hopeless, her eyes were filled with tears….. She about to touches his hair….but suddenly viplav wakes up and seems dhaani. She smiles towards him after long time ….viplav seems that and gets happy….. dhaani also sits next to him…..she asks him why don’t you shout to me today? And she imitates like him and says dhaani how long you stay outside? Do you know what time is it? Like that then she asks today why you don’t ask me like that? Viplav replies if I ask, do you tell me what the reason is, “no” you say some useless things or lie. Dhaani hears that and asks what lie? She smiles and asks him do you know lying is not an easy task? Viplav looks on…. then dhaani says difficult part of lying is if you’re hurt, you should say you’re not hurt, that’s what I do every day. viplav seems her and asks what? dhaani smiles and asks do you want to hear good news from me? viplav asks good news? What good news? Dhaani smiles and says slowly tomorrow I’m goona move out from here…. Viplav hears that and gets shocked and asks what? Both were staring each other…….

Viplav family come to know about dhaani and viplav stay together so dada ji asks them to come Banaras immediately….

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  1. Sujie(Raakchas Ki Shikaayati Pudia)

    Sri…emotional episode… Please let Viplav and Dhaani know that they have fallen in love……
    Precap is tensed,…..what will happen after Viplav goes Banaras??

  2. Sri… an emotional episode… Please let Viplav and Dhaani know that they have fallen in love……
    Precap is tensed,…..what will happen after Viplav goes Banaras??

    1. sujie tomorrow little fun and major twist happen my dear so let’s wait for tomorrow, and actually they realized….that’s why dhaani make distance from him and viplav don’t want to accept easily, but it will be more interesting and emotional so keep reading and thank you.

  3. Very emotional, pls don’t separate them pls unite them soon. I can’t bear this. And update the next one soon.

  4. what an episode ….kaviya di …awesome se bhi uparrrr …..really good …

  5. @maria, Pls where is ur ff

    1. I am so sorry for making you wait so much I will update it tomorrow. As I have my exam tomorrow

  6. I kept thinking about it and waiting for it

    1. @maria, avijit,and aish thank you very much, keep reading okay and i will update soon…..

  7. Sri,heart touching emotional.really cinematic.i hope from tmrw,the story will be little emotional and full fun and of course more and more longer’s epi was not that much short.i am just waiting for Viplav’s reaction.

  8. Awesome episode Sri but precap is shocking

  9. Once again very emotional episode. Loved it. Pls unite them soon. Yes kaviya I m fromvtamilnadu .My native is tirunelveli. Now I m at USA.

  10. an emotional episode. It’s awesome.

    1. @ joyee and midarshani thank u very much keep reading yar
      @ porkodi its really good to hear you’re from t.n and me too from tamil nadu and thank you very much, keep reading okay

  11. saran tomorrow little fun and full emotional and twist. in tamil i say dhaani appadiyae antharbalti adichuruva, and viplava oru periya problem lathula mati vitturuva. i don’t know you understand my tamil or not but tomorrow full pack drama is waiting sarana so let’s wait for that okay.

  12. Hey kaviya waiting for ur antharbalti drama. How viplav is going to solve that. Can’t wait. Post it quickly.

    1. Sure porkodi I will post it soon. Keep reading thank you?

  13. emotional. bt superb episode…good going kaviya

  14. Emotional episode ….I am eager to see Viplav knowing about Dhaani…Awesome episode akka…All the bestm.Waiting for the next episode …and Easter akka..athanala thaan last episode padika mudiyala…Sorry..

    1. @ nima thank u very much keep reading?
      @jonah its okay ma but you read it na then only you can follow the story and yes kandipa viplav come to know about dhaani, appathana avala save panna mudium just wait little more….okay?

  15. loved the epi, interesting precap.and what about dhani’s father? he did’nt care for his daughter..

    1. He definitely care about her, he will come soon…..paiviabi thank you very much keep reading….

  16. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Kaviya it’s too good. Plz update the next part soon

    1. Thank u Louella. I will update soon just wait little more OK.?

  17. Plz update next part soon. I can’t wait.

    1. Yes I will update soon midarshani, wait for some time I will post very soon k?

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