My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-13


The episode starts with viplav and dhaani watching movie together,later finally movie comes to end viplav switch off the TV and looks dhaani, she falls asleep on sofa…..viplav stares her with lots of love…. he touches her cheeks slowly and leans closer and closer to her….. that compels him to kiss her….he about to kiss her…..but he finally come to his sense what he is doing? And looks on shockingly…..viplav get back to his place and throws a pillow to dhaani face and asks her to wake up…. Dhaani wakes up shockingly and ask did movie was end? Viplav says yes and shouts her to go and sleep in your bed….dhaani says “yes” I got it and goes to her room….viplav stares her leaving and goes to his room…..

He looks tensed….and asks himself oh my! Just now what I’m trying to do with her….viplav, are you crazy come to your sense, she is not your girl friend. And he slaps himself and asks him to come to sense; I must be crazy come to your sense viplav and beat himself and looks on….
Next morning viplav lies on sofa and watching TV….dhaani cleaning the house while she gets dust on her face and gets cough… viplav looks that recalls doctor maya words (maya said get away from her dust) and he step forward to help her…but he recalls yesterday incident and say himself (inner voice) get straight your mind viplav “she is not your girl”, “she is just liar” and control himself by his lying….. and he try to make distance from her to whole day, but that makes him more crazy. He feels weird more than before and he looks miserable…..

Next day, early morning viplav starts to clean the house…there is no use of his lying…… Dhaani comes out from her room and looks him like that and stunned….. She asks now what are you doing? He says don’t you see I’m cleaning. She asks but why? Why you acting weirdly? Its strange… viplav asks what strange? dhaani says nowadays you don’t order me around, don’t ask me to clean or cook. What’s wrong with you? Do you have food poisoning? Viplav seems her and asks what? food poisoning? and says I’m just tries to help out but I won’t do it anymore …. Dhaani says “yes” don’t do this is again, it makes me anxious to death. Viplav looks her hopless and about to leave…. dhaani says and don’t worry about me it’s uncomfortable for me. He turns back and says who’s worry about you? I’m just feel pity for you. dhaani hears that and asks what? Pity? She gets mad and says you’re hopeless jerk and asks who are you? Feel pity for me? You’re really king of jerk. Viplav what? jerk? Both were glaring each other… He controls himself and goes to his room angrily….
Inside the room viplav takes the note that” to make dhaani healthier” mission note, he crush it and throws away in his room and go out….

Later dhaani goes to his room and starts clean while she get the note paper which throw earlier by viplav……she take it and starts to read ….while reading she is stunned….and she read everything what written by viplav( “to make dhaani healthier” mission. 1) Exercise everyday 2) to take healthy foods (especially mint) 3) good atmosphere with natural Florence)….she stunned and recalls everything that viplav took her jogging with him….and make breakfast with mint….. and she smiles hopeless tears were filled with her eyes ….she stares that notes and says really why he is like that? what’s with him? dhaani touches her heart beat? And says what’s wrong with this? It feels strange….she run to her room and tells….what’s wrong with you dhaani? You can’t think those things, come to your sense dhaani….and she can’t predict his feeling towards her it’s confusing her more…. But she realized their fondness grown deep inside their heart….that makes her speechless….

Later night dhaani comes out from her room and stunned…..she seems that viplav places the flowers throughout the house for natural fragrance “to make dhaani healthier mission” clause 3) good atmosphere with natural fragrance….. She looks him hopeless… words to express her feelings at the moment….she stares viplav tears were filled with her eyes….viplav turns back and looks her. Both are staring each other….dhaani doesn’t say anything and goes inside…..and control her tears, she sits on floor and says” no” he must be in food poisoning, that’s why he act strange and she says those lies and make her better…outside viplav looks that dhaani goes inside and thinks she still mad at me…. but I am doing crazy things for her and says himeself viplav really you must be a crazy, then he leave the remaining flowers in the floor and goes inside….
Dhaani and viplav lies on their bed in their separate room thinks about each other, they can’t understand their feeling for each other…..but dhaani realized one thing that affection for each other its leave pain to them…so she gets scared…..viplav is not ready to accept his feeling for her……

Next morning dhaani sadly sat in dining table and lost herself by thinking about him….viplav comes out from his room and seems dhaani…. and realized she seems not well. He goes to her….touches her forehead and asks are you okay? Dhaani come to the sense and take his hand from her head and says I’m okay… and stop worrying about me. Viplav looks on….she says and I am not your real girl friend so don’t treat me like that. viplav asks what? dhaani says I mean don’t be too good to me, it’s uncomfortable for me, and moves on…. viplav hears that and looks on….
Later dhaani go to tharun and ask him to quickly find a place for her to live. He asks why di? Your fake boy friend did he treat you bad? She says “no” he treats me too good, that’s really hard for me. tharun asks what? and looks on……

Later she goes home….viplav looks that and asks why late? I already said If you gonna late inform me first? Dhaani says why I should? We already said let’s stay out from each other lives. He asks what? And looks dhaani face it’s not good like before and her voice looks tired. He realized that she is worry about something and asks her now what’s with you? Was anything happened? dhaani says” no” and goes to fresh up…viplav looks on….

Later dhaani stand outside of the house and looks around sadly…..viplav sees that and decide to cheer up her, so he wears scary mask and he stand behind her and shouts phaaa…he tries to make her scared….but our dhaani doesn’t scared….she looks that what are doing just now? Viplav take off his mask and tells what kind of girl are you? Aren’t scared? She tells I’m not child to scare about your prank. viplav looks on….

Viplav looks her and asks then tell me what most you afraid of? dhaani looks on and asks what? he again asks what most thing you get afraid of ? dhaani thinks and says slowly “if I leave suddenly in this world, if I left behind the people who I love in pain” that’s the most scariest thing to me. She says like that and stares him….viplav hears that and looks her, he can’t understand what it does meaning, but he feels strange. Both are staring each other…….

Dhaani informs viplav that she leave from here tomorrow……viplav looks on shockingly…..

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Thank you friends for all your comments and keep reading. And today and tomorrow episode seems short pls adjust okay and I said it will be twenty episode but I add one more episode so totally 21 episodes. Thank you please leave your lovely comments…..

Credit to: sri

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  1. Thank u so much Sri,at last u updated.really missed ur don’t take leave for two days,ok?and abt today’s was very emotional.i too felt a pain seeing dhani’s strange behaviour and that emotional last lines.pls don’t give much pain to her and atleast make viplav realize the reason for his pain.that’s all.

    1. saran you don’t want see them in pain but upcoming episodes they start to struggle themeself more by hiding love from each other and all emotional things are waiting and I will update soon and soon for you okay.

  2. OK no problem, Good going.

  3. It’s very emotional dear, but just loved it keep writing regularly

  4. Thank you aish and maria keep reading and keep supporting me like that. ??

  5. Nice going Kaviya 🙂

  6. Very emotional and good episode. I m ur great fan kaviya. I love ur my princess ff. But I never comment. The first ff I read and loved is urs only. Becaz I watch only irks. U r a good writer and creator of stories. Well done kaviya.

  7. areh wah !!!! what an emotional episode ….kaviya di superb …but don’t take leave now …we are waiting for ur ff every time

  8. @ joyee thank u my dear keep reading. And today I reply your style don’t call me copy cat?
    @avijit thank u bro yes I never take leave anymore, k ?
    @porkodi I am really glad that you like my ff thank you my dear. Keep reading okay. And your name porkodi seems Tamil name are you from Tamil nadu??

  9. sri…emotional episode….. but don’t let Dhaani get away from Viplav…keep them together forever….. keep going my dear

  10. hello fiction girl
    you are doing great job
    nice episode keep it up

  11. pls update next epi soon..i like ur ff soooo…much

    1. @ Sujie thank you my dear and yes i never let them apart and so don’t worry but some emotional episodes are waiting keep reading….
      @ Tommy and paviabi i am really happy that you guys like it thank you very much and i saw your comments first time in my ff i think you’re all silent readers na, do comment continuously and share your views 8 more episodes are remaining okay…

  12. Kaviya it’s too good. And plz don’t take leave for one or more than one day. I missed ur ff. Plz update the next part soon

    1. thank u louella yes i don’t take leave no more and i will post future episodes continuously okay

  13. It’s awesome.plz update next part soon.

  14. Too Good. Can’t wait for the next episode. Please, post it soon.

  15. @midarshani and mahira thank you very much. I posted already it will be update soon keep reading yar? once again thank you very much.

  16. dhani tusi na jao viplav ko xodke 🙁
    kaviya,as usual superb episode plz 🙂

    1. Thank you nima… episode I posted already I hope Tellyupdates update soon. Let’s wait and see when they update k.

  17. Finally I got my time to read the episode. It was again superb & hrt touching but sad that I won’t b able to read the next part now as I got only this much time. Will read other part tomorrow. Bye ..good night!

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