My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-12

At hospital, viplav says oh I see, I feel sorry for your friend….. dhaani hears that and looks him hopeless…viplav seems that and feels strange and he stares her eyes…..dhaani sees that and turns back because viplav may get truth from her eyes, she turned back and looks tensed….. viplav looks that and asks but why you looks tensed, dhaani doesn’t say anything and looks on… nurse come out and asks for keerthi guardian…..viplav hears that and says it’s me. dhaani turns back…. he gives back report to her and says wait for me I will be back and goes to keerthi….dhaani feels relived and goes out, tharun waiting outside for her with his truck…..dhaani goes and give report to him and tells him to take this with you; and says viplav is here so I will go with him. Tharun asks is it? Why he is here? She says I don’t know and asks him to leave fast. He agrees and places her report in his truck front side and leaves…..

Viplav and keerthi come out, dhaani and keerthi looks each other and whishes each other…. Dhaani asks her how are you doing? keerthi says yes I am doing well. Viplav tells let’s go and have something to eat and take them to one public place….he asks them to wait and he crosses other side of road and go to buy something to eat….dhaani asks keerthi how is your health? Keerthi says it’s all better now. Dhaani says its relief na and smiles, keerthi smiles and says “yes”. At the same time viplav gets all stuff in his hand, it’s hard to fills in two hands so he struggles with them; Dhaani sees him and smiles, then she goes to help him….she tries to crosses the road in the middle she feels shaky and stunned, keerti looks on….dhaani try to walk but her legs break her walks because of dizziness…one truck comes from her opposite side….dhaani still in the middle of the road…. Viplav sees her and realized something wrong with her and he saw the truck…..he frightened and shouts her name dhaani! he runs towards her but struck moves fast and about to hit her….viplav closed his eyes, his face is full of fear were he lose her….all sounds are mute to him his only thoughts dhaani….viplav open his eyes slowly with teary eyes (keerthi saved dhaani) and saw dhaani and keerthi fell on the road….both of them helping each other to get up…. viplav runs towards dhaani and hugs her tightly his face full of fear and asks are you okay? Dhaani feels his warm side of viplav…..keerthi stares them with teary eyes.

Viplav lest her free, dhaani stares his eyes and realized he has some fondness for her….she looks him and says I’m okay and asks keerthi are you okay? Viplav then only realized keerthi also with them. He asks her are you okay keerthi? She smiles hopeless and says “yes” I am okay. Viplav and dhaani stares each other….Later viplav ride keerthi to her place and leaves with dhaani, keerthi stands in front of her residence and stares the car leaving with teary eyes because their closness make her peaceless .….

Viplav drive a car, while dhaani think about accident incident and lost her thoughts…. He asks her earlier why you stunned in the road are you again feel faintness. dhaani says not like that I don’t had my lunch so I feel little dizzy. viplav hears that and says I know you are like that, why you are like this? and don’t listening others, first care about yourself okay?. Dhaani stares him…. he asks then how was your friend marriage function? She says “yes” it was good. Viplav asks then what about that friend? She asks asks what friend? He says that earlier hospital friend….. dhaani come to sense and tells oh that friend, she is okay and give broad smile to make him believe her lies. Viplav looks that but why you smiles like that? dhaani gets mad and asks but why you asking so many question? Stop annoying me. viplav asks what? and glares her…. she tells don’t talk too much and just go home, they reach the home…..

They have dinner and go to sleep, dhaani about to sleep on sofa…..viplav seems that and says go and sleep to your room. Dhaani looks on surprisingly…. And asks .my room? Where is it? viplav signs to her to see the room which was used as a store room. she goes to that room and opens the room…..she gets stunned after saw that room…. Room was repainted and put bed for her, big big dolls are placed in the bed totally the full room looks like a princess room. Dhaani asks what’s with the room? He tells I found some difficulties to sleep in sofa….so I reorganize this room. dhaani stares him….. And asks why you are doing this? Viplav seems her and he don’t know what to say, so he asks why you asking so many questions and says stop annoying me (what she said earlier) and go to bed. Both were staring each other, Then he leaves….dhaani stares the room and gets scared about viplav affection towards her…..

Dhaani lies on bed and recalls that viplav hugged her earlier and realized he is worried about her lot…… in viplav room he starts to surfing on google ….. To find out what quick remedies for fainting? And he note that on note pad….in note pad he writes title that heading is “to make dhaani healthier”- mission and he smiles. On note pad he notes 1) Exercise everyday 2) to take healthy foods (especially mint preventing faints) 3) good atmosphere with natural Florence. Viplav sticks the note on his cupboard; he stares the notes and smiles….

Next day early morning 6 am viplav starts to knock the dhaani’s room….she gets annoying due to the noise….she wake up and opens the door with sleepy mood and she asks what? and says it’s not a breakfast time. viplav tells you always thinking about eating only…dhaani asks what? he says hurry, get change and come out. Let’s go for jogging. Dhaani gets mad and asks why me? You always go alone na? Viplav smiles and tells come out immediately now, we know each other personality very well na, hurry okay? Then he moves….dhaani get irked and looks on.

Both are do jogging at park, dhaani runs slow behind viplav…..he asks her to do fast. Dhaani gets tired and stopped running…..she says really he is weird person, why torturing me like this? Then she tells how can he find different way to torture me? and wonders . She again starts to runs behind him ….in half way dhaani gets tired and about to fall down but someone ( ashwin) comes and hold her. dhaani looks him….. sun shines brightly shade on his face and she wonders who is he? They look each other surprisingly….. at the same time viplav turns back and found out dhaani doesn’t follow him, and he goes back and search for her.

Ashwin asks you dhaani na? I am right? she signs “yes” but who are you? He asks yah don’t you remember me I am really disappointment. Dhaani looks on….he says we are studied together at our school na, she can’t remember him. He looks that come on dhaani and says “ride together by bicycle”… dhaani remembers him and gets happy….. she tells oh ashwin thum! I am sorry its long time na , so I can’t remember and she hold his hand and asks how are you doing? He says I am fine, they talks each other happily…..viplav comes and looks them and he sees dhaani holds ashwin hands and smiles hopeless and wonder who is this guy? (My princess viplav only know ashwin okay guys)….ashwin says you’re prettier than school days.

Dhaani smiles and asks is it? They looks each other…..viplav hears that and says pretty? And smiles and wonders what with this guy? Ashwin asks her for mobile number, she about to give number….but viplav runs towards them and stand in between them and says to her. “dhaani its late let’s go”.…. but dhaani want to say something to ashwin…… viplav interrupt and insist her to come with him….. ashwin can’t see his face because viplav turns dhaani side. Dhaani and ashwin try to speak but viplav fully covers dhaani face by his body….. he says if you not come with me now, then you should clean house twice and asks what do you say? And he starts to run….dhaani taunts him and say bye to ashwin and says let’s meet another time. ashwin smiles and signs “yes”. Dhaani starts to follow him….. ashwin stares them and wonders who is he? I feel I’ve seen him before and he seems on…( just for fun guys)

Viplav and dhaani goes home, dhaani starts to brushing her teeth…..viplav drinks water, and got irked by dhaani and ashwin….dhaani comes out from bathroom and brushing the teeth while she thinks about ashwin and says still he remember me and she phrase him. Viplav hears that and smiles and get irked…then he looks dhaani while brushing and thinks ashwin words (ashwin says you’re prettier than school days) viplav smiles hopeless (inner voice) how embarrassing she is? And he murmured himeself in which side she looks pretty to him. Dhaani doesn’t get his word…she asks what did you say? Viplav says you’re embarrassing me? dhaani asks what embarrassing? Viplav you’re disgusting and he pushes her into the bathroom and says just go and finish brushing your teeth first and locked the door dhaani shouts from inside…..viplav goes inside his room and cut the 1) exercise everyday from “to make dhaani healthier mission” and looks on….

Later viplav prepares healthy breakfast for especially, mint juice and mint rice its good for fainting na so he prepare every dishes with that …..dhaani come out from the bath room and sees viplav preparing foods and gets shocked….she asks him surprisingly what are you doing? Viplav tells you can’t see I’m making breakfast….dhaani looks him and ask oh my god! What’s wrong with you? Are you sick? He asks her to shut the mouth. She tells no it’s strange…. Viplav asks what strange. I am get tired with your cooking, so I just try new dishes and asks her to taste it….dhaani looks all the dishes and asks but why all dishes made by mint. Viplav thinks and says because it’s good for your brain sometimes it’s not working na? dhaani asks what? and smiles hopeless….and says then it’s good for you too , Sometimes your brain also out of order na? you should to try this too. viplav gets mad and asks what? she laughs loudly……viplav looks that and smiles…… he place some food from his plate to her plate and asks her to eat lot then only you will be more strong and asks her to don’t faint all time. dhaani hears that and starts to stares him……viplav asks why you’re staring me like that? dhaani” no” I just see you and she asks but why these days you treat me well? and why I feel you were worrying about me? viplav hears that what worrying about you? Don’t think too much it’s not like that; I just bored myself so I make breakfast. She hears that and says oh that relief to me. viplav hears that seams her, both were staring each other… .dhaani smiles and moves on

Later night dhaani goes to sleep, but viplav knocks her room…. She opens the door and asks now what? viplav asks her to come out, she asks why? He insists to watch T.V with him and dhaani hears that and smiles hopeless….and asks how you can annoying a person in different ways? viplav seems her…he grabs her hand and take her to living room….. then they watching movie together, it is horror movie. dhaani looks that and tease him oh now I found out, it is horror movie so you scared; that why you need someone to watch with you ena?….viplav asks what? and asks her to be quite…. He watching movie very interestingly one ghost scene comes in the screen; he gets scared and closes his eyes. dhaani looks that and smiles herself unknowingly….one sentiment scenes comes viplav looks that and about to cry….dhaani looks that and ask are you crying…. Viplav pretends and says “no” I’m yawning…..she hears that and smiles herself.….later finally movie come to end viplav switch off the TV and looks dhaani….she fell asleep on sofa…..viplav stares her with lots of love… while sleeping she looks too beautiful, he touches her cheeks slowly and leans closer and closer to her, that compels him to kiss her….viplav about to kiss her…..

Dhaani and viplav have fight….and dhaani come to know about viplav mission, she somewhat realized their feelings and try to distance with viplav.

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Please leave your lovely comments friends, and I take two days leave friends so don’t wait for “my girl is a liar” only for two days okay, and don’t forget about the story. Next episode will be publish on Saturday (25.3.2016) until then bye and take care.

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  1. lovely yarr…. Viplav is so caring….through the whole episode I was like OMG Viplav is so caring….. so much love…and please make Dhaani realise her love for Viplav soon

    1. viplav is so caring na that is a big problem to dhaani you can see that in future episode. keep reading and thank u sujie.

  2. friends i forget about mentioned ashwin…he was second hero of my princess( my first ff) i thinks every one knows him , his character is so good at my princess. ashwin came and give cameo appearance in “my girl is a liar” that’s all so don’t get confused i just tried something new…..

  3. Hey Kaviya/Sri I m in love with ur ff yaar

    1. thank you joyee you like it na, i am really happy.

  4. Wow kaviya its too good, I have no words to praise you. But pls don’t do like thisdont take leave. Pls try to update it as early as possible.

    1. thanks maria, i have some work ma so i take two days leave so i will try to update ok

  5. Wow this is stupendous. I really love the way it’s going. Well done. I guess it is their fight that bring out their love for each other. Our viplav was tempted with our heroine’s beauty

    1. thank you aish yes your guess little correct but it will be different let’s wait and see. ok

  6. Supper dupper hit kaviya
    I loved to see our viplav caring for dhaani
    Will miss ur ff for 2 days ?

    1. thank you arshdeep keep reading. me too miss your all comments for two days.

  7. Sri,u are really a caring and loving friend.we already said that there is no thank u in our friendship.still thank u for updating today itself ma.

  8. Ur way of developing viplav’s character is amazing yaar Sri.such a loving,caring,daring and proud boy.he is just awsome.there is noone in this world like Viplav.hahahaha.

  9. Will viplav kiss dhani or not?that’s the qn:i think no.but what to do we have to wait till tmrw to know that.
    Ashwin,kadavule avanikku viplav yaar entru navakam illaya.kavala pedathe kanna,na irrikille;avaru un mun janmathile un kathaliye thirudiya payyan tha.ippoavath navakam vanthatha.hahahaha.just joking ma sri.en tamil romba mosam.enakku theriyum.pls adjust.i will grasp it gradually.ok va?

    1. viplav kiss dhaani or not athu theriya nee wait panniyae aganum my dear, and yes your tamil is too good at the same time little funny but i love it. keep it up my dear and you have to wait for two days ma i above said i think you could not see that, i will update next part on saturday only ma so i mentioned one line for you don’t wait for two days ok

  10. awesome kaviya di ..mind blowing ….itni lambi judai ….but wait till Saturday for you ff ….this is great …really really great 😀

    1. thank you avijit, just wait for two days okay

  11. Kaviya it’s too good

    1. thank you louella keep reading.

  12. Superp kavya wish that this ff is picturised it would be a real treat

    1. thank you renu keep reading and keep support me.

  13. Akka…interesting episode ….The first hug of ViDhaani…and I just loved that title…To make Dhaani healthier …Mission …And I just fell in love with Viplav’s character ….And akka…why 2 days leave…I miss you so much akka…all the best and Happy Holi

  14. Akka…How talented you are! And I just loved this episode …Akka..Please don’t take leave…I miss you…and Happy Holi…I just fell in love with Viplav’s character..And Dhaani too..The first hug..and I just loved the title..To make Dhaani healthier -Mission …

    1. Oh my dear Jonah happy holi ma. I think you’re full of excited. Thank you ma and yes that title na atha nan think panni modify panni panni kadasiya “to make dhaani healthier”- mission vanchan I am glad that you like it. And I have some work so I take two days leave and me too miss your comment badly I will try to update soon k.? and all the best for your board exam I think it going to end na.

  15. kaviya, episode was superb,excellent, I loved it.that accident incident explanation was too good yaisa laga ki wo truck mujhe hi thokdega…n our vipu so caring n loving…kash hame v yaisa hi loving n caring humsafer mil jaye 😛 😀

    1. Yes nima our viplav is too caring. Lot of drama remaining so keep reading and thank you nima.?

  16. Too good kaviya.. Unknowingly Viplav became so much caring abt gets irritated with her messy behavior but pyar dil se kiya jata hai dimag se nahin.. Love just happens..same here..dhani brushing teeth scene was so omg!!! the last scene?!!!! Arre kaviya u r giving us lovely Vidhani scenes ..thank u so much..same pinch kaviya even I will b out of stn so its good 4 me that I will not miss ur ff on the real

  17. Oh really thank you rajee yes our Dhaani little embarrassing him but viplav doesn’t care about that because he already fell for her so whatever she did that’s nothing in front of his pyar so more interesting things are waiting I will catch u all Saturday k ?

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