My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-11


Recap: viplav and dhaani have some lovely fights they tease each other. Keerthi comes know about that dhaani and viplav staying together at same house and feels heartbroken….then she falls down from upstairs and get injured. Viplav rushes to see her but at the same time dhaani gets collapsed and faints inside the room….
viplav wait outside for dhaani and asks her to come out its late. Dhaani hears that and says with tiered voice I think I take more time to get ready so you go first, I will make it another time. Viplav hears that and asks are you sure. Inside dhaani can’t take further step and falls down….. that make sounds and she calls papa…. Viplav hears that and asks what’s wrong are you okay? She says “yes” I hit myself so don’t worry and you go first. Viplav says “yes”. But he doesn’t feels well and his heart says something went wrong; then he stares room door for a moment and leaves with raj….. Inside the room dhaani full collapsed and faints……

Viplav and raj on the way to hospital by car….viplav thinks about dhaani and he feels that dhaani is not okay (whenever dhaani collapsed her father only feel something first, but now viplav also feels that) …..raj suddenly get call from punkaj he says keerthi had done her treatment and now they leave the hospital, so he asks them to go to keerthi place….raj hears the that and convey the message to viplavand he turns the car to her place…..viplav asks raj to stop the car, raj stopped the car and asks what? viplav says you go first I will go here later… he says I’ll just go and check that if dhaani is okay or not and I’ll come with her.Raj hears that and sees his strange behavior….viplav starts running to house…….that time he can think about dhaani only and he runs fast…..

At house dhaani lay down on floor in unconscious stage….viplav come to house and shouts dhaani! dhaani! and asks her to open the door ,but no response from her. viplav scared and break the door by his leg and go inside……he sees dhaani in unconscious stage, he is shocked….. viplav hold her in his arms and says dhaani wake up, what’s wrong? Don’t scared me dhaani and he tip some water on her face and asks her to wake up,but she doesn’t…viplav is full of scare and he tensely take her to hospital….

In hospital viplav nervously waiting outside…..inside room dhaani gets trips in her hand…and she gets checkup by doctor maya who found out her cancer…and maya found out dhaani, and seems her…..outside nurse comes out and asks viplav to get medicine for her. He goes out to buy that…..dhaani get conscious and sees maya stands in front of her, she looks around the hospital and asks why I am here? And gets tensed….maya asks your name dhaani na? dhaani looks on….maya asks her do you know what your condition is?And about to say something…Dhaani seems that and close her ear with her hands….then dhaani says “no” I don’t want to know anything and take out syringe from her hand and about to leave, but suddenly viplav enters the room…..he sees her and asks with sensitivity dhaani are you okay? When did you wake up…..are you sick? Why don’t you tell me before? Dhaani hears his all question and says “no” I am okay. Viplav how did you know about that? then why you got faint? Dhaani looks on….viplav goes to maya and asks about dhaani health and he says she always faint like this, is anything serious? Dhaani stands behind him and get tensed…..maya looks dhaani…she folds her hand andsigns to don’t say anything about her health to him, Maya look on…..

Maya tells to viplav that her Bp is very low and she is too weak so she faints like that nothing to worry. She is okay now you can take her to home. Viplav tells its relief now, andI am really worried. Dhaani shows relief sign in her face….Maya tells viplav that I need to council to her sometime so please excuse us. Viplav looks on and says” yes” she is so stubborn and don’t listen others so please carry on dhaani hears that and seems him…… then viplav thanks to maya and goes out….

Dhaani and maya looks each other…..dhaani thanks to maya for helping her out. And about to leave……maya stopped her and asks are you out of your mind?Dhaani asks what? maya asks do you aware of your health? And says You are starts to dying…..dhaani looks her hopeless…..maya says if you not get treatment you will be die soon….. dhaani smiles hopeless and her tears were fall from her eyes and asks if I get treatment….. I would able to alive for long?It is possible? Maya seems her and says, If it is possible or not but we have to try our best to live. All human beings are born to live only but we can’t predict our death but we have try something to alive and you can’t give up just like that. dhaani says I know, death is what we can’t predict and death is what we can’t stop it . Maya seems her hopelessly…..dhaani eyes were filled with tears and she says I know my life time is short, so I want to live my remaining life with peace , then she says I don’t want to hospitalize and getting hurt every day and i won’t that pain. she finally declares and says“no” I won’t get treatment…. I want to forget about my health and live every last second of my life as a best. Maya hears that and says “no” I wouldn’t leave you just like that, as a doctor I can’t give up on my patient. Dhaani replies then don’t think me as your patient, and she about to leave….Maya says with loud voice then if I tell about your condition to that person who wait outside, then do you agree to get your treatment? Dhaani gets shocked and looks on….

Maya says as a doctor I can’t hide anything from patient relatives….and about to go out to say….dhaani stopped her and says he is not my relatives, he is someone I know that’s all so don’t take him in. maya close to dhaani and says if you won’t me to do that, then come tomorrow for your treatment….if you don’t, then I will tell about you everything to him. Dhaani seems her miserable…. And asks who are you? Force me to do something. Maya hears that and tells I am a doctor, who try my best to save my patient life and guide them properly. Dhaani looks on….maya tells to her softly I’m not trying to force you, I am trying to change your thoughts; decision up to you. Take a good decision. And leaves. dhaani looks on hopelessly….

Maya comes out, viplav wishes her…she says I will give some diet schedule for her and make her follow daily and get her away from dust. Viplav signs “yes” and looks on.
Later dhaani and viplav come to house…..dhaani asks him about keerthi. He says she will be okay. She asks it seems you didn’t go to her. viplav says hesitantly “yes” I couldn’t, but tomorrow I will go. dhaani asks why are being like this? she seems him…viplav take medicine from bag and looks that…

At the same time in keerthi residence raj tells about viplav and what he done earlier that he ran away to see dhaani. keerthi hears that and smiles painfully….

At viplav residence, he tells it’s all because of you, dhaani asks what? Me? He says yes because of you I couldn’t make it? you are the one who faint and laid down on the floor…. when I saw you like that then how could I leave you just like that and he looks dhaani. Both of them stares each other, they were speechless for a moment……he says do you know how much I’m worried? Dhaani looks on surprisingly….viplav looks that asks her to stop annoying me and take rest first. Dhaani signs “yes” and about to sleep on sofabut viplav casually says “go sleepinside”. she again looks him surprisingly….and ask me? On the bed? He says just for today….. Dhaani hears that and smiles and says no need for that, I will sleep in the sofa, she lies on sofa…..viplav looks that and he carries her from sofa, dhaani shouted to let her down….but viplav doesn’t listen; he carries her inside and throws her in to the bed and leave outside…..she shouts yah how could you treat a patient like this. Viplav says if patient doesn’t listen then what should I do? dhaani hears that and recalls about maya words…..
Viplav lies on sofa to sleep but he feels uncomfortable to sleep in sofa and realized it’s really hard to sleep on sofa and he thinks how dhaani slept on sofa …..dhaani lies on bed and think about maya words (maya told to her softly that I’m not trying to force you, I am trying to change your thoughts; decision up to you.…….) and lost her sleep.
Next morning viplav inform dhaani that he go to see keerthi and ask her to take rest and don’t roaming around out, she glares him and asks what? he smiles and leaves…. After some time dhaani goes to meet tharun….

In keerthi residence, She lies on bed, viplav comes and says sorry to her that he couldn’t able to come yesterday. keerthi smiles and says I am okay now and asks him to don’t worry; she asks about dhaani health….he says she is fine now. Viplav asks, did you go hospital again for your check up? Keerthi says “no” and I will go tomorrow, viplav tells then I will go with you to hospital tomorrow, keerthi smiles and says ok. Both of them look each other and smiles…..

At the same time, in park tharun and dhaani speak together…..dhaani tells him everything what maya said and she says she won’t get treatment. Tharun looks on and says didi she is right you can’t give up on your life easily. Dhaani asks what? he says I’m sorry di if I wouldn’t say this I will be regret later. dhaani looks on…..he says you are too stubborn and don’t listening others. she recalls viplav words(at hospital he says to maya that she is stubborn and don’t listening others) she smiles hopeless and says why all saying this to me, she looks tharun and says yah don’t forget that you’re speaking with your didi. Tharun hears that and first time rise his voice against her and says I’ll never forget di, and “you are my mother figure”. dhaani hears that and stares him, tears were filled with her eyes… he says when I lost my parents, my sister go to work for all day to run family, she has no time to protect me, but you always took care of me like my maa…… whenever you go out, you took me with you; always hold my hands and make me smile and protect me from all hurt, words were choked with his tears…… and he says so I can’t let you die just like that, I want to protect you….so you should get treatment and this time listen your little brother words.Dhaani hears that and looks on with teary eyes…..both of them sat with teary eyes…. tharun says and I already met with Dr.Maya, and I clarify about your treatment and your health; I thought to say about that after I arranged some money for your treatment, but you already met her and now its time to get your treatment……he seems her and gets money from his pocket and gives to her… he says let’s start you treatment first, after that some where I will arrange money for your full treatment uhmm. He asks what do you say di? Dhaani hears all and sees that money with teary eyes and ask where did you get that? tharun doesn’t say anything and looks on….she asks did you borrowed money somewhere? And shouts do you want to live like my papa? Don’t you see him, his full life “run away and hide away”, and leads his life without peace, do you want live like that? Tharun smiles hopeless and says that is better than let you die. She hears that and tears were fall out from her eyes…..he tells so please get your treatment for me uhmm. She smiles hopeless and signs “yes” I will do that for my little brother happiness…. Tharun gets happy and says thank you to her with teary eyes…..

Dhaani looks him with teary eyes and says yah my little bro well grown up now, your maa should definitely proud of you and she slowly strokes his hair…..tharun says didi don’t treat me like a small boy now I become a man….. dhaani tease him oh our cute tharun become a smart man now lot of girls eyes are follows you ena tharun? he smiles,dhaani looks on……
Later tharun take her to hospital…..they wait outside of maya council room….maya sees dhaani in front of her room and looks on, they go inside and sit to talk…maya seems dhaani and says you made up your mind faster than I expected. Dhaani seems her and says I don’t want to be hospitalized so please give some medicine to let free from pain…. Maya says yes I will give you medicine but you should hospitalize for two days. Dhaani ask why? Tharun signs her to be quite for sometimes. Maya smiles and says I need to monitor your full health and give some primary treatment to you. It will take to days,dhaani looks on….

Nurse take dhaani inside the hospital room, she hesitantly enters to the room…..and maya monitors her health fully,then she put injection to her.….while maya asks dhaani who is that person? Come with you last day. Dhaani says I already said na someone I know. Maya asks is it? But it seems he worried about you lot. dhaani asks what? And looks on……maya looks her and asks her to take rest. Dhaani says “yes”. Maya leaves.

In viplav residence he waits for dhaani but she doesn’t show up. He gets worried and waits for her call….
Dhaani lies on hospital bed and think about viplav….tharun enters the room and asks why your face likes that? Are you not feeling well? Dhaani says “no” I just worry about some things. Tharun asks worrying about what? dhaani says nothing, tharun looks on….. She get calls from the viplav, she picks call; on phone viplav shouts yah do you know what time is it? where are you? dhaani asks why are you yelling me? now I am attending my friend reception tomorrow will be marriage? Tharun looks her…. and thinks (inner voice) how can she lie without any hesitant. Viplav asks what? Friend marriage? Which friend? She says it’s my best friend, so I wouldn’t come home for two days so take care of yourself and end the call. Viplav what? and shouts hello? hello?
Tharun asks who is that? dhaani says its viplav….he says oh your fake boy friend, dhaani stares him….. tharun says it seems he is worrying about you. she asks what? and recalls maya words(But it seems he worried about you lot) and asks why all saying this? viplav again calls her…..she attends the call and ask now what? viplav askstell me where are you now? I will come and pick up you? dhaani asks are you crazy? I said already I’m attending my friend marriage how could I leave? he says I don’t know about that but you better come back immediately. Dhaani asks what? and says do whatever you want but I would not come, and about to end the call but viplav says slowly if you not come than how I……. I am supposed to eat? Dhaani hears that and asks what? If you stay out for two days then who will make me food and clean the house…she gets mad and asks him stop annoying and go to bedand end the call. viplav again hello? hello? And he realized that she end the call and looks on….

Tharun sees that and says I’m right na he worried about you na?dhaani gets mad….she looks him and says he is not a person who worry about me, he is a person who worry about himself. Tharun is it? I’m really curious about him, she asks why? Tharun says “yes” I’m curious about him, what type of fool trust a liar like you and give shelter and food. dhaani gets mad and asks what? and throw a pillow to his face. Tharun smiles and says I am just kidding. dhaani looks on….
Tharun asks but what type of person he? She recalls all naughty behavior of viplav and says he is a horrible person. Tharun says is it? then how he looks like? Dhaani says he looks terrible with lumps face, tharun hears that and says oh really and he asks if he really end up with love you then what should you do? dhaani hears that and shocked, she gets mad and asks what?…. And she asks him stop talking nonsense and go to bed. Tharun says “yes” and looks on… dhaani murmured herself and why he loves me?What nonsense he talking and taunts tharun…
In viplav house he misses dhaani to death and walk around his house and thinks where she is go? and lost his sleep. dhaani think about viplav that if he is eat or not and worrying about him and lost sleep….

2 days later…..
Dhaani get ready to discharge ….maya comes and tells visit hospital at week once, and follow your diet, don’t take heavy food, and most important thing you can’t get infection….then it will be more dangerous for you. dhaani says “yes”. Maya about to leave but turns back and says don’t give up on your life. Dhaani looks on, maya leaves…..tharun tells dhaani that I will go and get ready the truck… come out soon ok. She signs yes…

Dhaani get her report and walks out but she sees viplav inside, she gets tensed…..and about to run but viplav sees her and calls dhaani! she hears that and stopped…..viplav goes to herand asks what are you doing here? are you again get sick? And touches her forehead…..dhaani stares him….she thinks and says (lies)”no” my friend get ill so I’m come with her. He looks around and asks where is she?She is that marriage girl? Dhaani says hesitantly “no” she is another friend, she just leave…. and asks him don’t you see her? Viplav says “no” and looks on…..he looks dhaani’s hand and sees report in her hand…. Viplav asks her to give that report he want to look that, but she refuse to give…… finally he gets that from her, but report cover( that cover only her name mentioned) remains dhaani’s hand. Dhaani gets tensed… viplav looks that report and gets shocked…..viplav looks dhaani emotionally and says the report says the patient have blood cancer (leukemia)…..dhaani hears that and gets tensed, then she seems him tensed…. viplav asks now your friend is okay or not? Dhaani hears that looks report cover with her hand and realized inside report her name not mentioned…. She shows relief signs in her face and says yes she little bit stress now so she leave suddenly and she forget about her report….viplav says oh I see, I feel sorry for your friend….. dhaani hears that and looks him hopeless…viplav seems that and feels strange and he stares her eyes…..dhaani sees that and turns back because viplav may get truth from her eyes…. viplav looks on….dhaani turned back and looks tensed….

Viplavtake dhaani with him for jogging to make her healthier. On the way she sees her childhood friend ashwin(my princess second hero, doing cameo appearance in my girl is a liar)

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Great as usual, Pls let dem realize their love for each other, so also reveal the truth about her health to viplav

    1. Sure aish it will happen one by one so keep reading ?

  2. tooooooooooooooooo awesome …really speechless ….can’t wait for next ……

    1. Thank u avijit keep reading ?

  3. Superb.i had been waiting for ur ff since evening but in last it came.and today’s part is awesome as both viplav and dhani started realizing some feelings for each other.i just loved the part in which vipu calls dhani and desperately saying to come back home words to explain.our dear Ashwin is also back now.he is doing a cameo role na.what will happend next!really excited to know.but this tu guys are horrible,they will make us wait a whole day to read this.

    1. Yes saran tellyupdates posted very late yesterday I wait too long….until 1:15 am no updates later when they post it I don’t know, you asked me to post early but again and again I will make you wait na sorry ma. And yes saran both were realizing their feeling little …. But next what happens? We have to read next part to know about that. so stay tuned my dear….and I will update soon k?

  4. wow kaviya, awesome episode…

    1. Thank you nima keep reading.?

  5. superb yarr…… amazing… love your ff a lot Kaviya 🙂

    1. Thank u sujie keep reading.?

  6. Akka…It is going very interesting….And I really love Viplav and dhaani character in this ff…All the best akka..Please post the next episode soon…I will be waiting…And let the ff be like this..Longer one…If you can…make it a little long..than this…All the best…

    1. Yes Jonah I will update soon. And I too love viplav and dhaani in my ff….their fighting and caring its all good. And I try to make it long Jonah papa. nee akkanu enna kupdarathu enaku remba pidichuruku Jonah love it ,….??

      1. Happy Holi Akka…

      2. Happy holi my dear Jonah have a colour full life.??

  7. Wow kaviya it’s too good, and pls make them realise their love soon and Viplav come to know Dhaani’s truth very soon pls

    1. Sure ma they realize soon so don’t worry and thank u my dear keep reading.?

  8. Wow Kaviya it’s very nice and awesome as usual. Plz post the next part soon

    1. Sure Louella I will update soon keep reading. And thank you very much?

  9. Awesome episode you can be a great writer and u have a very bright future

    1. Thank you joyee? keep reading ma.

  10. Superb episode dear.. brillaint..
    No words to say
    I fell in love? with ur writing

    1. Thank u arshdeep. keep reading and keep supporting me .? god bless you ma.

  11. Sorry kaviya..I am late…once again u killed it with ur marvellous story telling skill…its awesome that both Viplav & dhani realising some feeling abt each other..but what yaar dhani? U r calling our dashing hero horrible!!!! Not fair…u liar..

  12. yes rajee ,dhaani is a true liar that why i titled my girl is a liar, and thank u rajee keep reading and lot of drama remaining so let’s watch next what happens.

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