My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-10


The episode starts with viplav smiles and says if you don’t want it then I can’t do anything about it? Honey watch out for the mosquitoes then sleep well okay…he lies on his bed and thinks about dhaani reaction and smiles continuously; he says this is great, don’t try to mess with me again dhaani if you do you’re dead …… dhaani lies on sofa and gets irked by viplav behavior….
Next morning at dining table, viplav and dhaani draw together to have a breakfast, dhaani starts to eat….. viplav tries to eat but he can’t because he has ban-aid on el-bow and it hurts. He seems dhaani eating and he hungry to death. Dhaani seems him and asks why don’t you eat? Not like it? he looks on hopelessely…dhaani sees that and realized that his arm is hurting. Then she try to take revenge about last night, so she pretends like she don’t know anything and says wow food is tasty than usual. She eats lot in front of him and makes him irked. After finish eating she about to leave, viplav tries to eat himself….he gets pain and shouts ahha…dhaani hears that and turns back and seems him…she has no heart to leave him like that.

She goes to him and about to feed him…but viplav looks that and asks what are you doing? She says don’t you see I am feeding you. He refuses to have and says no need. dhaani smiles hopeless and says I am doing this, for the reason that I feels sorry for you, because of me you got hurt. So have some food and you have to take medicine too. Viplav looks on hesitantly…. She tells I’m giving offer to you, don’t neglect it and says I’m not the one who going to be hungry. Viplav seems her and opens his mouth …dhaani smiles and feeds him, they stares each other while eating…. She helps him lot to get better like as his wife, after a week viplav get fully recovered. After that they start to fight again let’s see what’s their next problem.

Dhaani watching T.V, she interestingly watch drama, and laughed loudly while viplav comes and sees that…..he wants to watch cricket, so he grasp remote from her and changes the channel…. dhaani asks him to change the channel and say she wants to watch drama. Viplal hears that and says I won’t. dhaani tries to get remote from him, they fight each other to get remote…..its looks like two immature adult child’s getting fight each other. Finally dhaani bite his hand…viplav shouts ahha and dhaani looks on….. Both are glaring each other with full of fire….

Viplav throws her luggage out and asks her to leave from his house. She asks why should I leave, viplav says this is my house so get out from my house; I can’t live with a person like you. dhaani asks what? He tells I did a big mistake to allow you in, but now I realized, I must have been out of mind but this bite has bought me to sense again. Dhaani hears that ok I would leave but before I leave, first I will go to keerthi and says every truth. Viplav asks what? she tells yes I’m gonna tell the truth that I am not your girl friend, and you asked me to pretend like that and she asks him what to you say? Did you okay with that? Viplav smiles hopeless and asks right now did you threaten me, she says no I just inform you, if you won’t mean, don’t try to mess with me again hmm? Then she takes her luggage and goes inside….viplav about to go like a crazy and shouts ahhha! and goes to his room….

Next day viplav get ready to see his friend, dhaani seems that and asks him are you going out now? He says yes and goes out….. he out with his friends and enjoying the whole day……later night at house dhaani doing dinner for them and wait for viplav but he doesn’t show up; time is running…… dhaani wait for him full night and falls asleep on dining table….. Morning she wake up and looks for viplav but he doesn’t in….. she wonder where does he go? Later viplav comes and fresh up himself and again go out….he doesn’t say anything to her. dhaani sees that and wonders what’s with him? And feels strange she goes out and asks him are you leaving now? He says “yes” then she asks when will you be back? Will you have had dinner? He says he doesn’t know. Dhaani looks on and wonders viplav leaves…..

Later night again dhaani wait long time for him …..She gets mad and says today also he will be late; Really he is strange person, he should informed me if he late. And she tells if he did I’m not waiting for him like a fool like this. And she starts to eat dinne without him; then just viplav comes…. she looks that and asks now are you in? Did you eat? Viplav says yes I ate, and he asks but why you ask so many questions? Stop asking questions, it’s annoying. Dhaani says what annoying, I asked because I’m just worried about wasting dinner. Dhaani says you should told me first if you late. He asks why? Why should I tell you? Are you my wife? Dhaani smiles hopeless and asks what? Viplav tells I already said na don’t come to my private life, we agreed to keep out of each other business na? dhaani smiles and tells when did I ever interfere with your personal life? I was only worried about making dinner for nothing. But now I won’t, so do whatever you want and she moves on…..viplav looks on and wonder what’s with her?

Dhaani goes to wash room, and looks mirror herself and says okay do whatever you want, why I have to worry about you? If you eat or not? I don’t care about anymore; let’s stay out from each other life and she taunts viplav for making her wait and looks on mirror…
later both were sleeping at their individual place….viplav suddenly get cough and search for water but in can there is no water, so he wake up and goes out to get water……outside our cute dhaani sleeping on sofa, her body lies on sofa but her head hang out of the sofa….viplav looks that and smiles, he goes to her and make her lies straight and covers her with blanket and stares her for a moment…..and leaves.

Next morning viplav and dhaani have breakfast, then viplav get ready to go out….he tells I’ll be back soon and about to leave, dhaani says don’t tell anything to me if you go then just go. Let’s keep out from each other’s life… viplav seems her for a movement and goes out…..later night viplav back to home and looks for dhaani but she is not there, time is running….. he starts to waiting for her,but she doesn’t show up….viplav gets worried about her.
At the same time dhaani and tharun are speaking about her dad in park….he asks her didi shall I call babuji, he will worries about you. dhaani warns him and asks him to don’t do that if you do, it will be hard for her. tharun looks on, later he ride her to home…..

Later at house viplav gets tensed and thinks (inner voice) if she again caught by hooligans and get ready to looking for her…… but dhaani comes inside by opening door. Viplav shouts yah what time is it? How long you stay out night? Where were you have been? Dhaani smiles and says why I have to say? We already said na we keep out of each other’s way, then why did you ask me? viplav hears that and says I was thinking about that but it won’t work , we should tell each other what we do. dhaani tells but I won’t and goes to sleep. He asks what? and looks on….he goes to his room and gets irked by her stubborn behavior.

Next morning dhaani get ready to go out….viplav stopped her and asks her where are you going? She says I already said na I don’t want to say. Viplav says “no” from now; tell me when and where you’re going? And asks her got it. dhaani looks on .…and says why you are so thick? He gets mad and asks what? She says I don’t have time to fight with you I’m going to market to buy vegetables, happy! Now shall I go? and about to leave…… he again stops her…..she turns back and asks now what? viplav says if something happened call me….she hears that and asks what something? And little bit she feels his caring and stares him…..viplav seems that asks what? Why you are looking me like that? dhaani tells “no” I just see you and asks call by what? viplav looks on….she says you broken my mobile into two half, don’t you remember that, then how did I call you? viplav hears that and thinks on, then she leaves…. Later viplav goes to mobile shop and buys high brand mobile for dhaani.

Later in house dhaani doing dishes, while viplav comes and go to kitchen and drink water….he calls dhaani hesitantly, she turns back, viplav throws the box …. She gets shocked and asks what is this? Viplav seems her…..she open and saw the phone and she surprisingly looks on… she ask is it for me. viplav signs “yes”. Dhaani feels happy inside but she put a show and says I can’t accept this. I already owned a lot… then how I can? and return back to him. Viplav knows she is doing drama and asks then should I throw out and about to throw….dhaani stops him and jerks mobile from him and says “ no” it’s mine and runs away. Viplav seems her naughtiness and smiles himself ….
Later in terrace dhaani take selfie with new phone and having fun with that….

viplav looks for her in downstairs and he can’t find her; so he goes upstairs and sees dhaani that she taking selfie and play with mobile. She looks viplav coming and clicks a photo of him. He see that and asks her delete it, and says I hate taking photos. Dhaani says but I like it, he jerks mobile from her hand and delete his photo. She looks that and sadly says but I want save my happy memories before I leave. viplav hears that and asks are you plan to leave somewhere. dhaani says “yes” then do you want to live with me the rest of your life. Both were speechless for a moment…..viplav asks where you are planning to move. dhaani smiles and says its far away from here ( hidden meaning heaven). Viplav looks on and he can’t understand that meaning….she about to go but viplav grabs her hand and take selfie with her and asks her to smile. Dhaani seems him and smiles…viplav clicks photo….. and he about to click another photo, they notice keerthi in mobile screen and turns back shockingly….keerthi looks on….

Keerthi looks them… how much she control her feeling but no use of that her eyes always discovered the truth yes tears were filled with her eyes, her heart feels pain when she see them together…. Viplav sees that and says her name slowly “keerthi”…..she come to sense and says I’m sorry the door was open so I was just enter, and shows fake smiles towards them….. Raj comes and looks them……viplav looks tensed.

Later dhaani and keearthi sat and chat together….. side viplav and raj talk together, viplav asks raj why you took keethi here…..raj says she want to see you, then how can I refuse that; then raj asks viplav you said to me that you gonna stay out for some day, but you didn’t told that you’re going to stay with dhaani, and asks what’s going on here yarr? Viplav looks on…raj says viplav you bringing dhaani for act as your girl friend, but really she is not, did you remember that; so stay on your line. Viplav hears that and stares dhaani while she talking with keerthi….
Then they have dinner ….then keerthi asks viplav how long you guys staying together viplav and dhaani looks on….he says from just while. She asks why don’t you told this to me? viplav looks her and tells I’m sorry for not telling to you. keerthi hears that smiles hopeless, viplav feels guilty for lying to her…..dhaani looks that and understand viplav…. later keerthi and raj leaves.
After viplav sat sadly on sofa, dhaani comes and seemss him….she asks him are you upset because of keethi matter. Viplav looks on… she says that’s why I said that day, don’t be like that to her, it was wrong. But you don’t want listen me. viplav asks her to stop annoying and go to sleep. Dhaani glares him and goes….

Next day at keerthi residence, she thinks about viplav and dhaani staying together and recalls they took sefie together….while she gets off from upstairs….she lost her thought about them, and suddenly slipped and falls down from the stairs….she gets hurt on her hand and leg.
In viplav farm house…raj comes tensely and tells viplav that keerthi got hurt…viplav gets shocked and worried about her, he rushes to see her…..dhaani hears that and says she want to go with him to meet her …and asks him to wait she will get ready soon and goes to room…. Inside the room dhaani getting ready but suddenly she gets sweating and starts to collapse….she can’t breathe well…she can’t see anything…viplav wait outside and asks her to come out its late. Dhaani hears that and says with tiered voice I think I take more time to get ready so you go first, I will make it another time. Viplav hears that and asks are you sure. Inside dhaani can’t take further step and falls down….. that make sounds and she calls papa…. Viplav hears that and asks what’s wrong are you okay? She says “yes” I hit myself so don’t worry and you go first. Viplav says “yes”. But he doesn’t feels well and his heart says something went wrong; then he stares room door for a movement and leaves with raj….. Inside the room dhaani full collapsed and faints……


Dhaani faints inside the room….viplav and raj goes to hospital to see keerthi by car. On the way viplav feeling that dhaani is not okay….later Dr. maya and dhaani have a huge argument at hospital…..

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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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  1. Kaviya it’s beyond words. OMG just loved it, vidhaani fights, caring for each other. Keep it up. Keep writing!!

    1. thank you maria and keep reading yar.

  2. Nice…post the next one soon

    1. thank you ahana and keep reading, by the way are you divya ,who wrote ff pure love?

  3. ViDhaani moments are too cute….just loved it to the core…. i was reading from top to bottom with a broad smile on my lips yarr….. too awesome

    1. thank u sujie…. i am glad that you love it and keep smiling…. god bless you my dear

  4. nothing to say …u made us speechless kaviya di …the narrating style …every scenes ….u are very much talented ….but one request …Dhani should not die …plz save her in your ff ….our viplav baba should do something …we want happy ending not an emotional one ….can’t wait for next part

    1. yes avijit i will never let her die and you know one thing i hate sad ending and i am good at good ending so don’t worry my bro….it will be interesting so stay tune and thank you.

  5. Arre yaar I got so much lost in Vidhani cute fighting that I totally forgot abt Dhani’s illness.Episode was superb but last part was sad…emotional..
    ‘Do u want to live with me the rest of ur life’ is my fav line of the episode.. Waiting for next eagerly…

    1. thank you rajee, this fight carried throughout end but difference will be shown, now they are cutely fighting in future episode it will be serious. and i will update soon rajee.

  6. Kavitha its awesome. I just can’t describe it in words. So I don’t have ananything to say. Plz update the next part soon

    1. Sorry it’s kaviya not kavitha

    2. oh thank u louella, keep reading and i will update soon my dear

  7. I love ur ff dear
    I had read it from the very first episode but never commented
    Its really awsm
    I always keep waiting for the next episodes

    1. oh really arshdeep, i am really happy about that and thank you very much, i wish you to do comment daily . keep reading and keep commenting yarr. i am waiting for your lovely comment.

      1. Yaa sure i will be commenting daily
        I just love it ❤

  8. Annamalaisamyt

    Nice story.


  10. thank u annamalai and joyee
    @joyee so sad na lot of sadness wating my dear….keep reading

  11. Sri,so long episode,i am really happy.update like this everyday.i mean very early and very long episodes.i read it at 7.25pm itself but i was a little busy,that’s why commented now Rajee said today’s best moment was when dhani asked vipu “do u want to live with me rest of your life”oh what a dialouge heart melted like butter when i read it as viplav’s heart melted and took the selfie.Vidhani is in love,but they didn’t realized it problem we can watch this tom and jerry game. And one more thing pls update like as u did today,very early.ok va ma?naan kathitiruppen.

    1. Saran I updated asual time ma do you I have been updated my princess at same time only they posted my princess around 7pm but my liar posted only night time only I don’t why that, I think tellyupdates little busy so it all upon to tellyupdates but I will update soon k and nee kathrurpen sollum pothu update pannama irupana ?sure I will update soon and soon….?

  12. Oh…It is going very well di…. I think so Viplav comes to know about Dhaani’s condition…?Hope I am right….and eagerly waiting for the episode…

    1. no jonah but he have chance to know about that but our dhaani don’t let him know you can see that today episode, it take some time….and thank you my dear. two days i miss your comments badly

      1. Akaka…actually common exam..physics..athanala Padika mudiyala…inning th San padichaen…sorry..and what about next episode

      2. Oh exam is going on…..studies is first mathatulam next thaan so don’t need to sorry. Just read after finish your exam then you can comment without tension. K and I am also waiting for next part I posted already but en late akuthun theriya Jonah.?

  13. kaviya ji, aapki ff ki jitne v tarif karu kam hi lagta hai.full entertaining episode superb! episode litter bit scary na..

    1. yah nima future episodes will be more scary be prepare for that….. and thank you nima keep reading……

  14. Great job! Superb! Keep going

    1. Thank u aish keep reading.?

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