My girl is a liar (IKRS) Episode-1

Note; my ff is entirely different from real IKRS. And in first episode I introduce two new characters dhaani’s father ashok and raj lakshmi little brother tharun.
The story (Child hood) starts at Mumbai railway station one man hold his two daughters’ hands and walks in the station platform…. That man name’s ashok kumar, his daughters name is piya and dhaani. (Piya is two years older than dhaani) Ashok buys balloon for dhaani and piya and he gives balloons to them, he make them sit in the bench and asks them to wait here for sometime papa going to buy a ticket, I will be back soon okay. piya and dhaani smiles and say yes, he smiles and asks piya to take care of dhaani papa will come back soon okay. She smiles and say yes papa…..
Dhaani and piya sat in the bench, dhaani looks piya’s balloon and found their balloons are different color and she wants piya’s balloon color so she asks piya to give that to her. piya says why dhaani your balloon is pretty too, why you want mine. Dhaani starts cry….. and insists she wants her balloon. Piya looks that….she wipes her tears and give her balloon to dhaani and asks now happy. Dhaani smiles…..piya also show smiles towards her……

Suddenly dhaani balloon blew away from her hand and starts to fly in the air….she again starts cry…. Piya says don’t cry dhaani didi will get that balloon for you, then she hold dhaani hand and go to search for balloon… they starts walk on the platform unexpectedly they trapped by crowd dhaani and piya hold hands tightly but they apart by crowd….they can’t see each other. Dhaani and piya starts to cry…..and they continuously says papa! papa!.. …
Ashok come back and saw the bench he realized that his daughters’ are not there and he gets traumatized….. He goes and search for them but he couldn’t tears were fallout from his eyes….he scream their name piya! Dhaani ! He folds his hand and says oh god! What should I do please help me. He runs around the station and search for them…..

Dhaani stay near to him and cries…… but he doesn’t see her and he took his foot forward to go, but he feels something and turns that side slowly, he sees dhaani stands there; he gets happy runs towards her ……he hugs and kiss her with teary eyes…..and says papa scared lot!!! Ashok looks dhaani and asks about piya. She can’t say anything clear because she is kid na and says didi! didi! ashok looks on and starts to cry…..piya go far away from them and cries loudly no one can care about her. She stands alone and cries….. ashok carries dhaani and search for piya….but he can’t, he howling loudly ,dhaani looks him and she starts to cry….everyone looks on
14 years later…..

In dhaani house, ashok sat outside of the house and sewing dhaani dress. some neighbors’ cross the house and says how long you can take care of dhaani like this you have to let her live herself or it will be tough for her to live without you. He asks them to shut the mouth why my dhaani lead a tough life? Do you think she is look like you, neighbor asks what? Ashok says “no” she is not like you who burns about others happiness; she is who take others sorrow and give happiness to them that’s my dhaani, did you got it? or not. He says so sure enough she led a happy life, so stops talking nonsense and asks them to leave. They get mad and about to fight with him but dhaani comes with tharun (raj lakshmi’s brother) and stop them. She supports her father and says I heard everything what you had said papa it’s all correct, we should eat well and live well so she asks them to leave…..she take her father inside… she hugs him and says papa you look cool today, he ask really? She sings “yes”.

Dhaani father says it’s all okay, he asks what about your health, doctor what said? (What doctor really said will be shown in future episode) tharun looks dhaani, she looks on…. ashok seems them and gets nervous, he asks is anything serious; dhaani smiles and says see how your face looks ena tharun, he smiles….she says nothing to worry I am perfectly all right that’s what doctor said ena tharun….he sings “yes”. Ashok asks dhaani then why you faint all time. She replies it’s because of my low BP that’s all so don’t worry about me and she hugs him. Then he asks if I wouldn’t then who will will worry about you?

That time our hero introduction take places alarm rings in his room “yes” our viplav just only wake up and goes washroom to fresh up him. after that he gets ready and leaves out side by his car.

In dhaani house ashok says how I wouldn’t worry about you? After your mother death and we lost you’re didi at railway station after that you’re the only one I have without you my life is meaningless. Dhaani hears that and says with teary eyes papa “I am your daughter dhaani” don’t you know I am stronger like you so don’t worry. He looks her and smiles….. and says dhaani I want to speak important matter with you. She asks is it? What? He about to tell something (about his debt) but someone knocks the door….. tharun opens the door and sees raj lakshmi stands outside. tharun asks why you are here? What’s the matter? she asks him to move, he looks on …. she make him move and rushes inside. Dhaani and ashok looks on…..

Raj lakshmi asks dhaani father, babuji you again owe money from them. He gets shocked, dhaani looks on…. and asks what? She says Papa! You are really something and ask him how much you owed from them. Just before we pay them all now what? How long we ran away like this…..her father looks on…..raj lakshmi says they are stand at middle of the street and asks about your address? Dhaaani and her father get shocked and ask what? The debtors (thinks them as a comedy and terror group) angrily knock the door. Everyone looks on, dhaani gets tensed and made a plan in her mind….
Dhaani says papa now leave with raj lakshimi and let’s meet evening at bus stop ena? He asks how could I leave you like that, she says don’t worry I will handle myself and asks raj lakshmi to escort him safely. They leave from the back door……dhaani looks tharun they have some understanding, he signs “yes”. She takes a deep breath and opens the door……she come out and seems them one man (boss) closed to her and asks you are ashok kumar daughter na, she looks on….he says your dad debt you have to pay for him and he tries to take her with them. All of a sudden dhaani screams loud papa Run! Run! Run! The thugs believe her father stay inside and running towards him. Inside the house tharun turns back and starts to run from the back door to another way…..every one follows him…..dhaani get a chance to escape from them and she starts to running before they discover her trick…….tharun is caught by them he asks what? in cool manner and they realizes it’s all dhaani plan and they decide to catch her first. They start to chase her…..
At the same time our hero viplav hears music and rushes his car to his farm house. He drives a car very fast…..

While running dhaani sees small stone wall, she climbs that wall and falls down on the road where viplalv car is almost hit her but he saws her while she jumped from the wall and stopped the car from the few distance before. He gets off from the car….. viplav makes her get up and asks are you okay? Dhaani says yeah I am okay, she turns back and sees that thugs also try to climb the wall….(.she decides the only way to escape is cart with viplav) So she pretends like unconscious and about to falls down but viplav holds her, debtors were understand her drama and gets irked …..viplav holds her in his arm and gets shocked….

The losing mind song plays (always using IKRS songs is bored na so I tries something new I don’t know Hindi song, so I just used my favorite song it’s not my own lyrics I love this song so I just used lyrics. more over this song is sang by male voice and fast beat song from my favorite drama )
I think I lost my mind at that time
How could I left you

I only loves you I’m really sorry
I could only cry

I think I lost my mind at that time
How could I left you
I really miss it. I miss you
Please forgive me~ I think I lost my mind

I couldn’t say the word ‘I love you’ (because I’m sorry)
I also couldn’t say the word ‘thanks’ (because you might leave)
Come back to me my girl (my girl)
I can’t sleep today because of you

Oh baby don’t leave me
Oh baby you’re the only one for me (losing my mind)

Precap; viplav takes her to the hospital. Debtors also follows her, dhaani tries to escape from the debtors at hospital….
If you want read intro of my girl is liar go and visit this link

My comment: first episode fully shows about dhaani’s background life, and both lead meeting take place. Over all good to read, I like thugs fooled by dhaani trick and last scenes.
Episode-2 will be update on Saturday (12.3.2016) evening and guys leave your lovely comment and suggest some Hindi song with lyrics. I will use in future episode

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  1. Sri,awesome awesome and can u come up with such novel themes yaar.u r very creative no doubt in both of ur ff dhani is really rocking,i luv ur dhani more than real dhani. If u writing a story that means,a blockbuster is i was also excited and now i can’t wait for next part.pls update it soon yaar.

  2. I hope u enjoyed ur small vaccation really well.don’t hesitate to send me a request in fb yaar.i think u saw our tu fb page,right?so send me a request ok.anyways gud morning sri.

    1. A very good morning saran. My life is turned out like a vacation to me, so I am enjoying my vacation with u. And sure I will send friend request to u but I searched by your name, lot of saranya is there so I little confusing so tell about in what name l have to search.?

      1. Sri search by the name Saranya R.S. Nair.ok va?

      2. K saran I got it.

  3. are awesome tha kaviya di …it is really good… is OK but Hindi hotha to maja ata ….but for that situation no Hindi song is apt…so next time I will suggest song …..
    kaviya di join our fb group too ….plz ….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Yeah sure AM and this song other country language song so I just used lyrics when hero first time saw heroine in difficult situations that time he can’t leave her alone, that time his feeling express by this song and its very peppy song. So I thought this song suits this situation. Next time say some song with lyrics I will use that for upcoming episodes.? and keep reading avijit.?

  4. Awesome yarr…. Great work 🙂

    1. Thank you sujie ?keep reading.

  5. good morning kaviya n saranya
    wow! kaviya, awesome story..mai toh My girl is a liar ki duniya mein kho gayi..sachchi. 🙂

  6. hlw, AM n sujie good morning….sujie sanchai xau? 🙂

    1. Very good morning nima I am glad that you like it keep reading and leave your lovely comment k god bless you my dear?

  7. Oh wow Kaviya ur ff is too good u r quite talented I m loving this ff and seems like it will be an emotional one right?

    1. I already said na all were mixed pain,comedy, love. Over all full package mini drama, you should to read and say it is good or not k?

  8. Talented And you are really a cool writer…Grabing everyone’s hearts… All the best for your future episodes….Nice to read it with a cup of coffee…Just got up now…LOL…

    1. Thank you Jonah i think your comment under moderation for half a day omg. Keep reading Jonah. I am always waiting for your lovely comment. By the way did you see my fr request?

      1. Accepted ….

      2. Good to see you in facebook ma.

  9. Hi kaviya. We are ikrs fans in srilanka. Its really good. I like this beautiful story.

    1. Thank you lot midarshani and big hi to our IKRS srilanka fans. Keep reading and your name is very beautiful.??

  10. Oye hoye kaviya! U r again taking everyone’s heart..simply superb..I am loving this story @par with the show..really grt to witness a diff version of vidhani.
    One hindi song for the 1st encounter of vidhani-
    ” pehli nazar mein kaisa jadoo kar diya,
    Tera ban baitha hai mera jiya,
    Jane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata,
    Is pal ko milke a jeelein Zara..
    O janejaan dono kahan
    Meri nahin mein a bhoolja haanan..”

    1. Thank you very much for your song rajee. I expect more song from you. I definitely use this song in future episode.?

  11. Kaviya I have no words to say as it was so nice. Just waiting for the next part

    1. Thank u Louella i will post episode-2 tommorow evening. Keep reading and share your views. God bless you ma.

  12. Wow … Completely different ff… Ur innovation is too gud sri …

    1. Thank u meghs. Keep reading and support me like that.?

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