A girl with dreams! episode 7

Akansha’s PoV :

I was trying to open my eyes, i could feel the pain, i could see sid,meera,amar,ridhiz and aunty standing near to me for a while i did not understand what had happened to me but then yesterday’s events made fresh come back in my mind, when i made a eye contact with sid he turned his face he left the room with amar, ridhi,meera and aunty stayed in the room. Riddhi helped me to change my dress after changing my dress i called up dad he told me about yesterday’s call when sid informed bhabhi about my health and the fight, i was sad after hearing but i plastered my smile as aunty was standing in front of me and i dont want her to knw the reason, while aunty and meera helped me get down though she told me take rest for today but i was not in a mood and convenience her though she wasn’t convieneced she agreed to let me go i sat beside sid all the while having breakfast sid remained silent which he usually wouldn’t be, he stood up all of a sudden saying that he completed his breakfast and is going to clg aunty and rest told sid to take me along with him but he said i am not comfortable going with him which made me shock what is he saying, i said him i will come with him he moved out silently waiting for me near the car after i hoped in i tried to talk to him but it went in vein, the car ride was silent he was not ready to talk to me i was so lost in my thoughts that i did not realize that we entered into clg and i was heading into the wrong classroom i just dont knw what happened to sit that he is not talking did i say something wrong.? han yes yesterday i was in bad mood i shouted but…. we fight but still we atleast talk..! we went and sat in our places everyone is talking about some random topics i was just nodding what ever they are saying i was east interested and all of a sudden evryone became silent a lady of middle age entred the class she was saying something about the class and one by one we went i took the chit and saw sid’s name and sat back to my place he took the chit and did not open after a while evryone were exchanging their places but i did not move then he opened his chit and was shocked to see my name or shuld i say sad :/

mam gave us our report file

Euthanasia-Mercy Killing

Case : ArunaShanBhag v/s Union of India

Facts of the case :

Aruna a girl in her mid 20’s working as a nurse in one of the biggest hospitals in Mumbai..! she was going to get married to doctor who worked in the same hospital, one day when she finished her work and was going to change her uniform a peon who worked in the same hospital tried to rape her but as she was in her in periods he couldn’t but he tied her neck with a dog chain he left her to die, the next day morning when everyone came they were shocked to see aruna drenched in pool of blood there was only 0.1 % of her being alive she was being treated but she was drifted into coma, years passed but she did not recover the one with whom she got ennaged also married other girl, her family stopped visiting her it was the nurses who took care of her she laid their lifelessly for over 2 decades one day pinky a journalist came to visit her she wanted to write a book on aruna but seeing her condition she filed case, this is the first time in india where someone filed a case asking for euthanasia, but few people did not agree for that, the jury of the court visited hospital to check on aruna’s condition, she was not in vulnerable state by the time jury visited the hosiptal aruna was licking the sugar water which fell on the tip of her lips with this they cancelled the petition which pinky filed after few years of lifeless living she died on may 18th.!

tears formed in my eyes but i did not cry, we both made a report and submitted we were the first one to do it evryone else where taking time, i was just looking at evryone when sid spoke
Sid : i am sorry
Me(Akansha) : what .?
that really made me shock
Sid : actually i over reacted that is it i want to u ask u something can i .?
Me (Akansha ) : i did not understand leave all that finally you are talking that is enough for me and what u want to ask.?
Sid : why does ur second bhabhi hate u? i just over heard a convo in ur phone when i said that u were unwell
this stunned me for moment i cant tell him the reason i just want to get rid of that but it still hurts me
Sid : akanshaaa
Me(akansha) : umm nothing
Mrs.Tandon : can i get evryone’s attention please i need time to check ur reports and i am sure u wont make me unhappy with ur reports if u do u will have to face it..!
she was leaving but she turned back again
Mrs.Tandon : Ms. Varma can i have u in my cabin please
what she wants from me now ughh*
Me(Akansha) : Yes ma’m
i left the room with her hearing a lot of whispers behind my back..!
i was standing near her cabin waiting her to call me in, i have been waiting there for more than 5 minutes i impatiently knocked the door when she said me come in i silently made myself comfortable on the chair while glancing her cabin when she jerked with her voice i turned back to see her smiling at me i gave back a smile she sat in her chair
Mrs.Tandon : hey ms.varma u joined college few days back only and i hear complaints about wow
Akansha : sorry ma’m i did not get u ? complaints about me .?
Mrs.Tandon : dont act innocent ms.varma your seniors told me the way u behaved with of them and that spilling of coffee and not staying in hostel for one whole night and
Me(Akansha) : umm.. i said sorry to siddarth about the coffee incident but if you are expecting me to say sorry to that senior according to u with whom i had a fight with than you are highly mistaken i wont do that and not staying in hostel for one whole night i fainted and i was in meera’s home doctor told me to take rest so that is reason why i stayed there if u want proof call meera she would clarify it anything more.?
Mrs.Tandon : why wont u say sorry to ur seniors
Me (Akansha) : did they tell u the reason for my argument? no right ? first ask them the reason then, think for a while call me to ur cabin if u find it reasonable than definitely i will say sorry
Mrs.Tandon : if u speak to me like this then i can expel u
Me(Akansha) : before expelling me u need to talk to my family i guess u knw about them, if u dont just call them and tell these so called complaints and do tell me how they reacted do u want their number.?
Mrs.Tandon : out of my room now
Me (Akansha) : even i dont want to stay here
i went back to class when evryone’s eyes were glued to me i shouted
Me(Akansha) : any flim is going on my face that you are seeing me like that? do ur work
i went to my bench took my bag and came out sid was the first one to follow i did not care about him i went to the garden near my hostel and sat behind my the tree.
Sid : akansha you are fine
Me(Akansha) : i want to stay alone sid please
Sid : after what ever happened yesterday i dont want to leave u..
Me(Akansha) : till when u will be there with me at some point u need to leave and go na
Sid : i will be till my last breathe no matter what
i was starring him this was first time someone had said something like this we were having an eye-contact

Precap : She left the city…!

Dont bash me for being late i guess u will after reading this
I am ending this story here maybe i wont write again because of two reasons
1. I dont have people who support this story
2. I dont have time to write
sorry guys but i have to concentrate on my studies and i dont have time to see or write!
Nikku my sweetie as u said i cant stop this story so i will keep this story on hold and will come back when i have time maybe in my summer break i will be back..!

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