A girl with dreams! episode 6

Akansha’s PoV contd….

he sounded rude, i guess he has mood swings like girls oh god, i was walking nd did not see the stone nd i tripped nd thudd i am the ground now it shouted sid came running to me
Sid : what happened.?
Me(Akansha) : i..fell down

i was looking at my leg as it was paining nd he was laughing i looked at him nd he stopped and again bend it near me nd said
Sid: akshu r u ok where is it paining

I was starring at him only ppl who are closed to me call that

Sid : akansha
Me(akansha ) : no it is fine
i was trying to get up but they went in vain and after few seconds sid was picking me up in bridal style
Me(Akansha) : leave me,i am totally fine

he ignored and walked like that nd carefully placed me on the sofa
Sid: maa

aunty came running

Mrrs.rajput: sid kya hua

Sid : maa where is first aid box.?
Mrs.Rajput : why what happened
Sid : akansha fell down so i want to give her cream
Mrs.Rajput : what where nd how

Me(Akansha) : aunty i am totally fine nd i dont need any cream

aunty was about to say something evryone came in nd she was seeing evryone but after seeing sam she was not pleased but smiled,

Sam : heya! aunty how are u

she went nd hugged aunty nd she forcefully broke the hug

Mrs.Rajput : i am fine, akansha are u fine na

Akansha : aunty i am totally fine nd this a small hurt
Mrs.Rajput : wish some ppl are like but alas u r one piece

i smiled she went inside the kitchen nd sam jumped on sid
Sam : baby why are u avoiding me, i thought we both will go together but u did not come and waited for this girl who was seeing beach as if she saw it for the first time, u knw what babe i confirmed that she is from a very small town who has never seen beach in her life..

Before she could complete i shouted
Me(Akansha) : just shut the f**k up Ms.Samaria Khanna, i came from viskhapatnam which has beautiful beach ever it is the best beach, nd if i was seeing beach it does not mean that i come from a small town it is just that i am attached to it i have memories with my city, nd one more word against me or my city u will see the worst side of mine i was quiet till now because u r meera’s close friend nd sid’s so called girl friend but i wont be quiet now, be happy that i did not show my worst side nd one more thing i was also quite because this is not my city i am guest here for five years that is it after that i will go back to my city which is best place evr

Sam : who the hell are u tell me shut up nd what do u mean by i am sid’s so called girl friend .?
She raised hand on me i was about to stop but sid came in middle nd caught hold of her hand
Sid : sam i already said u that i wont like if u speak with my friends this way, nd one more thing why she shuld be quiet.? if some says something about ur city u will shout na she did the same nd i am with her

Sam : hey you Ms.Akansha Vamra u came in between me nd my Sid see what i will do with u
She left the place in anger, i came out of the house running nd sat on the bench in garden, closed my eyes for few minutes i remembered my city, my family nd my friends a lone tear escaped
Before leaving to mumbai

Tauji : Akansha beta promise me u will never cry there, by remembering us

Akansha : promise tauji, i wont cry in front of anyone
Tauji : bless u

Akansha smiled
FlashBack ends
i smiled nd opened my eyes nd i saw sid standing and staring at me, he saw me crying i cant let this happen i broke my promise i composed myself nd stood up
Me (Akansha ) : what
Sid : i am sorry for her behaviour

Me (Akansha ) : wow what a ideal boyfriend u are *i clapped sarcastically*

Sid : how many times shuld i tell u that she is not my girl friend
Me (Akansha ): leave me alone siddarth please
Sid : but
Me (akansha ) : i said leave me alone *a bit loudly*
evryone came out including aunty, she came to me and asked
Mrs.Rajput : what happened beta did sid say anything to u

Me (Akansha ) : aunty nothing happened please leave me alone

Sid : no akshu i wont leave u alone

evryone were shocked with sid’s statement

Me (Akansha) : it is akansha nd dont u dare call me akshu u r not my closed to call me that
A lone tear escaped again i was falling weak i cant hold it on , i knelt down nd cried making everyone shock,aunty wanted to stay with me but sid gestured evryone to leave after evryone left sid took me into his embrace i dont knw why i felt secured but after sometime i felt dizzy nd fainted…!

Akansha’s PoV ends
Sid’s PoV :
she jumped into the passenger seat the drive was silent after while she played a song kala chasma and was humming with the tune i smiled seeing her this side but she got a call she was first angry but then the way she was talking i did not like it though he was her best friend still i did not like it nd i sounded rude with her i was going in when akansha shouted i turned back to that she fell down i was laughing at her after getting glares from her i stopped it nd asked if it was paining or not but she was starring at me as if i was a ghost i called her she said she was fine i knw she is not but she did not listen so i picked her up nd placed her on the sofa i called out my mom for first aid box but this girl is to stubborn to listen she said she was totaly fine with nd ma also did not say anything, oh freak i forgot to say ma that sam was coming she hates her to the core oh god, she came nd hugged ma i knw she was happy with her arival that is y she went in, sam jumped onto me and was something not good about akansha i was seeing akansha then she got up nd shouted, sam shouted back nd was about to raise hand on her but i came in middle nd shouted she was angry on me but i only cared was about akansha she went towards the garden i followed her she sat on bench nd closed her eyes a tear escaped she smiled nd opened her eyes she was shocked to see me, i said sorry to her but she said that i was a ideal boyfriend i shouted on her she shouted on me this time evryone came out including mom, i called her akshu she scolded me for calling her that nd she knelt down nd started to cry, i was feeling bad for her ma wanted to console but i promised her that i will take care all of them left i took her into my embrace after a while she stopped crying nd i could feel her weight on me her eyes are closed i patted her cheek but no response i picked her up nd went inside the house ma was tensed to see her like that so she said me to take her to meera’s room i took her ma called our doctor he checked on akansha we were waiting for the doctor to come outside, he came out nd we surrounded him

Ma : doctor how is she .?
Doc : she is weak,nd when did she get hurt.?
Me(Sid) : umm.. maybe around 30 mins back

Doc : it is been 30 mins nd u ppl did not even apply a cream.? did u see where she got hurt atleast
Me (Sid) :no she said she was fine so i left it
Doc : her cut was deep.! take care of it nd yes i have given her injection so she wont be up till morning nd dont let take any pain neither physical or mental coz next time it can be serious

he left saying amar accompained him till the door, i was standing at the door seeing her lay on the bed, ma ,riddhima nd meera were near her
Ma : um. i guess it is better we say it to her family
Me(Sid) : no ma u knw how much they love akansha, if they get to knw hole family will come it is better if we dont say

Meera : yes ma bhai is right
Ma : ok Sid u go out, meera nd riddhi will change the dress

i went out nd was siting on the sofa when ma came

Ma : sid dont worry she will be fine

Sid : ma am i that bad that she hates me.?

Ma : sid she does not hate u but it is just she needs time to get adjusted

Amar : yes sid i agree with ma i mean aunty
Ma : it is ok u can call me ma

Amar : give her time, she will be free with u but sid u just keep ur girl friend in limits actually i did not like the way she spoke with akansha
Me (Sid) : amar even u think that she is girl friend.? no

Meera nd riddhi came down
Meera : bhai i think she is stressed out

Me (Sid) : um. maybe i am going to my room nd i dont wont dinner

i went from there, while to my room i heard akansha’s phone ringing i thought to answer it but then ignored it but i dont knw why i went and nd answered the call actaully it wasn’t a normal call it group face time, i picked it up i could not see anyone’s face as it was blur nd all of sudden a girl in her mid twenties she was shocked to see me
Niha : what the hell r u doing with my sister’s phone

Me(Sid) : umm..woh ur sister is sleeping

Nandu : nd it is not possible
another voice came from the bottom then i realized it was group call nd i cant hide now what shuld i do
Me(Sid) : maybe she is in the washroom call her afterwards bye

Niha : wait a min u said she was sleeping now u were saying she is washroom, where is my sister nd what r u doing in her room.?
Me(Sid) : for ur information i am not in her room but she is in my sister’s room nd listen ur sister is sleeping as she is not well i thought to hide it but..

Nandu : she is sick

Niha : what…

Me(Sid) : yes

Nandu : Niha i already told u na that she wont be able to stay there without us, but u siblings dont listen to me only see what happened to her she made herself sick, and now if tell anyone they will surely kill u guys nd sid thanks for informing me nd yes plz do take care of her i will call u tmrw morning

I was standing there in confusion

Niha : whatevr ur name is take care of her i will call her later

she hanged up,

Nandu : sid plz dont take anything to heart actually all the 6 siblings are same so they be rude like that but they are the sweetest
i smiled when i heard a voice from back
Voice : ya ya akansha is not all rude, she is such a spoil brat nd ppl love her nd she is showing her fakeness over there also
Nandu : nimi stop it not a word against akashu
Nimi : wow
before i could hear anything her phone was dead shit yaar, someone from her family hates her so much y

Back in vizag

Nimi : wow u r supporting the person who killed my child

Nandu : stop it aasku did not do it

Amit : nimita i told u thousand times that our child did not die because of akansha but u wont listen next time u speak on this matter i will throw u out of the house
Ramnath : amit is this the manners i thought u.? is this the way to speak to a women nd nimi plz dont take up this topic again
Nimi : why i shuld not talk i lost my child
Rahim : bhbahi plz
Nimi : oye who r u calling me bhabhi i not related to u
nimi left from there
Amit : i am sorry

saying that amit also left
Swati : my daughter did not kill anyone, but she saved nimi’s life why wont she understand can’t we get over the incident, i now why aakshu left for mumbai
Back in Mumbai

Sid’s PoV contd.
i was starring her, she was lying on the bed like a lifeless body, meera came in
meera : bhai u here.?

Me(Sid) : i told about her health to her cousin i hope she does not say anything, anyways u stay here i am leaving
Riddhi : sid u ok right.?

Me(Sid) : yes
i left from there nd lay on my bed closed my eyes thinking about the past events, i did not even knw when i drifted into sleep

Next day morning sun rays were peeping into the room disturbing my sleep i opened my eyes nd looked at the watch it is still 7:30 i was going back to sleep when i heard meera shout i ran to her room she was gaining her senses i called out for ma nd i went out nd stood there,
Ma : dont worry sid she is fine now nd u go nd get ready
Me(Sid) : ok ma
amar nd me went to my room we got ready nd came down to eat, amar went to check on akansha but i did not go i was waiting for evryone at the dining table
Ma : akansha take rest for today
i turned to the other side to see akansha coming down
Akansha : aunty it is ok, but i need to go back nd i promise i will take care of myself nd riddhi is with me so no worry
She sat beside me i did not say anything i completed my breakfast first
Me(Sid) : Ma i completed my food nd i leaving to clg
Ma: wait sid akansha also completed why dont u both go together rest will come later
Me(Sid) : ma she is not comfortable with me it is better if she comes with the rest
Meera : bhai we will be late why dont u both go plz
Me(Sid) : ask her if she is ok coming with me or not
Akansha : i am coming
I left towards my car,she came behind me
Akansha : sid u ask about my health.?
Me(Sid) : call ur cousin nd tell her that u r fine
Akansha : sid
Me(Sid) : let me concentrate on my driving
i ignored her i dont want to talk to her, the rest of the journey she tried to talk but i gave a deaf ear, we reached clg i parked my car nd she was walking with me, she was lost again
Me(Sid) : akansha
Akansha : yes
Me(Sid) : our room is not this way
she nodded nd followed me, like yesterday we sat on our places the class got filled evryone was chit-chatting but akansha was nodding her head nothing more than that, whole class became silent when a professor of middle aged walked up,in respect to her all stood up she introduced herself as Mrs.Tandon
Mrs.Tandon : hello all i am ur new professor, i wont ask u all to introduce yourself as i knw u all coming to my business i will give u guys a topic to read nd divide evryone into 2 groups u guys shuld make a report nd discuss it with ur classmates ok now coming to the groups u will take chits nd see it urself
all went nd took their chits it was akansha’s turn she opened it and saw me i did not get, i went nd took out the chit i did not open
Mrs.tandon : ok guys now exchange urself with ur patners
evryone sat with their patners but akansha did not change i opened my chit to see her name it self i was happy but as well as sad, ma’m gave us the topic file,
Euthanasia-Mercy Killing
Case : ArunaShanBhag v/s Union of India
it was written on the file like that
Akansha : sid u wont even talk to me now.?
Me(Sid) : we have to do the case study we both will write the report together
Akansha : Sid
Me(Sid) : akansha we will talk later

Precap : private talk between akansha nd mrs.tandon

Happy dusheera in advance, guys i will be posting again after my exams

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