A girl with dreams! episode 5


Sid’s PoV cont…!!!
we were standing in that position for a quiet long I did not realise it until an old lady commented on us
Lady : hayyee ram aaj kale ke log chi chi, they start their romance at any place we should not scold them it is their parents fault to bring up children like this,
I left akansha immediately, akansha did not respond but she went away and joined meera and ridhima, I went and joined amar, I think she felt bad it happened because of me only, after walking for a while we went into a restaurant being a gentleman I opened the door for the girls meera and riddhima smiled but akansha was looking down or should I say lost.? I puled out a chair for akansha but riddhima sat there, I smiled at riddhima, akansha laughed at me, she is back to normal again hehe, we settled down like this meera,ridhima,amar,akansha and finally me..!
akansha called waiter and asked for the menu she looked disappointed
akansha “umm.. don’t u have south Indian food

Waiter “ sorry ma’m but we don’t have any chief who knws how to cook south Indian sorry again
akansha “i look young only na.?
Waiter “ yes ma’m
Akansha “then why are u calling me ma’m I am younger to u
Waiter “ but I cant take ur name
Akansha “ ok don’t take but don’t call me ma’m plz
Waiter “ ok ur order
Akansha “ just give us few minutes we will tell
I am amazed with this girl like seriously she is different from the rest, i was seeing the menu when she ordered her food which us open our mouth wide
Akansha “ umm..! I would like to order 2 butter naan with butter chicken and one aloo paratha please
Me (Sid) “it is for u alone.?
Akansha “yes why.?

Meera “ aku they have a lot of calories
Akansha “ so .? sorry but I eat like this only I don’t care about the calorie intake
she is really different like till now the girls I met are very diet conscious and this girl she eats so much without any fear wow yaar
We ordered our menu, as akansha already ordered her food, before our food got served the waiter served us water, I was drinking water when meera said something due to which I had to spit out water
Meera “ bhai ur girlfriend is coming, I mean the samaira khanna
Akansha “ sid u have a gf wow
Me (Sid) “ she is not my gf for ur info and who told her that we are here .?
I was angry here and I heard akansha chuckle..!
Sid’s PoV ends
Akansha’s PoV :

I splashed water on his face and started to laugh, he did not get angry but he started to chase me, I was good at running but all of sudden he caught holding my waist and pulled closer to him, but I was laughing he warned me saying that he will leave me, but I said I trusted him, he was looking at me I was looking at him we had a eye-lock,for the first time evr time has freezed for me at that moment, it is something new for me, we were in that position for a long time until a lady commented on us, he immediately left me, I went away from there and joined meera nd riddhiz after walking for a while we reached a restaurant and sid opened the door for us, I found it cute but I was lost again in my brother’s thoughts he pulled out a chair for me but riddhima sat there I smiled looking at him he smiled back, I called the waiter and asked for south Indian food as I was missing it, but he said they don’t have I did not feel bad when he said they don’t have I felt bad when he called me ma’m so I asked him do I look old he made a face a said no, I asked then y are u calling me ma’m he said he cant take my name, I smiled at him and said then don’t take but please don’t call me ma’m he nodded I said him my order, sid and meera were amazed, I knew that they would react like that because any girl will be heath conscious, I don’t fall under that category, before the food was served we were served with waters sid was drinking water when meera told about some samaira khaana I have heard her name before but I could not recall, I did not feel good when meera said “ bhai ur girlfriend is coming” I was shocked but I hid it, he was angry I chuckled at him hehe, we were all talking on random topics and sid was least interested when a girl of our age came nd hugged sid all of a sudden I was starring her from top to bottom, she was wearing a black frock which did not even reach her mid-thigh matching with high heels and her face is covered with tons and tons of makeup ugh, when meera also hugged her, as sid forcefuuly pulled himself apart from her, he hates her, it is clearly written on his face..!!
Meera : guys she is my

meera was interrupted by that girl
That Girl: hello guys I am samaira khanna, the only heir of khanna industries, and I am sid’s only girlfriend
I plastered a fake smile not only but ridhhima nd amar did that to she pointed her fingers towards me and said
Sam : hey you get up from there u have no right to sit beside my boyfriend
I felt offended for the first time and I did not wanted to argue with her,so I silently stood up but sid caught hold of my hand and gestured to me not move this made sam angry but he did not care
Sid : samaira don’t u dare talk to my friends like that u better understand
he called the waiter and ordered for an extra chair, the waiter brought it and sam sat giving death glares to me, sid did not leave my hand still I had to free myself I became silent this time, when the food came I was about to eat when sam said something which made me angry I don’t like if anyone insult my food
Sam : hey u eating so much of oily food u may die soon, nd that looks so yuck also eew
Me (Akansha) : can just shut up ms.what so ever is ur name don’t u dare insult my food again if u eat ghass-phuss that doesnot mean everyone should eat, sorry but I don’t like it u better concentrate on ur food

this made her shut her mouth, sid smiled a little, I was eating my food when I got a call from my bhabhi, I picked it up
Me (akansha) : hello
instead of my bhabhi’s voice I heard my pumpkin’s voice she was angry
Pumpkin : atta (bua) I am not talking to u katti
Me : why wont my baby talk to me .?
pumpkin : ur baby is upset coz u did not speak with yesterday u promised me that u will speak with me
Me : aww my baby, nena nenu call chesa kani nuvvu bhoju navu andukae nenu disturb cheyaledu (yesterday I called u but u were sleeping that’s why I did not disturb u)
Pumpkin : kani..!
Me : katti
Pumpkin : enduku (why?) sorry attha (bua)
Me : ayyio pumpkin I am sorry
Nandu : is it over
Me : vadhiniya (bhabhi)
Nandu : tinnava (did u eat )
Me : tintuna (I am eating)
Nandu : oho
Me : vadhiniya meku telsua ikkada janalu kinda batalu vesukovadam marchipoyaru chi chi (bhabhi u knw ppl here don’t knw how to dress properly )
Nandu : akshu
Me : nijam ikkada jaanlu gadi tintaru ( true, here ppl eat grass )
Nandu : akshu stop no, I ‘ll call u later
Me : bye
I hanged up the call the rest were seeing me as if I was alien,I continued eating when meera asked me a stupid question
Meera : so u were talking to ur boyfriend
Me : excuse me, it was my niece I was talking to her
Meera : oh

Me : for ur information I don’t have any I don’t want also I am happy being single
Meera : really, yesterday u were not talking to ur boyfriend .?
Me : no no, it was my brother
Meera : I’m really sorry
Me : it is ok
we completed our food, and waiter came with the bill sid was about to pay
Me : sid let’s split the bill
Sam : I don’t have money I brought only my cards
Waiter : ma’m cards are accepted
Me : now happy
we kept our share of money, not to forget sam gave her so called credit card with a lot of dismay uff
we walked out, i walked a bit slow than before to see the beach I stopped there for a while and but I had to leave coz I cant stay here forever I wish I could but this beach reminds me of vizag
Akansha u will get used to Mumbai, u have to stay here in Mumbai for next five freaking years now stop being a cry baby u got to go, I headed back towards the parking area and I found sid leaning on the car door and stare at me
Me : others .?
Sid: they are on the way to my home
Me : oh drop me at the hostel plz
Sid : we are not going to hostel we are going to my home and u don’t worry mom will talk to ur hostel in charge about and riddhi will bring ur clothes too
Me : why were u waiting for me, I would have come my own na
Sid : han han u would have come on ur own but if u get stuck in any traffic u will start ur tantrums and I think after ur family it is only me who can bear ur tantrums, so I cant let that poor auto guy like that so..
I sarted to beat him nd he was laughing
Sid (controlling his laugh ) : let’s go
I agreed nd I hopped into the passenger seat we were driving silently..!
I don’t think whatever shanskar said is right sid does not seem to be like that, he is very good maybe Shankar had misunderstanding I will speak to him tonight, I came out of my thoughts when my fav song came on radio

Tere naa’ diyan dhooman pe gaiyan
Tu chandigarh tohn ayi ni
Tenu dekh ke hoke bharde ne
Khade chowkan vich sipahi ni
Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Jyon daag ae chand de tukde te
Tenu kala chashma
Tenu kala chashma
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein
Jhooti liar!

Kala kala chasma jachta tere mukhde pe
Jaise kala til jachta hai tere chin pe
Apni adaaon se zyada nahi to
10-12 ladke to maar hi deti hogi tu din me
Tujh jaise 36 phirte hain
Meri wargi aur na honi ve
wargi aur na honi ve
wargi… aur na honi ve
Tu munda bilkul desi hai
Main Katrina ton sohni ve
Haay.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Haay.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Sun sun ke dukhde ve
Menu kala chashma…
Ho menu kala kala kala…
Ho menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ai gore mukhde pe
Menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Oh menu.. Oh menu..
Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein

Jhooti liar!
Ho menu kala chashma…
Ho menu kala kala chashma
Aye kala chasma..
Oh kala kala kala kala kala oy…
Kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te (x2)
I was moving whole while this song was being played and sid was smiling after the song got completed my phone rang, I was happy seeing that person call me but I was angry too
Me : hello *angry tone*
Guy : hello
Me : I am not talking to u
Guy : why
Me : u are asking me why rahim .? I thought u would come to meet me before I am leaving and it was ur plan that I would come out of my house at night 12 but u went missing suddenly and u asking me y

Rahim : akshu I am sorry yaar I could not come as ma was not well, she told me to go but u knw
Me : what happened to massi ma is she fine.?
Rahim : han now she is totally fine
Me : what type of best friend u are.? U r telling that massi is not fine now
Rahim : ma only told not to tell, anyways guess where I am
Me : got a new girl .?
rahim : nah.. I am in ur home for a week and I get to use ur room so u wont be there to stop me now yea yea
Me : don’t u dare do anything my room I will kick and where did massi ma nd babu go
Rahim : they went to some city for work and they did not tell me anyways leave all that I get eat ur taiji’s food I was missing it
Me : bhukkad
Mom : akansha u r going to Mr.rajput’s house so u better behave properly
Me : how did u get to knw that
Mom : mrs. Rajput has called me now to tell that, so u better be good don’t behave like a kid ok
Me : ok mom , but don’t let that idiot ruin my room
Rahim : it is no more ur room babe, anyways I heard that rajput have a son and a daughter is she beautiful
Me : don’t u dare think like that
Rahim : how is the son is he handsome .?
Me : rahimm khan shut up

Rahim : okay fine, I’ll call u later I need to unpack my clothes and babe I am missing u yaar y did go there leaving me alone
Me : I am also missing you very badly but u knw na I have to be independent if be there u guys wont let me be so
Rahim : okay bye, and listen if anyone does nothing u na just call me he will be dead by the next day, nd love u babe and one more ur room is going to get ruined bye
he hanged up the call, I was smiling
Sid : who is he.?
Me : my best friend rahim khan  :*
Sid : hm. We reached home now get down
he sounded rude

Precap : same as previous

Happy Bakrid to all.!
guys think of name for the main leads and I need ur suggestion for story as I am out of ideas now

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